[Don’t Starve] The BEST Ways to Organise your Inventory!

[Don’t Starve] The BEST Ways to Organise your Inventory!

Have you ever been fumbling around in the dark? Trying to find a light source before you get killed by Charlie? Have you ever been running away from monsters struggling to locate armour and weapons in your message inventory? Then look no further because you’re already watching this video and I just wasted about 10 seconds of my life saying that. The inventory in Don’t Starve is a magical dimension that all characters keep inside their pockets. It allows you to carry an absurd amount of objects you find for personal use. While you can’t exactly carry around 8 million cubic meters of solid gold, *clears throat* Minecraft. You can still carry around an adequate amount of truckloads, which sometimes means that stuff gets lost in that bottomless void. So in this video, I’m going to advise you on how to efficiently and effectively organize your inventory, and probably some other inventory related stuff. The Don’t Starve inventory consists of 18 slots. 15 of these slots are used to store items, and the other three are used to equip hand slot, body slot, and head slot items. Most notably weapons, tools, armor, seasonal clothes and light sources. Equitable items can be stored in the storage slots as well as being worn. Enabling you to take them on and off as you like. Except for backpacks, which can only be equipped or dropped on the ground. Equitable items can only ever be stacked up to one in each slot. Except for a small number of exceptions. All other items, which are mostly food and crafting materials, can be carried in stacks of 10, 20 or 40. Larger items like dug up bushes can only be stored in stacks of 10. Medium items such as logs can be stacked up to 20. And smaller, more common materials such as grass and twigs can be stored in sacks of up to 40. The inventories’ 15 storage slots are actually divided up into three groups of five visually. I sort of use this to sort the inventory, but there’s no real need for it. And the first two slots I always put something common that stacks up to 40, mostly twigs and cut grass. This is because when if mobs such as a frog attacks you, they’ll make you drop an item from the first stack in your inventory. If you place grass or twigs in the first slot, you will only end up losing one insignificant item. Instead of something more valuable like food, armor or tools. Next to these first slots, I put other crafting materials like stones and wood. This is because when you craft, you don’t need to actually click on items like these. So I just put them in a corner somewhere where I won’t be putting my mouse. After crafting materials, I always put food. Always keep all your food bundled next to each other, so you don’t overlook someone looking for a snack. Also, be sure to put poisonous foods, such as red caps away from your normal food. So you don’t accidentally eat it. Directly left from the equipped slots, I always put the two most important things: a light source and some armor. Which you should always carry around, always remember the golden rule of Don’t Starve: Always carry around a light source. Or, at the bare minimum, materials to make one. You never know when you might need it. The other reason why I put armor and light sources here, is so they’re always easy to find when you’re in a struggle. Such as when you’re running away from monsters or getting caught in the darkness. This is a really good habit to get into because it might even save your life. After these two very important things, I put things like tools and other stuff. Just so they don’t get lost in the depths of the rest of my inventory. Finally I just put other things inside my backpack. Generally more valuable objects I find while exploring, so they don’t accidentally get burnt or something while I’m fighting something like red hounds. I basically store whatever I have multiple stacks of in there, such as grass and twigs from tumble weeding, or rocks and logs from farming. The first 12 inventory slots are actually bound to the number keys. Slot one is bound to one, slot two is bound to two, all the way up to ten (which is bound to zero). Slots eleven and twelve are bound to the – and plus keys respectively. Using a key bind will perform the right-click action on whatever is in the inventory slot. This will equip weapons, tools, clothes, eat food, or simply examine the objects if it doesn’t serve as an equitable of consumable. Generally, I don’t use these shortcuts because I tend to accidentally press the wrong one, since the inventory isn’t numbered. Which often results in me eating food I didn’t want to. Additionally when organizing your inventory, or other stored items, you can press ctrl click on a stack to split it in half. Or while you’re holding a stack of items, pressing ctrl click to place one item from the stack. Pressing shift on a stack of items will also transfer it to a container, such as a chest if you have it open. If you don’t have a chest open, the items will go to a backpack if applicable. When your inventory is full, the character will comment on it and the leftover item that you tried to pick up or harvest will be transferred to the magic inventory slot. The magic inventory slot, which I think is supposed to be your other hand, actually differs greatly from Don’t Starve and Don’t Starve Together. In single-player Don’t Starve, It doesn’t serve much purpose other than carrying items. As keyboard shortcuts such as spacebar to do work and pick up items, and control F to attack nearby enemies don’t work while you have an item in your other hand. In DST however, using control such as these actually do work. Essentially giving you an extra inventory slot. Backpacks can be crafted or obtained in other ways, giving you an extension of inventory space. Normal backpacks are crafted with four twigs and four cut grass and give you eight additional inventory slots. Piggy backs are crafted with four pigskins, six silk and two rope. This backpack gives you 12 additional slots and warms the items inside it, but slows you down by 10 percent. The insulated pack is crafted with one thick fur, three gears and three electrical doodads. While it only gives you six additional slots, it slows down the spoilage of all items inside like an icebox. But does not freeze ice, ice cubes and thermal stones like an icebox does. The final backpack (which is arguably the best one) can’t be crafted and is only dropped by Krampus with a 1% drop chance. The Krampus sack is however incredibly valuable. As it has 14 inventory slots, and doesn’t slow you down like a piggyback does. It’s also worth noting that 14 inventory slots is almost double your normal amount. With the Krampus sack you’ll have a grand total of 30 storage slots, including the phantom left-hand slot. Well, thanks for watching I guess. As always if you have any video ideas just comment them. The tank is almost empty at this point. So I’m nearly scraping the bottom of the barrel, honestly. I might actually be starting a new kind of series soon, which I have mentioned before I think. Basically the videos in the series are going to compare two things: Be that video games, brands, products, even beverages I don’t know. So you can sort of expect that soon, maybe. Also, I do want to start a new playthrough series. The last one ended more than six months ago. Which is a while, so starting a new one would mean that there is more regular uploads on the channel, which means more mediocre content for you to enjoy. The main problem is I don’t really know what game to do a series on. So… so I’m gonna put up a poll. Click here to vote on a gameplay series you like to see. Anyway bye, I guess I’ll see you next time.

