Don’t Starve Together Journals – Three’s a Crowd – Rough Animation

Don’t Starve Together Journals – Three’s a Crowd – Rough Animation

Come on. There’s got to be something I
can use. Ugh… This whole situation is just a mess. Mgh… No… Poor man. He must still be having
nightmares. We talked about this. You stay quiet while I’m awake. None of this being my conscience. I didn’t forget. But I hope you didn’t forget you promised I could come out once Mr. Higgsbury was completely asleep. So he wouldn’t find out about our little secret you’re so embarrassed about. I’m not embarrased about being bonded to you. I just rather he not see me at my weakest. and oh look. You’re the weak link, William. I’m not you. I’m-! A pathetic excuse for a man. That’s what you are. Hmph. But a deal is a deal. Don’t get any funny ideas. Like I could get any without you knowing. There’s a good boy. I’m going to bed. Enjoy yourself till dawn comes. How do I keep getting into messes like this? Willow… Please… Wait for me. Poor man. Hahahahahahahahaha!!! We’re one in the same my friend. And now… You belong to ME! Hahahahahahahahaha!!! No… No… NOOO!!!!! Hahahahahahahahaha!!! Why did I have to screw everything up? Huh? What in the name of science!? Uh… U-Um… Since when do you wear glasses? I… I have no idea what you’re talking about. Higgs- I can’t leave you alone for a minute can I? M-Maxwell. It… It was an accident! So much for not getting any funny ideas. You pathetic little magician. M-Maxwell! Mercy please! Oh, I’ll show you mercy. No… AUUGGGGGGHH!!!!!! Hey! Maxwell, what’s wrong? H-Help! PLEASE! Quiet you! Let’s not forget our deal! Do NOT pull him into this! NO! Wilson! Help me! M-Maxwell! You leave this man alone! I mean it! Or… Or…! OR WHAT!? What could you possibly do Higgsbury!? There’s no saving this man. He made his grave and now he can sleep in it! No. Do you hear that? That presence… No… You wouldn’t! RRGH! I’ve had it up to here with you as of late! Maybe you’ll understand why I was so desperate to find a way out! You mad man! Ah AH! YOU CAN HAVE HIM! Huh? Leave him be, Grue! Hey, hey… Easy now. It’s over. You… You saved me…? I-I did. I-I’m terribly sorry for that. I-I panicked. Wasn’t really sure what to do. I-It’s fine. It’s… It’s not every day you see something like that. O-Oh. Come on. Stop that… Deep breaths. In and out. S-Sorry… H-Hey. It’s okay. Don’t apologize. But you were trying to sleep. I woke you up because I spooked by Charlie. And I just made… HIM mad at me. I just can’t do anything right. That’s not the Maxwell I know. That’s because I’m not him. At least… not exactly him. W-What do you mean by that? I… I don’t know if I can- Not. One. Word. Out of you. Maxwell, please… So, what does Mr. Hyde want? Do not call me that Higgsbury! I am no Hyde He’s just a nuisance. You be quiet or I throw you to the Grue again. I’m sure Charlie would love to see you
again. Ow. I’m… I’m so sorry about that. Not your fault. It’s my fault. I got stuck like this with him. Does he do this all the time to you? Well… not till recently. For the longest time… I was quiet. He got to do what he wanted. I wasn’t sure why I was here. But then… I started to remember… started to think… Maybe I wasn’t him like he kept saying I was. Then… well… other things happened. Like you taking the throne and… I don’t know… I just… Started wanting to be the one in charge. Because I once was. Maxwell… He… He just took that from me because I was fool enough to make a deal. A deal so stupid…. Just for the sake of being a well renowned magician… I was so stupid. I know that feeling. Wanting to be the best of your field. To want to be great. That you’d do anything. Anything at all to get it. Including making a deal with the devil. And in the end it cost me so much. My brother… My nieces… Charlie… I lost everything. Including myself. You’ve been through the wringer. Maxwell takes plenty of prisoners in his game. But… I wouldn’t say it’s the end of everything you knew. Who knows, there might be a chance. Maybe. I just barely started remembering who I was. It’s… It’s all still blurry. The only real thing that is proof that I’m not him is my name… and even then I’m not sure. What’s your full name? William. William Carter. Any relation to Wendy Carter? She’s the daughter of my brother, Jack Carter. Then I know for sure she’s safe. I was looking after her and her sister Abigail back at my camp. They spoke fondly of an Uncle Wil. I’m surprised they still do. I knew they were under your care. I just didn’t think they would ever want to see me again. I took their father away from them. They’re very understanding girls. They miss their father dearly… but they missed their uncle as well. I didn’t think anyone missed me. You’re nothing. That’s why you would think that. Because all you are is a fading memory. I’m someone. I’m someone. You’re a piece of trash that’s what you
are. A weakling with no strong will of his own. Shut up. You know when dawn comes I’ll get you under wraps again. And I will punish you severely for tonight. Y-Yes. Master. Good boy, William. You will never disobey me again. Understand? Yes. Hey! Don’t give up! Are you bloody insane!? You have the chance to make him work for you! You say out of this Higgsbury! This has nothing to do with you. I’m not sure how you can me hear me but that still doesn’t change the fact that this is business between me… and this sorry excuse for a magician. You be silent! I know your weakness now. I know what bothers you. And I guarantee if you don’t leave him alone I will find a way to make you miserable. Oh, you son of a- Cussing isn’t dapper. You… You could hear him? I did. I’m not entirely sure how. I think it has to do with the time I spent on the throne fighting Their influence but I could hear him. You would be the first then. Then again… This is a bit of a new experience for both of us. We… somewhat have to work together. More so… I come out when he wants to rest and I stay silent as he goes about his day. He’s the master and… I’m nothing but a pawn to him. Well, we’ll have to slowly start turning things around on him won’t we then? We know he’s afraid of Charlie but we can’t use her all the time. But, I’m sure there’s other things that could bother him enough to let you out. Even for a time. Maybe. I’m not sure I’ll be useful to you. I barely remember my own past. The only things I know is what he knows and that’s it. Regardless, you are a person. A human with a puppet master trying to pull your strings like he pulled the ones on our lives not so long ago. He takes pride in it. He likes being in control. He hates it when things aren’t his way. It drives him mad. Then, all the more reason for him to start becoming the silent one. But more importantly… All the more reason to set you free. Why do you want to help me so much? Because I don’t like seeing people. Why stand by when there’s something to be done? You never leave anyone behind. That’s what Maxwell noticed about you. And what I noticed too. You… You did, huh? Yes. You could’ve only looked out for yourself. Yet… you chose everyone else. Because that’s not how I am, nor how I was raised. I’d rather look out for everyone else, than even dare think about my own safety. You really are something else, Wilson. Not really… Just… a scientist. You’ve proven to be more than that. More than you realize Well, hopefully I can keep surprising you. I have no doubts.

