Eggs In The Diet – The Perfect Protein?

Eggs In The Diet – The Perfect Protein?

– [Female Voice] One of the
things that I’ve noticed at all of the medical and
nutrition conferences, and even fitness conferences I’ve been to is that the egg industry is always a major sponsor of these conferences. And there is usually always a session at the conferences that they sponsor that promotes eggs. (hiphop music) – No, I don’t think eggs
are the perfect protein, I think that we really
shouldn’t worry about protein, we should just look at food overall, and really just not worry about it. ‘Cause any food that you eat
is gonna have amino acids and is therefore gonna
give you enough protein. – Chicken ovums are
probably the perfect protein for chickens that are trying to be raised, but I wouldn’t recommend
them for human consumption. – The perfect fat, lots of fat in eggs, lots of cholesterol in eggs. There’s no mandate to eat eggs at all. They are high in fat, high in cholesterol and you don’t need the cholesterol. Your body makes all the
cholesterol you need by the way, that’s another myth. And better to not eat eggs and substitute with some great big bowl
of oatmeal with blueberries and bananas, much better
breakfast than eggs. – People have this conception that eggs are the perfect protein. So again, if you think about
food through this lens of nutrition reductionism. So think about your
food as calories, right? So, and the calories are money. So you’ve got 2,000 calories
or $2,000 to spend today and you can spend it however you want. You could spend it on broccoli,
you could spend it on eggs, you could spend it on olive
oil, you could spend it on an apple, a piece of steak. And you decide you wanna
invest your calories in an egg, ’cause you’ve heard that’s
a great source of protein, So, what’s your nutritional return on it? Most of us, when we invest our money, we wanna get the highest
return on investment, the highest ROI we can get. So what’s your nutrition
return on investment for a 100 calories of
egg, besides protein? How much fiber is in a
100 calories of eggs? Zero. How much vitamin C? Zero. How much cancer-fighting
antioxidants, polyphenols? Zero. So if you decided to
invest that 100 calories in broccoli, right; a 100 calories of broccoli has almost seven grams of protein. And what else does it have? A ton of fiber, it has antioxidants and vitamin C and vitamin E. So which one’s gonna be your
higher return on investment? – The perfect protein is
a protein that contains a lot of arginine that
stimulates our brown fat and our AMP-kinase and that’s found mainly in plant foods. – I think of eggs as the
metabolic triple whammy. And the reason is say
that it for three reasons. Number one, eggs have
a ton of saturated fat. So in the yolk itself is
predominantly saturated fat. Number two, eggs contain a significant amount of cholesterol and
if you believe that humans are not supposed to eat cholesterol, which I absolutely do, that
your liver can regulate total cholesterol metabolism; then the amount of
cholesterol that you get from a single egg can overwhelm your liver and actually lead to
high blood cholesterol. So we’ve got saturated
fat, we’ve got cholesterol and then third, we have a
whopping dose of ovalbumin which is the protein
found in the egg white. So, it’s called the perfect protein because egg whites lead to, they’re incorporated
incredibly well into mammals. And so it is a true statement, you will absorb more ovalbumin than you will the protein
that you get from a banana or the protein that you’ll
get from a piece of broccoli. But it doesn’t matter, because
we’re not looking for the, large amounts of protein are not necessary and the highest absorbable
protein is not always gonna be king. – Eating eggs is the absolute perfect way to raise your level of
insulin-like growth factor 1, the most powerful growth-promoting factor known to biology and if you
have a little breast cancer or prostate cancer in your tissues, that’s like throwing gasoline on a fire. The yolk of a hen’s egg
is the most concentrated glob of fat and cholesterol on the planet and it certainly can raise your risk of heart attacks and strokes. As I said, the egg yolk
is concentrated protein that can injure the kidneys
and foster cancer growth. It’s time to let the chickens
have their little chickies and for us to stop eating their eggs. – Someone pointed out to me one time what an egg actually is. And it really highlighted
why it is such a dense source of really bad things
but also things like protein. The egg houses the makings for an animal who has a beak,
who has eyes, who has talons, feathers, a heart, a liver. All of that is inside that little egg so of course it’s going to
have an incredible amount of protein, fat, cholesterol; because it has to make this animal. And we just don’t need such
a dense source of nutrients, especially harmful nutrients
like dietary cholesterol or saturated fat in one thing. Nobody here is suffering
from a protein deficiency, so why do we need to go to something that houses so many unhealthful components when we can get our protein from plants. – This fear of not getting enough protein is totally unfounded. How many people do you know have an actually diagnosed protein deficiency? Most people are gonna say none. There actually isn’t a
common name for that. I think the regular name is Kwashiorkor. I don’t know if I’m
pronouncing that right. But it’s just something that
doesn’t happen in our society. So a joke that you’ll hear
a lot in the vegan community is how do doctors test to see if somebody has enough protein? They see if their patient
walked into the office. If they walked into the office,
they have enough protein. – Listen, you know, there’s
only two things bad about eggs. The white and the yolk, actually three, the shell probably. The truth is is eggs
are the menstrual cycle of a chicken and I don’t wanna eat anybody’s menstrual
