Doctor Mike on Diets: Ketogenic Diet | Diet Review

Doctor Mike on Diets: Ketogenic Diet | Diet Review

– What the heck is ketogenic diet? – [Narrator] Quickly lose weight. – Fats with benefits. – Satiates your appetite. – She chose this. – He chose this. – [Reporter] Butter is good. – Explain yourself. – The ketogenic diet, let’s break down what
all this hype is about. I’m gonna tell you what it is, briefly how it works, and discuss some of the claims they’re most commonly made on the subject. Let’s get started. (upbeat music) Before we get into the ketogenic diet, let’s break down some very
simple nutrition basics. There’re three major macronutrient groups that we’re gonna be paying attention to: proteins, fats, and carbs. These are nutrients that you
find in the foods you eat every single day. This standard American diet
consists of 35% of fats, 15% of proteins, and 50% of carbs. Now if you’re looking at ketogenic diet, the numbers are quite
different with 75% being fats, 20% being proteins, and
only 5% being carbs. Think about that, that’s
10 times less carbs than in an standard American diet. Let’s say you switch
from your standard diet to a ketogenic diet, what
happens inside of your body? Your body deals with this
very low carb consumption in two ways: first, it enters
a state called ketosis, which shifts your body’s energy
source to a primarily fats. Which basically means
that it breaks down fats into something known as
ketones, hence ketosis, and then uses those for energy. Simply put, your body begins to burn fat as its primary energy source,
and moves away from glucose, which is a carbohydrate. The process of going into
ketosis does take a few days, and during those days, people experience some
adverse side effects: brain fog, irritability,
nausea, GI discomfort. Some people label this the “Keto Flu.” – I don’t feel so good. – The second process your
body uses is gluconeogenesis, which sounds scary, but it’s really not. All it is is your body creating glucose because now all cells can
function on fats alone. Fun fact here, for survival purposes, you don’t need to consume any carbs as long as you’re getting
enough fats and proteins. Now where did all of this hype for the ketogenic diet come from? Let’s take a look at the claims
and find out what’s true, and what’s not. Claim number one, the ketogenic diet is
good for weight loss. Yeah, the ketogenic diet
is good for weight loss, and this happens through
two important mechanisms. First, since you’re using fats as your primary energy source, you’re burning a lot of stored fat. Second, because fat is very
satiating, makes you feel full, when you eat a high fat content meal, you actually don’t want to eat as much. Therefore, you limit the
amount of calories you take in throughout the day. A lot of people are surprised that when they start the ketogenic
diet, that they lose weight very quickly, but that’s
a little misleading because the majority of
the weight loss initially comes from water loss, not fat loss. For those of you seeking
long-term weight loss, the ketogenic diet is
not super sustainable. It’s graduation day, all
your friends are going to get ice cream, some of them are getting a cookies and cream milkshakes. And you can’t have any cause
you on a ketogenic diet, that’s crazy. You have to be super vigilant when you’re on a ketogenic diet because carbs have this
nasty habit of just sneaking into your foods. Ketchup, high carb food. Apples, bananas, cookies
and cream milkshakes, well, I just love cookies
and cream milkshakes. And so much for having a
salivatory drink with your friends, no to alcohol. Claim number two, the ketogenic
diet is good for the brain. The truth of the matter is, the
jury’s still out on this one because science hasn’t
given us the answer. The research on this area just
hasn’t been completed yet. Anecdotally, some people
say they feel more focused or sharper when on a ketogenic diet, but I’ve also heard patients
of mine that they feel foggier, and that Keto Flu
stays with them much longer than anticipated. So I don’t like using
anecdotes as reasons why a certain diet is good or not. I need quality research,
which I just don’t have. Claim number three, a keto
diet prevents, or manages, many chronic diseases. This is a yes and no answer,
where a keto diet really shines is in Type II Diabetes. Because when you have Type II Diabetes, you have insulin sensitivity issues, you have high sugar content in the blood, and research has shown over and over again that the ketogenic diet
for Type II Diabetes works. – Yes! – We have to talk about Childhood Epilepsy because that’s where the keto diet actually got its roots. We can actually prescribe the
ketogenic diet to children who have refractory epileptic seizures, and what we find is once they
get into a state of ketosis, they have a decreased
frequency of these seizures. It works, it’s proven, it’s
evidence-based science. The ketogenic diet has shown some promise in the field of oncology, aka cancer. It’s not ready to be a prime
time cancer treatment just yet, and the research doesn’t fully support it to be a preventive measure
for developing cancer. But what we do know is
that some promises there, and more research needs to be done. Some harms that can stem from
following a ketogenic diet: nutritional deficiencies from
cutting out large groups, and increase in your
“bad” LDL cholesterol, kidney issues, bone issues,
and even the increase of some certain cancers when
you’re overeating foods like processed or red meat. My final thoughts on the keto diet, I think it’s a good diet for weight loss, I think it’s better for
short-term weight loss than long-term weight loss. So if you have a wedding that
you’re getting ready for, or some kind of big event that’s upcoming, and you’re otherwise healthy, I don’t think it’s a bad diet to go along. The fact that the diet is
very difficult to adhere to because of how much you
have to drastically change your eating patterns of the
possible adverse effects that can come from following the diet, and frankly, from the lack of knowledge, and the lack of research we
have on its long-term effects, all put into question and
really encourage me to not recommend this diet to
the majority of my patients and to you at home. I read in the comments
that some of you want me to try the keto diet. If we get this video to 20,000 likes, I will try the keto diet, and I will take you on
the journey along with me. As always, stay happy and healthy. We have to talk about Childhood Epilepsy because that’s where the keto
diet actually got its roots, found its roots, began its roots? I fucking hate itchy nose syndrome. I don’t know how to do these,
do I do it the whole time? I said “Keto Flu,” the
“Keto Flu.” (laughs) (knuckles knocking the table) Settle down there, she’s like where did he
just pops into frame. (upbeat music)

