Everything Included on Return of Them : Turn of Tide (Don’t Starve Together Update)

Everything Included on Return of Them : Turn of Tide (Don’t Starve Together Update)

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  1. As I mentioned on the description, I focused on introducing everything on list and sorry if it's not THAT detailed. But I kept it so it won't get too outdated after future updates. Also, I did not included items that are included but not implemented in game, example being "fish net" which can only be spawned with console command. I will do so if we actually get to use them.

  2. Is it for don't starve together only ???
    I have don't starve on ps4 but not together only don't starve
    So can I play this update?????????????

  3. TuBEr: hey gais this vid was made on May 21st 2019
    Description: Published on May 20, 2019
    My PC calender: it's May 22 2019 today


  4. I hope they add some eldritch-like bosses. It'll be cool to see bloodborne like monsters in Don't Starve Togethor

  5. Never having played DST and never will; are they ever gonna update the solo version of the game? Does anyone know? ^.^

  6. Add more sails to add more speed
    Boat full of sails cruising down the side of the world

  7. Hey! So, anyone explain me if the slaves were a joke or this is really something in the beta? Please, Thanks 1:12

  8. I found out that if you change land loops to never and land branches to least, there is a chance that the moon land will become connected to the main land

  9. I bet I could do stupid stuff on this XD (And I'm about to survive my second winter… yay…. SEND HELP)

  10. Right now the Sanity-type effect gained from the Lunar Fissures is called "Enlightenment" which makes absolutely no sense. They should called it "Lunacy" like you do at 6:02.

  11. Who would win?

    Lunar fissure during full moon,


    Nightmare light during nightmare phase of nightmare cycle

  12. dumb question here, does this update comes with regular don't starve together or you have to download some DLC.

  13. you only need a anchor and food and some light to go sailing because driftwood can be your repair and oar and a mast would be good too just always bring a thinktank

  14. Am I missing something because my dst does not show the stuff you need to make boats or the different water. Was it limited time or am I just stupid?

  15. Its august 16th and this still isnt live yet? Not to mention console users will probably have to wait another year before we can play this…and wth happened with hamlet lol look im a fan but announcing stuff everytime way early (knowing damn well you guys will delay it) is scummy and pissing alot of fans off people just uninstall and forget sometimes…i keep checking in every so often but as a console player im just about done with the shenanigans

  16. James if you haven't already seen it klei just launched the official trailer for the return of them, does this mean that it is coming to console cuz I really hope so

  17. Is this update available on Ps4? I have the dont starve together game and all but I'm not able to get the update!! 🙁

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