EASY Weight Loss Diet | Growing Veg Helped Me Slim (2019)

EASY Weight Loss Diet | Growing Veg Helped Me Slim (2019)

Unless you are completely new to this
channel, you will no doubt know that over the last year I’ve been working really
hard to lose weight. Today’s video is a record of that progress. Hello I’m Liz Zorab and this is Byther Farm and today it’s Christmas Eve
and I’m going to go and get my vegetables for Christmas dinner. So back
in December last year, very almost New Year’s Eve, I walked into a Slimming World
group where Sarah is the consultant. And at that point I weighed 216 pounds. My knees hurt, my hips hurt, even my ankles hurt. I felt very fat and very bloated
and I was really not very happy with how I looked and how I felt about that. So I haven’t got to my target weight yet, I’ve still got a little way to go, but I am
so pleased with the progress so far. MUSIC. So, just so that you know – I’m not being
sponsored by or associated with Slimming World in any way other than
I am a member of our local group and I and I go to that. Diets! Hmmmm. When Liz told me she
was going to go on a diet I thought ‘Great, carrot sticks, lettuce leaves, if I’m
good maybe the occasional slice of tomato. Fortunately she was talking about
doing it herself and not me going on a diet. But it can still have an impact in
my personal past experience. Actually it hasn’t done. Liz has been very carefully
and slowly and surely going through what she needs to do in order to lose weight
and she’s been doing a fantastic job at losing it. All the while I’ve been eating
the same quality and pretty much quantity of stuff as I normally would.
Only I have noticed though when Liz is really hungry my portion sizes go up. I
can always tell now when she’s hungry because I get three, four, 25 times as much as
I would expect and certainly normally more than I can eat! But I’ve been good I
haven’t eaten all of it, so I’ve only put on a bit of weight . And Sarah who runs the
group very kind popped over and had coffee with me a few days ago and we had
a bit of a chat about my slimming progress so far. Remember that first
night when it was 27th December. I do remember, it was between Christmas and New Year and you were my first ever Slimming
World member. So I was a brand new consultant, haven’t really launched the group
officially, but I did your new member talk. You did! I did yeah so I was
extremely nervous but I remember thinking at the time, whatever happens
now this lady is my first new member. And you’ve been a massively successful member. It’s been great! So it’s been a learning process because I’ve had to
change so much. Having all the vegetables and fruits that I’ve been growing in the
garden has just made it so much easier to lose weight. I’ve been able to just
come outside and pick from a wide variety of food and decide what it is
that I fancy eating each day. Have you enjoyed watching and not just me but
maybe yeah you know obviously not mentioning anybody because it’s a
confidential group but have you been enjoyed watching that transformation
it’s a hugely rewarding really that’s like the best part of the job that I’m
doing it’s seeing how people not just transform their body eat and their shape
but how they come out of their shower and become more confident and just join
as part of the group whereas perhaps their bit reluctant in the start to say
anything but as time goes on you can see them blossoming and like but having a
lot more input into what goes on in the group I’m really enjoying it which is
great and I love it so yeah that’s nice it is really really rewarding and
obviously part and parcel of the journey is the weight loss but it’s not just the
weight loss I think it is people do genuinely transform yeah
well and I know you know and we’ve talked about it several times but how
much has changed me outside of just losing the weight yeah yeah definitely
yeah my confidence is growing and just my relationships with people of green so
all-round it’s been a good a good process now this is so beneficial for
people it’s because they just feel so much better in themselves everybody has
got a different story a different background different reasons for wanting
to lose weight all sorts of all sorts of things that they come with and they
don’t just lose weight they lose baggage sometimes yes I’ve been using her
slimming program called slim world popular here in the UK but I do
know it’s also available elsewhere and it’s available online and the idea
behind it is that your ducks that steal the limelight you are very noisy yes you
are so the the idea behind it is that do you eat healthily you lose the weight
and then you can maintain that weight by continuing that healthy lifestyle I’ve
done it myself i I’ve been there and done it I’ve got
the t-shirt I guess I can really understand where a lot of people come
from and that first step through the door I took that step I understand what
it feels like how frightening it can be how nervous people are and how much
emotional baggage goes along with being overweight because I was there and for
me my journey was slimming world was relatively straightforward I mean I did
lose over 3 stone but did it in a fairly small time frame that I kind of
understand that everybody’s different everybody’s to me is different people
have different reasons for walking through the door yeah the best thing I
ever did best of all I ever walk through somebody
knowing that Liz was on this diet thing asked me what the downside was there is
a downside no cake I sure didn’t get off my birthday but
it’s one that she can’t eat so that’s alright but other than that there’s no
downside really there’s no we’re not eating rubbish we’re not eating bland
dull tired of forgetting to say not again food it’s all the same stuff we
were eating before it might be cooked differently you know and I’m not lacking
in taste or in flavor or in excitement or in enjoyment factor
I honestly believe that this is the only thing and I’m you know 50-plus as you
know I’ve struggled with my weight all of my life and this
the first time that I’ve ever felt that I found a plan that will work for life
it isn’t a difficult trying to follow it’s not something that you feel
deprived you know you can have so many different things that I don’t it isn’t a
diet it is a lifestyle change from day one when you walk through the daughter
today such a huge change physically which I don’t think you also give
yourself credit for but I mean when you put photographs
side-by-side that is when you can see I mean even you must be able to
acknowledge them there You’ve look tremendous
pleasure you really do so much healthier I think then the day that you came
through the door yeah I’m PD the plan does suit your lifestyle
as well their way they obviously you’ve got your shop in your back garden which
is fabulous I mean you’ve got access to so many wonderful vegetables and things
and it really has transformed the way that you look I think yeah and here we
are 40 something weeks later and I have lost 45 pounds to date with the help of
the slimming world program but with the support of Sarah

