1. #QOTD What are you doing to move forward as an artist?

  2. I'm on the I'm trying end of the spectrum. I create these amazing works but can't seem to get my audience to support/ buy anything from me. I work mainly as a pinup artist, but I run a small online store. #SOS

  3. Thank you Roberto. I am cutting out every excuse in order to move forward as an artist. Your podcast episode about not being soft was very eye-opening. It made me realize that I am not ready to handle success yet, so I will continue to put my head down and train!

  4. I currently work a dead-end full time job that doesn't pay enough (just got to $23/hour after working here for 13 years)! I do freelance graphics design on the side to supplement income. I've been doing so for 8 years and am still just surviving pay check to pay check!  I was just drafting letters to clients about getting design commitments so I could go full time design from home and saw this video! Much to think about, but I definitely prefer the design work from home option and get out of this measly full time $23/hr gig! Also trying to build a channel with my son but may be simplifying the niche to just modified Nerf props. Really searching right now and I'm already 40 years in the making ha!

  5. Ive been trying to make enough to quit my 9-5 for well over a decade, still at it, taking my youtube channel much more serious now. Thanks for the pep talk 🙂

  6. I soo relate to this!!I love filmmaking and photography but doing it for clients can be super painful. I just officially started my Youtube channel to hopefully use it as a creative outlet to create videos because I love making them not just because I have to. Thanks for the advice Roberto!

  7. I watched your video at work but decided to get on my phone and comment. Thanks I needed to hear this. I have been using my artistic skills for others so long I feel I have lost my creativity. I am fighting to get it back. The type of career I have is what you described. By the time clients or other's edit my work I don't even recognize it. Thanks for the video!

  8. right now I'm almost finishing with my 6 year architecture university (i dont like it anymore) and I want to do what I love(which I love a lot of things from graphing design, fashion design, makeup art, sfx cinematography, I can do anything basically) but I dont have a lot of time to work because I have a lot to do for school and for start I am thinking that graphic design freelancing is a really good option than working in architecture. Now I am trying to do my art and build my instagram and youtube because I think that if you're popular it will be so much easier to promote your business or brand after. But you're video really made me question my dream of freelancing because I don't like to disrespect myself and my creative talent to fit into some client's wishes. Thank you!

  9. I pretty much put myself in a position where I have to hustle, and though tough it's definitely led me in the right direction. It's all about dedication.

  10. The moment when you sit down to edit with a cuppa tea, but then you see Roberto Blake has a new video so the editing gets put on hold.
    like the bright blue coloured shirt. Also liking the music you used is it from the creator studio? Love it.
    I completely agree with you, once you have the money, use that to do what you truly Love. So many big YouTubers use the money to buy Lambrigini's, Mansions and flashy cars so they have 6 Cars in their drive way, and boast about it on youtube.
    Each to their of course. It is their money but I personally would record an album and pay a to get some music vids done and would give a portion to a charity I cared for.
    How you suggest to your viewers to check out other videos of yours that are within reference, is fantastic.
    I have absolutely took this idea on board for my videos like for example if I make a Star Wars based video, I will say I also have a video of my hasbro or black series figurines, and the link will be below etc.. so I am like you do, suggesting. So your help is much appreciated. I would not have thought of doing this, Lol so I am Thankful for that. I remember in a past video you explained an example of if you are interested in podcasting or something like that I forget your exact words then I would defiantly check out my videos on that or you may have said I would recommend you subscribe. So what I have done is said If you could please consider subscribing especially if you are a Star Wars fan, as I have other Star Wars vids etc etc… Anyways think I have rambled on here enough you have other comments to read ha ha! Loved the video Roberto you always speak so wisely. if only we were all as wise as you. have a great night, here in Ireland it is pretty much 11 at night. Think my editing can wait till tomorrow ha ha 🙂 Julie all the way from Ireland.

  11. Soul crushing and uninventive? Whoa…did you just describe my 8-5 corporate graphic design job? You did. This is the year where I'm going to figure out how to get passive income started. I'm hustling…but I don't think I'm hustling in the right way.
    ALSO – vid quality and color grading ON POINT.

  12. Love this video. I opened up a e-commerce site to branch my revenue bc i don't want to be a starving artist. I'm trying to not only branch out but hunker down on what I can do best. Just tough when most people say they'll support when they don't. I'm trying to learn how to market myself & product better because I think that's what's not allowing me to go where I wanna go.

  13. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You just helped so much with what I want to do for me and my dream! You the real mvp for the one again Roberto! Solid info for me and any artists wanting to just do there own thing. Im looking into ways to do this as we speak.

  14. I’m creating videos to help push myself creatively and to help me transition from being an untenured college professor into an online entrepreneur so I can take charge of my own creative output and earning potential.

