Everything Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski Eats In A Day | Food Diaries | Harper’s BAZAAR

Everything Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski Eats In A Day | Food Diaries | Harper’s BAZAAR

– Hi, guys, I’m Antoni Porowski, and this is everything I eat in a day. (whimsical instrumental) Picture this, it’s a weekday, so I had some melatonin
gummies the night before, I’m like a little sleepy, so first thing I need is my coffee. So after I have my first iced
oat milk latte of the day, I use Oatly, because it’s
really thick and creamy and has the perfect amount of sweetness, with those big, fancy silicone ice cubes. And then I put the oat milk,
so it gets really cold, and then I slowly pour the espresso in, and then I feel Carly Simon’s
You’re So Vain playing, with clouds in my coffee. ♪ I had some dreams, they
were clouds in my coffee ♪ – In a nice, clear glass cup, and then I use, of course,
my metal reusable straw. I’m not an animal. And then I basically try
not to eat until about noon. I like fasting. But wait, I’ve just negated what I said, because there are calories in oat milk. It’s fine, we don’t have to
address that, it’s coffee. I used to eat breakfast,
but what I realize is that when I start, when
I eat breakfast earlier on, I get more tired in the afternoon. But when I did used to have breakfast, one of my favorite things to have is, I love a crispy egg in the morning, with just like a slice of some kind of like a sourdough-y type bread. I throw it on a grill pan, yes, it takes a little bit
longer than putting in a toaster, but I love having that char,
and the little grill marks, and just rubbing like a little bit of fresh garlic maybe on it, like you would do with a Bruschetta. A little bit of olive oil, and on that, I’m gonna smear some butter. Room temperature, of course, ’cause there’s no other
way, with Vegemite. Vegemite. (sighing) I love Vegemite, it’s this delicious, it’s a weird word, but it’s yeasty, and it just has this, like, it’s like this nice,
dark, salty, sticky tar that you just smear across your bread, get it to every single corner, or you can whip it up with
a little bit of butter if you wanna make it
a little less intense. Oh, yeah, I’ve also fanned out an avocado, and then you put the crispy egg on there, with some microgreens or cilantro, and then some chili
flakes, for a bit of heat. Again, a little bit more olive oil, and then some Maldon salt, ’cause you wanna get a
nice little crunchy salt when you bite into it. And then there’s that,
there’s that little moment when you take your butter knife, and you just make a little
incision into the yolk, and you just see the yolk
just kind of like goop out, and it’s so nice. I miss breakfast, maybe I’m gonna start
having breakfast again. I try to come home for a break like at around 12-ish or one-ish, and if I can make food, one
of my favorite things to have is, I love something that’s
kind of like crunchy and vibrant and that really wakes me up,
like a nice fennel salad. This is actually in the cookbook. So you take a fennel, you
cut it really nice and thin. I hate licorice, but I love fennel. And so I make my nice little fennel salad, with whatever citrus I have available. I always have probably a
couple of blood oranges, some grapefruits, ’cause I like to squeeze
fresh grapefruit juice on the weekends as well. I love my vitamin C. And so then I cut nice
little sections of citrus, lay ’em down on a plate,
put some fennel, olive oil, some good finishing salt,
and then on the side, I’ll do like a nice
little crispy skin salmon, which takes like seven or eight minutes. It’s not that complicated. Tiny bit of flour, put it skin side down on a really hot pan so it
gets beautifully crispy. So I’ll have like a nice, flaky salmon that’s perfectly raw in
the center, but warm. And then I take a bit of
lemon, (clicking tongue) maybe even a little bit of lemon zest, if I want that extra flavor,
and a bit of Maldon salt, drizzle it with even more olive oil, and that’s like my perfect lunch. I’ve cut out a lot of
dairy out of my diet, even though it’s one
of my favorite things. But the good thing about it is because I don’t have as much cheese, I actually appreciate it a
lot more when I do eat it. When I visit my dad in Vermont, I was just there a couple
of weeks ago visiting, visiting him, and my
sister came from Ottawa. So unpasteurized cheeses
