Eating Healthy vs. Disordered Eating | Unscripted

Eating Healthy vs. Disordered Eating | Unscripted

[music] I’m going to get a tripod one day but until then I have to live in fear that my camera or my phone is gonna fall over mid video as it did several times in the last vlog. Um, today… what am I talking about? Um, today I wanted to talk about the idea of eating healthier versus disordered eating. A little bit of backstory on this: I’ve been trying to eat healthier recently and I would say I’m probably already healthier than a lot of people my age, um… [rustling in the background] Oh boy look who’s coming down. Stewart is coming down from the fucking fridge to say hi because I’m filming a video. Um, if you saw my last video, then you’ll know he was a huge distraction so here he is to bring some consistent, great quality content. Um, also I’m wearing my boyfriend’s, like, giant t-shirt, and it was his dad’s so it’s even like huge on him so it’s just like a dress on me, which is fun. Um, yeah so I wanted to talk about the idea of like healthy eating because I’ve been trying to eat “healthier” and I find that it’s been really difficult because I think a lot of… a lot of the information, a lot of the like health tracking apps meant for women are specifically about weight loss and getting a “hot summer bod” and being skinny versus, you know, actual health because I think, I think of health and weight separately, I mean sometimes they are correlated but I think a lot of the time, um, Americans especially have a bad [loud banging] Stewart! Why? Why? Why does he do this? Why? God dammit. I hate–hate everything, um, yeah so I think a lot of the time Americans have a bad… [loud banging] He’s slamming the cabinet repeatedly because I’m not paying attention to him every time I wanna film a video he just has to do this. I don’t know why. Just open it ya f–idiot. [sigh] Anyway, so we can ignore that but, um… Yeah, so I found that a lot of the health information and apps that are directed at women are directed towards weight loss and that’s fine if you’re trying to lose weight, but that’s for me I already have a lot of, um, like body image issues, and I feel like I’ve internalized a lot of toxic ideas about like needing to be thin, and needing to look a certain way to be beautiful and thus, like valuable in society which is a message that a lot of girls get, and a lot of women internalize, um… I remember I took like a psychology of women class and one of the statistics was that two thirds of girls under the age of twelve have either wanted to diet or have dieted to lose weight. Which is really scary because when you’re twelve that shouldn’t be on your mind but the fact that this idea is so prevalent, um, and it’s even you know people like especially vulnerable young girls are getting these messages. I feel like it’s super dangerous and kind of brainwashes women to think that their value lies in weight. Obviously, I think I mean that’s pretty… I think that’s pretty well known information. I don’t think this is anything like a new or radical and if so, if it is new information to you then definitely look into it more, um… Yeah, so I definitely have… Ugh it’s a huge bee. Go away! Okay it went away, um, I definitely have a pretty, like, toxic history of, um, like the way that I perceive my body and I get a lot of anxiety about it and I’ve never had like an eating disorder, but I really think that like my mental health and way of thinking about my body and my obsession with my body has been very, very toxic and could easily lead to the behavior, so I feel like the thought process is there but the behavior never–wasn’t– it didn’t quite get to that point which is good, but I always feel like I’m on the edge of developing an eating disorder which is not great but we’re being honest here. Um, I don’t know what he’s doing. So I just… I find it really hard, and it’s… it kind of brings out a lot of those body image issues when I’m trying to eat healthier for being healthy’s sake and not necessarily trying to lose weight but I mean that’s also in the back of my mind and I’m trying to think about it in a healthy way and I’m eating like proper nutrition to fuel my body and feel better about myself and maybe make my mental health a little bit better because I mean obviously if you have like a mental illness or whatever you know that like eating healthy and exercise. Exercising isn’t going to like cure your mental illness but it can help you know? It can lead to some positive effects especially have if you have a B12 deficiency. That’s been linked to depression and anxiety so I think getting enough nutrients and eating healthier I think looking at it in the sense of trying to make your body feel better and thinking of it in a positive way rather than “Oh I feel bad about myself so I’m gonna restrict what I eat in order to lose weight.” I think that’s coming from a negative place But it’s hard when I try and look up resources and information to think about health in a positive way and to make positive steps when it–it’s just all perpetuating this really toxic idea of weight loss for women. And then I’ve seen the reverse where for men apps are a lot about like building muscle and like getting super swole and stuff like that which I’m sure similarly is toxic to men who feel that they need to look a certain way. Um, yeah so I’m curious if you guys have you guys looked into the world of like health food and trying to find information on nutrition and if so, have you run into this problem? And if not, I’m curious if there’s any websites or like Instagrams, or apps, or anything that you use for like nutrition information because I want to make sure I’m getting adequate nutrition and I’m getting all my vitamins and like fiber and protein and stuff like that but I also don’t want to think of it as counting calories or restricting in order to lose weight because for me that kind of puts me in a really negative mental head space. Mental head space is kind of a oxymoron but you know what I mean. So yeah, if you guys have any good tips or anything like that I would really appreciate it and I would love to hear what you guys think and if you’ve experienced a similar problem because the diet industry sucks and I’m pretty sure it sucks for everyone, um, it’s pretty like widespread I mean and that’s not even getting into the issue of the way that in the United States we really limit access to healthy food and we put a high price on healthy foods that only people with generally with more money have access to and like information about health and nutrition generally, is limited to people who are educated and then there’s just issues of like food deserts and fast food being more concentrated in poor neighborhoods and healthier like “whole foods” and stuff like that where everything’s organic are usually pretty much almost always in rich white neighborhoods, especially and they’re pretty expensive so it’s not necessarily accessible and that’s not to say you can’t buy health food at a regular grocery store like Safeway or Bonds or whatever it’s called where you live but it is hard, and I don’t even want to get into all that because that’s a lot to unpack but it’s all connected and the way that the United States kind of promotes unhealthy eating, but also stigmatizes weight gain and also promote–has this huge diet industry where they’re like trying to constantly sell you weight-loss products for making you feel bad about yourself. It’s just there’s so many different layers and so many competing factors that make health hard to attain because we get so many mixed messages about it and so many different things that are competing against our own like best interest so that’s what I think. Uh, just a real light, simple topic. So yeah, let me know you guys think and I’ll see you next time. Bye.

