Does a High Protein Diet cause Kidney Disease? [WARNING: Myth Alert]

Does a High Protein Diet cause Kidney Disease? [WARNING: Myth Alert]

Hey, this is Dr. Berry for the next few minutes, let’s discuss whether protein is Bad for your kidneys will eating too much protein lead to kidney disease This is a very relevant question as people lower the carbohydrate content of their diet Of course, they’re going to eat more fat, but most people are also going to eat more protein and there is this pervasive myth on the internet that Eating too much protein is bad for your kidneys. It will harm your kidneys it will cause kidney failure It will make existing kidney failure worse Let’s talk about those concepts that myth and that big fat medical lie in this video now if you know someone who’s converting to a low-carb diet, whether that the keto low-carb high-fat Carnivore, whatever, please consider sharing this video with them You also have my permission to share this video In your keto or low-carb groups are on your personal Facebook on your Instagram It helps me to help more people when you share because so many people need to hear this now The ketogenic diet works. There’s no question about that we see hundreds of thousands of Testimonials and although this is anecdotal evidence when you have anecdotal evidence in the hundreds of thousands or millions a Good scientist doesn’t ignore that and of course we need more research to figure out exactly why these things are happening We think we know but we need to know for sure But whether you’re doing a low carb high fat or a low carb high protein or even a carnivore diet You’re gonna be eating more protein probably than you used to get and that may be a better quality protein but it’s protein nonetheless and there will be a friend or a family member or a co-worker who says All that protein is gonna kill your kidneys. You’re gonna hear that. I promise you when you when you’re eating a Triple burger and you’re just eating the meat and the cheese and the bacon Someone’s gonna say all that protein is gonna mess up your kidneys. So let’s talk about that. Okay, there is absolutely zero Research that shows this I’m not sure where this myth came from There are a few studies that were very poorly done years and years decades actually ago that seemed to show this but then there have actually been great studies that Absolutely disprove this myth even in people with advanced stages of chronic kidney disease Eating protein has no harmful effect on your kidneys Whatsoever protein does not harm your kidneys Say it with me protein is not bad for your kidneys. Okay, that is a myth. That is not true anyone who says Too much protein is bad for your kidneys You can immediately switch them off because they are not a reputable source of health and nutrition information They are far far behind on the reading they still believe in Internet myths and they basically don’t know what they’re talking about I’m gonna link three studies down below that that Definitively show that even high protein diets Won’t harm your kidneys. Now the ketogenic diet I recommend for people is a high fat moderate protein very low carbohydrate diet for most people Some people do better on a carnivore diet I noticed this more and more I try to make my carnivore diet Which I’ve been eating for a year now. I try to make it about half and half Fat and protein gram per gram not not calorie per calorie. And that does me very well. I’m satiated I feel great and every time I check my blood work my kidney function is still immaculate and so the tests that you may hear talked about or the B UN level that’s the blood urea nitrogen Level you’ll hear the creatinine level not creatine, but creatinine level and you’re here You’ll hear about the GFR or the glomerular filtration rate That’s what you’ll hear about. Okay now really a Lot of times if if you’re be you in or your blood urea nitrogen Level is elevated A lot of patients who don’t know better and a lot of doctors who should know better Think that’s a sign of kidney damage But it’s not all that means is you’re just eating lots of protein if you eat lots of protein It might elevate your bu in that is not an indication of kidney damage It means you had a lot and you have more urea in your bloodstream Urea is just a breakdown product when you eat protein Which is broken down into amino Acids part of the the long-term cycle of that is you have an increased level of urea in your bloodstream Not a sign of kidney damage if your creatinine level is even one tenth of a point high You’ve got some kidney damage you you have at least stage one chronic kidney disease that was not caused by protein, my friend I promise okay if your Glomerular filtration rate is low. Then you’ve got you’ve got some kidney damage You’ve got a problem there somewhere and you need to talk to your doctor about that. So What damages kidneys if it’s not protein because we all thought it was protein released Some people thought that what actually does actually it’s the high carbohydrate diet. We’ve been told to eat for the last 50 or 60 years When I was a young boy, there was not a dialysis clinic within 200 miles of my home now There’s a dialysis clinic on in every small town in America, and that’s not because people have been eating lots of protein That’s because people have been eating lots of processed carbohydrates and that is what destroys your kidney function So cut the carbs and stop worrying about the protein now I’m going to do some more videos on this channel about protein Will it kick you out of ketosis will protein raise your insulin too high and turn off your fat loss But that’s not what this video is about So I’m gonna link the three studies in the show notes below and I want you to check those out and just remember if anybody Says, oh that’s a lot of protein that might harm your kidneys They are no longer a source of reputable health and nutrition information for you Okay, so if you enjoyed this video and you’d like to hear more videos like this combining the common sense the ancestry And the research all into one big ball with a bowl on top, please consider subscribing to this channel and click the little bill Icon right beside the subscribe button that way every time I have a bright idea You’ll be one of the very first to know also If you’d like to help me have more time to make videos like this. You can click on my patreon link it’s right down there in the show notes and you can sign up very quickly and A buck or two my way and it helps give me more time to do this because so many people need to hear this Information also Nisha and I do a Facebook live every Monday night at 7 p.m Central Standard Time, we’d love for you to join us on my Facebook page and ask your question. Alright guys, that’s it This is dr. Barry. I’ll see you next time

