Don’t Starve Tips, Tricks & Tidbits #1: dodge Dragonfly, tame Deerclops, harvest Bee Boxes safely

Don’t Starve Tips, Tricks & Tidbits #1: dodge Dragonfly, tame Deerclops, harvest Bee Boxes safely

Hey! Joeshmocoolstuff here with 10 tips tricks and tidbits you might not know about Don’t Starve I’m curious how many of the
ten you’ll know, so be sure to let me know in the comments. Alright, let’s just jump right in!
Conventional wisdom says that when you hear Deerclops’ roar, you need to frantically run like six
screens from your base or else Clops’ll smash everything like the big meanie he is. But actually, Clops aint so bad, because when his aggro is on you, the player he does not destroy structures. So as long
as you retain aggro, your base is completely impervious to Deerclops. The big fella can’t do a thing to it. so retain aggro. What does that mean? Every enemy has a deaggro timer that is reset when they take a swing at you. Deerclops’ deaggro timer happens to be 20 seconds. So as long as you taunt him into swinging within those 20 seconds, he’ll stay aggroed on you. If you hang out a lot on Don’t Starve streams, you’ve probably seen the dragonfly firepit kiting method. But actually, all you need to kite Dfly
is just a little speed. A walking cane and a road will suffice. Even better if you have something like
coffee which is just ludicrously overpowered. And you can also kite DST’s Dragonfly as
well. Check out my speedrun of that with good old Wolfgang. I will put a link to that in the description. When you harvest from the beebox or smack a beehive only the bees inside at the time get pissy, the other bees
outside.. I don’t know what they’re doing but they’re totally oblivious. So you
can harvest honey or smash hives freely if you first vacate the box or hive
entirely of bees. Best way to do this? With fire, of course! Place the boxes
within range of a flingomatic, make sure the flingo is actually activated, light the beebox on fire Then go ahead and harvest. You can also use an icestaff or luxury fan to extinguish the active flames. This one’s not so useful but it’s so
damn cute! If you corale a bunch of koalefants into the same area, you’ll
notice that they have similar herd mechanics to beefalo, and in fact, if you
smack one, they’ll all aggro on you. I don’t know why having 20 500 pound
behemoths all charging at you is cute. But hey, it’s cute. And a bonus tidbit about koalas: Their hit boxes are more than one tile wide so you can skip every other wall and
still keep them contained. The same applies to volt goats. You know who it doesn’t apply to? Beefalo! these big old boys will squeeze through one wide gaps. Klei… how is a beefalo smaller than a goat? Speaking of beefalos, let’s talk about
Beefalo pens. Beefalo pens are historically troublesome because beefalo break down the walls when they’re in heat. But here’s the thing. Beefalo aren’t dumb. They don’t get mad at inaminate objects. They get mad at those pesky birds that land outside the walls, and the walls are just an obstacle between them and maimed crows. There’s a solution to this. You can cause beefalos’ AI to stay away from the walls by placing rows of grass
walls between. The grass looks pretty decent for a beefalo pen, and the beefalo don’t like standing on them, so they cluster around the center, well out of range of any birds who might
land outside. By the way, this is part of one of my megabase worlds. I’m thinking of doing a world tour video at some point if you guys would be interested. I’m thinking maybe for a 2k sub special? Food spoilage in Don’t Starve is actually dependent on the ambient temperature. Food spoils 25% faster in summer, and 25% slower in winter. So yeah, the values on the wiki aren’t necessarily accurate. You know those big tentacles that you
sometimes come across in DST? They contain a secret! If you defeat them,
they’ll open up something similar to the wormholes on the surface that you can
use to warp to another location in the caves. I don’t have Webber unlocked for my
current profile, so it’s sort of become a thing where I happen to get Webber’s skull in nearly every run i upload. But Webber isn’t the only one with a skull. In
fact, most of the other characters have skull item assets in the game files.
Even the ones that haven’t been implemented. This is a simple one, but I don’t think
many people know that you can close backpacks by right-clicking on them. Pretty neat, eh? That’s it for now! It was really tough
choosing just 10 tidbits for the video. I have a notepad document filled with the
things, so yeah, definitely keep an eye out for episode two. thanks for watching!

97 Replies to “Don’t Starve Tips, Tricks & Tidbits #1: dodge Dragonfly, tame Deerclops, harvest Bee Boxes safely

  1. Nice video! The only thing i disliked was your voice was kinda low. Try talking louder for the next video… but other than that, everything's alright!

  2. Hey! Surprise video. I meant to get this out yesterday, but I severely underestimated the amount of time and work these types of videos take to produce. I plan to do a lot more informational, guide type videos though, so I hope you all enjoy!

  3. Thanks for the tips! May I suggest next time you speak more clearly and louder so that I would not turn on the captions just to understand what you're saying. 🙂

  4. Solid video, some things I didn't know in there! Deerclops aggro has confused me at times. Bearger's aggro is even more confusing to me. I haven't made beefalo pens nor goat pens, but had assumed the wall spacing needed to be the other way around. Klei wat u doin.

