Don’t Starve Hamlet: Lush Brings A Hush…

Don’t Starve Hamlet: Lush Brings A Hush…

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  1. Also, The Hamlet itself and Hamlet's rain makes YouTube compression TERRIBLE! Gosh it's disgusting, sorry about that!

  2. I was just watching some lore with maxwell and Charlie in Dont starve and then this pops up and I click his new video

  3. Imagine the day wilba is brought to DST… oh how annoyed people will be when entire ice boxes of food go missing for the people who stay were-wilba 24/7…

  4. There is a structure that raises the wetness level of everything around it but it requires a nearby pond/lake

  5. On another note. What if hamlet had different vampire bats that are like the red/blue hounds of dont starve RoG. Examples. White vampire bats. Upon death they completely blind the player for a few seconds and green vampire bats which upon death make the player go in a sneezing fit. Dropping multiple items including what they are currently holding.

  6. You can buy berry bushes from the flower shop in Hamlet. I believe they're about 3 oinks each. I ALWAYS buy those and usually just leave the other bushes alone, unless they're too far away. That way, I have an easy, constant supply of berries for food or money accessible to me. Watching you play here makes me want to play my game, now! Love these Let's Plays, Beard! 😀

  7. Beard just saying… Its not pronounced pyth hat its pronounced peth not pyth

  8. Hey beard if you think losing a bit of every think you need to hear my story…. So i moved every thing and i mean every think and recrafted 64 chests in a 8×8 area and moved every think from my old best to the new one and i placed exactly 200 grass tufts and 150 saplings on the floor bcuz i didn't have a opened area for them yet and then a lightning bolt struck me and all my grass and chests and every burnable think in them is now ash amd i have to re collect every single think and i am talking a day 300 base stuff so a looooot of wood got lost in the process from the chests .the burnt log suits and all of my wooden flooring so yeah…. I deleted that world of pure anger and now the first think to be placed is a lightinh rod even befor the fire pit

  9. Was today crushed by BFF … was it my own stupidity because I walked under him to get him to take me in? … NO … never … he was to blame … xD

  10. Okay I'm blind because I didn't notice you picked up ro bins (Ham's Hutch) egg… Okay now hatch it similarly to a tallbird (also can you do an tutorial on hamlet dishes? I don't even have ds I have dst but it would still be cool because 1. Mods exist and I think there's both a ham and ship mod
    2. Your guides are just so fun to watch)

  11. Those nettle plants are like the coffee plants of Shipwrecked, you need a certain turf for them or they wont grow and that is deep jungle turf, just to let you know, and you will need a sprinkler to grow them cause they only grow when they are wet, to make a sprinkler you will need a blue gem and 6 ice, blue gem you will need to find. ice you can buy easily from one of the pig shops but the LAST item you need is Alloy, for alloy you will need to make a smelter and use it to refine iron ore into alloy. to make a smelter you will need a red gem and cut stone as well as some wood. all that to start growing your own nettle wherever you want. and you destroyed a 1 time spawn of the jeweled truffle, that could of been used with the regal scepter to get the key to the city and the demo hammer at the same time. sad

  12. 0:37 your wish is my command you wished for death so I'll give it to you your base is dead
    Harvest all the Nettles you can if you can get a sprinkler then start farming Nettles

  13. Nice vid beard! Very interesting and encapsulating way of commentary! My favorite YouTuber right now! Keep up the good work!