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  1. I think cutting down on animal products helps, often they contain stuff we dont really need and is bad for us, its bad for the environment and its bad for animals. I think just making sure your eating lots of veggies, beans, greens and fruits is usually a good place to start. And dont worry about quantities, because the foods are actually good for you. I don't know though, its such a difficult subject i totally agree that it is really hard to find any info on how to eat a healthy balanced diet, and be sure that it isnt just dieting propaganda. I think weve got to stop having so much shame with food that never helps, dont forget sometimes 'bad food' is good for your brain so try not to be so strict

  2. Plant based whole food (vegan) diet is the best.

    Weight and health are correlated, but necessarily causal. Fat vegans tend to be much healthier than people 10 to 20 pounds less than them.

  3. Forks over Knives, Cowspiracy, Dr. Michael Greger (on YouTube; he gives great research for how diet effects so much, even mood), Earthlings.

  4. I don't know how much nutrition they cover, but is good for exercising and tips and sort of busting fitspo myths.

  5. Check out Happy Healthy Vegan and Mic the Vegan. They are my favorite vegan YouTubers.

    Btw, (last comment I promise) since I went vegan, I am much happier and I am less anxious.

    I had pretty severe social anxiety in my teens (there was a year I didn't talk to anyone). However, I am more at ease now. I have been doing for about a year and the benefits keep on coming (lost 35 pounds so far).

  6. I know that it's not always accessible or affordable, but I was fortunate enough to be able to see a nutritionist through my University health clinic and it was the best way for me to be able to navigate body image issues while eating healthier. She gave me a lot of great tools to manage my disordered eating

  7. I'm european and currently staying in the US for a few months. The food here is absolutely crazy. Bread is loaded with sugar and disgusting to boot, trailmix that is marketed as healthy has m&m's in it, yoghurt filled with sugar and I found sausages wrapped in a pancake called a breakfast food? Regular produce is also pretty expensive and I'm going broke buying "artisanal" bread that would be crappy supermarket bread back home…
    I get more and more why americans so much more obese than europeans, you guys don't get a fighting chance and are being lied to and extorted for decent food.
    When it comes to eating more healthily, just use common sense and don't trust any marketing. Don't count calories, but do count added sugars.

  8. I feel this so much. i've struggled for a few years with disordered eating and my relapses always seem to happen when I begin to use apps or websites to get "healthy". They all seem to be calorie counters in disguise.

  9. going along with food deserts, fast food is so much easier and faster than healthy foods. like, yes, if you shop smart + buy bulk you can make meals for a low cost, but the time and energy required to prepare those meals is completely unreasonable if you're working multiple jobs and taking care of kids etc etc

  10. Look up intuitive eating. Its a (to my knowledge) leading field in psychology for addressing unhealthy relationships with food and eating. I recently bought myself a workbook on it and it's been extremely eye opening. It's crazy how much your psychology about food has been influenced by society. Like simple healthy things seem really radical. Would highly suggest for a mentally healthy view on food, weight, and eating!

