Doctor Mike Tries KETO for 30 DAYS

Doctor Mike Tries KETO for 30 DAYS

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  1. These trial diets are interesting. Would you be willing to try different workout programs? Like DDPYoga, any of the Tony Horton, I'm sure there's a ton to try for all levels.

  2. I just have to say, everyone is different. He only lost 6 lbs in a month. I lost 14 lbs in a month. He was always hungry, I’m never hungry sometimes I’m so full that I force myself to eat. Also if craving chips, I recommend pork rinds! I always have lots of energy with keto, while he was always tired. Keto isn’t for everyone and to do keto you need lots of PATIENCE! Okay, I’m done now. Lol

  3. As long as you have enough electrolytes, you will avoid the keto flu. I drank hella Gatorade zero when I started keto. And I never got the flu.

  4. My Husband did Keto for some months. He wanted to loose weight but still have enough energy to gain muscles. I have to admit, after some time, he started to smell badly. His breath and his whole body. It was a mess. It was like he smelled like poop. But i think it did work for him to gain more muscle and feel healthier and loose weight. It was the best diet for him. He tried others, but he didnt felt that good with the others only with that one. He wasnt hungry anymore and he could eat the things he liked a lot. He ate a lot of meat and he always prepared his food and took with him.

  5. The reason for the poor stamina is that you need to adapt. It can take up to 6 weeks to fully adapt to ketosis. Once you pass that hurdle, you'll find that you have better stamina and faster post-workout recovery, than you had before keto.

    If you were waking up hungry, you weren't eating enough. Some people have trouble getting sufficient calories, before they get full on keto. This is another thing that changes after 6 weeks of adaptation.

    The bathroom issue varies. Some people never have that problem, because they were already eating a high fat diet, so when they started keto to lose weight and cut the carbs, their body was already used to digesting all that fat.

    For people who don't normally eat high fat, a lipase enzyme for the first month or two is very helpful.

  6. I never got fatigued…because I followed Dr. Berg and ate 5-7cups of greens AND, if you are tired you need more electrolytes and water…

    Keto is not just meat and fats…you need to bring veggies and get 20-40 grams of carbs and drink water.

  7. Keto is definitely a great way of eating if you're looking for rapid results while sparing muscle. If anything, muscular strength and expression will likely become more prominent. That said, in just under 5 months, I've lost 72 lbs, 7 inches from both the hips and waist, and all of my numbers are rock-solid stable and where they need to be (triglycerides, LDL, HDL, blood glucose, all of them!). The only stubborn part now is the lower abdominal region, though I'm only 27 lbs away from my goal. We'll cross that bridge when we get there, but yes, if you keep yourself hydrated, get all the micronutrients that you need, and keep your macros in line, you will most likely be successful! 🙂

  8. keto is a good diet for those that medically need it. it is a lifetime adjustment and commitment. the best "diet" for people is high protein moderate carbs. as long as you stay away from simple carbs and refined sugars then your weight will naturally drop and you will get healthier.

  9. Ok question I have high cholesterol would it be bad to start a keto diet? I would ask my doctor but I don’t have insurance so it’s a waste of money for me to go and ask 1 question lmao

  10. I started keto 4 weeks ago and went from 275 to 255 I wake up felling like I did a line of coke. I now have power to work hard all day also I always felt blotted befor now my stomachs 100% better. I've also noticed my thinking is much clearer.

  11. If you don't fast, at first, in order to enter kitosis(around three days), than it takes you much longer to get into ketosis while eating keto friendly food, because it still contains carbs. So the tiredness felt at7-10 days was him just burning up all carbs and switching to fats for fuel. Worse yet-drinking alcohol in a middle of a month, after barely starting keto and not having a fat adapted body(happens around 1-2 months of non-stop keto, allows you to switch to fats for energy source faster than usual, around 24 hours or less). After that alcohol-you're out of ketosis and since you're not fasting to get back in-you're wasting another week to get back into keto.

    So out of 30 days keto challenge, the doctor's been on keto, roughly half of the time.

  12. Need to educate yourself on the ketogenic lifestyle, foods you had on your table were not clean eating and you had alcohol. Clean ketogenic diet does not include prepackaged foods. You also have to want to change your lifestyle. The ketogenic diet has been used for years for epilepsy and other health issues. Proven.

  13. Good video, professional doctor does keto like an amateur haha. Gotta keep your minerals and water soluble vitamin levels high, sodium high, and keep your bile simulating foods and herbs in rotation, onions, peppermint, etc and that aids massively in fat digestion, along with soluble fiber from a daily avocado

  14. Who has tried Ms_Pancho's meal plans? They worked great for me .. Watch me

  15. Meal prep and browsing keto recipe is the key. Once you know your macro target, work with it and create multiple meal plan that won't make you bored.

    If you are busy prepare meal prep for week consumption in your free days. Put today and tomorrow in the fridge and the rest on freezer and replenish as you go.

  16. the words "fresh out of break up" followed by "i wanna look better"
    says that is one of the reason it didnt work… NOW you wanna look better?

  17. If anyone here curious about what diet you should try? Check out the Movie/Doco '' The game changers '' Might be use full too you or some one close too you. Rock on!

  18. How tall are you, like 6 and a half feet? How can a skinny lad like you be around my same weight when I look pregnant sometimes?

  19. I'm on a regular more veggies less sugar and carb with moderate exercise lifestyle change. I give myself one portion sized indulgence a day IF I want it. It's been somewhere around two weeks and I'm down 4 lbs 🤷‍♀️ My mom is doing the same with similar results 🙌

  20. Man, keto sent me to the hospital. Like Dr.Mike, I did it for roughly a month and a half. I was so constipated, I felt like I was dying. Maybe I did it wrong because I know it worked for a lot of people.

    The doctor I spoke to told me to just eat whole foods instead of processed foods and try to incorporate more fiber.

  21. This is actually one of the most realistic results from the Keto diet. Hats off for trying and doing great! Love your determination!

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    That turn you into a slim, fat-burning furnace

    without all the hassle and hunger cramps: @t.

  23. Sorry to say.. but as a keto dietwr for several years on and off.. i feel like ur doing it wrong.. most of ur problems were signs of too many carb intake

  24. how is tall is this man that he is 202lbs with his abs showing. Must have been HGH in the water back in Russia while he was a kid.

  25. So he's single, a doctor, a very social person, goes to bars/clubs and concerts, works out and plays basketball with Bros…what in God's name am I doing with my life?!

  26. HOLD ON.. if you're a doctor, why didn't you critically appraise this trail and put down the fact that you're more tired at your workouts and stuff down to eating less calories? Keto correlation? Causation? This just seemed like a massive Thrive Ad.. and unhelpful! Any restrictive diet could unintentionally lead to weight loss.

  27. You’re so nice and I hope you have recovered from the breakup and getting down with some laaady’ssss 👏🏻👏🏻😄

  28. My mom lost over 100 pounds on Keto! She looks like a different person, and her health is so much better. She's off of all her medication, and her heart burn is gone too. She's gone down 10 sizes and I've also lost 20 pounds on Keto as well, and still going. Keto has helped me even when I got very little sleep, being the reason why I don't sleep in school. 😛

  29. He really needs to act a little dark and broody. That will add to his hotness. Seriously stop acting like you're in an overly cheerful cereal ad.

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