El Señor de los Cielos 7 | Capítulo 5 | Telemundo

El Señor de los Cielos 7 | Capítulo 5 | Telemundo

into heaven so he can stop this. It’s over, Ismael. We’re not burying Dad yet. That bastard Cabo
launched the attack. So I’ll ask you to not bring
everyone down. I need them as pissed off as me! You came for your reward,
and you’ll get it, Dylan. Just help us out and give us
more information. What do you think?
How much for him? I think that’s the guy. He fits the description. Hi, guys! I cannot believe it. Renzo Volpi! It’s me, Ojeda. Get me all you can
on Amado Leal. THE LORD OF THE SKIES You look amazing. I’m so happy. Diana, this is Athina. Hi, how are you? A pleasure. All these years make you
even better, Amado. You look amazing. As if you’d spent
all this time vacationing. Welcome, my friend. Thank you. If that were the case,
I would’ve stayed here. You like it? Yeah, I love it.
It’s pretty. Let’s go. And your friends seem nice. You know me.
My curiosity is limitless. I hear Amado’s the capo
of a big-time cartel in Mexico. Is that true? Whatever is in the “Amado” file
is classified information. I’ll need more details. Why do you want to know? Simple. I’m thinking of investing
in Mexico. —-. And just when most
of this country’s investors don’t believe in its government. What, you trying to be
my financial advisor or would you rather make
some money for the info? Idiot. MEXICO CITY Yes, yes. Until midnight. Yeah, I’ve got something going
on, but I’ll be there early. See you. Sons of bitches. —-. —-. I love you, precious home. Go, go. —-! Freeze! Don’t move! Watch the door! It’ll be a cold day in hell
before you catch me. Bitches. Let’s get out of here! GREECE How long has it been
since you were here, Amado? I was here recently. We heard. You were here several months. You know what it’s like.
I was here for work. But I love being here. You like it? Oh, I love it. Everything’s very pretty. But my favorite part is that
there aren’t any thugs here. -I feel free and at peace.
-We can enjoy ourselves. Diana lost her father recently. I’m so sorry. Thank you. My condolences. I admire that under
those circumstances you mounted such
a spectacular rescue. I hear everything. We’re still in the know. And we still have our contacts. Alright, but there are nicer
things to discuss. Let’s go. Sweetie, are his political
gatherings always like this? Yeah, you know, Jaime has the
support of local businessman and young people. And from time to time
receives intriguing phone calls. Is his security system
up-to-date? Yes. I think Jaime knows
what he’s doing. He takes the necessary measures. You should do the same
now that you’re governor. I don’t think you have
enough protection, and we’ve already lost Dad. I don’t want to lose you too. Honey, politics didn’t kill
your father. I want you to take better care
of yourself. The people who killed Dad
are still on the loose, and I’d hate it if they went
after you too. I’m so happy to be here and
not have that Torima around. I don’t want to see her anymore. I’ll do anything for you, honey. Oh, so that’s why you were
trying to make me jealous with that lawyer. What?
Are you crazy? With the lawyer? He’s a gentleman, honey. He might be a gentleman,
but he can’t stop staring at your twin beauties
that I’m a slave to. Oh, come on, darling.
I didn’t even notice. You don’t like others
checking out your lady or what? No, you’re just for me. Your poor thing. You’re suffering
from malnutrition, aren’t you? I sure am. Darling. Pio, Cabo,
whatever your name is. What are we doing here, Joaco? We have so much to do in Bogota
and now we’re here. What’s going on? Honey, I have something
very important to tell you. What’s going on here in Mexico
City is much more important than what’s going on
in New York, Miami, or Bogota. What I’m saying is we could
pay off everything we owe and then some. Okay. You now have
my complete attention. Now that I do,
I have to tell you something, but please don’t get mad at me because I have nothing
to do with that. I want you to meet
my new partner, who assumed
Pio Jose Valdivia’s identity. Pio Jose’s missing. Yolanda’s been looking for him
like crazy all over the place. Plus, all his friends
are looking and can’t find him. Honey, he’s never
going to turn up. Pio Jose is dead. What? And you know who did it? My new partner…
did all that. What have you
gotten us into, Joaco? Hell, honey. But I need you to be my side
so we can make it a paradise. Baby, there’s no way out. The most recent location
we have on them is Nuevo Laredo. The closest exit point on land
would be Ciudad Victoria, but nothing irregular
has been reported. And at this rate… Anything new? No. —-. We’re all embarrassed
about this, Joe. The Casillases
made fools of all of us. Sir, Dylan Gutierrez is outside
and very upset… Is this how you get people
to work with you? By breaking down my front door
and violating my privacy? What’s your ——- problem? Whoa, whoa, whoa. What are you talking about?
And watch your language. Yeah?
Watch yours. He’s the one who got us the info
on the Casillases and Cabo. Maybe this will
refresh your memories. Stop it right there. There you go. The people who attacked you