  11. Thank you for being so candid and sharing this with us. It's a really personal and emotional topic, so it takes courage to open up about it especially on the internet! I haven't found a healthy way to handle food yet, but stuff that has helped is podcasts like sawbones in which Dr. Sydney Mcleroy talk about historical medicine, but also bust a bunch of myths that are common with the health/diet industry like "detoxes", "cleanses", and foods that get reputation for being super magical and healthy (from cranberries to kombucha, etc). It's made a lot of knowledge much more accessible for me, and it empowers me not to fall for fads or diet industry marketing. It's also just plain interesting but I'm a huge nerd so. I know the movement is going more and more toward doing sustainable changes whether its to diet or exercises. Doing activities that are realistic for you to do and enjoyable so that you continue the habit rather than crash and yo-yo all over again. Sorry that I can't be more help. I've just begun this journey myself as a low-level emotional eater. Best of luck!

  12. Thank you for being so candid and sharing this with us. It's a really personal and emotional topic, so it takes courage to open up about it especially on the internet! I haven't found a healthy way to handle food yet, but stuff that has helped is podcasts like sawbones in which Dr. Sydney Mcleroy talk about historical medicine, but also bust a bunch of myths that are common with the health/diet industry like "detoxes", "cleanses", and foods that get reputation for being super magical and healthy (from cranberries to kombucha, etc). It's made a lot of knowledge much more accessible for me, and it empowers me not to fall for fads or diet industry marketing. It's also just plain interesting but I'm a huge nerd so. I know the movement is going more and more toward doing sustainable changes whether its to diet or exercises. Doing activities that are realistic for you to do and enjoyable so that you continue the habit rather than crash and yo-yo all over again. Sorry that I can't be more help. I've just begun this journey myself as a low-level emotional eater. Best of luck!

  13. Yeah healthy eating is hella hard for me. Like I freaking love healthy food but the actual making of it is like the bane of my existence? Because making a balanced meal for me is rly hard (due to being mentally ill as fuck) so like I either don't eat or make something really easy which is 90% of the time unhealthy. That's why cereal is a godsend because it can be healthy and it's hella easy 🙂 but yeah if I had somebody to make all my meals for me that would be swell

  14. Cronometer is amazing for tracking nutrition (vitamins, fiber, and sooo much more), but there's still the calorie counting factor. You can't shut off seeing your total caloric intake per day, but you can shut it off for the individual foods. As a vegan, using it has been super helpful. It's worth checking out imo, but as someone who has also had eating disorders accelerated by calorie counting, pls stop using it if it's pushing you over that edge.

  15. Thick thighs literally do save lives. Scientific studies reveal that thicker women are usually smarter, have less of a chance of developing chronic illnesses and other health problems, and live the longest. Eat up 😀

  16. Youtube is all up in my business this week. Kati Morton posted a video the other day talking about emotional eating and now this, get off my back internet! My relationship with food has always come from a place of comfort and emotions so I go thru cycles of eating all the wrong shit because my mental health is in the toilet and I eat things that make me feel better (as in taste) but not necessarily ACTUALLY feel better, or I lose my appetite because my mental health is shit, or I think I'm a shit person so I don't deserve to eat tasty foods. It rarely has anything to do with how I feel about my body/looks. And in recent years I have tried to be healthier, my father had diabetes so I've tried to be more careful because idw to NOT be able to eat cake and pie lol and fun things when I want and I want to eat things that will help improve me health overall. But then I do see so much focused on 'health' in relation to a physical look when I just can't be bothered with that part. I get so confused between that and my walking apps, when I try to track my food intake (more so for ingredients and vitamins) the calorie info on the food app and the walking app I'm just like…sooo….am I burning too many walking? Am I still eating enough for a day? I just want to walk to stay limber and boost my endorphins I don't want to know about how many calories burn how much weight what is math?

  17. you probably already know but
    could be a good resource for keeping track of nutrients

  18. and are both great resources for nutrition information! even if you are not vegan these sitss give a ton of science based information about what your body needs and includes food lists for where to get nutrients. i also would discourage buying organic produce! it is not better for you or the environment and is over priced!

  19. i can relate to everything that you said in the video. I have had mild forms of eating disorder when I was in middle school and high school. But I slowly started to eat and enjoy eating and I gained a lot of weight. Now I am diagnosed with a chronic illness that requires that I lose weight, eat healthy and exercise. And I am scared that in trying to control what I eat, I will go back to my old ways of hating food and controlling every little things and stressing out. There is no in between. I don't really know what to do either, but I plan to start slow and moderately change what I eat. If I feel like eating something (that might be considered unhealthy) really bad, I will eat it.

  20. Of all the things you need to check, cutting processed sugar is #1. Leading cause of cardiac related deseases. Most sickness are caused by Inflammation.
    The only vitamins supplements you really need is Omega 3, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D if you live in winter countries like Canada that gets less sunlight during the winter . The rest should be consumed in your foods. Kale and red cabbage are the most nutritious veggies by amount of calories around. If you're a vegan, try getting some Vegan Protein, and add that to kale and fruits like bananas into a blender. Really easy way to get all the things you need. Also drink water! Not bottled but get a water purifier rock/filter and sip throughout the day.
    I went from a eat-as-many-pizzas-as-possible diet to a gluten free, vegan wait of life and it can be tricky but it's totally possible!
    Best way I learned was simply by googling: "*enter specific food* + nutrition". You get the whole fact sheet about everything you need super easily.