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  1. Love this! Very educational and would love more diet review videos. It’ll help keep everyone informed and debunk a lot of those myths. Safe to say I will probably never do the keto diet, I love pasta too much 😂😋

  2. 2:30 are we going back to the confusing body fat with eating fats again?
    before it was eat fat get fat
    now its eat fat burn that fat, but that fat is your fat.
    youre burning mostly fatty acids because youre eating mostly fatty acids, doesnt mean fatty acids are fat.

  3. I am a Male at 240 pounds, I have lost 13 pounds In 1 month. This was doing the keto diet and working out regularly. If there's a better diet out there I'm all ears. Just trying to lose weight.

  4. Keto increases all cause mortality quite dramatically.
    Hope one day it will be banned. Devious diet.

  5. After trying out all the different diet out there, keto turns out to be the easiet diet to stick to for me. You can basically find keto version of anything you crave (ice cream, pizza, cakes, noodle/rice) and I never felt hungry or starving myself on this diet. Sometimes I drink a lil whisky and vodka too which doesn't really break my ketosis state. I think even after hitting my weight goal I'll still keep doing it. Or at least I know I'll never go back to the sugar-heavy diet I had b4.

  6. Hi, Doc Mike!

    Lovely day to you!

    I know that you have made this video for almost over a year already but I have so many questions about Keto and Low Carb Diet. I just want to ask what would happen when i get back to eating carbs (moderately and healthily) after reaching my goal weight. Would I gain the weight back again fast? (I just can’t give up rice and cakes forever) and also, Are you single? 😁☺️

    I hope you will respond to this.

  7. Keto may or may not be the end all be all for everybody. . . but if people learn about the dangers of sugar and processed refined carbs by trying keto, then I'm all for it. Food is our natural medicine and we need to relearn how to feed ourselves. The SAD diet is killing us . . keto is a great step in the right direction.

  8. Ive been trying to figure out whether your shirt is saying "coffee porn" or something else.
    If its saying "coffee porn" that makes no sense. If its not: WHAT THE HELL IS IT SAYING?!

  9. I am weak already (not at all fat body), should i have ketofiy chocolate fudge cookies that someone gifted me, Please reply big bro

  10. A diet will not work it has to be a lifestyle change, that being said what would you recommend for me? I have a low thyroid and chronic depression. I take medicine for both, but have gained weight over the years. I don’t eat processed foods or sugars, but I still can’t seem to lose weight and keep it off.

  11. Keto diet for cancer treatment? That is a very sad joke…
    The fats and animal proteins promoted bythe keto diet are probably among the lead causes forcancer, to begin with.

  12. No to alcohol? Well. Here is yet another derp from your stupid ass. You ABSOLUTELY can drink alcohol! Spirits and seltzer drinks! No worries. Does it PAUSE ketosis? Yes. Do you pick back up where you left off? Yes! Does alcohol do the SAME THING to muscle gains? To growth? To every other bodily process? Yes! Derp. Well "DOCTOR", the body most definitely puts the detoxification and elimination of poison before the building of muscle, the production of ketones, the burning of fat…….etc. But YOU, as a "DOCTOR" would know that. Fucking idiot.

