Dr. Berg’s Healthy Ketogenic Diet Basics: START HERE

Dr. Berg’s Healthy Ketogenic Diet Basics: START HERE

Hi guys, listen I have 2500 videos okay
on YouTube 2500 so sometimes when you go to the
channel it’s hard to find where to start because it’s all random so I wanted to
create a beginners video the basics so if you’re new to my channel if you have
friends and family members that are new to my program this is the first video to
watch okay so let me just kind of break it down and make it really really fast
keto or ketosis what does keto mean when you burn fat your fat breaks down into
these things called ketones your body can then use those as fuel okay so your
body can actually run on ketones it’s a much much better fuel source than sugar
fuel that most people run on it’s cleaner fuel it creates a lot of other
benefits which I get into in other videos okay so keto basically means
you’re burning fat okay healthy keto is a version of regular
ketosis but with a twist a principle that I use is you don’t lose weight and
get healthy you have to get healthy first to then lose weight so getting
healthy basically means in relationship to eating providing all of your
nutrients okay so you’re eating foods that are high-quality that provide all
the nutrients so you get the requirements that our bodies need so
what I recommend is something called healthy ketosis all right so that’s the
version the other action that I recommend is something called IF what
is that that’s intermittent fasting what is that
that is a it’s not a diet it’s a pattern of eating and not eating so instead of
doing three meals or six meals a day or snacks in between the meals you’re
eating less frequently why because every time you eat you raise a hormone insulin
too much insulin is very dangerous in the body so what we’re trying to do with
healthy ketosis and intermittent fasting is reduce the
excess of insulin we’re not trying to make it down to zero we’re just trying
to get rid of the excess the vast majority of the population has excess
insulin but they’ve never been tested the doctors usually don’t test it
they’re focusing on your blood sugars or blood glucose but not fasting insulin
okay I have videos on that but just oh you can watch another video but the
point is that we’re trying to lower insulin so to do that you need to eat
less frequently let’s say you start with three meals per day with no snacks and
then you go to two meals a day no snacks and that would be considered intermittent
fasting and some people do one meal a day but the point is that it’s just
eating less frequent it’s not necessarily focused on lowering calories
even though you will be consuming less calories that focus is not on calories
it’s about eating less frequently at the end of the day we want to provide all
the nutrients so we need a certain amount of calories the cool thing about
intermittent fasting is that because you’re eating less frequent the
requirements from nutrients go down because the body starts being
conservative with its nutrients it starts holding or retaining more
nutrients so what you would need for three meals a day okay as far as
nutrients you would need less nutrients for two meals a day just because the
body adapts sometimes people are concerned about losing muscle mass well
the other cool thing is that when you’re doing intermittent fasting certain hormones
like growth hormone increases dramatically to protect the muscles from
being lost okay so your body tends to now conserve protein as well when you do
intermittent fasting so you’re not going to lose muscle mass so the two main
things that help you lower insulin are the reduction of carbohydrates I’m
talking about the sugar refined carbs the grains the pasta the cereal the
biscuits the waffles the juice the alcohol I have a lot of videos on this
right here like a ton but that just kind of gives you the summary and also number
two eating less frequently what we’re doing when we actually drop
carbs and we eat less frequently is where adapting to fat-burning you’re
actually making a new cellular machinery to run your body on fat fuel okay and no
longer on sugar now what happens when you consume too many carbs the insulin
comes in and takes it out and converts it to fat so a lot of the fat on your
body right now has come from the carbohydrates not necessarily the fat
that you ate but the carbohydrates that you ate the other thing that people
don’t realize is this in the presence of too much insulin you can’t lose this fat
so if you have a stubborn metabolism and you can’t lose weight we know you have
too much insulin is there a quick test to know if you have too much insulin yes
just look down right now and if you could see your belly you have too much
insulin because these are the main symptoms of high insulin belly fat high
blood pressure high cholesterol fatigue especially after eating decrease
cognitive function lack of focus poor memory Moody irritable sometimes
depressed grouchy because the blood sugar issue cravings for carbs for sure
and you’re hungry all the time especially between meals when you get
your body in the fat burning and now your body is burning fat between meals
because before it wasn’t it was dependent on your diet and dietary sugar
so now when you’re burning your own fat wow you get rid of the hunger okay
you’re not hungry anymore it makes it easy to do this you don’t crave anymore
that’s why healthy keto and intermittent fasting is very successful long-term
because it allows you to stick to it because you’re not hungry all the time
you’re not craving sometimes when you look up keto you’ll see this little pie
chart thing right here it’ll say 20% protein maybe 70% or 65% fat as far as
the total calories 5% carbs okay this is very confusing for people because you
have to calculate calories into grams and this and that
this is the simplicity right here if you just envision your plate, okay this is
your plate half of the plate should be salad or vegetables okay a quarter of the
plate should be protein and the other quarter should be fat
so this 65 or 70 percent fat which seems like a lot of fat now remember one gram
of fat is more than twice the calories of carbs and protein so this is
misleading in reality the volume of fat is really only you know a quarter of
your plate and and lot of this fat is actually mixed with the protein so it’s
not as much as you think and then we have the small amount of carbs out here
just to keep it really really simple okay and healthy keto and intermittent
fasting is not just about weight loss it’s about getting you super healthy for
reducing inflammation for helping your cognitive function helping your overall
mood making the body work better okay so now that you have the basics now you can
go to the rest of the videos thanks for

