Don’t Starve: A Beginner’s Guide to Surviving Winter! ft. JamesBucket and GabrielGabriel

Don’t Starve: A Beginner’s Guide to Surviving Winter! ft. JamesBucket and GabrielGabriel

Winter. Winter is the second season in the game of
Don’t Starve. Winter is also the first season in which simply
standing around is dangerous. Despite winter appearing desolate and unforgiving,
there is actually a lot of incentive to leave your comfortable base camp and explore, hunt,
and gather. In winter, the first obvious danger to the
player, is, of course, the cold. While not a visible threat, the cold will
slowly lower your temperature and eventually your health, lest you seek to prevent that. This can be avoided by wearing warm clothes,
which will increase the time before you freeze, by carrying a Thermal Stone, which will increase
the player’s temperature if warmed up, or by staying near a fire. Staying near a fire will ensure that you never
freeze, however, this playstyle will not win you any awards in terms of achieving anything. Additionally, of course, you will find yourself
enjoying the game a lot more if you explore and hunt, rather than just sitting around
all of the time. In addition to fire, players can craft warm
clothing with Beefalo Wool, Silk, and other ingredients depending on the specific item. Warm clothing increases the time it takes
to freeze, with varying tiers of usefulness, the Beefalo hat, the Puffy Vest, and the Hibearnation
Vest being the best in terms of insulation. However, since the Hibearnation vest requires
a drop from Bearger, who will not spawn until the second year, this item will not be on
your wishlist for the first winter. Winter gear on it’s own will only help you
so much. The thermal stone is an incredibly useful
item, which stores temperature and delays the player’s body temperature as it’s own
temperature changes. A thermal stone is crafted with 10 stones,
3 flint, and a pickaxe, however it’s worth noting that the pickaxe can have any durability,
as this will not affect the outcome of the crafting recipe, so if you have any 3% pickaxes lying around, now is a good time to use them. To be used, a thermal stone can either sit
in the player’s inventory as they stand next to a fire, or dropped on the ground. A thermal stone on the ground will heat up
much faster than one in the player’s inventory, but the stone can still be heated up in the
player’s inventory if the player stands near a fire for long enough. In Don’t Starve Together, thermal stones have
durability, enough to last being heated up and then cooled down 8 times, although this
process can be reversed by repairing them with a sewing kit. Thermal stones can be cooled down in an icebox
or by an Endothermic Fire, which can prove useful in Summer, so be sure to hold onto
them even after Winter ends. You can also light trees on fire in order
to warm up without having to waste materials on a campfire – simply use a torch to ignite
a tree. Since most characters can last 3 seconds without
taking damage from fire, duck in and out to avoid getting burnt. This tactic will rapidly raise your temperature,
is cheap, and is highly convenient. If your character has a beard, such as Wilson or Webber be sure to have a fully grown one by the time Winter rolls around. Webber can shave once and still have a full beard when Winter starts, but Wilson cannot shave at all if he wishes to have a full beard during the cold season. A combination of all of these tactics is the best way to survive the cold although it’s still more than possible to get along with just setting trees on fire, and using a thermal stone. Food is, of course, still going to be at least
somewhat of an issue during winter. By the end of autumn you should have a decent
food source set up, be it berry farms, an animal farm, or a combination. However, be warned that many previously reliable
food sources will no longer yield during the extreme temperatures. Honey cannot be produced from Bee Boxes, as
the bees will not leave their hives. Butterflies do not spawn – neither do Frogs
nor Mosquitos, as ponds will freeze over. In addition, all plants except for Spiky Bushes [and cactus]
cease to grow during the wintertime. However, all structures and plants that produce
food or items will still retain their harvest if it is not picked, so it’s always a good
idea to leave a few items on the plant in case you need them during Winter. In addition, all foods spoil 25% slower due
to the low temperatures, meaning that a food with a default spoilage of 10 days can last
the entire season if stored in an icebox. While it is harder to actually get food in
Winter, the slower spoil rate allows for stockpiling. Koaleafants are still plentiful during the
winter months – meaning that they are still a good food source, as the 8 meat and 1 winter
koaleafant trunk that they drop can last you a long time, especially if made into meatballs
or another hunger-efficient crockpot recipe. The Winter Koalefant’s trunk can also be made
into the Puffy vest, a 2nd tier winter protection item, although it occupies the bodyslot. In general, try to maximise the amount of
saturation you gain from the foods that you do currently have – meatballs are going to
be your friend. A second threat towards the player is the
addition of Blue, or Ice Hounds, which will appear in addition to normal Hounds during
a Hound Attack. Blue hounds deal 30 damage, which is 10 more
than normal hounds, have only 100 health, and causes a freezing effect when they die. The freezing effect alone will not be enough
to fully encase the player in ice, but if another Ice Hound dies near the player within
a short period of time, the player will get frozen. Blue hounds drop a Monster Meat, 2 hounds
teeth, and a 20% chance for a blue gem. This makes them a much more reliable source
of teeth than regular hounds. Overall, blue hounds are actually rather advantageous,