  21. i can definitely relate! there's so much depth to this topic that i haven't really reflected on until recently (the past… 6 months?) when i also started to change my eating habits and changing to plant-based diet (also not 100% like you haha but we're trying). i've definitely come across so much about eating healthy = weight loss, but i don't think i've ever even noticed that i've lost a significant amount of weight just by eating healthy and cutting stuff out. what i've focused a lot more on is the change in myself of really loving the body that i already have and wanting to treat it right from now on.

    sorry, i haven't found any good websites, but honestly i haven't done a ton of research on my own because i have a few friends who have been vegan for years. they've all never really gone by a specific diet or plans, they've always just eaten vegetables, fruits, plant-based milk, etc. in whatever quantities they feel like. vegan youtuber i'd love to suggest though if you haven't already found him: peaceful cuisine. his videos are amazing and he's kinda been my main inspiration and motivation to change my eating habits!!

    btw, i really love these kinds of videos!! i miss when youtube was uncut, unedited, and just like this unscripted!

  22. I recently overhauled my diet to eat healthier. One of the things I've done is trying foods / preparation methods that I didn't give as much thought to or seek out before. Turns out I love edimame, snow peas, and cauliflower roasted in the oven. Also the Youtube channel "How Does it Grow" is fantastic just in general. I was initially motivated a lot by weight to change my eating, but these kind of things have helped me focus on health instead of body image. Still no easy task though.

  23. Marina, you should look up this video
    by Ali Spagnola. She talks about eating more.

  24. I'm overweight and poor. I've given up trying to eat healthy.
    I just eat what i want to eat that's cheap and then i take a Multivitamins and minerals every day. It's just one more pill and i have everything i need health wise.

  25. There's an episode of Bill Nye Saves the World that talks about this very well. basically, no body knows the "ideal" diet and every person is different. for example, everyone needs carbs, but someone with diabetes needs to limit their carbs. and even if you don't have a condition, your body is not going to react to food the same way mine is. I was a vegetarian for about a month and it totally messed with my digestive tract cause I wasn't getting the protein I needed, even though I was eating healthier than my sister, who's been a vegetarian for YEARS. nutrition is complicated and unique to the individual and I think it's ridiculous to expect everyone to be able to be thin, or for everyone to be able to live on the same diet.

  26. I go through this exact same thing. I dieted with the Ketogenic diet and it opened the door to a lot of disordered tendencies. I think it's also kindof frustrating to hear about advice from people because it's a lot of testimonials and not very much scientifically backed and proven research. on top of the fact that the science is largely inconsistent. if you have an accessible doctor, I'd think that seeking their advice would be the best way to go. I can't go that route because I still can't afford health care despite the ACA. but I figure it's a place to start.

  27. I do think that avoiding meat/animal products and only eating when you feel hungry/stopping when you feel full is a good model to follow.

  28. adults really need to think about how they are discussing weight in front of children (especially women in front of their daughters/child female relatives). it is not our fault that society has taught us to feel bad about our bodies, that incredibly unhealthy behaviors are normal, we cannot fully control our thoughts all the time. but what we DO have control over is how we express them, and especially how we express them in front of children.
    it's fucked up when my stepmom and my grandma are proud of the weight they lose when they fall ill, how they view sickness as some chance to lose a few pounds. but you know what's even more fucked up? being eight years old and having my friend come to school after a stomach bug bragging about the weight she lost. the fact that we felt some form of jealousy towards her, because this was what our mothers, our grandmothers, had taught us.
    it's fucked up how i was 10 the first time some girls in my class decided to diet, and that when i expressed concern to a teacher it was brushed off as "oh, eating healthy is always good!". it's fucked up how i have worried about certain friends developing eating disorders since i was 11. it's fucked up how i used to be weighed every year in school, and when i was 13 and turned up in a heavier section of the weight/height ratio chart than the year before, i was scolded and asked to explain why i thought i had gained more weight. that when i was a child and my aunts at the dinner table discussed dieting and told me "oh don't worry, you don't have to think about that stuff yet". because of course i would have to think about it someday, of course i would have to diet to lose weight someday, it's just an inevitable fact of life.
    it is very much possible to not comment on children's weight, to refrain from commenting on anyone's weight (including your own) when there are children around. when your ten-year-old daughter hears you complain about your weight, she will being to compare herself to you, to wonder if maybe what her mother is saying about her body applies to her too.

