Do “Detox” And “Cleansing” Diets Work?

Do “Detox” And “Cleansing” Diets Work?

hey guys so in this video I’m gonna be
talking about detox diets and cleanses and whether they actually live up to the
science now unless you have ad blocker you’ve probably noticed ads before
videos the ones you can skip all the ones you have to watch all the way
through and on Fitness related videos there are a lot of gurus out there
selling you products which they proclaim a going to detox your body and rid your
body of toxins and this honestly infuriates me because they know damn
well that it’s not supported by science and they know that there really is no
such thing as toxins that a green powder is going to cleanse your body of they
know this but are perfectly okay with selling it to you for an excessive
amount of money which it’s not worth so that frustrates me it’s BS and I feel
really bad for the people that fall for it because they don’t know any better
when somebody presents themselves well at you articulates themselves well and
uses studies which aren’t even related to the product that they’re pushing um
it can seem very convincing so to the person who isn’t literate in diet and
fitness science it seems like it’s convincing and it’s gonna work and
especially when that good at marketing they make a lot of money off of this
first of all before I get more in depth into this let’s talk about what a detox
diet actually is and what proponents of these diets are claim a detox diet isn’t
always a diet it can be a diet and/or a supplement which is necessary for the
diet these dietary and supplemental changes are said to remove toxins from
your body and you’ll find that marketers they don’t really get any more in depth
than the word toxins they just keep saying toxins and I would really like to
know what kind of toxins are talking about all these ads do is push the word
toxin they keep saying toxin news words like inflammation and they just keep
pushing this idea until it’s inevitable that you think gosh I probably have
toxins in my body and gosh I feel so unhealthy for having him I need to buy
the supplement to cure me of my toxins and it’s
it’s the oldest trick in the book when it comes to marketing and it’s honestly
I don’t even know what to say about these kinds of people that obviously
making enough money to live why do they need to keep pushing to get more and
more money out of selling people BS it’s just I’ll never understand that and
furthermore I don’t know how they can sleep at night knowing that bad
legitimately scamming people anyway that’s getting a bit of it’s
getting a bit off-topic from what I actually want to talk about today maybe
I’ll say that for another video there are the cleansing diets where you do
fruit fasts or you do juice fasts and listen these are going to have metabolic
adaptations that are favorable after a week of just drinking juice chances are
you’re going to lose fat well you will actually you’re going to lose fat
because you’re hardly eating any calories you’re going to improve certain
blood markers and on paper you’re going to look healthy especially if you’re
obese that’s definitely going to help you lose fat but you need to understand
that these sorts of strategies doing juice fasts are not a good sustainable
long term solution to losing fat and the chances are if that’s the only way
you’re losing fat you’re binging for one week and then doing a juice fast the
next week you’re never gonna get the sort of lifestyle and body that you want
consistently long-term by far the best way to lose fat which has been proven
and proven over and over again is to simply go in a moderate perhaps a
slightly more aggressive calorie deficit eating food eating food high in protein
overall and you know slowly taking down your weight a week-to-week while
exercising doing resistance training getting stronger following the principle
of progressive overload in the gym and following a diet in a lifestyle which
you can see yourself doing a long Tong this is what’s gonna get you sustainable
results in the long term not cleansing your body of toxins and dropping weight
dramatically within one week giving yourself the impression that you’re
doing something healthy I mean the I’ve never seen the point in doing these kind
of things there are other cleansing diets where people will load themselves
up on lots of vegetables okay lots of fiber in their system that
clogging themselves up people will say that this is part of the normal process
you have to struggle in the first day and then the next phase of the cleansing
diet is you know chucking in a ton of caffeine into your diet you flush out
all the stuff that was clogged up in your bowels and you lose weight and you
feel light and you feel refreshed and then people think that they feel clean
because of defecated a lot when they haven’t really done that much to their
help to the health of just clogged up their bowels and then shot out
everything from from their butt and that’s pretty much it you’re not really
achieving any sort of miraculous health benefit that you can’t otherwise get