as they can provide players with more drops than normal hounds, in addition to their lower
health value. But beware… for hounds pale in comparison
to the great beast that many tell tale of… a beast with a huge singular eye, that haunts
those eager for the spring. Deerclops is the first threat in Don’t Starve
that can really catch you off guard. Even if you’ve fought her before, she can
appear at the worst of times – when you’ve at low health, when a hound wave comes – when
you’ve fighting another boss or enemy. Deerclops also has some unique abilities,
such as freezing the player and destroying structures when not attacking players, which
can definitely pose a unique – and perhaps frustrating – challenge to new players. Unless the player has been approached by a
Treeguard or gotten too friendly with a Tier 3 Spider Nest, Deerclops will most likely
by a new player’s first boss encounter. Deerclops is very different to Treeguards
and Spider Queens in that she will destroy the player’s base should she be left alone. This means that players will have to either
face her, lead her away, or face the consequences of getting their base destroyed. Deerclops can be led toward any creature,
as she will attack pretty much anything except for other monsters on sight. Beware, as leading Deerclops to somewhere
like a Pig Village could lead to a large amount of destruction. This means that the recommended method of
approach is attacking Deerclops yourself. Fear not however – killing Deerclops is a
very doable task, no matter the character you’re playing as. There are two main methods of fighting in
Don’t Starve, tanking and kiting. Kiting involves dodging the enemies’ attacks
and landing in a certain number of hits during the safe time in between each attack. Each enemy has a different kiting pattern
to follow, but in the case of Deerclops, it is a relatively simple one with 2 hits in
between each kiting pattern. If you have a character who has an innate
speed boost, such as Wolfgang or WX78, try and use this during the fight as it will help
out greatly. If you have constructed a Walking Cane, (more
on that later) you can switch to it in between attacking Deerclops. This can give you an extra edge in the fight, as you can land in more hits, but is a rather tricky maneuvre to pull off. Overall, any sort of speed boost that you
can get helps immensely during a boss fight such as this, as it will give you much more
leeway to avoid attacks, and may even assist you in landing extra hits, resulting in a
higher damage per second. If you’re kiting, it’s still a good idea to
wear armour, as getting hit by Deerclops unarmoured will deal a hefty 75 damage straight to your
health bar. Since armour stacking only affects 1 armour piece max in DST, you only need to wear 1 piece of armour. A football helmet or log suit will suffice
for the most part. In terms of weapons, a dark sword is most
ideal, simply because it does the most damage, but a Hambat, crafted with 2 bigmeat, 1 pigskin,
and some sticks, or a tentacle spike, which can be dropped by tentacles, will also do
the job. Since kiting Deerclops is slower than tanking
her, you will often experience bouts of insanity during the fight. Everytime a shadow creature spawns, try to
seperate it from Deerclops, kill it, and then return to the fight. While kiting, you shouldn’t need any healing
items or food, as even if you do get hit, your armour will negate most of the damage. Tanking is the secondary method of hunting
in Don’t Starve, and while it is more resource-intensive than kiting, it is a lot faster, meaning that
you won’t have to worry about the appearance of shadow creatures during the fight, assuming
your sanity was already at a stable minimum before you engaged in combat. All characters other than Wolfgang require
a minimum of 2 Football Helmets to tank deerclops while using a ham bat, Wolfgang only requiring
one due to his raw damage output. Tanking Deerclops also requires you to build
a campfire underneath yourself to stop her freezing attack from affecting you. The choice between tanking or kiting basically
depends on your current situation. If you’re not in a good spot, with low amounts
of healing food and materials to make armour, consider kiting, or leading Deerclops somewhere
where she can get distracted. Only lead Deerclops away, however, if you
are really in a dire state and would gladly lose the Deerclops Eyeball in exchange for
safety. Otherwise, feel free to tank away. It is faster than kiting, after all, and there’s
no reason not to do it if you can spare the resources. Only two other threats are posed toward the
player during Winter that the player must seek out themselves; one of them being the
MacTusk and Son Hunting Party. What they are hunting, exactly, still remains
a mystery to even the most experienced of survivors. MacTusk, his son, and two Ice Hounds will
guard their respective Walrus Camp during winter. MacTusk himself tries to stay away from the
player and fire Blow Darts at them. Unlike the players’, MacTusk’s blowdarts only
deal 33 damage to the player. WeeTusk will also try and avoid the player,
as well as whistling, which causes the hounds to begin attacking the player. It’s generally better to stage your attack
on the walruses during the dusk time, as since the two ice hounds sleep outside, you can
easily kill them before engaging with MacTusk himself. Once you have cleared out the two hounds,
start chasing MacTusk away from his hut, all the while tanking the darts he fires at you. Bringing at least 1 Football Helmet is recommended. You shouldn’t need too many healing items. Keep on chasing MacTusk until he reaches a
certain distance from his house. At this point he will, stupidly enough, turn
around a full 180 and start walking back towards his house again, completely ignoring the player. Take full advantage of this maneuver and slay
the blubbery beast. If you have a fresh HamBat or better, you