  29. you know what i fucking hate. people who tell you you're going to be cured of your mental illness if you eat some sort of magic diet. i'm sure that could help some people but still i think that's just a sloppy way of thinking.

  30. It's such a mental thing! I wish I had some advice for you, but I haven't figured it out myself yet. I do think you're on the right track with not going into restriction mode. I hope you find a good balance for yourself. 🙂

  31. What I have found helpful when thinking of eating healthier is not to think of it as a diet, but as a way to better yourself, not thinking about it in pounds, but just to be the best you. (Keep scales out of the picture, they do not help) Also, never count calories.

    Have a goal in mind, at least I'm goal oriented so it helps. Making working out and eating right about finally: managing to jog a mile, lift some weight, hold a plank for over a minute, cook healthy food that my brother and mom like, etc, just really helped. That was my goal and it took a long time to work myself up to that. But, once it did it just made me feel better. My energy went up It really got me enjoying going for a run and pushing myself. A fun, but great way, to build your body up is planking in various different positions and yoga in general. As someone with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, it is a low impact body building exercises. It takes a few weeks to start seeing results, but if you keep going it really works.

    Now for food, that's always been a tough one for me, personally due to food intolerances, but, here's what I've got: The best tips I have: avoid processed foods, if you can't pronounce the ingredient on the back of a food label than it isn't good for you. Avoid sugary drinks as well. Homemade is always better than anything store brought and you can freeze leftovers. Avoid foods with high content of unhealthy fats and oils. But, give yourself one day a week to eat something unhealthy, not binge, but something just for you.

    I've had more than my fair share of being judge for eating certain ways growing up, the teasing started from family when I was about 10, but got worse in middle school and high school. Luckily, it tapered off in college and has actually helped me comes to terms with my body image and pushed me to become better at loving my body. It is a huge social issue that we're policing young girls at such a young age to think about weight and different ways to lose it.

  32. I've been dealing with this exact issue, apps for exercise and food are always with the ends of "bikini bodies" hope to see some recommendations here as well!!

  33. I haven't read anything more straightforward and health conscious than whole30 and info from the paleo community. Super supportive, enlightening.

    My friends and I usually stick to the dirty dozen list for organic musts. 12 foods that are the most pesticide laden.

    Good luck!

  34. I know exactly what you are talking about. I have such a hard time working out and eating healthy because I fall back into my disordered eating and self loathing. I'm so glad someone else understands.

  35. I know it's even more info to deal with, but the B-vitamin deficiency you mentioned that's linked to depression is caused by a genetic mutation. It prevents individuals from being able to fully use b6 and b12 in their most common forms & has been linked to treatment-resistant depression. If you have or suspect you have it, (it's called the MTHFR mutation) methylated forms are available in prescription and otc forms (methylfolate and methylcobalamin are the generic names). I was tested, I have the mutation, and it wasn't drastic, but they do seem to help in the right dose.

  36. I'd been a vegetarian with bulimia for about ten years, and by far the biggest change to my eating disorder came when I went vegan two years ago. I'd always been a few stone "overweight", and although I dropped two of them going vegan, that wasn't what helped me, mentally. It seemed that my relationship with food came from a place of guilt, and cutting out animal products altogether really felt like a weight, both physical and mental, was lifted off my shoulders. That's not to say I'm perfect now, I'm always trying to work on my relationship with myself, but I can now eat large meals and junk food without feeling the constant compulsion to "purge" my body. I know that veganism isn't readily accessible to everybody, especially over in America, but I really found that doing what I could to fill myself with good nutrients (including my B12 vitamins) outweighed the alternative. It also helped to confide in the people I lived with (and trusted, this doesn't include problematic friends or family members…), to encourage myself to stop because they knew, and would likely know the signs if I did give in. That's just my story, everyone else is in a different situation, and I don't judge anyone else without access to a vegan lifestyle, but I was in a place where I could do it, (which I figured out after a month "trial" that never stopped) and it really turned my relationship with myself around.

  37. Lifesum is a macro counter but you can choose to 'be healthy' besides 'weight loss' or 'gaining muscle'. I've had (and lol have) issues w/ food in general and it's quite a good app!

  38. Cron o Meter is a great website for tracking nutrition intake. When I started a vegan diet I used the website and it is great! Also, learning what is actually healthy to eat from the nutritional break downs is so useful.

  39. I don't have much to add I just wanted to say 1) your cat is adorable, annoying but adorable, and 2) I wish you the best of luck in your struggle to eat ~healthy~ in this shitty weight loss-centered world

  40. I am also dealing with the same issue, trying to make healthy choices without thinking about how my body looks or visualising and "end goal" body. I'd really appreciate a follow up video if you do come up with any good tips for dealing with this.

  41. Yeah it's a problem.. I'm trying to kick my sugar addiction, but when trying to google advice on what food products to buy, all these articels of "loose weight fast" pop up..