100 Replies to “Does a High Protein Diet cause Kidney Disease? [WARNING: Myth Alert]

  1. Every nephrologist will disagree with you. Why is there a “renal diet” for those with renal failure. Go ask your local hospital what their renal diet consists of. Sure the hyperglycemia causes nephropathy but urea causes significant hyperfiltration stress on the nephrons.

  2. Your cited articles deal with protein causing renal failure in healthy adults, which it does not. However those with existing renal nephron loss (many people over 50) excess urea from protein metabolism causes remaining nephrons to have to work harder leading to further renal degradation. The third article cited says this on the first page.

  3. Can't thank you enough Dr. Berry. I have stage 2 kidney failure and my Nephrologist has never explained any of this to me. I am going to look at my levels from now on. Many Blessings

  4. As Head Nephrologist with a prestigious hospital, I can only say that your conclusion could not be more incorrect. I warn those watching this gentleman's videos to watch with a skeptic eye, as I found many of them to deliver false information and unsubstantiated conclusions.

  5. Dr Berry, I have understood from your prior videos that you do not like to name names when it comes to the bad actors of "big pharma". Would you consider pointing me to a resource where I can learn which of these companies are most to blame? I want to speak and "vote" with my dollars and suffocate any company that acts without morality.

  6. Hi Dr B! Off topic but I didn't know where to share my request….. Would you please do a video on Cholecalciferol – a form of Vitamin D3? I've just read that it's a d-CON® Rodenticide and would really appreciate you understanding & education on this. Thank you in advance.

  7. I need to lose 100lbs. 58 with 2 hip replacements. It is all confusing and overwhelming to figure it all………

  8. hi Dr Berry! I have problem and dont know what to do. I have stomach ache – probably because some virus (my family didnt feel good as well). So, my queston is: should I fasting? Should I decrease eating fat? I will be grateful for help. Thanks!

  9. Thanks for this info. My youngest daughter, who we are trying to transition to keto, is at high risk of kidney issues due to Kabuki Syndrome and there’s so much misinformation out there. Her diet is always an issue and her GI Doctor is hitting a roadblock…..and thinks it would be worth trying keto if she’ll do it. It’s a slow transition, getting her used to the different kind of food.

    Myself and my oldest daughter have transitioned to keto successfully

  10. Sending you best wishes from the UK. I hope you, your wife & staff at your clinic are all safe, & no one got hurt. Sahil from Headbangers kitchen, just mentioned the fire in his live stream. Please take care. 💖🙂🐶

  11. FIVE damn months on Keto and only a few lbs lost! I am disgusted, feel lied to, and just want to give up. WHY?????? I’m down to two meals a day, and I have been juicing my greens every day for the past two weeks.
    I am 63 years old, and pre-diabetic for years. I definitely have metabolic syndrome but I have been doing everything you say we should. What’s up with the lack of weight loss that others seem to do so well with? What am I an alien?

    Also doing IMF everyday. I’m literally depressed and thinking I’ll never beat this. I have more times than not had less than 15 g of carbohydrates a day. That alone I should be losing, shouldn’t I?

    I feel like I’m being abducted at night and injected with adipose.

  12. Hey doc. Great vid as always. So sorry to hear about your surgery, my condolence. It really sucks but remember, where every door closes a new one opens. Good luck and much love from the UK

  13. I just started keto. I always thought it was a fad diet, but I've been suffering from chronic sinus infections, my research lead me to cutting out carbs and going keto. 3 days in, and I feel better than I have in years. I'm sleeping better, more energy, my sinus issues are clearing up, I dont know if this in normal. I read that it takes a week or two to get into ketosis so I am surprised to be seeing results this quickly. Could be that I am intolerant to the carbs I had cut out

  14. Oooh the high carbs kill over time and with great glycation which is the silent killer… Stay away from high carbs

  15. This doesn't pertain to your vedio, but why does keto make everything taste salty to me.? I am not a huge fan of salt in the first place. So it's really hard for me to salt everything I eat. Should I be worried and can this be fixed somehow? I have tried to Google it but not really much out there on this and keto. Thanks in advance. If you could touch on this in one of your videos I would appreciate it.!