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  1. Next episode I'll show you how to organize your life so you too can finally learn how to manage the inexplicable darkness that life has burdened you with

  2. I once died because the following happened:
    1. I get a hound wave warning at dusk nowhere near my base
    2. I use a wormhole to get closer to my base, placing my sanity at about half (remember it's dusk)
    3. As I try to fumble around my backpack, armor, and spear, the hounds come
    4. I attempt to tank them but get to ONE HEALTH
    5. Start running for my life, praying the hounds will go to something else
    6. Chester decides to go to the heated beefalo, and two start chasing him, me, and the hounds
    7. Suddenly, nighttime!
    8. Trying to craft a torch and run to my base at the same time
    9. Death.
    Unrelated to the video but had nowhere else to get this off my chest 😛
    Edit: I just realized I can't remember if it was the hounds, the beefalo, or Charlie that killed me.

  3. But what about after day 10ish when you want to ditch your backpack? And keeping your weapons and armour on the far right is pretty dumb for kiting with walking cane (ie as soon as you get it) or tanking + quickswitching with bee queen helmet.

  4. I'd like to see a tutorial on endless darkness, endless winter, or endless summer. Maybe, you could make a videos series on Oxygen not Included.

  5. you should try a survivor game called "Last Day On Earth", it's for mobile and has zombies in it, very entertaining.

    Sory phor vad Inglés

  6. Maybe make a video on the thing I bet "DREW" most people to the game in the first place: "the art style" and the process behind building all the beautiful things we experience in dst

  7. horrible advice! use keyboard shortcuts to change your weapons/tools! right click to take things off!!!!!!

  8. The blur is hurting my eyes lol
    I just keep my crafting materials in a backpack and then just have everything else jumbled in the first couple inventory sections, with tools on the rightmost section

  9. Video idea:make a quick video about the cartography tab, the wiki isnt very clear about how does map sharing work with caves and the upperworld, like if you write your map in the caves will you share every thing or just the caves? i feel that this tab is very unknown in general

  10. i personally like prefer to put food in backpack instead so if i die or something food wont drop on ground since it may get eaten if its on ground and even if not gets eaten , it gets rotten faster on ground.

  11. Hey , can you make a guide for play with no bag and krampus bag ? I don't see anyone play without bag , and that make me sad , because the clothes are really powerfull .