75 Replies to “EASY Weight Loss Diet | Growing Veg Helped Me Slim (2019)

  1. Congratulations on losing weight and getting so much healthier.!!!!! lovely lady who makes her channel interesting and informative.
    I have really enjoyed watching Byther farm and been inspired by it.

  2. Liz, you are amazing and such an inspiration. Mr J, you are as always a star and so funny. Great video. Thank you.

  3. I thought you looked different slimmer and much healthier. Didn't realise you were on a diet. You look wonderful.

  4. I know I've already commented on Facebook. I just wanted to share that I'm also a huge fan of slimming world. When we lived in Germany and we had no kids, we partied like the world was ending, the result I went up from a dress size 8 uk to 16! Slimming world totally changed that. I fluctuate between 10 -12. I'm completely happy being a 12!
    Well done Liz again, you really have done an amazing job.

  5. I have said it many times before and will continue to do so, I am incredibly proud of the changes you have made and lifestyle you have adapted. You are a wonderful example for so many people. Love you, Cx

  6. You look really great! So glad youve stuck with it. It helps me to keep going. What is your height, Liz? Maybe you said and I missed it.

  7. Yay Liz! I am so happy for you….such an accomplishment. I hope you continue to find the benefits of losing that weight and continue to feel healthier and happier as time goes by. Thanks for sharing your journey…it’s been fun to follow along with your obvious progress!

  8. Wow! When you see the side-by-side pics you really see the difference. For me the first thing I noticed was your legs – well they were thin before but girl, you were positively skinny! LOL. I think when we see you often we don't notice quite so much. But those photos . . . oh my goodness you've done brilliantly! It certainly helps with Mr J being on board – I don't get that here. I really have to watch portions instead. I've been doing the same – loading his plate up and reducing mine. I managed to lose weight while he was holiday – well it was nice while it lasted! Time to get cracking methinks. So thank you – very inspiring – you did it with the veg initially and now with the weight control! Mwah! xx

  9. If you've enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up, this tells YouTube (and me) that you liked it! If it's your first time here – welcome, I hope you'll subscribe to the channel and enjoy getting to know life on our small homestead in south east Wales.

  10. I'm glad you shared your progress Liz. Right now I am back up at the weight that you started at. Almost 10 years ago I lost a ton of weight and was a size 6 for about 5 years. Then I went through some personal struggles and started gaining it all back over the last five years. I think at this point I'm just lazy but I do have a goal to start exercising very soon I have a nice workout room and then that will give me more time to watch everyone else's videos because I can walk on the treadmill and watch them. Congratulations on your journey

  11. I love seeing peoples health journeys. This lifestyle is definitely the way to go. Natures gym has helped me lose 70lb. I'm not one for weight loss groups but you look amazing Liz keep up the gr8 work. ❀ xx

  12. Brilliant Liz. I really noticed the change when I met you at Malvern – less to hug LOL πŸ™‚
    Very well done πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

  13. Well done Liz, you look amazing on the diet and new lifestyle. As a new subscriber I did not realise you had been battling with weight. I love your channel as there are so many things I relate to.

  14. Well done you look fecking fantastic! I’ve gained 4.stone over the last year and half from a poor eating habits and your video has inspired me to reduce the weight and start to feel better inside and out! Xx

  15. Well done Liz. I was thinking the other day, how much healthier you were looking. Have been thinking of going back to slimming world or ww myself but not yet gone. Has it made mush difference to your autoimmune disease?

  16. you look absolutely fabulous… well done young lady… AND a big shout out to Mr J for being there… Ive always hated the word "diet" but because of my AutoImmune issues, I went on the Autoimmune protocol and detoxed (which just about killed me) and am still reintroducing foods that I don't react to…. AWESOME JOB so proud of you!!!! Question, do you think this will help you will your S.A.D?? blessings from hill country in texas..

  17. Congratulations…
    It truly is a blessing when me make the decision to change our lives.
    I began in May of 2019 and as of today Nov 5 I have lost over 60 pounds.
    Became more active, and getting allot more done.
    Still have pain, but much easier to push through.
    Keep at it, even if we loose weight slowly, it is far better than the alternatives.

  18. Well Done Liz, I definitely noticed you looked more thinner. I’ve always loved you and I’m happy with your progress, definitely have the store supplies of vegetables in your Beautiful garden is a definite plus! Keep up the great work!

