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  1. A lot of this is fanciful thinking due to limits built into nature….Aka Thermodynamics. For example producing hydrogen from water via electrolysis in a net negative energy gain. The main issue though…you can't "consume your way" to a sustainable "green future".

  2. I am so impressed, so many Norwegians and Germans speak fluent English, I want to see this for Asians, Africans,

  3. Comparing the options: solar is the best option as it has the potential to be the full 625 watts per sq meter per an hour and a panel can be placed in most of the places people live or have lived.

  4. Please @DW put the link for second part below, you have links for other language, and I have to look for second part elsewhere, it is annoying.

  5. We need every drop of Norways oil for absolutely everything other than burning it. Gas and oil are the primary feedstocks for plastics clothing fertilizer and many more. Burning these precious hydrocarbons is foolish short term thinking

  6. Malaysia has the money to invest but it doesn't do so due to weak political and government bad policy and bad long term strategy. The PH government is for the business and by the business. Its not for the people and by the people. The Malaysian government is there to dictate the people and for the people. Hello Malaysian Government, wake up..look at this news and read instead of going to shopping centres in Europe using oil money…See, how you want to become a developed nation, learn from the best like Norway.

  7. See how far Norway is in terms of future strategy. Malaysia is way way far behind. Given billions pumped into sending people to global universities, there is nothing that back in terms of new technologies and a change of modern living. Here in Malaysia, its just too much corruption and no green strategy!

  8. Shutting down Nuclear power stations and not starting new ones with be the death of us. We are sort of "playing around the edges" of climate change.

  9. Euhmm… why don't they talk about the storage of hydrogen. because one of the fundamental problems was always the leakage through the canisters. Since it is the smallest possible molecule and the second smallest compound possible [the first is He which is an atom, Hydrogen is used in this sense as hydrogen gas so H2]

  10. The amount of cars on the streets that I see with just one person in is way too high, almost all in fact. A good place to start would be in the cities; having better, cheaper, faster public transport and increasing the tax on driving a car depending on how many people use it at once. Ban all cars from city centres and make public transport so cheap and available people don't even want to use their car for anything other than going on long trips together.

  11. This has flaws since infinite energy resources are avail,
    Dumb as shite huge buildings turn into lightning rods, , ,

  12. Idea for excess at wind turbine generator is to pull up an empty tanker and plug it in and generate liquid hydrogen, oxygen or pure h2o.

  13. I'm pretty sure it will be used for the military before its passed on to civilians . That's usually how things work and makes sense . Submarines will probably be running on hydrogen … I don't know but hey one thing that is clean, flexible as base load and a huge battery is …. Hydro Electric !

  14. I notice that the community at 32:30 is fully spied on and monitored like slaves, or prisoners, and controlled like cattle.

  15. Energy cheap in Norway is bullshit, you pay through your nose. I suggest to live there and pay your electricity bill and then let people know! There is too much hype about Norway, the electric cars are not tax exempt as the government is planning to collect revenues through toll stations and anything they can get their hands on. The people living there are exploited and impoverished due to the very high cost of living and taxes!

  16. Lol. This is cute. A small country like Norway installing the infrastructure for EVs is the future. Meanwhile China with its giant country is doing the same. There’s no excuse

  17. Getting to 1% market penetration takes as long as it takes to cover the remaining 99% to 100%.
    It's exponential.
    Watch Tony Seba, Technological Revolution.

    And yeah, Toyota bet on the wrong horse. Poor buggars.

  18. I am surprised they didn't talk about hydrogen being used as a battery/power storage for green power. It's easy to generate, store and transport and can function as a battery for both excess power and for periods of increased demand. They just need to draw the line between A and B.

  19. Nuclear. But not run by idiots. Wind turbines kill birds. Smart nuclear is the answer. I want a nuclear motorcycle.

  20. woah, I thought this anti-EV scare tactic video was like 10 years old! guess it's just the government working extra hard to scare consumers away from clean transportation. (My TESLA3 is wind powered!!!!!!!)