were Casillases. This guy here is him. Ismael Casillas. You’ve got the Lord
of the Skies’ cartel after you. In other words,
they found you out, and now they’re hunting
you like dogs. So if you want our protection,
you’ll have to work with us. And you’ll have to pay us. I talked to them. I don’t know about her
being my daughter though. I don’t know
if that’s just a ruse. Who’s to say? I trust my sixth sense
around other women, and I’ll just remind you
of something, Javi. This is our home. You asking me to kick
them out, sweetheart? No, of course not. But if you yourself
are having your doubts… I think Angela
should take a paternity test. I’m getting bad vibes
from your cousin. What? Who’s getting jealous? Jealous?
Please! I’ve had bad experiences
with Colombian women. From Matilde,
my Uncle Chacorta’s wife to that Ballesteros agent,
and Lai, and even Amparo, with her
Little Miss Innocent act. And how could we forget
about Kashi? Lay off Kashi.
She’s gone. Don’t mess with her. Oh, now you’re defending her? Get over here, my jealous girl. Don’t forget that I’m hurt. Sorry, kids,
but we’ve found the bastard who ratted us out
to the government. But the ——-
gave us the slip. No. I’m not paying you a dime. You owe me money
for damages and suffering. How about you settle down, bro? For real. You’re right. This guy here
is Ismael Casillas. But where is Aurelio Casillas? Aurelio doesn’t do
his own dirty work. Ismael’s the son of a bitch
who rescued Amado Leal from us. This guy? GREECE Make yourselves at home. Would you like any juice? Are you hungry? I’m fine. Maybe it’s because
I never lived near the water but this place is awesome. Check it out. Ouzo, Amado? Of course. Come, Diana. Let the men talk
while I show you to your room. Amado, I’m going with Athina. Hey, Athina, is all the white
very typical of Greece? A lesson well learned
is never forgotten, right? It’s been so many years
since we last saw each other. Things changed, huh? You haven’t lost
your smarts, though. Sorry. I have to take this call. Hello? Isma. How’s everyone over there? What’s up, Amado?
How’s it going? Have you arrived
at where you’re staying? Yeah, we made it. I’m going to show you
some of the view. See that?
There’s the beach. How are Alba and Laurita? Well, my Laura’s fine. Grandma’s the one really
suffering with all this crap, but she can handle this
and more. But I’m intrigued with what you said about
capitalizing on my dad’s death. What’s up with that? We have to go public
with Aurelio’s death. That way the government
will leave us the —- alone. You think? Call a press conference
so everyone knows. What do you all think? I like it, Uncle. I was thinking it could be done
from Los Mochis. If you can think of any
other place, let me know. We’ll be in touch. Hey, you must be Amado. You’re… Irene,
Athina’s daughter. Where’s my mom? I can’t believe
they’d leave you alone. Let’s go find her. Honey, come here. No, not you. This is my fiancé. Let’s go. Look at this beautiful view
in your room. Would you like to shower? We’ve got towels and a robe if you feel
like using the hot tub. The bathroom’s this way, and there’s another terrace
over there. I’m so happy that you’re here. Well, you and I had never met,
but Amado… Yes, Amado told me you two
were close friends. Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean
there was ever anything between us. Not for lack of trying though. Go on, spit it out. You know that almost
all men are like that. They’re natural born hunters. That’s just how they are! But we turn them into our prey. And without them realizing it. Irene, have you been drinking? This is my daughter.
Just look at her. And this is her future husband. This is Diana, Amado’s… I didn’t know that stud
downstairs brought company. That’s too bad. It’s a joke! You’re beautiful too. Let’s go… -Family, huh?
-Family. That’s Greece for you. Right on. You’ve accessed the DEA files. Give me everything you can find
on the Casillases. I want to know how they managed
to rescue that fool Amado. We’ll find out one way
or another. Remember that our priority
is to find out where the hell Amado Leal is. -Something has to come up.
-Damn right. And when you find it,
give it only to me. Only to me, understand? Not the agency, not the DEA. Sir, I need a moment to stretch
my legs and grab some coffee. I’m exhausted. And how do you see me, Dalila? Do I look exhausted? Fine, we’ll keep going. And when you finish, you and I
are going to dinner. That’s an order. You’re looking at it
so you must have seen it. You never know,
and I wanted to know. The blonde is his wife? It appears so. Come on, set up
that meeting already, Nikos. It’s best we wait until
my daughter’s wedding. Only two days. Renzo, don’t try
to speed things along. That’s exactly
what I want to do, okay? Apply pressure. She’s taking a shower. You should go into town
to buy some clothes. You really care about her,
don’t you? Yes. And she loves you too. She met Irene. How are all of you? I know you well,
so what’s Nikos up to? Well… Tell me what’s up. I know you guys. THE LORD OF THE SKIES

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