95 Replies to “Don’t Starve Together Journals – Three’s a Crowd – Rough Animation

  1. AMAZING work as always Aileen. The voices were excellent and the coloring was detailed and unique. So keep up the good work and you never cease to amaze me!

  2. Bravo! 👏👏👏
    I haven't exactly been following this project – or any of your work, really, but I might have to start ^^

  3. I love! But, please, where can we find the complete story so I could translate it because I speak french and my english is not terrible

  4. Also i love this lore! Maxwell actually having 2 personalities the same as Charlie

    And Probably after William made a deal with a shadow, He enveloped a persona called "Maxwell" but only for entertainment purposes. I guess the shadow decided to take that "persona" and solidified himself, so that once William got pulled and taken on the throne, The "Maxwell" possesed him and now he got the split personality disorder, but i guess after he got separated from the throne, the true "maxwell" William slowly became strong again and started fighting for his body back.

  5. This was so, so, I just, ugg! I can't explain how sweet it is to see Wilson helping William! (That was his name, right?)

  6. i love this animation
    Besides that, i think it would be possible for it to be in game (maxwell and wendy have dialog that seems for them to know eachother (when maxwell examines abigails flower its he says that it seems familiar to him, same with maxwell statue and wendy), it could be possible that for maxwell to have two personalities like Charlie, etc.)

  7. ok I love this how have the makers of game didn't think of this possibly is beyond me but its really great, seriously I love to see more of this, just find if he manages to regain control or something else, far as I'm concerned you've earned my subscription I look forward to more.

  8. I'm new to the don't starve fandom and I find the lore and the ideas others come up with amazing. This take on the game is great! Keep up the great work!

  9. Wow so this was last year ! How come o didn't saw this !? To bad tho. But good animation. Even tho i see some couple stops. But it is a good animation. Keep it up ! 👍🏻

  10. I have to say. I have only just discovered your channel and I am already addicted to your videos! These are all amazing! You put soo much work and effort into these along with all of your fellow voice actors. Instant sub! I hope to see more from you and keep up the fantastic work! 😁

  11. I just love their voices so much, William and Maxwell remind me so much of Jekyll and Hyde. Wilson's voice is also amazing.

  12. I love Charlie shes just like: throw that one! I want that one! Not William the other one! Come at me bitch! Ill fight you Maxwell!

    Maxwell: girly scream

  13. Well, i cant remember what girl but either wendy or the other girl, says that he is there uncle or something like that.

  14. My phone accidently fell from my hand on my chest and somehow pushed the subscribe button. WELL I WAS THINKING OF DOING SO-

  15. For once i feel really bad for Maxwell / William even though that they are actually two different people it us very interesting

  16. Wilson: W-Willow—

    (Willow being my favorite character and all, I sorta get parental issues even though she’s not my character XD

    Wilson: *grabs spear as William screams*

  17. I have no words. this is simply amazing. the style, the way wilson was like "since when do wear glasses" asdfdg i was partially screaming throughout the video because of how great this is???? I love it so much

  18. Is no one gonna talk about 'what in the name of science?!'

    Also I love this animation so much I'm so glad I found it! Good job!

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