from following a healthy and well balanced diet over the long term I
personally think from from what I’ve seen is that following these kind of
trends in cleaning and detox diets forms a sort of unhealthy relationship with
food where you’re thinking about it too much you shouldn’t be obsessively
thinking about your diet all the time it if you’re following a good diet you’re
getting on with your life and just eating food when you’re hungry when when
you need energy to sustain your weight and your goals you shouldn’t constantly
be thinking about what the next cleanse you’re gonna do is it’s borderline
obsessive in my opinion the truth is is that there are some toxins like BPA
which is found in the lining of cans and these sorts of things but generally
these things have been eliminated from food products and are getting banned
more and more and more other toxins you could say include the toxins found in
vegetables so plants actually fight against us they don’t want to be eaten
it’s their defense mechanism and they have toxins which they can send out you
could say but these toxins aren’t necessarily bad it’s something called
nutritional hormesis where we experience these toxins as small stresses which we
adapt to and become stronger from so that’s partly one reason why vegetables
are actually good for us of course there are toxins right there are things that
can be bad for us but it’s dose dependent cyanide for example I think
it’s in apple seeds if you have an apple and you eat a seed you’re fine if you
have enough seeds you’re going to die from from from the cyanide in there so
it’s it’s dose dependent and it’s not as black and white as some things have
toxins others don’t take this green powder to cleanse the toxins or just for us
rates me so much the only sort of clans I can think of that’s actually
legitimately based on science is going to be fasting where after you fast long
enough or tougher G is really kick-started or Topher G’s self
recycling and your cells recycle themselves you can you can view this as
a as a form of cleansing Shore if you want to put a definition on it but most
of these cleansing diets most of these detox diets if you look deep enough many
of them have a financial incentive behind them to sell you a supplement to
sell you whatever you know a green powder to replace vegetables that you
should be eating in the majority of it is is isn’t based on specific research
you know it’s just the word toxin it’s so general what does that even mean and
they never tell you they just keep hammering into you that you have these
toxins and the only way to get rid of it is to buy my supplement but manipulative
these marketers that try to sell you the stuff so let me be the first to tell you
that all you need to be doing is find a diet find a diet that helps you meet
your nutritional requirements follow the amount of calories and macronutrients
you should be eating and focus on resistance training strength training or
jogging whatever it is you want to do but please don’t fall into the trap that
you have to buy $40 $80 powders and detox powders in order to get healthy
it’s not a requirement and if anything you’re gonna hold yourself back from
being able to find a really sustainable way of living for you okay so that’s my
little rant on detox and cleansing diets so if you want to learn more about how
you can lose fat build muscle and get in shape
then I highly recommend checking out more videos on my channel I’m gonna put
some videos of mine that I recommend in the description so you can keep watching
and learning more about science-based diet and fitness okay so I’ll see you
guys in the next video thank you so much for watching and have a good day

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  1. SO happy i found your channel bro. Your content is so amazing and precise. Im addicted to it because your info is so opposite than the masses on youtube and your a breathe of fresh air. Keep up the great work your channel for sure will grow!

  2. You know what is worse than promoting detox diet and supplements ?
    Sell or promote electronic devices that show you more then a blood test will do.
    A guy in Germany opened and analyzed two of them "Bioscan SWA".
    Apparently the computer receives data from the device and shows everything on screen, over 200 parameters.
    Unfortunately the data logger shows no data transfer !!! Weird, isn't it ?
    Then he opened the devices and NO freaking sensors inside. The device should be called BioScam.
    Some a..holes gurus use it to sell supplements and detox crap.
    A simple clinical thermometer has more sensors, then this BS !

  3. You feel like crap, throw up every hour and shit blood? Don't worry. These are just the detox symptoms. Everyone who does the fuel cleanse goes through that. Keep it going 👍

  4. Thanks again Philip for another great video telling things like it is. Don’t understand why you don’t get more followers and likes. You really deserve more. Keep up the good work!

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