period, that just gross. But no, I mean, it’s chicken. It’s the perfect protein,
I mean the perfect protein is plant protein. Who says it’s the perfect protein? I guess the Egg Board
wants you to think that but you know, there’s so much inhumanity in animal production, but
even if there weren’t, (stumbling over words) The concept of eggs is just one of the grossest things to me. I’ve only been vegan for 40 years, but even before I was vegan,
I would not eat an egg ’cause I knew what it
was and it was disgusting and sometimes you’d crack them open, there’d be blood in them. (stumbling over words) That is just gross, I’m sorry. I mean, eating all
animals is gross but eggs, I think of would you eat
a woman’s menstrual cycle? ‘Cause that’s what an egg is (gagging). – Eggs have been shown to be harmful. They increase one’s
risk of prostate cancer. They increase a person’s cholesterol and their risk for heart disease. This all goes back to
this idea that the place we need to get our protein
is from animal sources. And as we’ve learned, or as we’ve known for a long time, we get more than adequate
protein in the plant-based foods that we eat. Spinach and kale are
between 30 to 50% protein in terms of their calories. And that’s why when we look
at these beautiful animals such as the gorilla and
the horse and the buffalo eating plant-based foods, they’re getting all the
protein that they need. So, I would rephrase that
to say the perfect protein is in the plants that we eat. – It’s absolutely not the perfect protein. Let’s just look at what an egg is. The hen lays the egg and that
egg has no external source of nutrients until that egg hatches. So that egg is very,
very rich in nutrients and it’s very rich in
saturated fat, in cholesterol, it’s high in protein, it’s
rich in all of those things. But it’s too much for us. We don’t need that much. I like to answer the egg question with the human breast milk question. Now I’m not suggesting an adult drink human breast milk, but
we look at human breast milk for infants. And the protein concentration
in human breast milk is about six or seven percent. It’s very, very low compared
to the protein concentration in any form of dairy milk, whether it’s from a cow or a goat. You’re seeing a very
low amount of proteins and human breast milk is
mostly fat and carbohydrate so you don’t need to
worry about the proteins. So our bodies are not
designed to have a huge amount of protein relative to
carbohydrates and fats. So, with respect to eggs, it’s too much nutrition
for us and it does clog our arteries and you begin
to see the beginnings of heart disease even in children. So for example, kids that
have met the unfortunate fate of dying as a child; when autopsies are done and
their vessels are looked at, it’s very common to find
streaks and heart disease in a young child who’s not yet
expressing outward symptoms but will probably express
them as they get older. So we need to keep our vessels clean. And not only are the coronary arteries important to keep clean,
but all the vessels below the waist. I mean, just look at how
many prescriptions there are for viagra and cialis for
men that are having problems with erectile dysfunction. Because that artery in the penis is only a millimeter in diameter
and the coronary arteries are two millimeters in diameter. So the first bellwether sign is to suffer from erectile dysfunction
and it’s not only the vessels below the waist. It’s all the vessels in your heart but also that go to your brain, that go to your eye,
that go to your kidneys. These are all important
vessels to keep clean and if we’re eating a
very high saturated fat, very high cholesterol diet, that is a precursor for heart disease. – If you want to suggest what
might be the best protein for humans, for us; the
most perfect protein, well, it would be your neighbor. Eat your neighbor, eat your friend, ’cause that’s protein with
the amino acid structure that’s most closely like you. But you’re not gonna do that, hopefully. And the eggs are the perfect protein for baby chickens but we spoke about
trimethylamine N-oxide, or TMAO. And when you eat the yolks of eggs, that also helps to select
for the gut bacteria that lead to the formation of TMAO. So when you eat more of the yolks of eggs, you make more TMAO. There are large epidemiologic studies with hundreds of thousands of people, one of them in particular
by Dr. Song out of Harvard, showed that for every, if you lower your caloric
intake of eggs by 3% and you replace it with 3% of
protein from plant sources, you lower your hazard of mortality by 19%. Just 3% of your calories
from eggs replacing with 3% of calories from plants lowers your hazard of death by 19%. And the egg whites
themselves are incredibly animal protein dense and
that can increase levels of insulin-like growth factor in your body which may help promote cancer growth. So, your neighbor is your perfect protein, but your body will make
the perfect protein out of the incredible building blocks that plants will give it. – The Egg Board continues
to find this really slimy, they basically instruct the study design in a way to get the result they want
and I mean, it’s just obvious, (stumbling over words) It’s not obvious to someone
just reading the paper. It’s like oh, this isn’t a problem. But then, you see how they did the study and you recognize the
biology and you realize, oh, that’s outrageous, it should
never have been published. – Eggs have been marketed
to be the perfect protein and the reason people
even think of that phrase is from the egg industry
marketing their product. Their goal is to sell as many
eggs as they possibly can and so, they have framed
it very successfully as the perfect protein. So there’s a big marketing effort to make people believe that
eggs are crucial to health and in fact, they’re not. (rock music)

