Don’t Starve RoG No Gameplay, Just Tutorial: Easy Meat pt.1

Don’t Starve RoG No Gameplay, Just Tutorial: Easy Meat pt.1

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  1. Sure someone might have already said this, but dropping the trap on a rabbit hole then using the shovel to dig it up gets them in straight away. Great Video

  2. All the time people make these epic bases and it's like ok great but really. All you need is Food, Sanity, Winter protection, Summer protection, and Hound protection. It might make life easier to get the stuff but still, I am right.

  3. If you continue this Tutorial, I think you maybe talk about making base of camp. Even someone who play till 100 day(or it just me Haha) know sh*t about how make the perfect base. pls help meeee

  4. How can people find this useful if he's basically teaching you how to cheat? Then just download "Too many items" mod, which lets you spawn whatever you want (like, 100 meats) if you want to play this way.

  5. Sorry to take some of your time but i am going to ask how we. Will prepare for season and destroying there bosses (eg.Spring Summer Winter )

  6. Yet another great video. I appreciate the charm you add, making the lessons that much more memorable.
    If you do another video like this, I'd love to see something for the seasons. I defeated a Deerclops and survived the brutality of winter only to get attacked by a Moose/Goose (or is it Goose/Moose?). After besting the second beast I was undone by raining frogs.
    Sometimes I feel as though this game just wants me to die.

  7. Listen James Bucket, I don't have a problem with your videos being super funny or legitimately entertaining,but I do have one with you uploading a video on a non daily basis. :c

    But honestly, keep up with the good work. I truly enjoy it. And I would LOVE to see a DST series on your channel, leting know these fellas how it's done!

  8. I love the amount of effort put into this. Most tutorials are just boring quick vids that do their job (most of the time…) but this is actually entertaining as well

  9. So I found out how helpful gobblers can be gobblers are not bad they are GOOD they make a HUGE and easy source of meat

  10. In DST if a frog aggros you throug a Meat Bulb It will drop a leafy Meat AND keep its lure, as long as the Bulb withstands the aggro of the frog it will keep dropping the meat

  11. I love the fact that you sound like the narrator from an old how-to commercial. I mean that's probably what you were going for, but I still like it 😛

  12. you put in a lot of work into your tutorial videos and you have the best Don't Starve tutorials on YouTube. I really love them.

  13. How did you emote without showing it in the video? I have a mod for a gesture wheel, but what did you use? Or was it just editting?

  14. Personally my method with dealing with frogs is placing down a heap of traps and when im fishing i get both fish and frog legs!

  15. another way to get easy meat:


  16. What's funny is that I've been doing a good job catching rabbits when I began and I didn't even know you could bait traps.

  17. when it rains frogs… stay near beefalos…they do all the job. its like a gta san andreas territory fight hahaha
    plus, you can get some meet if frogs get to kill any beefalo.

  18. Good tips! Didn't know you could farm moles… Never tried because I farm spiders, so I usually have lots of meat.

  19. Relying on rabbits for meat is a waste of time independently of how you do it. Frogs and spiders fight you, which could be troublesome, but that also means that they are a source of meat that comes directly towards you (and a simple spear has much more uses than a rabbit trap). And if you're killing spiders anyways, then you also get lots of silk, so you can use the tons of seed slowing spoiling in your inventory and a bird trap to get more meat and also feathers.

  20. how did no one else i met ever in this game has developed my rabbit killing method ? place yourself in beetween the hole and its rabbit and attack it it works around 1 out of 5 attacks and it doesn't use any material

  21. a trick i found while killing rabbits is that if you stand on a rabbits hole and then attack it the rabbits first like 3 steps will be at the hole (or at you cuz you are stading infront of the hole) and then its easy to kill (usualy) 😀

  22. Its so funny!! I really really love your tutorials!! Thank you very much!! You made my day! ❤But what is this gigant foot that stepped on the gobbles? 😂

  23. Wigfrid not eating butterflies doesn't make sense… She also eats eggs but won't eat electric vokt goat milk or stuffed eggplant, even when meat was used

  24. I know this is an old video but I used to watch these videos all the time and eventually became good at the game. So thanks a lot 🙂 oh and why have you stopped posting?

  25. For rabbits you can stand in between them and their hole and then attack them, they will try to run to their hole and will run into you instead, allowing you to kill them without bait or a trap

  26. 1:03 that was hilarious *hits three times* U S E S O L D B E L L I nearly peed myself because i accidentally did that to kill a rabbit once

  27. You can 'bait' the traps for rabbits by putting the bait a bit behind the trap, in the same path of travel, and have the dumb bunny walk towards the bait into the trap.
    Lit shit

  28. "Flint is recommended, as it is the easiest to be found"

    Hamlet comes and me and other people are struggling with flint

  29. I find frogs to be the easiest source of meat all you need is stick and grass to place traps place them infront of there ponds. This produces lots of frog legs with amount to regular meat and can be used to creat the frog sandwichs usfull for health regen.

  30. found this series after 360+hr of gameplay, but still keep coming back for the entertainment. a job well done.

  31. You forgot birds. You can set up bird traps and catch them with it. They're more expensive than traps but I still like them. (Being a Webber main makes this thing way easier.) I hope this was helpful 🙂
    Aside from that I really liked the video.

  32. Butterflies are canonically flying flowers so they're like… leafy meat? Can wig eat leafy meat?

  33. Wait you can leave carrots under the traps? I've been chasing rabbits to the traps for my whole gameplay

  34. Love your videos! All of them Unfortunately I found them way to late to benefit from the basic tipps but they're still very interesting even though I'm 1000hours+ in the game – and you got a serious talent for being funny as hell! xD

    One thing about fishing (in case new players read this): You can use rabbit-traps to catch the frogs. Makes additional meat and less stress 🙂

  35. Old AF but still a better series than that dude doind "OP guides". And between the beard777 and you. I choose you!.

  36. the rabbit glitch is the most mind fucked. it does look like cheating i may only use it on desperate times coz i dont wanny rely on it forever bec that just takes a way the point of having fun surving on a survival game. also i hope that still works now. i might going to try tommorow. also for frogs i think better to use traps that attack it as it will aggro the rest of it. traps are easy to make

  37. Whate a Nice video man u Just forgot to Tell about using rabit traps to easy catch the frogs until the fishing, that's double meat catching 👍👍

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