  21. Using Norway as an example is very bad,.
    How many countries have the benefits of a small population, relatively huge oil revenues and cheap hydro energy?

  22. Lowering power consumption is not a good idea, we are barely a T1 civil… and already trying to slow progress ??

  23. Agenda 2030 is the entire and only concern. It marches forward on it's 200 year plan. Government and corporations along with the United Nations are all on board.

  24. Agenda 2030 is the entire and only concern. It marches forward on it's 200 year plan. Government and corporations along with the United Nations are all on board.

  25. So long as humanity is reproducing like a plague, all these fancy ideas will be like mopping a floor with a broken faucet.

  26. Car industry isn't fully on board because they are heavily invested in engine manufacturing, that implies all the parts manufacturing and huge number of people employed. But our family is shopping for EV, most likely the new Kia Soul or e-Niro. No petrol, no oil, no gears, no noise, no spending on petrol, no direct pollution.

  27. if we cared more about the planet than our pockets, humans would develop a very efficient solar panel and make that panel available to everyone for a decent price. For poorer countries, the governments could subsidize the cost. The problem with this is that all those power companies making a shitload of money would never go for it. if we ever could product our own energy ourselves, we would be self sufficient and no one would need the grid.

  28. Tilman he looks like steve jobs. Did anyone notice that? If yes give me a like to honore the apple founder.

  29. Geo-thermal energy was not even covered, nor were Lithium Battery storage ( ie TESLA ) which are supposed to be "God's gift to humanity" according to most investors. The world's biggest Lithium Battery storage system – fitted for FREE by Telsa – is in South Australia. Not even mentioned.

  30. Burn coil !
    There is several inventons that cleans atmosophere .
    start thinking smart .the course they have taken is wrong .done wasted 59 yesrs trying tobfind clean fuel and gained nothing .

  31. I think its a great idea..my only consern is it doesnt take much natural disater to sever the flow of electricity?? then what!!???

  32. What an idiot, ofcourse digital transactions cost energy. What do you think all those banks and bankers and digital fiat transactions cost in energy.

  33. Norway prosperity and clean cheap energy is a result of good education and Democratic Sosialism done right! 😃😃😃

  34. I'm not a fan of face piercings. I find them visually offensive. Seeing it ruined my viewer experience.

  35. Why is everyone so excited about this fusion thing, and yet nuclear fission is considered as "too capital expensive" to work? Like it wasn't more capital expensive to build many generations of test fusion reactors before we even have the FIRST commercial one?

    And really? Didn't even mention breeder and burner reactors that could use existing nuclear waste (that we already have and nowhere to put it) as fuel and make it less dangerous in the process?

  36. If you could motivate people to live close to work ( maybe tax incentives rebates etc) the western world could halve it's emissions in no time.

  37. The last sentence in this documentary: "What price are we willing to pay for clean electricity?"
    Well – the cleanest electricity you can get in my country (and the world) costs me around 20 Euro Cents per KWh.
    This is so ridicuolously cheap …

  38. I love the thinking of the Scandinavian countries. Here in America, they still worry about the features in their 8 cylinder, 11 miles per gallon, gasoline pick up truck. Do I get extended cab or extended bed? No one is even aware of an electric alternative. Tesla, they say, "Hell, that is some Kommi-conspiracy to take over the government.". "But the one thing Americans do love about Europe is they love them Glocks. But the folks in Austria should worry. The country is not making as many white Americans as it use to. Glock is going to have to go after other demographics.

  39. The problem with self-sufficiency is scale. How about instead of a home being self-sufficient, let’s have a country being so. Interesting to think about.

  40. An average car uses 40kwh per day…my household only uses 5kwh…what will happen when we all plug in and burden the grid for 8 times its capacity.