  13. I did keto for almost a year. I felt great, lost slot of weight, had allot of energy, felt mentally better. I didn't find it hard at all to sick with. Any craving I had I can always find a keto friendly recipe. I got pregnant and all I could keep down was carbs so that got thrown out but I definitely plan on getting back on the wagon after baby. Also women with PCOS have found great results in regulating hormone and getting pregnant on keto.

  14. With respect this is total crap. The human body runs on carbs. Unrefined carbs. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains and nuts and seeds etc. Not a shed load of saturated fat which Will clog up your arteries. Get real people

  15. I was on a normal healthy diet and lost 30lbs in 3 months (I do weight training and cardio btw). Been on Keto for 2 months and lost 10lbs but also a ton of body fat. I'm personally staying on Keto for the rest of my life. FUCK CARBS.

  16. Keto diet is more of a lifestyle change. Eventually to eat any other way is odd. But intermittent fasting is more preferred now.

    So it's not sustainible because you can't ward off temptations. That is just idiotic.

  17. I wish your opinion of keto contained information that wasn't twenty years out of date or designed by the junk food industry.
    I dislike the analogy that if your friends are eating junk, you can't join in. I say the same thing your Mom or Dad would say–if your friends thought it ok to jump off a bridge would you follow them?

    I don't have a doctorate in nutrition, but I do have five brand new arteries as a result of a high carb diet, and an eighty pound weight loss after my surgery now on keto and a clean stack of stats that show me I am in better shape in my mid seventies than I was in my mid forties.

  18. He is so dumb it hurts to watch.
    He knows NOTHING about keto.
    And I'm convinced he had a hard time passing physiology and biochemistry tests.
    Overall..a moron .

  19. The evidence to support that red meat causes cancer is still to anecdotal, processed meat of course. The study that pointed to red meats increasing cancer risk did not properly isolate the variables.

  20. Dr. Mike, sorry, you are dead wrong on some of your facts. Keto is sustainable, you can break it anytime and go right back on it. Your bias is showing. Keto flu is not a deal breaker and there are ways of dealing with it. Stop trying to scare people. You must try the diet for about six weeks. You will be amazed. I plan on staying on keto forever. I would have expected a serious review than this light weight summary you have given us.

  21. I have lost 60 lbs on the Keto diet so far. I feel great and haven't had a problem sticking to it. Majorly because I found low carb replacements for the high carb snacks I loved.

  22. I came back to this video because I saw the documentary "The magic pill" on Netflix a couple of days ago. The documentary is about the ketogenic diet and its potential to help with or cure certain diseases. I was startled. I'm graduating as a physiotherapist soon and everything I learned the past 5 years and knew, or I thought I knew, about our metabolic system, a healthy diet, sustainability, … I am questioning it all. It's a must-see documentary. Thanks for the educational video(s). <3

  23. I have changed to the Keto LIFESTYLE, ( not "diet"), and these are the factual results in less than a year:
    Weight…down (and maintaining) 40 lbs.
    A1C…. Down
    Cholesterol… Down dramatically (including LDL)
    Blood Pressure… Down
    Energy Levels… Up

    Was giving up sugar and carb laden foods easy? No….but I learned how to prepare great low carb, no or low sugar, alternatives. I enjoy chocolate-chocolate chip cake, ice cream, cookies, etc… I just make them myself, instead of buying the sugar and chemical filled ones.
    I would suggest searching for Dr. Berry on YouTube and watch his videos for IN DEPTH, factual TRUTH about Keto.

  24. The jury is still out?????? That was why the Ketogenic diet was created!!!! For those of you reading this…just know…doctors are not the experts in this area. Doctors are not schooled ot be nutritionists. My sister is a doctor and agrees. She also is a Ketogenic eater and loves it. Doctors only have about 4 hours of nutritional classes in their educational studies. This is a natural way of eating. Very close to Paleo. If you look at history, anything that happens to be of the carbohydrate persuasion was introduced when man decided to create them with the introduction of agriculture. Before that, they were not eating things like bread (for the most part that is all that existed initially with carbs). If you want to hear real truths about Keto, you can watch videos by Dr, Ken Berry and Dr. Eric Berg. These guys are doctors but they have dedicated alot of their spare time for years on the study of the Ketogenic diet and if you know how the body works and processed foods, you will see that everything they say makes perfect sense.