  12. I have a better option, (Which you can play without a mouse and with just one hand. With the shortcuts 1,2,3,4,5,6)
    1s-Tool(Like an axe or pickaxe that you can change from your backpack)
    2s-Weapon(Such as spear) (It is easier to reach number two on your keyboard)
    4s-Seasonal Clothes
    5s-Butterflies or other healing items (Or coffee in shipwrecked)
    6s-Meatballs (Or Butterflies in shipwrecked)
    7-10s- Four slots free!
    11-12s-You can put flint and rocks here but I sometimes prefer putting them in my backpack
    14s-Cut grass or Twigs(It is easier to see what you gather so I put there)
    15s-Cut grass or Twigs(It is easier to see what you gather so I Put there)

    Backpack From topleft to bottomright
    1s-Other food 2s-Other food
    3s-Not rush weapon 4s-Not rush Armour
    5s-Other tools 6s-Other tools (You can switch them between rocks and flints but I prefer this)
    7s-Rocks 8s-Twigs

    I played like this in shipwrecked and easily got through first year playing as Woodlegs,Wickerbottom,Wigfrid and WX-78. I also use this in Don't starve together. Hope it helps.

  13. A video on beefalo domestication would be welcome. There's a lot of information about it, like when to start, how the process works, tendencies, etc.

  14. actually, i highly disagree at your ‘organizing’. I put the armor tools in first few slots so i can use the shortcuts to quickly switch through them such as pressing the ‘1’ key to equip my miners hat. with the accidentally eating food problem place the food in your backpack. sure the slots aren’t labeled but it’s very easy to see which one is which not that difficult. could be saving time instead of moving your mouse to hover and then right click. but thanks for the EdgyRick vibes and i enjoy your videos.

  15. Wow, you're interesting to listen to but this is a bad sort:
    Red amulets should never be in backpacks unless in wilderness mode, so you can haunt them.
    Food/charcoal/gears/minerals can be put in backpack if have one so they don't get eaten if die; also lanterns if you have an alternate light source for while wearing armor so it doesn't burn out (unless you want it to drop lit so you can find an amulet).
    Should keep some healing type food/items on belt though, so can heal while wearing armor if needed.

    First slot being twigs is okay, but number keys can be used to hot swap weapons/cane/amulet/armor/torch, so the ones closest to WASD should be used for those items usually; a food/healing item there is also good.

    I confess I stopped watching about half way through and this is just off the top of my head so, whatever.

  16. Fortnite perhaps, cuphead and odessey are still pretty new to, I've found that making content over games that have alot of hype behind them normally lead to a greater amount of views, which means more subscribers, which means your channel will grow faster.

  17. I find putting food in the backpack is the best, because if you die in dst your food won't be eaten by any monsters and you can get revived with your food being fine if it doesn't go stale.

  18. My inventory would always go like this: First 4 slots… 1st slot: wood… 2nd slot: grass… 3rd slot: twigs… and the 4th slot flint. The last slot ( the one next to the tool holding slot ) i would always keep my hammer in. Near the hammer i'd keep things like special tools or some food… In my backpack i'd sometimes hold food and ALWAYS important light sources and accessories i might use in important death situations such as: staffs, bush hat, bug net, fishing rod, Lanters,torches ( light sources… ) and maybe gold and rocks. But i'd rather keep my rocks,cut stones, boards, ropes ( etc… ) in the base. But thanks for the frog tip. I never actually knew that the character drops the items being in big stacks, first slots… wow

  19. i put my weapons n armor in the first slots, because you can easily switch between them using the number keys.

  20. I like having my walking cane in my hand and my weapon in slot 1 so i can just press 1 to switch between weapon and cane

    my inventory looks exactly opposite from yours. I keep my food and pig skin in the backpack so they wont get eaten if i die, my tools are at the front so i can press the numbers to get them, and my craftables are near the middle because i dont need them.

  21. Just a note to make in an annotation or something: you can't use the "magic left hand" slot if you're using a controller. It only works for the Keyboard & Mouse control layout.

  22. I want to clearify a bit, don't starve character are left handed [unless facing west because mirrored sprites] this means the magic slot is the character's right hand, not left. Sorry, I had to point that out.

  23. Need a series? Maybe try making a local server and having it run for just you (for now) then attempt to make the world a paradise for any and everyone who joins (from when you open it that is)

  24. from the first tip u give I already notice problems: if you dont have your tools near the beginning of your inventory, you can't take advantage of using number keys to instantly equip them and if a frog knocks your grass or twigs out of your hand, you'll be left with nothing make a torch in the case of an emergency!

