1. Пошли этот старв ио на хуй.
    Я даже монетку 15 раз бросал.
    В итоге выпало: бросить старв

  2. A small tip, don't even come in contact with other players. Just run away until you have Dragon or lava gear.

  3. Guys make Loody see this, Loody if you want to do quest start on the smaller forest, animals tend to spawn more often on the smaller forest island.

  4. Эх помню старые добрые времена когда ещё сам не умел играть в старв смотрел твои видосы чтобы научиться)

  5. Savages mind is 100% composed by this:box box box box box score clan chase chase chase chase BOX BOX Score CLAN 10V1 10V1 10V1 MOREBOXES RUINFAARMS WITH NO REASON SPIKES REIDITE SPIKES RESOURCES RESOURCES GET SLAVES KILL INNOCENTS box box box walls walls SWORD SPEAR SWORD SPEAR hammer raid innocent players' bases DESTROY A DESTROYED GAME

  6. Вот ты конечно стараешься… Смотрю давно и и мне это так нравится…

  7. А я везучий ты просто по ночам играй днём спи а ночью играй

  8. To all fans that like to kill who you "subbed and are a fan" to you are not doing it right you need to help them or just 'love ur vids' then leave

  9. I think part of the problem is that you're not so good at the game…you should always make bottle, and you would've gotten the stuff to craft quests way faster if you'd had coat. Also, I'm pretty sure you didn't know the recipe to make quest cuz you need a bunch of drag hearts, amy, and redite and you weren't collecting that…

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