100 Replies to “Dr. Berg’s Healthy Ketogenic Diet Basics: START HERE

  1. Dr.Berg
    I am doing the keto dit to decrease the Cholesterol and LDL
    After 1 month i lose 2 Kg and the Cholesterol and LDL the same.
    Can you tell me what I have to do?

  2. Hi guys, I thought before I started this Keto thing it was just a new religion in dieting. But Wow!!! I start my journey this August 12th with Regular Keto plan food (I am not in 100% Healthy Keto). I still have a lot to learn as Keto person. But here is the real deal:

    1 month before August 12 start eating healthy, I finally comitted to do IF 16:8 and Keto together. Since then I Lost nearly 20 pounds of weight!!! My waist line from 39 going down to 35 today, yaaay!!. I am starting to believe, IF 16:8 with Keto Does Really Works. I am still new with this lifestyle. I am not giving up, got the Keto Flu too. But I was back at it.

    Thank you Dr. Berg and Z Legend! You both inspiring me! 💕💕👍👍

  3. So in healthy keto I’m not going to use butter and meat because i hate it so i can use a healthy fat olive oil and coconut oil in that case I’m in healthy keto , but i take little of fruit before and after workout also i have pcos 🦸🏻‍♀️

  4. Dr Berg could you please help me out on IF or Keto. I'm a truck driver okay. It is hard to have the proper foods. There is not much refrigeration space. Do you have a solution; or can you lead me in the right direction? I'm in need of it asap. I fear the worst happening because of lack of k knowledge.

  5. Love your info on this subject. I think you would be great on TV, but, I also think that they would ruin you. Does it seem like Dr. Oz show producers are lazy and watching yours and others content and then making shows around it? I do not watch that show. I feel like it dumbs everything down too much. You teach without talking down to people or distilling it.

  6. There are so many people who are keto gurus but no one explains things the way Dr. Berg explains! Thank you so much for all your hard work!

  7. Videos on KETO are the best. My stumbling block is shopping for food.go with good intentions! Salad, veg, um not great meat eater,
    So choose something like peas lamb chops , not sure salad for this. As an example it's not as easy as it sounds lol fish, what to eat with fish, summer salads are much easier and enjoyable!

  8. I'm always hungry, and tired after eating, fatigued for the entire day. I went to visit my parents and we did keto for 2 weeks. i was suddenly awake, craved less, ate less. I decided to switch – i just need to finish getting high carb foods out of my kitchen. i sometimes eat only 2 meals a day and i still function better than before.

  9. Im under weight but want to be healthier have an auto immune issue. Can i gain weight on keto. Im 90lbs 5 ft need like 15pnds more

  10. Wow didn't know angels could be a doctor. Many trying to be like you now. They can't,… you're unique and original. Only one Dr.Berg. Thank God.

  11. Dr. Berg, can I put your Nutritional yeast in the blender with my smoothies? I have a hard time swallowing them, even when I cut them in half

  12. Thank you Dr Berg, I watching again this video to correct my Keto diet , I feel good just need to consume less carbs.💖🕊🥈

  13. I’ve been told that my main problem is i don’t eat enough. I eat 1 meal a day. I weigh 240 and need to loose 100 lbs. how would i do IF if i already only eat like once a day???