  42. Have you looked into self-compassion focused therapy? It's a bit off topic but in terms of overall mental health I'm finding it quite useful. It's early days but I'll go out on a limb and recommend it anyway. I'm finding it really useful to analyse my thought processes and, crucially, stop getting that sort of meta-anxiety (being anxious about being anxious).

  43. I've been the exact same as you since I was 8, doesn't have an ED but I feel like I've always been on the brink. I'm also a diabetic Type one and a celiac (no gluten) so food is my least favourite thing and weight loss is impossible for me to do on my own. I also know two diagnosed anorexics whom I am friendly/used to be friends with.
    I would recommend zova for activity tracking and they supply three different ten minute workouts a day. My favourite would be the Nike run+ app because I find the plans very useful and I love to run.
    YouTube is tricky because a lot of the time you stumble across 'healthy' channels that are just promoting disordered eating or restricting, or the really 'pure' vegan type that really doesn't suit my lifestyle. I love Cam & Nina on YouTube though, they give really good advice on just feeling good and eating good. I would HIGHLY recommend!!

  44. Edyn Jacks is a great black vegan YouTuber to watch for healthy eating, exercise and body positivity. She's not like perfectly healthy but I'd say she has a great balance and her confidence is great. Check her out!

  45. The app I use is My Fitness Pal. If you aren't into counting calories/maintaining a deficit, I still recommend the app. You can set your daily goal to something higher to just kind of negate/ignore it (if you have a high daily goal, you'll likely rarely see the number go red). But the app does track macros and nutrients, and I think is super easy and enjoyable to use. Best of luck!

  46. Thank you for this video. I related to it a lot as I try my best to eat healthy but still struggle with my weight and how I feel about my body. More than once I have struggled with that feeling you mentioned of being on "the edge" of developing an eating disorder, but luckily never had. I have done some specific diets but find it tends to make me really stressed so lately have been trying to practice "mindful" eating and finding resources that reinforce that rather than a specific diet. I also saw a licensed dietitian which I fond to be very helpful as she was a big advocate for balanced eating and was very positive all around without pushing low carb/low fat/etc.

  47. I probably eat healthier than most; but I need to eat even healthier because of health issues I currently have. To do that I just researched a ton of things to help me figure out what would probably work best for me. When looking up things I didn't run into bad messages or whatever. That might have been because I'd look up specific things separately and definitely didn't use words like 'diet'. What has been annoying is looking up recipes that really fit my needs; but that might have also been because I was probably too strict the first time. I mean I made it work well enough. It is just for long term it wouldn't have at some point. I'm trying it again with a bit more leeway so to speak. I'll see how it goes. Haha
    Also, I am fine with spending money on food; but I have found myself refusing to by my favorite/good foods when whatever it is isn't on sale or something. For instance, blueberries are quite costly for a handful a lot of the time but I love them. I might just cave on the berries because the hardest meal to find food for is breakfast (which is the most important meal for me). I can't make smoothies because I don't have a blender and live somewhere with a lot of people so the kitchen is a bit crowded already.
    For me it is definitely more about being healthy: not losing weight.

  48. A great source for information about healthy eating that doesn't emphasize weight loss is I hope this helps!

  49. i use the samsung health app on my phone it tracks nutrient intake and has an summary of the day so you can see what you need more or less of

  50. I had never counted calories before and then I started using an app to simply track what types of food I had (like 1 apple, bowl of oatmeal, cup of rice, etc). It had the calorie information already included and I kept going over the amount it said for my daily intake. I had to stop using it, even though it was helpful in keeping me accountable if I was tempted by say a large helping of cake, because I found myself getting really hungry and being in disbelief that I had apparently already eaten a days worth of calories. I just started writing down what I ate in a notebook and that helped a lot more. Now I try to meal prep so instead of writing food down after the fact I'm planning before, and that has been the most helpful in keeping my food healthy and not making me feel like a failure when I do goof and binge eat some candy.

  51. have you heard of the app My Fitness Pal? it tracks your macros and there are articles and blog posts daily regarding mental and physical health. i love it

  52. if you want the best nutrition information check out nutrition facts here on youtube. high carb hannah also has an amazing channel that shows healthy plant based foods to loose weight healthily without restriction. that's the most important thing – try to eat as plant based and as processed fat free as possible, and eat until you're full! that's the only way to go for long term health and weight stabilization. we don't need to count calories and starve ourselves. just use water instead of oil for cooking and eat veggies, fruit, rice, potatoes, beans and legumes.

  53. Hey Marnia! I think if you are curious to see if you are getting adequate nutrition and need more information on the topic, I would suggest seeing a dietitian! As someone studying to become one I've met with many women in the same boat as you that want to be health conscious without being obsessive.