should be able to kill MacTusk easily without him attacking the player again. MacTusk and Co will respawn every 2.5 days,
and if you haven’t located more than one camp, be sure to capitalise on their spawn rate,
and get at least 1 walking cane for everyone playing on the server. Walking canes give a huge 25% speed boost
when held, with infinite durability, meaning that they will speed up of a lot of the game. They can also be used as an aid while kiting
enemies in correspondence with a high damage weapon. TamOShanters give good sanity regen and medium
insulation levels, which is great if you want to avoid going insane during Winter. KLAUS
Perhaps you have progressed to the point where you can swim in the spoils of war… perhaps
you have grown to tire of the season of winter, it’s snow-covered landscapes no longer sparking
your interest or awareness… Fear not! For beyond your immediate vision lies a formidable
foe, who happened to carelessly leave behind his sack… Klaus is a secondary boss during Winter who
can pose a challenge to already experienced players. He uses the aid of two gem-enhanced No Eyed
Deer in order to cast freezing and burning spells at the player, as well as smacking
them with his mighty claws. However, don’t raise your weapons just yet
– first you have to locate Klaus’ sack, left behind in either the Deciduous biome, characterised
by the orange leaves coating the ground and the residence of the pigs, or the Mosaic Biome,
which is characterised by a mishmash of turfs surrounding holes in the land. Finding Klaus’ sack may take some time, so
be sure to set apart an adequate amount of time to locate his bag. Once you have located Klaus’ sack, attempt
to unlock it with a No-Eyed Deer Antler – obtained by chasing a No Eyed Deer in order to make
it walk into a tree or other obstacle. No-Eyed Deer can be located wandering in herds
in the Deciduous and Mosaic biomes, similar to the Loot Stash. But be warned! Before engaging in combat with klaus, there
are certainly some supplies you will need. If you’re not playing as Wolfgang, it’s recommended
that you bring at least: 6 football helmets, 3 dark swords or a fresh hambat, a walking
cane, and 400-500 points worth of healing, which is equivalent to just over 10 pierogis. If you’re playing as Wolfgang, you will only
need a maximum of 200 healing, equivalent to 5 pierogis, 3 football helmets, a walking
cane, and 2 darkswords or a hambat. Additionally, you will need to set up a small
‘arena’ around Klaus’ sack. Bring 5 cobblestone turf to lay down in order
to assist you in dodging Klaus’ attacks in the second phase, as well as 2 firepits to
keep you warm in the crisp air, and some fuel to keep them at a high level. Once you are prepared to take on Klaus, attempt
to use the No-Eyed Deer antler on the loot stash. The action will fail and Klaus will approach
you from outside your view. During the fight, NEVER kill any of the deer. If this happens, Klaus will go into enraged
mode, which will increase his health and damage by almost threefold, as well as granting him
a large resistance to all damage. There is no additional reward for defeating
Klaus in this state apart from bragging rights so it’s best to avoid. In the first phase, run in, dodge the two
swipe attacks, and then attack klaus. After the first attack he may or may not swipe
again, depending on how long the player took to avoid his previous attack. To be on the safe side, be prepared to dodge
a second double swipe no matter how long the previous attack took. After dodging the two attacks keep on hitting
Klaus until he summons a fire or ice pit. This area-of-effect maneuvre will drastically
increase or lower the player’s temperature, and set you on fire or freeze you if you stay
in it’s radius for too long. Lead Klaus away from the aoe attack and then
repeat this pattern until he dies. When Klaus reaches 50% health, he will summon
2 Krampii for each player fighting him. This is his most difficult attack, and it’s
best to just tank the two krampii, but still be sure to keep them seperated from Klaus. Once klaus dies, use the brief moment of peace
to eat, heal, and rekindle fires, and then prepare to fight Klaus’ second phase. Klaus’ second phase will commence after he
is resurrected from a Life Giving Amulet. His second phase is mostly identical to his
first, except that Klaus performs a jump attack after every spell cast and sometimes in replacement
of his second swipe attack. In order to avoid this attack, keep at a distance
from Klaus after avoiding his spell cast, run back in, and then run out again in order
to avoid his swipes. If Klaus performs a chomp attack instead of
a second swipe, you will need around a 50% speed boost in order to avoid it, such as
a walking cane and a cobblestone path. Once you have felled the beast, use the Stag
Antler dropped by Klaus in order to open the loot stash and gain access to 4 bundling wraps. The bundle will contain some random boss drops,
including blueprints, and a 10% chance for a Krampus Sack. Relish in your victory, you’ve earned it! After Winter comes Spring, spring being the
other mild season along with Autumn. Spring doesn’t require arduous amounts of
preperation – one can simply make an Umbrella and football helmet and be done with it. If you managed to kill Deerclops, the Eyebrella
will be a large aid in avoiding the rain. Even without this item, rain isn’t too much
of a bother – at worst you will encounter sanity drain, tool slipping, and lower fuel
efficiency, which won’t be too much of a detriment. And that pretty much wraps up this video. I really appreciate you sitting through all of it. If you wish, please feel free to leave a comment
with any questions, queries, or feedback on the video – any of these is greatly appreciated. Again, thanks for watching – and I guess I’ll
see you next time.

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