  15. Roberto when i make travel videos focussing on women, my watch time and all other metrics, including revenue goes through the roof. I never wanted to be a TnA channel..but. If im hearing you correctly, this video says i should do as many raunchy videos as possible, because itll pay the bills and get me the equipment i want to be the creative that i would love to be…. Is that correct?

  16. Respect, I think you reach the level and mindset that you understood the purpose of life and the joy cames fromi helping other peoples, I don't know, but the way you took this entrepreneur things by a certain way that you felt somehow sad , even if you did the things that you love to do you still depressed and I agree with that, as I mentioned the purpose of that you just say it and the way you express showed me that the most happy people are the one who actually help others, but not only doing there needs to feel so

  17. I recently got a new job that actually gives me enough hours to pay my bills, so I'm working on getting my finances in order to be able to be more stable and debt-free. Outside of that, I've been signing up for free online courses from two handmade-entrepreneurs that I've been following and have grown comfortable with. One course in particular has inspired me to change how I showcase my brand online so I've started working on that, as well as getting products ready for my first official product line launch

  18. I guess you wouldn’t recommend a full time job in a different industry then? I’m trying to grow as a Filmmaker

  19. I am not going to lie I like your videos. They are really helpful. I have seen myself watching your videos at different times in my still blooming career. I really would like to ask you if you could be my mentor and help me grow my channel. Right now I see myself in the starving artist stage. And I don’t know how to make money in the areas I want to make money in please help.

  20. Dude you are amazing the way you speak is right on. I want to be like you and inspire others. But I need help to do so. Since I am a small creator no one really knows who I am.

  21. The steps I am taking to be more successful. Pretty much are working on my channel every day. And uploading. But being a small channel as I am. I am in the starving artist stages. Since I am not yet getting paid for my craft. Since I don’t have the views and subscriber to start getting funds to further grow my channel. I was wondering if you could be my mentor to help me in this process. Or help me find other ways I can get the funds I need to help me further grow my channel.

  22. I just launched a podcast and am using my summer to try out new things before school starts again. Teaching often leaves me exhausted by the end of the day and week, so I’m focused on searching for a creative outlet that will be sustainable during those times that won’t lead to immediate burnout after one project. 😊

  23. The A to your Q: I am networking more… outside of just YouTube! I went to a huge mermaid convention last weekend and made connections with people that are much further along than I am. I aim to maintain these connections. Also, I have been making phone calls to local businesses… YES! Phone calls! It was terribly frightening at first, but it has been so helpful in getting my name out there. It is important to not that I have a winter job too, so I'm not putting the pressure on my art to be a full-time income if it's not ready. We are taking baby steps though!😅

    Thanks for the video, Roberto. Dad enjoyed it too! 😝

  24. Roberto, this is why your channel is so good. This is the message that people need to hear. I know exactly where you are coming from. For many years I had the "dream job" that everyone envied. I worked for George Lucas. I designed games at LucasArts. I created visual effects at Industrial Light & Magic. I helped bring new Star Wars movies to the screen. I even spent 12 years officially portraying Darth Vader for film, television, games, commercials, print, you name it. It was an amazing experience that I wouldn't trade for the world. But is wasn't magic 24/7. Just as with graphic design, game art, animation, and feature film VFX can be a grind some days. The industry and the business itself can wear you down. I am much happier now as a freelance consultant. Now I have the time to lecture, to teach, and to pay it forward. Plus, I can pick the projects that I truly want to work on and have meaning for me beyond just being a paycheck. And I get to be an online creator making YouTube videos about tropical fish – the hobby that keeps me sane when I'm doing all the other stuff – and combine it with my skills as an effects artist, editor, animator, and motion graphics artist.
    Moving from that corporate or 9 to 5 mindset to an entrepreneurial way of thinking was key to my happiness. Each time I begin to backslide and start working for my money instead of making my money work for me, you come along with a video like this that gives me a swift kick in the pants and reminds me I'm on the right path. So thank you, Roberto, for being such an inspiring Jedi master. We padawans appreciate it. Blessings to you!

  25. Financial freedom has been a goal of mine for quite some time. Finally getting to a place where I'm establishing positive habits to get me there. Consistency is key after all. Writing everyday and ultimately making a living from my words will open the door to other creative endeavors. Will continue to look back at this video when the process gets tough. Thanks for the encouragement!

  26. I've been really having a hard time with the fact that I don't have help with videography, and that I've had to use tripod all the time. So this weekend I decided to use a whiteboard to create points for motion tracking and I've been doing two point motion tracking for camera shakes. That way even though I'm using a tripod and certain shots, or even if I'm using a drone, I can still get a really nice organic camera Shake. Hopefully I'll be able to post some examples soon.

  27. How do I move from designing to consulting and employing other designers. How do you charge clients when you switch I have a serious untapped stream.

