Doctor Mike On Diets: Intermittent Fasting | Diet Review

Doctor Mike On Diets: Intermittent Fasting | Diet Review

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  1. Been doing 20 hours fast 4 hours eating for 1 year 6 months. Blood sugar better then when I was on pills. Off pills. Lost 30 pounds. Feel sharp all day. Sleep less. Can excersise hard and have energy. No more pain in my gut too. Cravings for junk are gone. Once a month I fast for a day as well. Works for me.

  2. Hey a good population to study is religious groups who practice fasting as part of their worship? Members of the the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints fast for up to 24 hours once a month. It might be a good place to start.

  3. Dr. Mike I just noticed you’ve tried out both the intermittent fasting and the Keto diet (how to forget all the break up comments). In your opinion as a physician, which of both is your preference on terms of feeling better, functioning better and staying healthy.

    Edit. Just finished the video and it’s not like “I tried IF for 30 days”.

  4. I have often wondered about this eating habit…honestly never knew it was "a thing"! Lol
    Also, the bad thing is, don't binge on naughties because you get so hungry. Eat healthy.

  5. I have pcos and my hormones are all over the place all of the time! I did IF for 2 months. I lost 20lbs and got my periods back for 5 months! I’m getting ready to go back to IF because the benefits for me were so great!

  6. As a Muslim who fasts for a month every year, intermittent fasting is a piece of cake, I mean u get to eat and drink, totally easy and healthy

  7. I like backpacking and have seen others ask on backpacking forums if anyone has tried fasting while backpacking. Me: Not intentionally.

  8. hey not trying to sound mean but you say. Contradicting statements like your starving yourself if you dont eat. You've said it multiple times in your videos. Because indermediant fasting is greatest tool for losing wheight. You should should delete the videos that contain misleading information because you as a doctor should not mislead people accidentally when it comes to wheight loss.

  9. Again, Nothing new here.
    Don't need any study to confirm its benefits.
    We have the perfect model to guide us.
    Fasting was a regular part of the last prophet's life : Mohamed sws would fast every Monday and Thursday.
    He would also fast the 13th, 14th and 15th of each month.
    Once you add them up you get eleven days, or roughly one-third of the month in which the Messenger would fast.

    When he was not fasting, he was "intermittently fasting", eating only once a day.

  10. My great-great grandmother practiced a form of intermittent fasting….she only ate dinner on Wednesdays and Fridays and did not eat anything after dinner every day. She lived to 101 with a decent quality of life until the end. Not proof of anything except that it probably doesn't do anything negative in the long term

  11. I've been intermittent fasting for over a year now, I would skip breakfast and lunch legit just because I couldn't be stuffed waking up early to make breakfast and was too lazy to make lunch for when I'm at school and basically ate as much as I felt like when I get home and from my experience I only felt hungry during those times for the first week, doing accidental intermittent fasting afterwards my body completely adapted.

  12. I am doing this for 20 years…one meal a day. So most of my life.
    Just one tip, if you are eating one meal, eat everything:fresh fruit, veggies, meat, dairy.

    I do it because when I was kid, around 10, I could not stop eating until I am full, and when I am full I can not workout, so I gain weight,
    I do gain and lose weight very fast so my muscle mass.
    If I eat and I do not have that feeling of full, that satisfaction, I have anger, hunger, not really ok to be social or can control myself when eating, I just feel calm when I am full…and a little meditation and relaxation after is priceless for the rest of the day.
    So when I was 13 I started to eat once a day, it was easy because of school, eat before school or after school depends of you go in the morning or afternoon, but home cooked meals. Still doing it, but do not eat junk food, learn to cook, do not avoid fruits and veggies or meat.

  13. Well… I've been skipping my breakfast most of my life. Ever since teen years… Only ever really eat breakfast(right after I wake up) when I do sleepovers or it's served at a hotel or the like, which is quite rare for me(like 3-5 times a year tops) I do eat early if I'm hungry otherwise I might not eat until past noon, maybe not even until Dinner.
    This has caused my mom to think I'm way overeating because she only ever really saw me eat at one meal of the day or when I was at gettogethers at familie(well, BMI sais I'm Obese, so she's right in some point, but it's taken me 20 years of controlling my own food to get there and "only" needing to loose about 30KG from my highest weight)
    I'm on my way to a healthier weight, nice, slow but steady with the help from a Personal trainer, who's also educated dietist(word?) so I can ask for advise for components to change in my diet, as the callories I intake in my daily life is within the good range that I need.

  14. Is it good for a 15 year old
    Because there is a rumour that there is a possibility of growth problem as it is the growing years and it will cause gastric or some kind of stomach problem !
    I really need a reply pleasee!!!!!

  15. I tried doing fasting where I only ate 2 meals a day instead of 3, but then I felt too stuffed after each meal since I was trying to eat all of my calories in only 2 meals. That can't be great for the body either.

