Don’t Starve Together Guide: Gems

Don’t Starve Together Guide: Gems

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  1. Well F*#@ me I guess, YouTube won't let me monetize this video for whatever reason even though it monetization
    says is on. Two days of work and it won't even make any money out of the deal. Great…

    Hope it's worth it in some aspect…

  2. Fire and ice staff are super usefull if you are hunting koalafants because they will attack you when hit, rather than running away!

    Question: if you have the life giving amulet in your backpack, will it drop the amulet and the backpack or just the backpack?

  3. Thanks for all these DST vids, Beard. I've learned a lot. The only thing keeping me from succeeding in this game other than just luck is crappy internet connection!

  4. every gem has a staff and a amulet except the iridesceent.. maybe theres an amulet coming in the new updates

  5. Wish i could make a char oof.
    Ill give yall an idea! (Credit me if you want to make one )

    Zoey(or any name)[Female]
    -Afraid to be alone (-5 Sanity every min being alone)
    -Friendly (When near friends, +3 Sanity every min. It also does it to friends)
    -Creative (She will have a cartoonish friendly vision, +10 sanity every second. Getting attacked or After 3 seconds will disable the vision. Cooldown: 1 game day )
    -Weak (if she does something tiring or scary, her vision will get darker and darker until you only can see her. After 1 second of darkness, it will light up again. And yes, you can still move but slowy.)
    She will run faster when she gets attacked and loose 3 sanity.
    She gets tired very quickly.
    She has a special mechanic called whisper. When you become a ghost, You can lead your friends and automatically warn them. She can sometimes be scary whenever her sanity is below 30 which makes her friends loose 2 sanity. if her sanity hits 0, Everything will look dark and she will appear shaking in fear.
    Hair style: ponytail
    Hair color: black
    Clothes: Grey T shirt + Leggings
    Items: Jacket (+10 sanity, it warms her up and reduces damage by 5%. The jacket can break easily by 3 normal hits. The ability will activate if you get attacked the first time only.)
    Paper + Pencil (+12 sanity, used only once. She likes to draw. The paper will disappear but you keep the pencil as a weapon, or a mark)
    Flower of youth (Will revive Yourself or Friends by clicking on it you/your friend will have 50 Health, 50 Hunger and 110 sanity. Used once)


  6. I got a server with no caves. I guess I can't make use of those other gems.
    I just have to make a new one with caves I guess.

  7. great title, guia para no morir de hambre juntos: gemas

    like what the fuck yt im polish y u translate like this xD

  8. 2:55 "You know what is worth it? Your life" Is the most wholesome, and beautiful thing ever said by you beard.

  9. Me: starts forest fire for fun

    Also me: walks away and despawns the fire so I have to restart the fire

  10. I just realized… the gems in this game, have the same colors and “shape” of the infinity stones

    Time to gather all of them, then erase half of all useless mobs/animals within the game

    Or just let the pig king do that

  11. Fire staffs stun targets in one blast, only problem is that it sets other stuff on fire so it makes them strictly undesirable. Also it cooks drops if you can kill the target on time, bypassing the need for a campfire if you are away from any campfire and lack resources to make one.

  12. You forgot the best function. Wiping out half the server so that there's enough resources to go around.

  13. Yeah, those fire staves should fire immolating blasts or something like that. Would be much cooler, even if it only had like 8 shots or something!

  14. I keep finding red gems but never get the nightmare fuel or manipulator to make the fire staffs. Had 7 red gems by day 9 at one point. lol

  15. was playing with my friend yesterday and both of us are new to the game, and i found a fire staff but had died so he got my stuff. he ended up lighting a tree on fire.

  16. plays in game where i cheat with the console: gets a gear, blue gem, and red gem from one tumbleweed. plays in legit server: gets 3 poop from one tumbleweed.

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