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  1. Do love me some chicken periods. I'm 44, I eat 15-20 eggs a week, I have a six pack and low cholesterol. The only cooking fat I use is lard and use plenty of butter. Also roughly 4 pints of whole milk every two days. Am I a freak or are these knobs lying?

  2. I am new to plant based diet
    I am also very analytical
    This was not analytical but mostly subjective feelings about the topic
    If someone can point me to some peer reviewed studies about eggs I would appreciate it
    I am not looking to get attacked or attack so please don’t take it that way
    I am on a journey to live a long healthy life and hence the inquisition

  3. Don't tell this anti-science bullshit to that old guy who ate 24-30 eggs a day for decades. That's all he ate and he was in good health until he just died of old age. Or, me. Eggs every day of my long life. Lots of sat fat, too. I will put up my lipid panel against anyone's. Would make you 20 somethings jealous. Eggs are menstrual cycle? Why people laugh at vegans. And that idiot is a doctor that thinks broccoli protein is as good as animal protein? And that herbivores have the same gastric system as us? Holy shit. Y'all are morons.

  4. I'd love to see these people have to go back 1000 years and live in nordic/slavic regions where fresh veggies are scarce and keto was the way people had to eat… how mad would they be?! Haha

  5. Health Benefits

    Broad Nutrient Support

    Eggs have long been recognized as a source of high-quality protein. The World Health Organization (WHO) and other public health authorities actually use eggs as their reference standard for evaluating the protein quality in all other foods. Egg protein is usually referred to as "HBV" protein, meaning protein with High Biological Value. Since eggs are used as the reference standard for food protein, they score 100% on the HBV chart. The high quality of egg protein is based on the mixture of amino acids it contains. (Amino acids are the building blocks for making proteins.) Eggs provide a complete range of amino acids, including branched chain amino acids (leucine, isoleucine, valine), sulfur-containing amino acids (methionine, cysteine), lysine, tryptophan, and all other essential amino acids. Their protein is sometimes referred to as a "complete protein" for this reason.

    All B vitamins are found in eggs, including vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, choline, biotin, and folic acid. Choline is a standout among these B vitamins. In fact, eggs rank higher in choline than any of our other WHFoods. In the U.S., an average diet provides about 300 milligrams of choline per day – less than the recommended amount for an adult woman (425 milligrams) or an adult man (550 milligrams). Since one egg provides over 100 milligrams of choline and only 75-80 calories, it provides far more choline for far less calories than most other choline-rich foods.

    The mineral content of eggs also deserves special mention here–not because eggs are a rich source of most minerals but because they are a rich source of certain minerals that can sometimes be difficult to obtain from other foods. Eggs are a very good source of both selenium and iodine. While many fish, shellfish, and mushrooms can be rich sources of selenium, persons who avoid these foods may sometimes have difficulty getting an adequate amount of this important antioxidant mineral from food. For persons who do not use iodized salt in recipes or at the table and who do not consume either yogurt or cow's milk, this mineral can also sometimes be challenging to obtain from food.

    The nutrients found in an egg are distributed fairly evenly between the yolk and the white. This distribution of nutrients is a common characteristic of whole, natural foods and it is one of the reasons that we recommend consumption of whole eggs (except, of course, when only the yolk or the white is called for in a recipe). The chart below explains what approximate percent of the total nutrient amount is found in the yolk and the white of an egg. You will notice that the first four nutrient groupings are those that are found predominately in the egg white, while those that follow are found predominately in the egg yolk (all except for the last nutrient, selenium, which is divided fairly evenly between the egg white and yolk).