  16. Hey guys! I did this for almost 6 months now (been back home for the holiday so I haven't been as strict so I won't count July into it) and I lost 20 pounds! I didn't restrict what I could eat and didn't exercise at all! In the beginning, it's hard because you're going to get insane cravings but after the 1st week, all will be good! I love it because it helped me to stop being a slave to food. I finally felt that I was in control of my appetite instead of it controlling me. Even though it was nice losing the weight, I found there are a lot more mental and spiritual benefits in my opinion. I have made this my lifestyle and I just feel much better now

  17. Hi Doc! Can I use this diet and also take vitamins? I also don’t want to lose weight, I just need to use my time studying instead of eating. I’m a law student and I think IF will help a lot.

    Thank you in advance🙂

  18. What the hell? I used to skip some breakfasts and I was told that that was bad. Don't skip your breakfasts, it's called the most important meal of the day for a reason, have a big and healthy breakfast and then a light lunch and an even lighter dinner. You shouldn't skip meals or else your body will store extra fat because blah blah blah. Now it's healthy to take out either breakfast or dinner. God dammit, I sure wish my body could stop changing it's mind on what's good for it.

  19. Ive been doing this for a month and I skip breakfast and eat lunch after 1 and I would recommend
    Edit: I have lost 6.5 lbs already

  20. Intermittent fasting freed me from feeling like I HAVE to eat breakfast, bEcAySe iTs ThE mOsT iMpoRtAnejerhfnedjhsdmns. It opened the door to more intuitive eating and I've been my ideal weight effortlessly for the last year. ( for reference I was consistently about 15lbs overweight at 5' tall. )

  21. This man helps me to balance my loge as someone who either is too serious or too laid off im definitely trying to change thats

  22. Please someone should answer me
    Must I exercise during intermittent fasting ?and if I don't exercise will I still lose weight? God bless whoever that answers me🙏🙏🙏🙏

  23. I can't even listen anymore to this bird brain little doc!
    The stupid statements he spews are not only misleading but could be detrimental to ppl health.
    He has NO TRAINING in human metabolism or nutrition.
    Beware whoever thinks he knows it all…BECAUSE HE DOES NOT.
    The analysis of IF is absolutely laughable..he does not know history of it or any current research.
    That shirt is too tight doc…and those phoney eyeglasses do not give you any more credence than false moustache

  24. if your doctor tells you that intermittent fasting is bad for your body, see a new doctor.

    the very first humans didn't need to eat three meals day. they had to hunt, which meant they didn't eat for days on end. you can do it and it's natural. breakfast being the "important" meal of the day is a crock of shit.

  25. We do know the long term effects. Numerous religions have been fasting since the beginning of time and we haven't seen anything negative , they still do it today.

  26. Can you do a video on the "Military" Diet ? It has nothing to do with the military, it's just a name lol. I would just like your opinion on it.

  27. Well we fast for a month in Ramadan. The first few days you get headaches, and you're thirsty and a bit grump, but after that you feel great. It's not scientific, but a lot of the people I've spoken to say exactly the same. We also fast 2 days of the week, usually Monday and Thursdays. If you've been fasting for most of the day, you need to eat something light. If you need sugar, you can try a fruit juice drink, water, dates, cereal, warm salad etc. Don't eat anything heavy, it'll just sit in your stomach and give you heartburn. Nothing fried. To avoid bloating, if you absolutely need bread, try Rye bread.

  28. Every time I skip a meal (not that I do it on purpose, only when really busy) I feel dizzy and weak. So I can't do this IF diet.

  29. I pretty much do OMAD keto….Dr. berg has a lot of great info…
    Once you learn the benefits of it autophagy, hgh production etc…then you learn about a foods glycemic index and bioavailability…so then it boils down to nutrient dense food and getting nutrients like k2 and omega3 etc…
    You are improving health both by nutrition and eating window….also if you eat omad carnavor it's so satiating it's easy to do 1 meal a day….I basically do 1 meal of eggs,liver bacon, gf ground beef and sardines….sometimes I eat a couple times in a 4ish hour window and eat 7 cups of baby kale, blueberries, chocolate and almond butter…but usually just meat, peligrino, coffee and chewing coca….

  30. I do this as 23/1 and I only eat 1500 calories throughout a 1 hour period after I wake up, it's been almost a month and ive noticed subtle fat loss

  31. Great video reinforcing the previous information I've seen. Proof is in the results. Started 16/8 eating about 10 weeks ago and am down over 25 pounds and feel great.

  32. I love to fast and do not struggle at all when I do an 18 hour fast however my vision gets extremely blurry when I fast. I have tried googling it but everyone’s comments are about how their vision improved. Why would my vision be so blurry during fasting?

  33. From self experience , an other down side is you can actually eat not enough calories for days and not really realising it when you are used to IF . Low energy , stress , diseases , bad sleep etc . I think that ,unless you are tracking your macros ,you should be careful doing IF for too long . Getting back to eating breakfast had a huge beneficial effect on me after months on daily IF .

  34. Confirmed Doctor Mike is not an actual doctor and has not attended medical school. The mitochondria is the POWERHOUSE of the cell. I thought you were for real man.

  35. Personally do a 16:8 everyday with a 24 hour fast 1-2 times a week. Along with working out twice a day. In the morning I do light lifting but mainly focus on cardio while I’m still in my fast. Eat my main meal starting at noon. And I lift way harder for my nighttime gym session. Then eat a very very light almost snack after. I just turned 21 and have lost 60lbs so far doing this. It’s what’s worked the best for me. But it’s different for everyone!

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