  16. Could you please post about Keto and kids? , I would like to transition my kids away from sugar, especially breakfast foods

  17. Do you mind to give me more where to find research papers?
    I need to read more about health people and high protein diet, but I found just CKD with high protein diet.
    thank you

  18. Hi Dr Berry, how can I stop losing weight on keto? I've reach my goal, I'm actually weighing less than my goal now. I always eat lots of fats until full, I'm almost 100% carnivore, still having some greens. But I can't stop losing weight. I do IF as well. Many thanks.

  19. Dr. Berry, I've been following a pretty standard keto diet for some time now. I recently underwent a blood test and my potassium came back high (5.8). The doctor retested to confirm it was in fact high rather than just a problem with the draw, and it still came back at 5.5. I'm a healthy 39 year old, and have absolutely no idea what could be causing my potassium to register so high. I looked at my past blood tests over the past 3 years or so and I have always been between 4.3 and 4.7. The only things that have really changed recently is I drink a couple of tablespoons of apple cider vinegar twice a day and I started drinking cold brew coffee. I'm hoping someone here might have some thoughts.

  20. Sorry to read about your clinic!! The city and everyone around you pray for a rebuild, back to business soon..

  21. Hi Dr. Berry. I'm a fan of yours, and I just started the keto diet. I'm 31 and Ive been on 2 blood pressure medications , pre diabetic, and 60 pound overweight. I want to fix myself more than anything. I've dieted since I was 12 years old, and never had any success. You've inspired my to put my heart into the keto diet. I'm 5 days in so far and I already stopped taking 1 of my medications. Thank you.

  22. Hi Dr. Ken, always love your topics and the videos that you share with us, but off topic I notice you wear AirPods…do you think they are safe? I also follow Dr Mercola and he would stay away from cell phones and other devices because of the EMF…concern that it will affect our mitochondria in our cells…so what are your thoughts on this…thanks.


  24. Hi there, Dr Berry. I came to you by way of your interview with Ivor Cummins, recently. I will be 52 this June; 152 lbs; 6’ tall. I went low carb (estimated <30g carbs/day) October 2017 in an effort to optimize my health and deal with a number of developing health issues. So far so great! Gerd, hypoglycemia, mild psoriasis, lack of energy, mood swings, increasing body fat and weight, all gone.

    One issue I haven’t conquered yet has been Gout. My attacks have grown in frequency and intensity in the last 3 years, with the possible exception of the last 6 months. My fingers are crossed that I have turned the corner on this and will continue this as a trend, on a low carb diet. I speculate that my gout has taken years to get where it is, maybe a little time will be required for the correction. I have used NSAIDs to deal with pain, but don’t like using medications, much less the pain.

    Have you addressed Gout here or somewhere else I can find? I recently saw a study which inferred that a low carb diet may help gout sufferers. Apparently, 2/3 of the uric acid production in our bodies is endogenous. This made sense to me because in the years prior, I could find no correlation between what specific food I ate and an attack. I still see no correlation. A hi-carb diet is apparently associated with uric acid production and big swings in glucose levels.

    Next question is, how do I find an “enlightened” doctor (GP) like yourself who we don’t have to waste time on the cholesterol merry-go-round discussion during every physical? I’m in northern Illinois.

    Thanks for sharing what you have learned and are doing. Lew

  25. Hi Ken, in a video you did , you said being on a Ketogenic Diet, that we didn’t need to take powders, etc… I have been taking Nutritional yeast, blood and sugar support, estrogen balance, Adrenal health and vitamins.
    I’ve been going through the change now for 5 years!!! I feel on EDGE all the time!!! also had breast cancer . ( I had been on the KETO diet for 3 years when I was diagnosed) I can’t take any hormones, so they tell me . I feel so helpless trying to fix this problem 😞 any advice???💋

  26. If carbs are not essential, why eat any carbs at all ? Watch you all the time, you're one of the best on the tube.

  27. Thank you for all the research you do to help so many. I'm binge watching your videos tonight hoping to help out a little per highfalutin low carb man Wes. If i had money I'd help you rebuild! You do sn important service to so many people! And congraon baby Berry!💖💖💖

  28. I came to the keto diet a few months ago and I swear by it. I feel healthier, have better energy levels and have lost over an inch off my waistline. Dr Berry has become my principal source of no nonsense information on keto. Thank you.

