Elders React to Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Elders React to Hunger Games: Catching Fire

♪ (ragtime music) ♪ – (Katniss) I understand that whatever I do
it comes back to you and mom. I don’t want you to get hurt. – Mystery? – (Prim) Since the last games…
– Interesting movie. – …something’s different. – I love Morgan Freeman. – (Prim) Hope. – (President Snow)
She’s not who they think she is. She has to be eliminated.
– I love Sutherland. He’s always good. – (Gale) I’m staying here.
– Hatch… ooh, yum. – (President Snow)
Here we are in the games, Miss Everdeen. – Ooh! That hurt. (wincing) That left a mark. – (Katniss) What do I need to do?
– I love that gal, that young gal there. – (President Snow)
The tributes are to be reaped from the existing pool of victors. – That one was wearing
a Lady Gaga costume. – Boy scout sign! – Where did they film this? – (Flickerman) The 75th Hunger Games!
– Oh! – They don’t look very hungry. – Yeah, they get– what is it–
one weekend to kill anybody they want? – Unbelievable. – It looks like a lot of special effects. – (Katniss) Any last advice? – Oh, she is lethal and pretty. (chuckles) – That’s the angel of death. Wasn’t she in American Horror Story? – “The world… has been waiting for…” – From this trailer,
it’s not something I would see. – It’s supposed to be
better than the first one. – Well, that looks more than awesome! – Oh! I’m all a-twitter! – I think I’ve seen that.
That’s been out a while, right? – (Finebros) Well, this is a sequel.
– The sequel? Okay! (laughs) I think I saw the first one. (movie reel clicks) – (Finebros) So have
you heard of The Hunger Games? – Hunger Games? No, I have not. – I’ve heard of the movie, yeah. – Who hasn’t heard of The Hunger Games? – I’ve heard of it, yeah, but I’ve
never actually seen one of their films. – I think it was my kids
that told me about it and… oh, god, I don’t know about that. – Yes, I went to see it. And I couldn’t figure out why
everyone was so excited about it. – I didn’t know if it was
a book or a video game or a– I’m sorry, guys, I’m so out of it. – (Finebros) Have you read the books?
– No. – (Finebros) Did you know they were books?
– Uh, no. – (Finebros) Why have you chosen not to watch
or read The Hunger Games? – Because I know nothing about it. – I’ve just been reading other things. – Kind of not my demographic. – It has absolutely no appeal to me. I don’t want to put
money in their pockets. – It looks like what’s coming,
so I don’t want to see it. (laughs) We have anarchy on its way– or tyranny. One of the two. It doesn’t look like
it’s gonna be in-between. – (Finebros) You haven’t seen
the movie or read the books but for fun can you explain to me
in as much detail as you can what you think The Hunger Games is about? – You know, here we go again
with another world. A new world. – It’s a game you play… when you’re hungry.
(everyone laughs) – Maybe it’s sort of like a Nazi theme. – Looks like Donald Sutherland was trying to be the leader and protect this girl, and I don’t know where
Morgan Freeman came in. – (Finebros) So The Hunger Games
is about a dystopian society… – You mean like now! …where the ruling government, to oppress the people
and show that they have all the power, hold a lottery every year
where two kids, aged 12 to 18 from every part of the world,
gets selected and they have to all fight in an arena to the death.
– Why? – Do you think our government
should do that? (laughs) – That’s the good part
about being an elder, is I’ll be (mimics slitting throat)
by the time that’s reality. – (Finebros) Specifically,
it’s also about a girl named Katniss and she has become a resistance figure
against the government after she wins the Hunger Games.
– Okay. – (Finebros) So what do you think
about hearing all this as a plot? – Well, it’s somewhat interesting. Not particularly something
I’d go to see a lot of. – Looks like it’s going to be a–
can I say kick ass? Is that okay? (laughs) It looks like it’s going
to be a kick ass movie. – Having a female win is great because men are usually
stronger than women. – It’s not much different
than what we do in war. We send children. I was 19 when I first entered
into full combat. – It’s not a plot that I would embrace but I think it’s a plot that’s based
a little too closely to our reality. – (Finebros) If you were chosen
to fight in The Hunger Games do you think you’d survive?
– Oh, yeah. – I would fight like hell. – I’d be screwed if I was the one chosen,
unless another weakling was chosen. – I’m not that strong these days. In my prime, even if I couldn’t,
I believed I could. – Well… meh,
I was a pretty good girl scout. I had, you know, merit badges for things. – (Finebros) Fire?
– Gift wrapping? – I would try like hell to survive. Get them before the games even start, like knife them in the back
where they’re sleeping! – (Finebros) What would be your strategy
to try to actually win? – Not show up. (laughs) – I would go with my basic philosophy
in life and that is: When in danger, when in doubt,
scream and holler, run and shout. – Be extremely kind and thoughtful
to everyone you meet and also be prepared to kill them. – (Finebros) So you’re prepared
to kill us right now, Bill?! – Pretty much, yeah.
(everyone laughs) (explosion)
♪ (thrash metal) ♪ (eagle screeches)
(gunfire) – (Finebros) So let me show you
some pictures of the main characters. So here’s Jennifer Lawrence’s
character, Katniss. – Oh, she’s good. – Katniss? I’ve never heard
that name before. – Yeah, I wouldn’t mind
putting her up for election. – As an older gentleman
who respects beauty, she’s number one on my list right now. – Anything that the arts can do
to present a woman in this light, I think I’m just all for it. – (Finebros) And then there’s
always the big debate over which guy Katniss should end up
being with romantically. So what do you think?
Should she be with Peeta or Gale? – Peeta. – I’d go with Peeta. – Gale. – Gale. – Gale. – I like the dark-haired guys.
I would say Gale. No Paul Newman for me. – Gale looks like my type.
(everyone laughs) – I can’t choose.
Can she have them both? – I don’t know why
she shouldn’t do a threesome. She’s probably capable. – (Finebros) So The Hunger Games probably is the biggest thing right now for teenagers. Why do you think they
resonate so much with this story? – Well, I think they’re a violent bunch. – Teenagers revolt. Period. They have their own thoughts, own ideas. I think it comes from our
liberal universities and schooling. – That is indicative
of where we are as a society. We place very little value on life. – Look who the actors are.
They’re that age group. Everybody wants to be a hero at something. – (Finebros) Is it okay for a violent film
to be popular with the youth? – Well, I don’t know how you
could keep them away from it. – I feel filmmakers can make
what they want to make. I don’t believe in that kind of censorship. – Well, hopefully it’ll promote
a greater enlistment in the military. I think the kids today don’t understand that serving the country is an honor. – This is the outlet
so kids won’t get bored and go smoke pot
behind the driving school, at the high school, and go home and do this instead,
and then study calculus. That’s what I did. – We’re practicing our techniques
at killing and laughing at it. And really, in a war situation,
it’s far from that. Far, far from a laughing matter. – This geared at teens reinforces to teens that violence is just part
of everyday life. I think the message,
if there is a good message, is totally lost because
they’re consumed by the violence. – Going back to some of the kids shows,
historically back, it was a competition among kids, and now it’s evolved into something
perhaps more serious. But in my deepest heart, I don’t think so. I think it’s just entertainment. – (Finebros) Finally, the movie
is number one at the box office. Will you go see it?
– No. – Probably not. – I would expect so. – Yeah! Absolutely! – Probably not. – No, I’d rather see Gravity. – Doesn’t look like
the kind of movie I’d want to see. – Well now I’m intrigued,
so I just might do that. – Oh, I think I might do that.
It looks like it’s pretty fun. – By gosh, I will. IF the price is right. Good name for a television show. – Thank you so much
for watching Elders React. New episodes of React
come out all the time. Make sure that you’re signed up! – Happy Hunger Games, everyone! – Boy scouts! Boy scouts! I’ll do my best to do my duty
to God and my country! And to obey the Scout Law.
There you go! – May the odds be
in thou’s favor– favor. ♪ (ragtime music) ♪