  25. Increasing LDL is not bad thing
    Actually usually Triglycerides are falling when LDL is rising
    The bad thing is Triglycerides, not LDL
    Does boat is a killing device, if it is just a cargo device? Well if it contains machines guns and bullets? But you do not shoot using boat, but machine gun. Is it?
    All current data shows that LDL is absolutely necessary for good health.
    By the way do you think that your body is such stupid to create 300mg of something what kills you?

  26. There are 2 diets which are easy to adhere to
    Other diets are simply diets which are asking you to go against your own body and cut calories which will never work long term (half year is not long term).
    By the way
    It is extremely easy to keep with keto
    It makes your brain much stronger to resist carbs. I do not eat any ice creams, nothing with sugar. Ice cream is consumed in my home every day and every day I am offered some.

  27. I want to point out that there is nk solid evidence thag proves jigh LDL is dangerous to your health. The more important thing is your HDL/tryglicerides ratio.

  28. How sure are we that high LDL is bad in every context? Because in one dataset, all the centenarians had high LDL, so I wonder.

  29. Keto flu is salt deficiency. Get enough salt, and this random stranger on internet comment guarantees you, there won't be any Keto flu symptoms.

  30. You can actually do a little whiskey from time to time….just not often….
    Listen to Dr. Berg he has in depth info on keto nutrition….in my opinion it's the best diet…that and rotating with carnivore (mainly sardines,gf liver, gf ground beef and pasture raised eggs)
    When on reg keto I eat 7cups of baby kale…
    And also OMAD (i.f.) is a reason to do keto…if you are in a faster state from about 18 to 24 hours autophagy kicks in and things like stem cell production and hgh increases…

  31. Potential Harms:

    1. You can sustain yourself enough with meat and meat organs and get all the nutrients you need. So there is no nutritional deficiencies. Anti-Oxidants can be taken in the form of herbal tea. Vegan diet is worse offender when it comes to deficiencies.

    2. "Bad" LDL Cholestrol doesn't exist. LDL is a protein that carries Cholesterol. Cholesterol is good for you. Ketogenic diet lowers Triglycerides in blood serum. When both LDL and HDL are at the same level, you will not have any form of heart problems from it.

    3. Drink lime and lemon juice.

    4. What bone issues? Calcium and Vitamin D are plentiful in collard vegetables and fermented dairy.

    5. Meat doesn't cause cancer. Otherwise, people who sustained on mostly on meat for a millennia would have died out. And, oh, cancer also sustain from glucose and doesn't consume ketones, you just said that point yourself.

    Are you really a "real doctor"? I have quite a number of doubts.

  32. I’m a type 1 diabetic and can fully recomend the diet, I strongly advice against a carnivore diet. Carnivore diet will bring a type 1 into eglychemic ketoacidosis. A keto diet will not necessarily do so as you are eating extremely low amounts carbs, however enough to need to inject insulin. Insulin function as a break or even brings generation of ketones to a full stop. A type 1 needs to have the breaks slightly on. Alcohol also reduces ketone generation.
    Anyway I’ve lost 17kg in less than 6 months my brain is more alert and haven’t felt any keto flue. The key to not have keto flue is to eat a lot of leafy greens, kale and such as broccoli.
    I recommend dr eric berg on youtube if one wants to know how it works.

  33. Done Keto a several time… and maintained this lifestyle for over a year… and guess what… never felt better in my life.

    Carbs are causing Cancer not the "red meat" …

  34. I don't agree with everything but it was an interesting explanation. I'm not a doctor but I like to read research and books (written by doctors).

  35. Hey doc, I'm from southeast asia, where rice is staple food, and I'd love to try keto, but once i tried to substitute rice with other carbs and i can feel my body temp drops and I'm start having tremors, what's with that? Is that normal?

  36. “No to alcohol”

    Keto has never said no to alcohol. No to high carb beers and mixed drinks with sodas and juices.

    Jameson has no carbs. Fuckin drink Jameson.

  37. You left out a few things this diet causes: (1) Kidney stones, (2) Colon cancer, (3) Diarrhea, (4) Constipation, (5) Dehydration, (6) Kidney cancer. But you covered yourself by saying that you DO NOT recommend it. You DID mention malnutrition, but you didn't say that this "new" way of eating has been around for 50 years. It's not new. You're right mainly though, it's great for the short-term, weddings, graduations, but then you put all the weight back on. It's impossible to use this Dr. Atkins Diet Revolution to lose weight and keep it off, absolutely impossible. I don't care how much you lost either or how long you say you've been on it, you'll put it all back on, sooner or later.

  38. I've been Keto for 2 years now.
    The only thing that makes the Keto diet "drastic" is that people are forced to recognize the crap they've been consuming for years. Once you're fat adapted, the lifestyle is VERY forgiving.