  14. For nettles you Need a sprinkler so you Need a blue gem and alloys and you get alloys from lanterns in the pig city but only if you hammer with the executive hammer from the queen and sprinkler needs to be Close to a pond

  15. I'll just say again some stuff i said previously and add some more tips

    – Grass planted in rainforest turf won't need fertilization, but will require machetes/shears to cut down and can become infested with Weevoles if you dig up other tallgrass that was previously infested
    – Speaking of weevoles, you can farm their carapace and use 2 of them (no more and no less than 2) in the crockpot along with 1 vegetable and a filler, and you'll get some _Hard Shell Tacos_, which heals for 20 and fills for 37.5 (along with 5 sanity since it's crockpot food)

    – Don't worry about the city burning down, as the pig workers will rebuild them, even if it's a store it'll still be completely intact (unless you burn the interior instead, then the place really is done for)

    – You can pick up some manure from a pig and run away to lure them out of the city as they try to pay you, you can then murder them as they give you an Oinc (their house might however respawn a different type of trader, but that also means you can just manipulate the city into spawning more of a type of trader you'd use more often)

    – Iron Hulks stay active for much longer if struck by lightning rather than from mining, which means they are more dangerous if you're near thunderbirds

    – Remember that you can use the Flytrap Stalk along with 6 Tubers to make a *Bug B'Gone*, they make quick work of most insect monsters (especially rabid beetles, as they will instantly die, so make sure to have one with you during Humid season just in case)

    – The Wishing Well accepts Oincs and Gold, but gold nuggets are the best way (Tenpiece oinc to buy gold nugget) as they heal for the most and have the highest chance of success (*BY THE WAY, IT CURES POISON!*)

    – As far as i know about Bat AI, they usually just circle you from a very specific distance for some time, and as soon as one screeches, that one bat will begin to attack (often just one at a time, but more than one at once can attack), so standing in place is actually a viable choice to deal with bats

    – Pogs don't respawn, but you probably don't want them to even exist at all (especially when the Aporkalypse hits), they will also attack Peagawks and potentially cause them to go extinct in your area, as these don't respawn either
    – Speaking of Peagawks, you can lure them in similar fashion to Gobblers, but i think they will still be aware of your presence and run away if you get close, so you'll rather want to trap them in a pen, especially since plucking their feathers are another good way to farm Oincs, and they regrow one feather each day (max 7 feathers)

    – Sneezing not only causes you to drop items and stun for a moment, but will also deplete your sanity with EACH time it happens, so you'll quickly find yourself sneezing your brains out
    – Make absolutely sure to bring Nettle plants closer to your base when you find some, although they can only be planted in Deep Rainforest turf or Dense Turf, and try to be close to them when it's raining as they will only grow when wet
    – Another thing to do for Lush season is to stock up on your tea tree seeds and cook them when they're needed

  16. Hey beard I have a money tip, if you are looking to get easy oinkins in the second island,

    buy useless/odd items like the gords knot and melted marbles and what not (usually find them in the palace or “The Flying Pig Arcane shop”) and sell it back to the collector who gives you 3-4 oinkins as well as having no limit

    Or giving berries to the old pigs and you will get 4 oinkins. (They’re on both islands)

    Again it’s quick cash so hope it’s useful in some way. :’D

  17. I just discovered in my own world that you can find the tallbird fortress in the bfb island. Also it is more efficient to sell berries and buy food at the grocery store.

  18. Such a chaotic episode, I love it. As a wigfrid player, lush season manages to be even more annoying than humid, no nettle for us. It's either get a bunch of jerkies and walk around with the gas mask when the allergies kick in (it's durability goes down so damn fast though, I always need a second one by the time I have to go into the poison area), or manage to build an oscillating fan and barely leave the base for the whole season. The latter isn't too bad if you take the season to build and gather resources exclusively, still annoying though.

    Also, NEVER walk near the edge of the map during lush season, the items you sneeze might fall off. There was this one playthrough I only got blue gems until lush season, and went spelunking desperate for a red gem sneezing all the time (for the smelter so I can make the fan). I found one and was walking back home, then I sneeze near the edge of the map and specifically the red gem decides to fall. Instant run reset.