  41. Stop cutting trees and get rid of Microsoft and Google, they are collecting data on you anyway.check out. www.geoengineering.org
    For real facts.

  42. so called free energy from sun and wind is the future but has to be cost-effective to users…not just massive corporations….

  43. Block-chain consumes less energy then producing money — think about this !!!! Before talking talking stupid info. The Banks are the most waste energy entity ever

  44. Very fascinating! I wonder what countries are ready for Green Technology? Or perhaps Hybrid technology? Also can Solar Design look more aesthetically pleasing? Some of those designs are so bleh. I thought Solar Design would look much more interesting.

  45. The guy saying a Bitcoin transaction uses a lot of energy doesn't know nothing about Bitcoin so he is hardly a digitalization expert. The Bitcoin network use a lot of energy for its security not its transaction capability. Other than that great documentary as always!

  46. We have a long way to go but I have hope. 125 GW of solar panels are projected to be installed this year alone.

  47. aliens will laugh at us human that the fact were all doomed. they says for every new invention there will be consequences, fact that earth is ruined due to corruption of human and over exploited .

    they said mass usage of magnetic motor may cause interference in our earth magnetic field, or even magnet pole to flip upside down.

  48. I really loved this. Please keep doing this! I would even donate! A lot of information condensed into a short story.

  49. I think the key is electricity through hydrogen. Solar, Wind, Tidal, Hydro, Nuclear(even Nuclear fission in a lftr setup are viable in their own respect – It depends were they are applicable. I think this documentary fails to mention ammonia. As we grow more and more waste is produced by animals, humans etc. Our shit is literally carrying ammonia, which is awesome as a Hydrogen carrier.

  50. only microsoft?!?!?
    apple began building renewable energy server farms several years ago, and is now functioning on 100%
    DW Documentary needs to be renamed to BG Documentary
    how dare the producers of this present such a false position as fact

  51. Congratulations to Norway for not joining European Union. They already voted "NO" twice and they made the right choice. Imagine if they were in EU, Norway would be screwed hard.

  52. Norway is just using taxes to push out their agenda. They are not more advanced, its money controlling everything as per usual

  53. ABB makes the BEST fast charge stations. Most other manufacturers lower the advertised power. Hydrogen takes 3 parts energy in for every 1 part out. The industrial welfare subsidy reality will kill hydrogen. It only makes sense where wires dont exist – in space and under water. Tillman looks like Jobs 🙂

  54. I really do appreciate DW's documentaries – including this one! Thank you, I watch you almost every day! However, I sometimes get struck by DW not commenting / finding someone to comment certain really problematic statements – e.g. this last one about "hitting people's wallets as the only solution" … Mildly put, this is not just a statement, it is the key ideology, which implicitely promotes that everything in life is supposedly based on money > it is precisely this ideology that prevents majority of people from coming to a profound realization that the most crucial solutions/change must happen in our minds > and for that you need to restrict the very production and its direction. What change does it make if you keep on inventing and producing things and then make it available only for those who can afford it? Do you think this will actually change people's desires?? How come no one ever commnets the responsibility of those who invest their knowledge and imagination in stupid type of products, like … digitally controled … cookers, fridges, touchscreen doors…you name it… > Ask: why in earth people should need and be offered bull-shit which is solely comfort-based, yet extremely unnecessary! The problematic point of such statements/ideas/ideologies is that exactly those of us who may already be well aware of ecology , eager for change and also ready for a more modest and down-to-earth way of life are most often coming from the poorest classes: conscious people are often educated in social sciences, art etc., fields that are not producing rich or even well-off social strata, thus, hitting wallets may in fact lead to a reverse process of apathy (for you can no longer cope with any costs) >>> Like this, you would be loosing exactly those who could otherwise form the cradle of change. It is true, that those bored, avaregly situated people are those who demand more and more and more, but still: it is the production of boredom that should be hit, not the wallets > only the first may wake people up, the second won't!

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