  25. I usually put equipment in the first slots because I have a razor naga mouse, so I can use the number pad on the side to quickly swap equipment easily

  26. To be honest, I think Don Giant’s guide is better(Atleast I think). It’s easier to press a button rather then moving your mouse around your inventory, it’s just more convenient. You can configure your keybinds so you won’t mess up. Still a great guide.

  27. I am pretty bad at Don't Starve, but I've watched loads (trust me loads) of tutorials and so on but I never watched anything for sorting inventory…yet even when I first time created a world I somehow knew how to perfectly arrange my inventory…what I'm trying to say is that I somehow I already knew how to arrange my stuff…cool, right?

  28. My technique is a bit more efficient. I usually leave all tools, weapons and gear on the on the closest slots possible (1-5 mostly) so that I can use the number keys and swap easily between them. Middle for food and right for a few items that are necessary for survival like grass, twigs, flint should I have to switch out my backpack for an armor, or clothing piece. Only other technique is to fill backpack first as I always like to keep the option of dropping it in a pinch open without worrying whether I could build a torch or tool should I become separated from it for a short period of time then free slots.

  29. This is how I organize my inventory based on the numbers in the keyboard
    1 – Weapon/Walking Cane
    2. Tools (depending on what I need to farm)
    3. Armor/Clothing
    4. Jerky

    It doesn't matter what's next.

  30. Ok, first of all, i particularly dislike when someone puts "BEST" way to do something in the title, your method and opinion aren't always the best, and you shouldn't use that in a video title

    With that said, i don't agree with some of your choices for inventory organization, a few slots have particular benefits, making them more useful for a few items, and you don't seem to to take advantage of these.

    Backpack: Food should always go into the backpack, because when you die, items in a backpack aren't dropped to the ground, so you won't risk having your food eaten by mobs, as well as not having it spoil faster (because food on the ground spoils faster). This is also valid for some other important items that can be eaten/taken, such as pig skin.
    Another reason to keep food in a backpack is because backpack items aren't affected by Wetness, and food spoils faster when wet.
    Also, Life-Giving Amulet should NEVER go into the backpack, as you can't use it when you die.

    Slots 1-5: these slots are particularly important because of their keyboard shortcuts, numbered keys 1-5. These keys are the easiest ones to reach when using WASD, and as such should hold the items you'll be using the most, such as weapons, armor or tools, so you can always quickly equip them (note: it's a good idea to swap the items in these slots so you'll always be carrying the ones you'll use the most in any given situation. So, for example, if i'm not in need for wood now, i'll take the axe out of these, and only put it back in when i need to use it)

    Slots 11-15: this is more of a personal prefference, but i like keeping in these slots important things i'll be carrying all the time, but don't necessarily need to use them, such as Eye-Bone, Thermal Stones, Life-Giving Amulet, and spare armor/weapons

  31. Tip:how to survive the hound setpiece if you didnt know
    Mandrake(raw/cooked)(not include the crockpot)
    Or use beefalo
    Or use swamp
    Or use setpiece(tentacle/tall bird/portal using the bishop or other/goes in cave (you may not escape again)/using boss/using pig/use wormhole(dont ever go back using it only do it when you got enough items or idea to kill it)/use pig torch set piece there is alot but that what i tell so tip for survive)
    If you wanna find setpiece it may in desert

  32. Who thinks that for the sake of realism you should be able to wear amour/vest/amulet as well as a backpack.

  33. I always put resources like logs, grass or twigs in my backpack, my tools in slots 2-5(the first slot is for something expendable like seeds) and my light & armour in the last slots

  34. What i usually do is put materials (logs, grass, twigs, flint, etc.) Into the first few slots (5 i think) basically what freddy said.
    Then i sometimes have an empty slot or two, then tools, then food, then slot for weapon at the very far right if weapon isnt equipped. My backpack is mainly used to store stuff i find and a logsuit
    Edit: and since i play on console and not pc, its easy to swap between all the tools and slots 😀

  35. Use to do this but not anymore- I keep raw resources in the back pack now- weapons, tools and clothing go in the main slot cause key map. way easier. Back pack is more like back up now.

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