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  1. it isn't, just change the number in your modinfo in the main folder for you samplecharacter from 5 to 6. its the api_version or whatever.

  2. if it helps at all ctrl f is the fin/replace function so you don't have to go to the top of your notepad every time you want to replace something 🙂 ty so much for the vid btw. its rly helpful

  3. I don't get it. there is no scripts or modinfo or modmain for me. can you please explain? And also, if I do make a character, are these things needed? ( I want to make a character for DST)

  4. hey its 1/6/2015 ive really been wanting to make my own character but the sample you have in the description is outdated if you have the time could you reply the link to me?

  5. Uhhm, when I go the the Animation file, i only have the template_player_character file. Theres no ZIP for WOD. What do I do??

  6. when I try to launch the mod it says, MOD INSTALLED! the following mods failed to run last time and have been disables: "wil" check forums for updated versions. there are three buttons, I understand, disable mods, mod formus. when I try to click any of them they wont work and I have to restart the game. PLEEEEEEEAAAASE help…

  7. No idea, if you'd see this, but I keep getting attempt to index field "DESCRIBE" (a nil value) No matter how much I adjust it from this line: GLOBAL.STRINGS.CHARACTERS.ARACNOSS.DESCRIBE.TREES =

    Also tried ".EVERGREENS" and neither work, also even if I remove it, this will still happen on:



  8. Hi! I've been having problems with the mod. I load it up and everything works fine, but I can't see my character on the screen! I can still walk around and do everything, but the actual charter sprite is missing! please help!

  9. Anybody know where I can find an up-to-date version of this? Most tutorials I find are a good 8 months out of date. 

  10. thank you very much, i followed your steps exactly as you did and it came out flawlessly. spams more thank yous

  11. So, I'm having issues with mine cause I'm using a windows 8 pc, the build renamer tool won't open up, do you know what else I can do to get around that? It's annoying me, and I'm on a timed dead line to make the mod for someone.

  12. Whenever I look at the mod the character says out of date, and when I start a game the character is not there.

  13. Please make a tutorial on editing characters stats, adding special abilities and starting with an item! ;D Thank you!!

  14. if i have a char's name with spaces in it for the modmain do i have to do _ instead of spaces? and whenever i run the thing it gives the notification thing but then when i hit "i understand" it crashes plz halp

  15. I have been wanting to create a character for Don't Starve for a while now, Thanks so much for your tutorial.

  16. Will these charakters also work for Don't starve together? If not is there any way you could make a tutorial on that topic as well? I really liked this video great work! Keep it up!

  17. A NOTICE TO YOU GUYS that although this tutorial is technically "outdated", IT SHOULD STILL WORK. (I have tried it myself before switching to the more recent method, and both methods work.)
    a more up-to-date version can be found here: http://forums.kleientertainment.com/topic/46849-tutorial-using-extended-sample-character-template/

  18. /steamapps/common/dont_starve/data/scripts/util.lua:276:could not find an asset matching anim/halwen.zip? in any of the search paths.
    C:/Program Files (x86)/steam/steamapps/common/dont_starve… in function 'resolvefilepath'

    ^it says the same thing with…
    Complete_callback ????????????

    I also was wondering how to program the character to say something when he hears the dogs barking, an example would be how Abigail says "The hounds or Baying"??????

  19. Why is it? some mods says out of date but when i enable it, it doesn't disable but when others say out of date, it automaticlly disables, WHAT IS THIS?

  20. It works. Until I enter a world. My character shows up in the Character Selection, but when I enter the world, my game crashes 🙁

  21. I am horrid at this >_< so if anyone is really good at making characters may I make a request to you just one name and she would be absolutely PERFECT in Don't Starve. Fran Bow she could have the cat almost like an Abigail character it can appear after a few days and fight for you. If there are any Fran Bow fans that can make characters please make this and leave me a message where to find it pweese with a cherry on top! ^_^

  22. I need help the build renamer is constantly giving me an error of a specific file you know any other downloads for build renamers?

  23. I have a problem with Dont starve together , me and some friends made mods, but whiley work if we play with mods from the workshop and such, it works,
    but if we try to play together with our mods the game crashes, it doesnt even say its a log error it just crashes.
    We eliminated the character_none from the modmain.lua from every single character mod we created, that allows it to work but makes the characters invicible, meaning the trouble is there.
    Would you happen to know how to solve this?

  24. Question. You coded quotes for evergreen and rabbit and in both their name and debug spawn name are the same. But which one should i use? for example "lumpy" or "evergreen_sparse" for lumpy evergreen?

  25. Guys! Look at this part .: 11:17 :. Now tell me , where I find the names of all the things I can rename, why is it a lot and I 'm lost. Thank you guys!

  26. I have a problem. I did everything right, I think, but my character doesn't show up in the character selection screen, and when I go to the mods menu it says that my mod crashed on the last start and was automaticly disabled. And where every other mod says "disabled", my says "to be disabled". What may be causing this? Also, what is the current api? I used 10, but I'm not sure if it's right.

  27. my mod isn't working i've followed your instruction and when i try to enable the mod in the mods section its say dontstarve.exe has stopped working and in the background where the game is meant to be it says loading

  28. Its not working for me, i did everything that you did but the game chrashes after saying the mod was installed :(( my file also has more stuff in it than yours, it has an anim.bin file does that need to be renamed like the build renamer too? is there a program for that?

  29. i dont understand i followed every step you said except creating a picture icon cause i dont care about it. i tried to change the api version i did all the txt everything but it never opens when i activate it, it just crashes my game, yeah just did the entire process over again from start to end still didnt work so this does not work. any insight would be welcomed

  30. when I enable the MOD, and then I go to the character selection nothing shows up so then I go to the mods, the MOD disables back and this time when I change the api to 9 it's the same tjing

  31. do you know list of script ? i want to my character have an unique perk such as imune to evil flower, have unique item, etc

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