  29. If eating meat has a great harm to the human body, how does humanity spend the ice age? At that time, human beings were eaten except for meat. The processed food company planted a lot of extra wheat, corn and potatoes.

  30. Just got back high uric acid result 9.8. Dr. has been pushing this, has meds lined up for me to take. What to do ?

  31. Dr Berry can you please do video on gastritis and keto diet is keto good for gastritis and how to cure gastritis

  32. Dr Berry- would Keto diet help to cure rosacea? I have been hit with it recently- doctor wanted to prescribe antibiotics to take for 3 months. I refused. Please give me some advice on this issue! Thank you!

  33. Please could you hit on the subject foam in urine! 61 years old, 150 pound lean, into strength training, I eat vegetables pasture raised chicken eggs, bison meat, salmon, whey protein, blueberries blackberries, no sugars breads or grains, have not tested for proteins in urine, but ph is 5.0. I drink water like a fish. I do not take creatine supplements. Took it once for three weeks, and stopped because of foam in urine. That was some time ago, but I had foam in urine before that.

  34. I Love OMAD…coffee around 9 am with a little of the nutpod creamer made with coconut cream and almond milk,one package of monkfruit…eat around small piece of meat, 2 low carb veggies or a salad and one veggie and if I get hungry I might eat a snack or make a smoothie with almond milk,amazing greens,few blackberries and chia,flax seed and coconut blend a little vanilla and a little bit of swerve…Works for me I have lost 20lbs in 3 months!! I am only 10lbs away from my goal and I feel AMAZING!!!😁

  35. Hi Dr Berry,
    I just got back bloodwork and my bun/creatinine ratio was elevated, but both of them separately were in normal range. What would that indicate? I’ve been eating Keto for almost ten months now. I’m currently recovering from primary parathyroid disease, almost 4 months post op. As you can imagine I’ve had lots of bloodwork, so this was something unexpected since all my other numbers related to calcium were normal. Hoping it was maybe caused by dehydration. My sugar was 101 too, but I think I’m still really fighting insulin resistance from being under enormous stress. Watched your video on the Dawn Effect about that. Love your videos.

  36. So, when losing a ton of weight from an obesity starting point, which is healthier? Better to eat the cruciferous vegetables on a strict Keto diet or go straight carnivore?

  37. Thomas Delauer is professing that too much protein does cause kidney damage. I more inclined to believe you.

  38. I'm so confused…….how much protein is one to consume??? How can I figure it out. Dr Eric Berg said 0.8 per kilo is too much and yes he did say something of kidneys and did say if you are too much it goes to sugar in your blood . He suggest 0.4 per kilo.
    I have heard if you eat more the 20g of protein it goes to sugar! I'm so confused on what to eat…..also heard keto protein is the aim and fat is a leaver so you don't need to consume all your fat macros……..this is confusing

  39. If you have problems with your kidney already, does High protein cause problems? Anytime I eat high protein (about 35-40% calories) I get severe skin rashes and inflammation. This even happens when I use sea salt. I think it has to do with my kidneys not functioning properly. And I’m on carnivore for 1 month now (keto for 6 months before)

  40. I watch a lot of your videos and can't find anything on Meat consumption vs Cardiovascular Inflammation..  Do you have any de-bunking information about this ??   Thank you

  41. You're full of shit. I've been to so many specialists as I have end-stage kidney disease and, you're spreading bulshit that's detrimental to people's health. I don't know where you're coming up with this stuff. Are you a nephrologist or licensed nutritionist? Sounds to me like you're a medical doctor, as in, a general practitioner. I don't think you know what the fuck you're talking about. I think what you're saying is dangerous and it really pisses me off. And then to hear you say that there are no studies correlating high protein being detrimental to those with kidney disease, you are either completely unaware or are absolutely ignoring the best research that has been done regarding this topic. Fucking hillbilly

  42. Mean while billions of Asians daily eat white rice 3x a day and have far less issues than their western friends. Walter Kempners rice diet low in protein saved so many people who were given days to live. You can't deny the more meat and fat like butter and milk a society consumes the sicker they get. Some of the longest living civilizations are starch eaters with very little to no meat.

  43. What I would like to know is, can a person with Stage 3 kidney disease eat high protein ? Can they do a Carnivore Diet ? Nephrologists in South Australia have told me to cut back on red meat. I have ignored them. I love Beef and would eat it every day if I had the money to buy it. I eat chicken but I couldn't eat that more than twice a week. My body has cravings for Beef. I have to listen to my body.