    I think everything else I knew. DST big tentacles are a bit of a ripoff though. First time I encountered one I fought it with a handful of bunnymen and saw the big slimy pit, thought it would be where to go to collect the loot or something. Nope, no loot, just a more dangerous version of a wormhole. Since the aboveground cave entrances are randomly mapped to the stairwells in the caves, it is often easier to travel to a distant area of the caves by just going up, walking a couple screens and going back down. Disclaimer, I played probably 200 hours of DST before playing solo so I had no expectations from their solo version.

    Are there ways to trigger the skulls of other characters in-game? Or even spawn them in with prefab?

    Also for backpacks, what I really want to know is a way to stop having my closed and dropped backpacks in DST turn into disgusting rotted skins. I know the cost is just a few grass and twigs, but I also feel inclined to burn the rotten backpack and it's a real unnecessary hassle I'd like to learn how to avoid.

    I love the looks of your megabase. I presume since the pens all have mobs which spawn randomly on the screen, it was a matter of setting them up and getting lucky and not any luring? Also well done with the skelepens.. All good work, I enjoy your videos.

  5. Hey really interesting and awesome video! Would love to see more videos like this because it's very nice learning from a pro like you. 😀

  6. Found your channel not too long after I started playing Don't Starve about 2 weeks ago and I've been really liking your videos. Keep it up! On another note, I would love to see a tour of that mega base you have. Day 1850?! That's insane!

  7. I knew all of these except for the bee box and the mating beefalo pen. Usually, I tend to just use the double-endo trick for Dragonfly because of how simple it is and how winding the roads are.

    Side Note: There's something slightly wrong with the last tip. You say that you lose sanity when you have items in you inventory. It's only when you have wet items equipped. I've tested this in RoG, DST and A New Reign. When I tested it, you have a set sanity loss when you are over ~51% wetness, with a full inventory or empty. The odd thing is that in the video, this didn't happen to you. Were you using regular DST or A New Reign?

  8. You know how if you build a pen and use a lake or something as a wall so when you want to enter you go to the edge of the pen water and squeeze through that small gap? Beefalo can do that to.

  9. You should play the twitch plays together mod! Also if you do pls make a video telling when it's live and what your twitch channel is, or will be if you haven't made one.

  10. Joe, A small question: I've been watching your ruins survival series, and you sometimes equip the first item in your toolbar instantly without moving the mouse to it. How do you do that?

  11. Love that disclaimer at the end!! This is Genie, btw on my daughter's youtube acct. ;p Loving these videos! keep em coming. 😀 😀 D:D

  12. Yo nice video. I knew beefalo could fit through 1 tile but I had no idea that vault goats couldnt lel. That makes no sense.

  13. I immediately love that I can listen to this while doing chores. Other videos are loaded with tips but without a sound I cannot tell when to "pay attention." Thank you for the awesome videos

  14. Is Tip #3 not just a waste of time? You barely take any damage if you wear the beekeepers mask, and if your fast enough you can harvest 4 bee hives close by unharmed. I reckon though this strategy is good for huge bee farms, but in the example shown it's simply a waste of time and resources

  15. When I extinguished the bee boxes, the bees left the bee boxes never came back even during the night. I don't know if these are considered homeless bees or not, but the bee boxes have yet to generate new bees.

    Edit: After re-logging the bee boxes are working once again but the bees that weren't inside are still roaming around, i still can't tell if they are homeless bees that produce new flowers (because it is spring) or just bees that are bugged.

  16. Also, I've discovered that when wet, you only lose sanity when WEARING gear, so having an inventory full of wet items won't affect your sanity. Instead, if you are wearing a wet spear, wet umbrella, wet straw hat, etc. only then will you lose sanity (also wearing multiple wet gear makes you lose sanity faster).

    This applies with the two DLCs (Shipwrecked + RoG) though, but knowing this fact makes exploring in the rain without an umbrella much easier (especially helpful when dealing with wetness when you hit too much waves in shipwrecked)!

  17. Very nice video i knew a lot before, but the beefalo pen and smart bee harvesting are nice ideas! Although i get along with the catch a few bees kill the rest and grab the honeycomb tactic pretty well.

  18. Straw Hat + Pretty Parasol + Tree = 100% water resistant. Combine with Campfire or Fire Pit to dry faster. I always rush Rain Coat as soon as I have set up my initial base.

  19. Very good, hope to see more. I think you have the potential to maybe become a big youtuber if you keep working at it 🙂 good luck.

  20. Dst lavae attacked through the dst dragonfly when I attempted it today. Any luck still doing it solo? Can't seem to do it without exploits ofc.

  21. I had always seen your megabase tour on the forums or reddit or wherever all the time, and I have been watching your videos for a bit, but I never knew that the same guy who does speedruns and endless bosses is also an amazing base builder! No need to crown 2 different kings for those things, you win for both! I'm extra impressed now.

  22. Can someone help me? : In the first winter i forgot about mac tusk, so i decided to find the walrus camp in the second winter. but i didnt found it. does the camp spawn randomly or not?

  23. Hey! That tip with the bee boxes. It's almost like the real life, Where people smoke out the bees to collect honey

  24. Wow. Wish I found this literally five minutes earlier, before my base got totally trampled by the dragonfly… well, at least I know for the future

  25. i love ur vids joe! ik this was made like 2 years ago but its great! keep up the good work 🙂

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