    Nutrient Egg White Egg Yolk

    Protein 60% 40%

    Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium 10-25%

    Vitamin B3 90% 10%

    Vitamin B2 62% 38%

    Total Fat 10% 90%

    Omega-3 Fats 0% 100%

    Vitamins A, D, E, K 0% 100%

    Carotenoids 0% 100%

    Vitamins B5, B6, B12, Folate, Choline 10% or less 90% or more

    Calcium, Phosphorus, Zinc, Copper, Iron 10% or less 90% or more

    Manganese 30% 70%

    Vitamin B1 25% 75%

    Biotin 20% 80%

    Selenium 41% 59%

    Omega-3 Support

    In recent years, there has been a food marketplace trend of greater availability of eggs that are unusually rich in omega-3 fats. These eggs get their high levels of omega-3s through the addition of omega-3 oils to the hen's feed. Oils added to the hen's diet as a way of increasing omega-3s include menhaden oil, krill oil, flaxseed oil, and algae oil. The supplementation of the hen's diet with these oils usually produces as much as 250 milligrams of omega-3s per egg yolk.

    What many consumers do not know is that virtually all egg yolks contain omega-3 fats and that by providing hens with a natural, pasture-based diet their omega-3 levels can be naturally increased. Pasture feeding can provide the hen with clover and alfalfa, two examples of legumes that are rich in omega-3s; in fact, pasture feeding can double the amount of omega-3s in an egg yolk. Omega-3s are far too low in the average U.S. diet, and eggs from pasture-raised chickens can provide significant amounts of these anti-inflammatory fats.


  7. Somewhat extreme views.. Hysterical, not science.. You don't need to be protein deficient to eat protein.. Cholesterol myth again.. biased perspective.. obsessive..

  8. It's almost funny, because now, some people are trying to tell us, that cholesterol just doesn't matter anymore.
    You can't even trust public health doctors, these days, because they've basically signed on to a political position.

  9. Buttered eggs are delicious – I know many vegetarians that eat and enjoy eggs, I appreciate vegans don’t eat eggs, but for many vegetarians they are very enjoyable.

  10. I've eaten around 5-10 eggs a day for the past 15 years or so. No cholesterol problems, in fact my blood tests results have always been perfect. Biased channel with a biased video, but then again, what isn't biased one way or another.

  11. I would be curious to know how many people they interviewed at the conference that had a positive review of eggs that they chose not to show.

  12. I’ve honestly, never seen a Diet, that gives me 100% of the nutrients and macros that I need other than a mixed, plant based, animal protein diet. Would love in theory to not eat any animal products but, our brains have developed and evolved over the years through eating animals and it’s the circle of life. Any diet that requires vitamins is not a healthy diet.

  13. It's amazing how humans have managed to survive so long without air-conditioned trucking, hybridized vegetables, quinoa and nutritional supplements. Our dumb-f**k ancestors apparently thought eating eggs, meat and dairy was "nutritious"? WTF! Morons…

  14. This is so completely polarized and one sided it drives the majority away from learning about or considering shifting more towards a plant based diet. You can spout propaganda and solidify your base that are already sold on your message or you can be open minded and have a discussion that brings everyone closer to the truth. It is clear that these people are choosing to spout propaganda.
    Things like 6:55 show a truly emotional and illogical driving force behind some of these views.

  15. Blaming Cholesterol is like shooting the fireman.

    Atherosclerosis or plaque in arteries deposits are the body's way of protecting inflamed tissue.

    The "Bad Saturated Fats" myth was started because of the very poor research of Ancel Keys way back in the 60's and ever since look at the expansion of waistlines and heart disease in the western world. Do we need more proof that something is wrong?

    Eat more greens to control the fire (because inflammation is the underlying cause of so many other diseases as well) Eat less processed low fat carbs that contain either sugar or Omega-6 vegetable oils. Ohh and plenty of Saturated fats such as eggs because Omega-3's convert to sustainable energy better than anything else. 🙂

  16. "Are eggs the perfect protein?" – concentrate on one nutitional aspect and highlight the negatives at the same time totally ignoring any positives. James Loomis – strange that he didn't chose to highlight things like "How much Omega -3 in eggs?" for instance. Yeah, invest all your 2000 calories for the day in broccoli, see what sort of return you get there. I stopped watching after his BS and clicked dislike. I'm not arguing for eggs necessarily, just against all this one-sided bullshit all over YouTube.