  39. First, you have to find a nutrition program you can stick to. For some this is it. I tried it for a few months and lost a couple pounds. My energy levels were super stable. But it was hard to maintain…for me. After the first 10 days some lose 10lbs. The real work begins after the initial water loss rand many hit a wall. Why? Because you now have to cut back your fat in order reduce your calorie intake so that you're at a deficit (now body fat is the fuel vs your food). Any weight loss diet only works because someone is in a calorie deficit.

  40. I think it keto can be really healthy if you do it right. I get loads of veggies, my carbs are higher than 5% because of that but hospital lab tests still confirmed ketosis. Also never had the keto flu. A number of health problems improved. You should do some research first before starting first to make sure you are doing it properly and in a healthy way, there are so many misconceptions about keto everywhere.I’ve been eating like this for months and I can eat like this forever, don’t really feel restricted, who wants to eat the processed crap anyways…

  41. Lack of willpower and sugar addiction for individuals does not make a diet unsustainable.
    A diet is unsustainable if it would cause serious health problems. Not to say I believe the keto diet to be sustainable or not, just generally bothers me when anything is called unsustainable simply because most people lack sufficient force of will unless it is a life or death situation.

  42. Lack of research? Hard to maintain? Bad cholesterol? Nutrient deficiency? Can't recommend? Which food mega-corporation is subsidizing you?

  43. I love Keto! For me this is the best healthy lifestyle. I have a terrible addiction to carbs. The keto stops my carb cravings. I train a lot. I play multiple sports (netball, basketball, gridiron) every night of the week and I gym every day. I find the diet very easy to stick to as well. I know this lifestyle isn't for everyone but it's a winner for me 🤙

  44. Keto is super easy to adhere to if you make it past week 4, you will not wont sugar and cards ever again. Your going to feel super good and sharp. 2 years in ketosis and my cholesterol is great !

  45. Hye Dr Mike. How are you ? I know its super late for me to leave a comment on this video. However I have some curiosities.

    1. Is there high chances for acidosis in performing ketogenic diet ?
    2. Source of energy is changed to ketone bodies from glucose. So, can you please give a little bit more detail on how it affects DM type 2 in relation to DKA ?

    If you ever see and comment on this, thank you very much !

  46. He goes over the most important points.
    Here's a few others:
    Of the 2 most important groups that use Keto medically, epileptic children and diabetics:
    The longest study was 6 years, of which only 8% still kept to the diet.
    A significant minority had bone issues and stunted growth.

    The 2nd longest studies are only 1 year long, where it hasn't been damaging.

    You also do not need to be in Ketosis to burn more fat.
    Simply lowering your carb % will do this. Lowering your insulin production (or increasing insulin resistance) always have this effect. Lowering leptin levels also helps (if you can resist how hungry it will make you). This is called "starvation mode", and the easiest way to attain it is to not eat anything for 1-2 days.

    These hormonal effects are also why diabetics are technically fat-burning machines.

  47. @DoctorMike: is keto diet helpful for type 1 diabetic… I have seen articles both ways… some say it increases risk for kidney damage and some that says they hav e managed to reduce insulin intake drastically by going on keto diet… I’m trying to reduce hba1c below 7 and would really appreciate ur take on this

  48. Bruh I've lost 80lbs off not only keto but intermittent fasting. Went down 4 pants sizes. Never felt better. As far as missing out on certain nutrients and vitamins that's what wheatgrass is for. I Implement that along with antiviral supplements such as black seed oil and olive leaf extract. Also there are keto alcoholic beverage recipes. Hard liquors alone are keto friendly its what you Chase it with is the issue. I use carb and sugar free red bull with my whiskey 🥃 and I only drink on the weekends. Keto and intermittent fasting is definitely the way to go. Dr Berg. Look him up. Also check out the documentary The Magic Pill. It helps many illnesses and chronic diseases.

  49. You should be advising viewers to seek medical nutrition therapy and counseling from a registered dietitian when considering the ketogenic diet. Very disappointed in this video.

  50. I’m following the father diet of Keto, the Dukan Diet. Can you please try it? I’m finding it really energising, as it limits you to only protein for a maximum of 7 days, and slowly reintroduces other food groups to take your metabolism back to day zero. I find that instead of craving unhealthy fast food, I started to crave tomatoes and cucumbers and fruit after not having any of that for a whole week. It really makes you think differently about food. Highly recommend.

  51. everyone looking for 1 thing. going to keep failing. best diet is one that changes. if you can put a diet on a pie chart.. its incomplete.

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