  14. I'm sure this will work great in a stress-free life style.
    People that are in a stress-free life style don't have this problem.

  15. Hello Doctor
    I am sick and tired and depressed asking my self a question what to eat. every time Is this good or bad Italian and , French, eats lots of carbs , pasta , pizza , bread , potatoes you name it , they don’t have problems of obesity , why can we just follow their diet , instead , ? I

  16. Hello, I am trying to lose a lot of weight because I'm trying to get into the army. Will exercise, intermittent fasting, and ketogenic diet be wise if I only eat at least one meal a day, or should I do two meals a day depending on the intensity of my exercise? Thank you.

  17. Day 1 doing Intermittent fasting. I have hypothyroidism. Looking forward to lose weight and regain my health. I can do this.

  18. This man is a genius. I started keto yesterday and I really really wanted to do 2 meals in an 8hr window in order to ease into it, so I skipped breakfast and at lunch I piled my plate full of salads ( which I don’t like), and beef. I remembered that he said oil, oil otherwise you will get hungry quickly. So I applied a generous amount of olive oil, sprinkled some sea salt and added chili to it . Oh my GOD. It’s been 10hrs since lunch and I’m full. I am not hungry at all… I can see why keto works. There is no hunger at all. I am too full to eat dinner so now I’m down to 1 meal. It truly really is amazing because my food portion was same just an increase in salad and oil and salt and chili paste for taste. THANK you Dr Berg

  19. Help! I'm a Keto Gal recently diagnosed with diverticulitis. I have no other health issues. I'm contacting my three favorite keto gurus hoping one of you can give me some advice. I cringe eating mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, and cooked carrots thinking of all the carbs I'm consuming. Help!

  20. What is difference between keto and Paleo? My doctor said follow Paleo, low glycemic diet if possible. I think I’ve got insulin resistance. How do I know if I have adrenal resistance? I may have gallstones and fatty liver from chlorestrol. Don’t know for fact. Liver enzymes over norm.

  21. At minute 3:55 you show a woman that to me looks too extreme in muscles. I am trying to understand what truly is healthy. Do you think for women to be ultimately healthy they would look like her? Not a question about personal goals, but questions of truth, and what is truly healthy.

  22. Hello everyone can someone please let me know if the following is keto friendly? Ingredients:
    ​Water, Vegetable oil (Extra virgin olive fruit, Contains antioxidants: BHA,BHT) (13%), Salt, Stabilisers, Xylitol, Garlic powder, Acidity regulators, Onion powder, Flavourings, Spice extracts, Preservative (Sodium Benzoate) Yeast extract, Non-nutritive sweetener (Steviol  extract ), Colourant.

  23. So how do I begin a keto diet? Is there a book or something to tell me how to begin eating properly to do this safely? Thank you.

  24. Your toilet will be like hiroshima. You need 100 grams of carbs just to go to the toilet. Oat bran is the most concentrated. You also need 100 more to run your brain properly. When instant energy is required, you also need carbs as well as aerobic or anaerobic activity. So they are the faults of keto just off the top of my head.
    You need to test keto according to how much force can be produced. And keto does not produce as much force as eating carbohydrates.
    I wonder what keto proponents learn?

  25. I stumbled over intermittent fasting on accident about a year ago, heard off keto but was never appealing to me. I am at normal in my opinion weight 160lbs with 5'8" after a year of IF, but still not feeling that i am doing ok. My skin got less supple and i felt very tired, so i started reintroducing more carbs and immediately could see my love-handles reappearing. My question is – how did we evolve to be using ketones as fuel after just a couple/three centuries of industrial revolution. What people were eating in the middle ages? Where they on the keto diet? Why is this all so confusing?

  26. I LOVED the example of WHAT goes onto your plate!! I don’t comprehend 70% fat 25% protein and 5% carbs. Half a plate of salad and quarter plate of protein makes much more sense! Thank you Dr. Berg!!