  28. Does watching your videos count for hustling? I've been making changes to my channel (thanks for all the free tips!). I found you a while back, but then started watching again when you were interviewed on Video Creators.
    I didn't start YT for money, glory, or fame . BUT, since I have the channel, I'd like to work it to my advantage. Seems that among all other activities or pursuits I've done online, I always venture back to my favorite spot– YT. Love photography, design, writing, video editing, animals, music, and story telling. Thanks for sharing yo! Heehee.

  29. question: process for picking projects

    HOW TO ADHD has a video for ADHD people to select and plan projects I wanna see your version.

  30. Roberto Blake you said ’craft’ and everything you said fell into place. “ Know your Craft” is my new goal. I am on the verge of selling cards online with my photos on them. I got the workflow down- but I get cold feet when I think of selling. This was so helpful! Thanks, Roberto l!

  31. Thanks for the encouragement Roberto!
    Answer to the QOTD:
    I have been doing Affiliate Marketing through YouTube content and then moving towards my own online course in 2019.

  32. So helpful! Thanks for this one, Roberto! I never thought of "hoarding my creativity" for my own passions before and now I 100% plan to do that.

  33. Great video Roberto! I struggle with this so much (the figuring out how to make money from it part).

  34. I've thrown a lot of money at building my youtube channel, but trying to maintain even a 1 video a week schedule on top of real life (job/wife/kids) is a struggle.

    I love tech, so the money i've spent wasnt wasted, but its a hard slog and Im about 1/20th of the way towards monitization.

  35. A sculptor I know is a good example for other artists who want to succeed. His art won awards and sold for high prices but the income was not predictable. He started a roofing business and worked long days for four months every summer to bank enough cash to live for the rest of the year. He spent winters in his studio creating his art. A few years ago he sold the roofing business and started a gallery where he sells other artist's work as well as his own.

  36. i used to not sign my paintings! idealistic foolishness. You are so right. Need the money to do my real me. Thank you.

  37. So true, working for a company makes us equivalent to machines, YouTube in a way helps me be more free with when i create a video and what i create a video of. Hoping to make YouTube a full-time gig, at present a starving artist. 😊

  38. Ive made over 200 videos
    Video descriptions. Tags. Channel keywords. Annotations. Cards and everything that can be done to increase views including sharing my channel including links in description. My videos rank in top 5 in search yet they only get 40 views


  39. Hey, Roberto.What books are you reading or can you recommend any books you've read so far that was beneficial to your journey.

  40. Roberto , I can't thank you enough for making this video! This is exactly what i was looking for . I had the same dilemma as a creative. This really gave me some closure on this topic. Thank you so much. Hope to be like you someday! 🙂 🙂

  41. Totally agree.. the struggle is, making money "online" is very challenging and time consuming.. I still don't have much time for my art/craft.. I did manage to make my 1st $10 haha won't give up 💪

    which is why alot of youtubers are making the same styled videos as every other youtuber with the same flashy thumbnails, click bait tiles and annoying EDM music, the result is you tube is full of copycats.

  43. Man, this is exactly describing my experience as a building designer. I even changed profession into a purchasing agent for a government agency.

  44. I have been unemployed for the past three years. This past year my wife developed a bad infection and had emergency surgery and hospitalized for 65 days. I was trained for post home care and required outpatient wound care. We were blessed that now six months later, she is now doing much better and I am now been focusing in job hunting. I have not been successful thus far, I am 60 years old and probably a factor. Now after seeing a few of your videos, I am encouraged of looking at alternative options. Wish me luck, thanks for positive videos.

  45. Watching your videos motivates the bejesus out of me! Outstanding videos from a standup guy. I just wanted to say that I’m focused and taking control of my career by focusing on the AWESOME content you have created to help me acquire the skills and confidence to make my next move my best move. WE ARE the misfits! And I’m a money maker😁🙏🏽 Much Love Homie

  46. wow such great advice. youre one of the rare people that truly, really want to help people in this world. thank you

  47. I am on the verge of tears. I'm an artist and gave up my job to pursue it full time and I am miserable because it's suppose to be my only source of income. It adds an incredible amount of pressure, and makes me resent the thing I once loved to do. Thank you so much for this video. I'm currently looking into other streams of income where I create the rules so I can free myself up to do the art again for leisure

  48. Hi Roberto. I want to become an Entrepreneur but i am too shy to speak in public i am trying to overcome my fears. I have a YouTube channel and i would like to be successful on YouTube and to have my own business. But i feel so lost and i don't know what to do?? Can you help me please? I messaged you on Facebook. Many Blessings 🙏🙏🙏

  49. I'm so glad I found your channel. As an artist who wants success, i'm always trying to find the ways to execute exactly what you said in this video!

  50. 4:55 – Hmm, how would u suggest that switch be done with photography & videography, to be a creative consultant..? 🤔 That'd be lit..! 🔥 – @Acharich

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