  44. quick question, to meet what may be an adequate amount of potassium, iv calculated you need at least about 4 pounds of red meat. Anyone have a figure on that? potassium seems so hard to get, and supplements are only 2 percent of value one might need. They say its easy to overdo it, but not if you're only eating meat, can anyone help?

  45. It's not actually a fact that elevated creatinine means kidney issues…it's merely an indicator that more investigation is necessary. Also, the GFR (called Egfr on blood work, E standing for estimated) is merely based on a formula using creatinine. So – if you're running high on creatinine, the tests will also show a low GFR and both would be false indicators of kidney issues without further corroboration, such as the 24-hour creatinine elimination test using urine. Things that temporarily increase creatinine are muscle breakdown due to rapid weight loss, a higher than average muscle build in-terms of your overall body mass, dehydration, too much creatine (of which creatinine is a byproduct)…and a few other things like the mere timing of a really intense training session vs. your blood work.

    I had to learn all of this the hard way… of putting my ear to the ground and studying because my Doctor gave me a scare – but I learned it was merely my rapid training/weight loss and it normalized afterward. I really appreciate Dr. Berry – so maybe, hopefully he can do a deep-dive into elevated creatinine during weight loss or body-building and put some minds at ease – at least temporarily until they investigate high levels further.

  46. In the keto groups there are a lot of discussions about what to do if carbs & calories have been met, but not fat & protein. Some say have a protein bar or a shake. But there are so many ingredients listed that I'm worried about doing anything like that. Can you do a video discussing these issues. I looked to see if you had one and if you do, I couldn't find it. Thanks!!

  47. You talked about the kidney but no mention of the liver. I heard a video online that said if you don't eat sufficient carbs and fat, your liver can make glucose from protein, process called gluconeogenesis. And he said there is a limit to how much protein the liver can cope with safely. More than 35-40 percent of total caleries of protein can overwhelm the urea cycle leading to nausea, diahrrea, wasting, and potentially death. This doctor also said, when eating meat it's important to have a good amount of healthy fat or quality carbs as well. That we need both sets of nutrients to be optionally healthy and consuming animal and plant foods in the whole form is the best way to accomplish this. He also said the high protein diet affects the thyroid.

  48. I was considering the carnivore diet but am skeptical now because I don't want to have , liver or thyroid problems, debating what to do???

  49. You don't have to get your fats from animal protein foods. Olives, nuts, and avocados are among the plant sources of fats.

  50. Just recieved lab work back. Dr appt scheduled for 2 wks to discuss. But my BUN was normal (16) my creatine was normal (.58) but the ratio of the 2 was high. Should I be concerned?

  51. Is the carnivore diet actually good for someone who has FSGS (focal segmental glomerulosclerosis) in the long run?

  52. It's important to address that excess protein will raise insulin. I dropped my egg consumption and saw a dramatic improvement in my morning blood glucose and day glucose and albumin/creatine ratios.

  53. People probably believe that a high protein diet harms the kidneys because a lot of people will take steroids when they workout and that will damage the kidneys. This idea is most likely what helped stir up that myth.

  54. There are several studies proving that an high protein diet is totally NOT DANGEROUS for the kidneys and may be even healthier than a standard healthy diet. The problems start to arise as soon as kidney function starts to decline (eg in the elderly) and the kidneys cannot remove 100% of the wastes. In this case excess of protein can be dangerous BUT excess of sugar or junk food in general is a lot worse

  55. Thanks dac
    im from kurdistan(iraq) and i have a kidney disease 9 years ago and i got sergry and it gone well but now i want to go to gym and want to eat protien then i went to one of our hospital for reserch of my case when i got to the doctor he said you still have kidney disease and you cant eat protien, he made me worried about that.

  56. So glad to hear this, I weigh 148 and my protein is sometimes up to 250g a day. I drink a gallon a day but it still worries me.

    This is an example of what Im doing:

    Carbs 43% Protein 38% Fat 18% About 250g of protein here Mon-Wed
    Carbs 33% Protein 41% Fat 26% About 200g of protein here Thurs & Fri

    Am I safe Doc?

  57. Can you expand on it do a video on this:

    1. Isn’t there a ceiling of how much protein we can utilize per meal.

    2. What’s your recommendation on how much protein per day assuming you’re strength training.

    3. How do you incorporate protein into an OMAD protocol.

  58. Places like Wendy's and other fast food places are keto friendly in that it is no bother to get like a bacon cheeseburger without a bun in a salad type container and they include the plastic ware to cut it up to eat
    . Keto is catching on all over the country.

  59. My BUN/ creatinine ratio came back as 26. How can i improve my kidney function? Kidney failure is very genetic in my family and i dont wanna end up there

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