  27. This is soooo great ! It was very informative about " how you can check that you have insuline problem ?" . I did Intermittent Fasting with easy mowing to Keto and I lost loads of fat that time. Then I let my friend convince me that balanced diet is the best and all my fat came back over 2 year even when I still workout loads … This video is so good confirmation of what I think about my body reaction to balanced diet 😊

  28. Dr Berg preaches what he was tought but ignores the truth…the fact baced science not the check book science….you sound good Mr Burg but you ignore the true facts of what you should really put down your throat…..people should only listen to the WORLD'S leading authority not some guy who has a YouTube channel and can relay a message that was tought to him… scientists become scientists because they want to know the truth and not what comes out of a human's mouth because they know it's 99% BS. And I repeat never listen to an interpreter of the science always go straight to the source never an interpreter because they lie…

  29. I have started keto about 4.5 months ago. I have lost about 9kg so far. However my cholesterol gone up to 6.5 and the ratio is 7.0. Appearantly its bad. Doctors now referred me to lipid clinic. What do I do now?

  30. I have SIBO with IBS-D symptoms (diagnosed with hydrogen tests, probably due to long term omeprazole use when i had to take corticoid steroids), histamine intolerance + a milk protein allergy. Would a healthy keto + intermittent fasting be something to look into? I dont want to start experimenting with antibiotics but try and find a healthy diet which helps me manage this.

  31. I go to gym and I want to gain weight,muscles so I need wild or white rice for tge carbs ,so is Keto diet fit to me ?

  32. I started my Keto and Intermittent journey on July 15th. I have lost a total of 62 pounds and plan on losing another 15 by thanksgiving. Dr. Berg is the best and a little Will power.

  33. I sir, I recently subscribed to your channel. Thanks for making great informative health videos. Just curious if we can replace non-veg with lentils, as we can only find farm raised poultry in urban cities. please reply.

  34. Got on Keto then IF of two meals a day, then one meal a day. Weight loss stopped completely for about 3 to 4 weeks. I went back to 3 meals (keto) and the weight started coming off again. Any explanation Dr. Berg?

  35. Lmao hahahaha this had me in stitches.. Is there a way to find out-Yes. Just look down hahahaha 😸😸😹

    Well I must say I’m quite fit and athletic thanks to my genetics. It’s easy for me to get toned. But I have a lot of problems with anxiety and panic attacks. I heard magnesium is good for this and giving it a go.

  36. I've never tried keto because I've heard several times that it can be harmful for those with thyroid problems. Can you please clarify? What's the issue, if there is any?

  37. when i eat less, my Blood sugar numbers are much better. "They" say I shouldn't do IF nor Keto because of Type 1 diabetes. Can someone tell me 1) why docs/RNs think this way, and 2) will I be okay, in the long run, doing IF and Keto?

  38. Just an FYI to everyone; Intermittent Fasting is not ideal for those who have Hypoglycemia. You do not want to decrease your insulin level (eat less often). This could send your body into hypoglycemic shock and kill you. Intermittent Fasting is only for those who are diabetic or who are reasonably healthy. Do not start a diet without talking to a doctor who knows your health history.

  39. Can fat help build muscles? How can a person with diabeties and has problem digesting proteins build muscles is another problem that needs to be sloved. Anyone has any ideas?

  40. Are there any Deaf people doing Keto? I’m trying to connect with groups that use sign language 🤟- any Deaf Keto groups out there? That love Dr. Berg? Interested in setting a group up? I want to be a Keto Coach – I want to train with Dr. Berg and then I will translate this information using British Sign Language?

    I’m Autistic and keto is just blowing my mind. I’ve always fasted but the combination of IF and Keto! 💯💯💯💯💯💯❤️❤️❤️
    I’d love to be interviewed by him. It’s literally changing my life & my mental health symptoms!

    Trying to connect with Dr. Berg himself is like trying to get to the wizard of Oz 😂😂 (although DR Berg talks 💯 sense of course!) hoping I can catch him on a live chat at some point.

  41. Hello Dr.Berg I have an important question. I have the hashimoto disease, would you prefere the Keto diet for me, or am I allowed to do it. Currently diet is dairy free because I read a lot about hashimoto & I read that it is better for me to keep away from gluten, dairy, soja etc. But I still haven’t lost weight and it is really annoying. So I wanted to try out the keto diet but I don’t know if I should..

  42. Thanks doctor you are amazing.
    I'm a teacher , I am on keto and IF . I have dinner at 3pm, as for breakfast can I have a date at 5am , then an egg and 1 ts olive oil at 7 am .? I can't eat more.
    Then I fast till 3 pm.
    Thank you .

  43. I love watching these videos because I love absolutely love the way God made me and the little bit of wisdom and understanding he gave me. Which would be measured about a tiny grain of sand! Equivalent to about 100,000 Dr.bergs! Lol

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