  19. So, so proud of you Liz! It’s not easy completely overhauling your lifestyle. I lost 3.5stone a few years ago with SW and felt so much better. Great video 😘

  20. That's great, Liz, congratulations! I didn't know you were dieting, I just noticed that you looked especially good, healthy and downright glowing in more recent vids and didn't even remember you used to be heavier. What a transformation, well done! I also enjoyed Mr. Zorab's comments, those gave me a chuckle, and it's great he's been such a support. πŸ™‚

  21. Well done Liz…You look great on it and it must be wonderful to have eased aches and pains..knees etc. I have literally a week ago started my journey and hope to lose the same as you have done!!

  22. Great video, the vlogs over the last year really show your progress. Great motivation for others, well done Liz and also well done to Mr J for being so supportive.

  23. The great disappearing, Liz!!! You, my friend are beautiful either way, but, what's more important is that you feel better, move better and have higher energy levels!! I applaud your efforts and success so much!! You are an inspiration my wonderful friend!! So glad you've had a resource to help you get to where you want to be!! I am with Mr. J. on the initial views on making the decision, I would have had trepidation about the process!! I love that he's been so supportive and finds he didn't suffer with the changes!!! I really love Mr. J's perspective on it!! It's about lifestyle changes!!! The toughest part is about complacency!! You do look really incredible, Liz!! Always wishing you the best with this, and all things!!! πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

  24. Fantastic Liz you have really reaped more than veggies you reaped sucsess!!!!!! So proud of you Liz truely. I start slimming club next Friday xxx

  25. Liz you look radiant and 15 years younger recently. I started following your channel as I love my garden also and I saw you collaborate with Huw's Nursery. I never knew you were trying to lose weight at all. I really connected with you when you mentioned your seasonal affected disorder as I suffer with depression and hate winter.

    I have to say my garden is my lifeline and keeps me sane. I get such great satisfaction and it gives me life. Your garden has helped you transform your health and you look fabulous. I'm delighted for you. Mr. J better watch out now or you will get new fans πŸ™‚

  26. Congratulations, I am just starting my journey on weight loss in October. I am 58 and know it will help my knees and bending down in my garden. Thanks for sharing your experience Liz.🌿🌷🍾🎊

  27. Haven't seen it here in the US near me but I was involved in the UK and lost 4 stone. Needless to say put all back on. Well done Liz!

  28. Liz CONGRATULATIONS. You continue to inspire and Mr J is amazing too. I have to get back on track with my personal battle with my weight. In the last few weeks I have been really silly and I have put on 11lbs of the 23lbs I lost. After watching your video I weighed myself and decided to just get back to eating more healthier. For me that includes no more french fries cutting back on bread and definitely refraining from indulging in the chocolate ice cream cone that I have been scoffing at least once a week. Seriously I have to cut back on the carbs and stop buying chocolate altogether including the high percentage cocoa butter ones. So thank you Liz for the video as I have been telling myself to get back on track but you have just given me the incentive I needed. WELL DONE YOU LOVELY LADY on your amazing weight loss. x Margaret

  29. Well done Liz. The discipline of being part of a group must really help and be so encouraging too. Take care. Nick

  30. Congratulations πŸΎπŸŽ‰πŸŽˆπŸŽŠ we are the same πŸ™‚ my new year resolution is going whole food plant base
    I started it in Jan this year and it’s been doing so great πŸ˜€ on me as well, I lost almost 50 pounds already πŸ™‚
    Thank you so much for sharing πŸ™‚

  31. I'm so glad you posted this video – I've been hoping for a video about your transition.

    It's certainly inspiring to see the physical changes, both shedding weight and the glow that you have. I'm very interested in how it's improved your mobility, and reduced aches and pains, and not least about the mental benefits it's given. It's food for thought (sorry! πŸ™‚ ) for me as I'm maybe 30lbs heavier than when you began and only a couple of inches taller. I'm in Norway and the ground has frozen up so there's not much gardening I can do now, and it's going to be covered in snow soon, but I can go into the woods and gather twigs and materials for making wreaths (and I watched that vid too!), so it gives me little achievable goals every day to include more movement. I would still love to hear more about your journey because it all helps to inspire πŸ™‚ Well done!

  32. I went to Slimming World and lost 2.5 stone but unfortunately I didn't keep it up and put it back on over two years. The first guy who ran the group was amazing and he made it fun. Then I moved and didn't like the new lady so much and dropped out. Unfortunately she ran every class within a very wide area. I've moved again. My knees are agony. You have made me feel guilty, or should I say empowered enough to give it another go.. You look bloody amazing by the way. I found it was a good excuse for a whole new wardrobe and frankly if you are thin I found you could wear a bin bag and look good.

    Well there is a group in my village tonight. No time like the present. 😎😎😎

  33. Even when I don't have a full garden and I am only supplementing our diet with fresh garden veggies, I lose weight because I'm not as hungry. In the US, the food SUCKS. Most of us are fat and nutrient starved.

  34. Perfect timing. I just began a weight-loss program.
    My knees, feet, etc. are hurting . . . I don't feel well most of the time.
    Thank you for posting your journey !!!

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