  19. Hey Beard! You can get Gold through a Gold pan in the copper biome, go up to one of the small pools and use the pan, soon you'll get enough Gold dust to refine a gold nugget

  20. @The Beard 777 ? How do you auto drop items at 3:20? For me it's required to manually drag item to ground in order to drop it

  21. Wow dude that’s like a full six seconds if oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooiooooooooooooooooooooooooooiooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhh my goodness

  22. Cave clefts mining and chiseling the gold teeth from the pig statues is how to get gold. Also a trip to the bird island is the quickest way to a red and blue gem from mining the things at the nest. But sure is entertaining to see you deal with hamlet early game

  23. Hamlet, as I've learned, is the game of advance prepping (but with Klei trying at all times to nerf your inventory space, your mobility, and the accessibility of resources you need). I'm including everything I think is vital below to have a successful run in Hamlet, so please pay attention 🙂

    1. Your first task should probably be to find the pig town as soon as possible and buy your house. Setting up your base (lightning rod included!) basically immediately may be a little inconvenient as far as venturing outside the town to get resources, but it's what the game is encouraging you to do anyway. Klei seems to have modeled your survival in this DLC around participating in the pig economy, and that involves settling down in the city.
    2. The stalking stick is good, but to avoid swarms of those ladybug things and give you mobility in the humid season, you should also use the Snaptooth Stalk to make Bug B'Gone. You'll be able to kill large amounts of them and other bugs instantly.
    3. Gather nettles as soon as you can. You can dig up the nettle vines to plant nearer to yourself, but you won't be able to put them anywhere but the jungle until you're able to craft dense turf (something you can only access with an item spawning exclusively in the lush season). They will wilt if planted anywhere else. The jungle turf isn't able to be dug up. Additionally: don't prematurely dig up nettle plants to put somewhere. You won't be able to harvest them after digging and replanting them until the next season cycle. Harvest first, then dig.
    4. You NEED a gas mask. Not only to survive the lush season, but because on day 61, without your control, the Aporkalypse will occur and happen for 1000 in-game days until you stop it. This is a huge difficulty spike and makes the game especially hard to survive. The ruins you need to find in order to locate the Aporkalypse calendar and reset it are in the Gas Rainforest biome, which you can't traverse without poison protection. Check the first 'Tip' on this Wiki page to become familiar with the whole task, and note that doing this all at once (finding the Ruins, exiting them, finding the other set of Ruins, locating the calendar, and disabling it) is a lot harder than you think:
    5. It's a good idea to stockpile Antivenom and Honey Poultices from the Mud Spa when available. It's risky to fight Scorpions with the less-than-guaranteed venom gland drop and not know for sure whether the Mud Spa even has any Antivenom in stock, and the Pig Ruins are always loaded with Scorpions. And trust me, buying things one by one until the seller gives you the item you need is incredibly frustrating.
    6. Cloth, bug nets, and miner helmets can all be purchased in the General Store, and the icon for it looks like a shovel.
    7. You can give berries to one of the pigs in town that walks around in a green sweater and spectacles for 4 oincs each. If you want, you can even buy berries for 1 oinc in the Grocery Store and sell them to that guy at 4 for a net 3 oinc profit.
    8. Those Iron Hulk pieces can't be killed individually, only together as the whole boss (and it's a very tricky boss fight). They are sometimes randomly activated by lightning, because electric charges power them up briefly, which is why you saw one dragging itself around at night for seemingly no reason. Note that during the Aporkalypse, they are always active and never power down.
    9. You can craft a tool for disabling traps in the Ruins with 2 iron and 2 reeds in the Treasure Hunting Tab.
    10. You will need Gunpowder to blow up "Suspicious Cracks" in the Ruins to find hidden rooms. It may be worth it to craft a Magnifying Glass beforehand to see if there's actually anything behind them, because sometimes they're red herrings.
    11. Demolition Permits don't let you permanently destroy anything in any town, only your own house or one of your rooms. To build or remove any town buildings properly, you need to unlock the Executive Hammer and the Key to the City.
    12. I recommend making a smelter. You can craft all kinds of neat things with Alloys (4 iron), including better weapons.

    That's all I can think of. I'll mention anything else if I remember it. Good luck!

  24. Hey beard next time try wheeler u can escape from danger with eiz also u are a literal pig bandit u can dodge attacks pretty easily

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