Don’t Starve Together – BERNIE TO THE RESCUE

Don’t Starve Together – BERNIE TO THE RESCUE


36 Replies to “Don’t Starve Together – BERNIE TO THE RESCUE

  1. Also to deal with the hounds you can lead them into a herd of beefalo and just run around until they attack them.

  2. Kim going more and more insane apparently not noticing THE OBVIOUS GHOST ICON next to it telling her that it's Duncans fault because he is haunting her…
    at least I think that's what its trying to tell?

  3. Got a Don’t Starve Together ad while watching an ad video for Don’t Starve Together. AD SEPTION

  4. Kim: I'm starving!
    Meat: Laying on ground next to campfire
    Kim: I can't find any food anywhere!
    Meat: Still there
    Me: Rips dick off and throws it, knocking the propeller off a passing floatplane

  5. I bet I'm more sane. I'm so sane that I'm aware of the fact that attempting to judge my own sanity under the effects of insanity would most likely skew the result towards the opposite of reality. Oh wait…

  6. bernie's good and all, but instead of sacrificing a load of your own health and sanity, lure the dogs over to the beefalo and make them fight each other

  7. You can use souls to heal, they have an area effect so it heals multiple players. Just drop them on the ground when you're low.

  8. I think they just wanted to show everyone new ability (burnie) rather than survive long. This is sponsored video for new updates after all

  9. You have really low health if only you were playing a character who could heal the 2 of you. Also press F to attack ffs.

  10. Sips was literally overflowing with souls when he played wortox… Duncan… Why are you so bad at this game.

  11. yall are pretty awful at this, huh? didn't even read up on that spicy new imp you're trying to show off, else you'd know why pigs hate you. willow should also make use of her fire sanity regen; it's useful for players with issues managing sanity

  12. omg it's 4:45 in the Morning and i just shoutet at the screen "Duncan go to the ducking stone thingy !!"

    darn >< and he watches kim trying to stay alive ><

  13. You know how on certain nights of the year, you can go outside and see certain planets in the sky?

    Well, if you go out tonight and gaze towards the stars, you'll be in for a treat. Not a planet, though; instead you'll get to see my dick in orbit. Because watching these two lovable numpties made me rip my dangus so fooping hard that it achieved escape velocity.

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