  17. 0:56 he assumes that food in the eggshell is for chicken to grow therefore its not meant for human consumption!
    Well egg is same like any seed for any plant, full of nutrition, as you can eat beans and seeds you can eat eggs the same way….

  18. Eat my Neighbour. ,,okay. 🤔🤓


  19. This is like the flat earth society of nutrition. Hahahaha chicken menstrual cycle? Then she says the perfect protein is plant protein, guess what, plant grows from earth and it needs chicken shit to grow, I mean it's shit, who wants to eat that? Plant fiber is not shit, but by using her logic it is. Also, a fruit is a plant's ovary, who the heck eats ovaries, you don't eat menstrual cycle of chicken which does not exist, but you eat plant ovaries? That's what too many veggies does to you.

  20. Just because the egg industry sponsor nutrition and fitness conferences doesn't mean eggs are bad and the egg and poultry industries are bad. Just like if a bean farm started sponsoring this events, it wouldn't make beans bad. Of course eggs have a lot of colesterol, which can be bad, if your LDL is over 70 mg/dl in blood, but even then, just colesterol doesn't cause plaque formation, is a lesion or endotelial cell dysfunction which start the process. And plaque formation plateus when LDL is under 75 mg/dl.

  21. These people are a disgrace eggs are one of the best foods in the world and shills for the vehan industry should not be trusted disgrace

  22. All the speakers have degrees and degrees and they read the same researchers findings and they form a same mindset about eggs are bad for the heart. They should use their bodies to do research by eating 12 eggs a day for 10-20 years and see whether it is true the high cholesterol cause them cancer or heart diseases. They should never read some wise researchers findings. There is no such thing as "ONE SIZE FITS ALL" because our bodies are created differently by God.

  23. this video is full of false info
    eggs are good for you, infact very good for you
    my only concern is deciphering the m.d.s giving their testimony
    ie are they trying to mislead people or are they genuinely stupid?

  24. You know, for an educaded woman you sure are thick. You don't seem to know that you need fat, a lot of fat. Your brain is mostly fat, your liver too, your nerves are lined with fat. You're going to wind up in setious trouble in later years.

  25. Susan Levin sat there and named everything in an egg and called it a dense source of nutrience that we don't need. What the hell is wrong with the woman?

  26. eggs are gross and smell awful… literally comes out of a chickens vag and it's weird to NOT eat them lol

  27. How do u get enough fat from vegetarian diet? I know only avocado, olive, nuts, seeds. Are there other good vegetarian fat sources?

  28. It is now time to respond to the fast “unhealthy” food industry and its franchises. This can be led by
    the MDs and other professions who so eloquently explain the reason it is needed.

    I envision such a response would use the McDonald's playbook starting with its golden arches. Instead of arches a giant silver V would be underlined with the franchise name: Whofoplaba (short for Whole Food Plant Based). It would serve both take-out and dine-in.

    A super salad bar offering no less than 25 vegies would be the center piece. Of course itdwould include nuts and seeds. The menu would range from raw broccoli and cauliflower with a wide choice of hummus dip to cooked rice and beans, steamed vegetables, varieties of starches including baked potatoes. To round out the menu selections choices can be made from the many vegan recipes created and already published. A highlight would be where customers could request customized personal plates.

    A bonus for customers would be their opportunity to purchase many of the Whofoplaba books available.

    McDonalds is successful because it bought the land upon which it built the structure. Thus it had absolute control of what was offered and how it was managed, else the franchisee would be have to go.

    I am addressing this suggestion to the many Whofoplaba doctors and other professionals, some of who are listed below.
    To T. Colin Campbell, PhD, Caldwell Esselstyn, MD, John A. McDougall, MD,Joel Fuhrman MD, Neal Barnard, MD, Brooke Goldner, MDMichael Greger, MD, Michael Klaper, MD, Joel Kahn, M, Pamela A. Popper, PhD, ND, Garth Davis, MD,Alan Goldhamer, DC,Doug Lisle, PhD,Robert Ostfeld, MD, MS, Ellsworth Wareham, MD, Matthew Lederman, MD, Alona Pulde, MD, Dean Ornish MD, Ron Weiss MD, Robert Lustig MD, Joanne Kjong MD, Anthony Lim MD, Brenda Dsavuas RS, Micelle McMacken MD, Tati Kvis MD, Benjamin Benulis MD, and so many more.