are illegal in the US, but you can smuggle them in if
you drive across the border. Which, he may or may not do. But anyway, somehow, he gets his hands on like a really beautiful Epoisses. Or, like, these are like the stinkiest of the stinky cheeses. Like, you need a cloche, which
is a French word for a bell, and it’s like a glass
little dome bell thing that you put on your cheese, so that it doesn’t overpower your fridge. And you leave them out, so that
they get all runny and oozy. And then we’ll have some nice, he loves to pick up his
Krakus brand Polish ham from the Shaw’s grocery store
down the street in Vermont, right outside of Stowe. And then we have just like
little ribbons of ham, with like a sharp cheese,
super stinky cheese. And then he picks up his
favorite potato bread from, like, a local bakery. It’s just, there’s something
nice about a Saturday or a Sunday afternoon, and
you’re just in such a food coma that you know you’re
not gonna be working out for the rest of the day, and
you’re just gonna hang out, and just eat a (bleep) ton of cheese. After lunch, if I typically have some more work stuff going on, I love a good little afternoon snack. I love dates. I’m caramel over chocolate, and a good date tastes like caramel. It’s just sweet, sticky, it’s
got like those toffee notes. So I take a Medjool
date, I take out the pit, and then I’ll just eat dates,
and I’ll have Marcona almonds, and Marcona almonds are
like the fanciest almond. They’re skinless, and they’re
a little shorter and fatter, and they’re nice and oily. And if you don’t wanna go to Whole Foods and pay, like, you know,
15 dollar for a little bin, go to Costco, you can
get like a massive bag for like 10 bucks. And if you can’t do it, then you can actually
get skinless almonds, which are gonna be less expensive. Take the extra step and put
them in a pan with some oil, and add some salt, some dried
or fresh rosemary, and it’s, it’s not the same, but
it’s pretty damn close. I’ve always been obsessed with
American culture and customs. I was in a seven year relationship, and Joey, my ex, his family
had this awesome tradition of Sunday night dinners. And we would go over
to his parents’ house, and they basically had like two dishes that they would prepare. And so I started inviting them over, and I wanted to recreate
American classics done my way. So my favorite salad to make, when Joey and I went to Italy once, I discovered puntarelle, which
is like the top of a chicory. And when you let it
sit in a cold ice bath, it gets curly, and it’s like beautifully
bittery and crunchy. And it’s really high
moisture, it’s like celery. And they would just take that, and basically mash up some anchovies, and some lemon zest and
lemon juice, and Pecorino, and it was like the most
delicious salad ever. For dinner, I’ll probably do a meatloaf, stuffed with an entire
block of cheddar cheese, and when you just cut through
it, the cheese oozes out. That is a symbol of what
Sundays should be like. I loved ground beef, and I wasn’t allowed to have a lot of ground meat growing up, so I love a good meatloaf, with
like a nice ketchup-y glaze. That’s like nice and
caramelized, and sticky on top. And then I would do a recipe
that I made all the time, and continue to, and it’s
one of my favorite things. I love carrots, I’ve always
loved carrots as a kid. And so it would be
basically roasted carrots, and then you take the carrot
tops, and you cut ’em off, but leave the stem,
because when you roast them at high enough heat in olive oil, the stems get really nice and crunchy, and that’s actually the best part, and people should stop throwing those out. Eat your stems. And then make a really nice pesto, with a bit of pine nuts that
you take from the freezer that your dad sent you from
Vermont, and toast those up, and you have a nice little pesto that you can drizzle over it, and on the bed, you can put
a little bit of Greek yogurt. Yeah, I love Greek yogurt, and I’m gonna continue to love it. And that’s kind of like the
perfect side dish for it. And then I’ll probably end the
meal with some nice berries and some hand-whipped cream, with a little bit of fresh mint. And that’s pretty much what I eat, on any given day of the week. (uptempo whimsical instrumental)

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    Can I be his bestie ?? I’m Canadian too 🙋🏼‍♀️

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