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  1. I'm laughing so hard!!! She thought the Mockingjay costume was the American Horror Story: Asylum Angel of Death! Lmao!

  2. I LOVE THE HUNGER GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I love the hunger games movies! I saw the first one, the catching fire and mockingjay part 1. If they have a mockingjay part 2 I'll definitely watch it.

  4. Having read the books and seen 3 of the movies so far, I think the books did have a decent moral. The moral is war is horrible. Furthermore it goes on to show that even in victory things can be worse than things were. I've heard they're changing the ending from the books for the movies, but it'd be a much more powerful message if they didn't. Since I read the books I've been waiting for the shock and horror of audiences to what was the end of the books. It seems like they may change it, but there are multiple levels of horror to change. Changing it too much would likely undermine the serious nature and topicality of the series.

  5. "I went to the first movie, and i tried to figure out why everyone was soo crazy about it" well..are ypu sure you are a human?

  6. 'Welcome to the 77th ANNUAL HUNGER GAMES!'

    'They don't look very hungry ^_^'

    What I said when she said that, 'Heh-He _'

  7. I told my grandma to read the hunger games so she read my books and watched the movie with me so… She's an elder and she's seen it.

  8. I think the president should go fight for our country along with said troops not cower in a corner while everyone else gets pushed towards the frontlines…That is the reality and that is what Hunger Games is actually showing us younger gen.

  9. I honestly have more respect and appreciation for these folks than most of my peers in their 20's.

  10. Serving your country is an honor??
    Ugh of course dying for a goverment that wouldnt even move a finger for you is a total honor -.-

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