    I am also asking the vegan community to offer your support as future customers. On March 1, 2019 I start my third year as a vegan. Two years ago I was obese, had diabetes and high blood pressure. After watching the youtube videos of most of those listed above, I am no longer obese and do not have high blood pressure or diabetes. I am 78 years of age and hope to make it to 100.

  29. And yet this a saturated fat is bad in the egg yolk so why coconut oil it's real bad for you because it's made of saturated fat even though it is vegan food?

  30. My doctor ran a food sensitivities test on me called an Allcat. The Allcat showed that I have a sensitivity to egg whites. Giving up eggs seemed like a logical choice to me. Actually, I have given up all animal products; I have been vegan for two months now.

  31. wtf is this? souns like russian propaganda…. i have bunch of friends going vegan or vegeterian and all have illness from gray hair age 30…losing period age 30… till mental insanity… and people still listen to this propaganda?

  32. My friend, Paul Iverson, a Seventh-Day Adventist was proud to say he never had a single egg, (nor milk nor meat) when I first became friends in 1978. Last time I talked with Paul, he was 105. Eggs increase the TMAO if eaten on a regular basis, changes our flora from good bacteria to bad. Also I had one other friend in Great Falls, MT, an SDA, who never ate eggs, (nor any animal products) she was over 100 the last time I called her. They didn't need aides or nursing homes, so I am convinced both from the medical evidence and from the two SDA friends I had in Montanna. Too much protein raised the probability of cancer when eaten on a regular basis.

  33. These people are liars, they claim saturated fats and protein are bad for humans. Most our bodies are made from saturated fats and proteins.

  34. I wonder how these so called “experts” spent their money they got from the sugar industry to promote these absolute lies?!!!

  35. Im not going to take advice on nutrition from some skeletal guy that looks like he's dying. I'll stick to my doctor Berg. Vegans are just smug ignorant virtue signalers that sacrifice their own health.

  36. Given up all milk products and all type of meat.

    Except chicken and eggs… still eat in my diet. Am I wrong for this?

  37. Ugly people talks about the healthy diet. Not the food kills! The too much the lazy life the poisons and the mentally and physically impurity kills!

  38. Fuk this is so confusing, I have always liked eggs, and then had a bunch of research and experts telling me they are great, but then i have other people telling me they are awful.

  39. Haters, these experts are commerical doctors. They're in health business not health science
    . They're nutrition experts yet they're fat, old for they're age and out of shape. It's like going to the gym and asking the fat guy how to lose weight. What do you think?🤔

  40. 5. Conclusions

    In summary, vegetarians have consistently shown to have lower risks for cardiometabolic outcomes and some cancers across all three prospective cohorts of Adventists. Beyond meatless diets, further avoidance of eggs and dairy products may offer a mild additional benefit. Compared to lacto-ovo-vegetarian diets, vegan diets seem to provide some added protection against obesity, hypertension, type-2 diabetes; and cardiovascular mortality. In general, the protective effects of vegetarian diets are stronger in men than in women. At present, there are limited prospective data on vegetarian dietary patterns and body weight change, obesity and neurological disorders. Large dietary intervention trials on the effects of vegetarian diets on obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular outcomes are warranted to make meaningful recommendations for nutritional planning, assessment, and counseling.

  41. This is just Gentle World propaganda! I agree with a healthy predominantly plant based diet, but much of what these people claimed is unscientific.

  42. 7:49 Anthony Lim don't you know that gorillas, horses and buffaloes have a totally different digestive system than humans? How many times are you vegan "doctors" going to use that asinine analogy?

  43. We need to let chickens have their little chickies and stop eating all of their eggs… so I guess we could also let tge apple trees have their little appleies so we can stop eating all their apples.

  44. Why compare us to herbivorous animals when theres carnivores and omnivores who obviously thrive from eating meat? Idiots. They really convincing people that all animals are herbivores

  45. Maybe if you're a sedentary lazy ass who doesn't sweat and exercise often. I eat eggs often and lots of butter but I don't have high cholesterol and I eat lots of plant matter mostly so whatever…

  46. Cholesterol is not bad and saturated fat is not bad! So stop saying this bullshit!
    Vegan is not healthy, it's ideology! Has nothing to do with health benefits. You want to save the animals, good for you, but stop saying it's healthy, because it's not!

  47. Eggs are the perfect thing to grow chickens and cancer and to get even with the asshole that gives out popcorn balls and candy corn on Halloween 😂😂

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