  54. Stewart related: Maybe consider those child proof knob things to lock cabinets so only humans can open them?

    On topic: I can really relate to the feeling you mentioned of being on the edge of an eating disorder, or at least an unhealthy view on eating, body perception etc. It certainly doesn't help when searching, not even necessarily information but like, motivation/inspiration and i end up with thinspo or obviously problematic wording that sounds as if its promoting anorexia. So the battle for self love and sustainable and healthy weight loss from healthy eating and activity is really much feeling like a minefield to me.

  55. another mental illness sufferer here. I agree that we have to do what's best for our mind. I tend to fall into bad eating habits when I'm depressed etc. I sometimes have disordered eating habits like starving and binging. I've gained a lot of weight last couple of years 😔 I'll need to really put more effort into my physical health because that's what I want to do. I want to feel good and energetic. PS. love your videos 😍💞🐽💪👽

  56. I have no idea what your actual health is, but I am going to assume that you think you are eating healthy. So eat today what you ate yesterday. When ever you want to get up am go out and walk 100 steps and then back. The next day eat the same thing again and walk 105 steps and back. Same like shampoo repeat, but add 5 steps a day. I am actually kidding about the eating the same things everyday, but as you seem to think of yourself as an educated person then you should be able to figure this out for yourself. I have and do always feel better and see improved health with exercise.

  57. Do you have a PO box? 'Cause I'd be happy to just send you a cheap phone stand off of Amazon. And then you can administer justice to Stewart hands free.

    Yeah, I feel this healthy eating vs. disorder issue. I have poor body image and I do recognize its relationship with unrealistic standards. The only thing I've looked into is the paleodiet, which has its own issues with pseudoscience and disinformation, but I think it holds to basic tenets about health that are fairly useful and can have a pretty rich and diverse menu. I don't really eat paleo anymore though, I'm trying to eat more traditionally. I find a lot of value in that, but I struggle with portion control.

  58. Thanks for making this video Marina, I really like your approach to healthy eating. I'm recovering from an eating disorder and have been trying to eat healthy, but find it almost impossible to do this without slipping back into counting calories or the puritanical ideology of 'clean eating'. I tried using my fitness pal and it told me to eat 1200 calories a day. Fuck that.

  59. Seriously enjoy this topic. I don't have the best diet and drink "Boost" to hopefully keep myself in check. I'm possibly under weight but I'm a very picky eater. I don't enjoy greasy food. I was looking for a app and seriously "NOTHING" really came up. I'm fighting my own depression and just seriously want healthy food. Plus I'd rightly enjoy gaining weight. But honestly why is the great "America" so ass backwards with food and healthcare? almighty dollar over keeping us the people healthy. I just don't even feel proud to be American when we aren't giving the proper resources at a reasonable price. It shouldn't be about the "almighty dollar" if America put it's people first and gave us the healthy option wouldn't things be possibly better. Teacher don't teach, we are lied to from SO MANY angles it's seriously sickens me. Why can't folks market "truth" over "bullshit" We need a complete revolution and people should wake up. Fuck Trump! Bernie Sanders!

  60. Not an app or anything, but there's a podcast called Food Psych that is helping unfuck a lot of the terrible ways i think about my body and food.

  61. The Canadian government has an app to help you track your food portions :
    It's based on real science and has a focus on diversifying what you eat, not reducing it 🙂

  62. Cats. The supervillains you feed.

    "Oh, something is going right in your life? I'll attack it with explosions and riddles."

  63. You should check out and the book "how not to die". Its a non profit and completely science based.

  64. I have recently started the transition into veganism and I'm still having a lot of problems with my disordered eating. I have been counting calories for so long now that even while eating fruits and vegetables I keep thinking I'm going to eat too much so I don't always eat enough because I'm scared of gaining weight. I am trying really hard to overcome it and make sure I am getting enough food that my body needs, and this video is definitely what I needed right now!

  65. This! I try to listen to my body and give it what it wants, as I have had history of depriving it of what it needs. However I come across a problem when my body is telling me it really wants two doughnuts and soft drink. On one hand, I mean that is clearly unnecessary and not what my body needs, but on the other hand, I feel a slippery slope to going too far. It sounds stupid written like this (and I have used more extreme cases), but yeah.

  66. I can relate to that so much! I recommend health at every size (HAES). and what helps me specially is, adding stuff like fresh vegetables and fruit, nuts and stuff to the food I eat without the restriction of other foods, because restriction triggers disorderd eating in me. so I don't formid myself chocolate, but also eat a lot of fruits and vegetables

  67. I've thinking about this a lot, since the start of the year, with 90% of new year's resolutions being to lose weight overlaping with my transition to vegeterianism. And I felt, i don't know, validated? knowing that I'm not alone in that no man's and between the mindest of an eating disorder and the actual behaviour. And because society isn't really helping with any of that I've been doing this alone, not talking about it and I really apreciate that I can talk about it here, thanks.

  68. I'm constantly walking the edge between healthy eating and eating disorder. Never crossed the line, but I really feel like I'm close sometimes. Seems like you Marina has a similar experience.

    I generally cook all my food from scratch. Then I can choose what to put in it and not get some extra sugar/salt/etc. I mainly eat vegetarian food, so lots of good vegetables turned into delicious meals.

  69. thank you so much for this video marina!! speaking as someone who has struggled with body image and disordered eating issues for most of their life i've also definitely found that striving for a healthy lifestyle is inextricably tied up with weight loss for women. i went to a women only gym last year and during my initial consultation one of the trainers asked me which areas of my body i wanted to work on, and when i told her that i just wanted to improve my overall fitness she seemed scandalised. it's a shame, especially considering that gym had a no men and no mirrors policy, and yet the male gaze and ingrained shame is still ever present.

  70. Can I recommend a channel? I'm super obsessed with Pick Up Limes. She's a dietician and her videos are wildly soothing to watch.

    I have actually run into that so much. I have two GI disorders and some other health issues so I'm very food conscious. I can only eat organic and I have to limit my gluten because if my FODMAP dietary guidelines. I would also recommend tapping the resources of the state of California's farmers markets list. There is a schedule online and it spans the entire state. If you were still in NorCal I could recommend some markets but I'm not familiar with anything south of Fresno lol

  71. I've relapsed into a dangerous eating pattern after going about three years eating normally, and now am interested in harming myself by not eating, and hurting my body if I do, so I really appreciate this. It is brave to come out and be honest about your feelings on such a sensitive topic, because I know I and many others feel the same but don't know how to go about it. I try to think about food as fuel and not in terms of gaining or loosing weight, but when you just don't 'fit the mold' for a Instagram model body, it's impossible to not struggle sometimes

  72. I totally relate to the idea of "being on the edge" of developping an eating disorder. I have body image issues as well as control issues and anxiety in general, and it leads me to disordered eating patterns.
    I have been eating a more balanced diet and exercising more, to help me cope and compensate for a medical condition which causes mild fatigue. Unfortunately, it has soon turned into calorie-counting and overexertion, on the basis of punitive mechanisms where "healthy" was perfection, meant looking skinny and muscular and weighing not more than a certain amount, and allowing myself to not keep up with that idea of perfection was laxity and laziness and made me worthless. Diet/weight loss culture was obviously a dangerous catalyst for such thoughts, especially because IT LOOKS AND SOUNDS SO FREAKING NICE AND HARMLESS AND "GOOD FOR YOU" RIGHT?!
    Although I am not fat and have never struggled with an actual ED, I have found comfort and grounds for getting better within the body positive community. While keeping an eye on the nutrients and amount of activity I get, I try to repeat to myself that skinny=healthy=happy is a toxic myth, that fat is harmless, that being big and/or heavy is not something to be afraid nor ashamed of, and that mental health is as important a part of my health even – especially – with regards to food.
    I'm not quite there yet ^^ there are a lot of underlying issues that need to be taken care of. But I'm working on it and I'm already less hard on myself!

  73. was created by Dr Greger author of How Not to Die. It focuses on health and scientific research. I believe there are recipes on there too. The T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies has so many great plant based recipes. T. Colin Campbell co-authored The China Study.

    If you're trying to be healthier don't use an app to track calories or numbers. Just eat healthier foods most of the time and substitute unhealthy ones e.g. chocolate cake for a raw slice made with nuts and cacao.

    I can definitely relate to what you are saying though. I struggle in the same way.

  74. Cats are contrary AF. He is totally trying to sabotage your video. He will always want attention the moment you need to focus on something other than him 😉

  75. I've found that information found in the body positive ( sometimes ) and fat positive communities can be less biased , as well as just blacklisting things like diet-culture , health-culture helped me ,

  76. It really depends on what you want. If it's just to lose weight and keep it off, it's cardio and choosing the right foods that give your body the nutrients it needs in the proper portion. 20-30 minutes three days a week consistanyly should give you results. As for foods, chicken, oatmeal mixed with almond milk is great, btown rice, refried beans and spinach is fucking amazing for you. Though to get the plan that's right for you, you have to research it yourself. Athleanx and Scott Herman give pretty comprehensive eating guides, thoigh they're more for gaining muscle it can help give you a direction.

  77. I recently became vegetarian, and I discovered a whole world of nutritional information on eating right when vegetarian/vegan/eating a plant-based diet. I have found a lot of really vocal advocates who have had experiences with disordered eating or eating disorders and they actively try to make their advice inclusive and aware of the issue. This may not be as useful in understanding how to eat right with meat, but it could be a good place to start and get some inspiration about how different foods work in your body!

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