Extreme Hunger in Eating Disorder Recovery | Kati Morton

Extreme Hunger in Eating Disorder Recovery | Kati Morton

Hey everybody! Today we’re going to talk about extreme hunger in eating disorder recovery. I received this question on a live stream a couple weeks ago I think. And if you haven’t been on YouNow and come hang out with us, what are you doing? You’re totally missing out on a lot of fun and give-aways. have I told you there’s lots of giveaways? But the question is: Hey Kati, is it normal to have extreme hunger after restricting? Since I started eating ‘normal’ again, I have been super hungry. I googled it and it says that it’s normal and that you should eat until you’re not hungry anymore. So I’ve been doing that for almost a week, but I’m scared that I’m going to gain a lot of weight. Am I doing the right thing? I know for sure that it’s physical hunger, because I wake up between 4 and 5 AM, because I am so hungry. Even after eating a lot the day before. I don’t know, I’m just scared that I’m going to gain so much weight if I keep eating this much. Thanks! I get a ton of questions like this and I don’t think we’ve actually talked about it before, but if there’s a video where I have talked about it, please leave it in the comments, that would be extremely helpful. But I know that no matter how much I talk about this, no matter how much I tell you that this is okay and it’s going to be okay, your eating disorder is going to fight back. And it’s going to tell you, even if you listen this right now:’ Well yeah, I’m different, I probably weigh more than the girl who asked that question or the guy who asked that question. They don’t understand what I’m going through. My eating disorder isn’t bad enough. I’m really going to gain a lot of weight.’ It’s going to tell us all this garbage, and so just notice, think about it. Is that what’s happening? Because I’m talking right to you eating disorder! You’re full of shit and what I’m telling you is the truth, okay? So listen up, it all depends on how much damage was done to our body. That’s the truth. That tells us how long we’re going to have this extreme hunger, because the reason that we have extreme hunger is because our body has to replenish all of the things that it was missing for so long. And we don’t know how much damage is really done And we can’t really compare ourselves to someone else, because their body is going to be different and a lot of it has to do with how healthy our body was to begin with. How long do we restrict? How long do we binge and purge? How often? How severe? Were we also deficient in other things before this even got started? There are so many reasons and so many things, it can make our body different. And so your extreme hunger may last longer, may be different than someone else’s. It honestly doesn’t matter how much you weigh either. I know you’re going to argue and be like: ‘Well, I’m not as thin as her. I didn’t under eat as often or restrict as much.’ It actually doesn’t matter, we can be overweight, we can be underweight, we can be healthy weight and still struggle with extreme hunger, because what our weight doesn’t tell us, is how much damage was done to our nerves, to our muscles, to our bone structure, to the cellular level of our body, to any portion of ourselves that makes us who we are. We don’t really know that. The only way we can get to know that is if we got an extremely intensive physical; bloodwork, all this stuff at the hospital. Which maybe you’ve done. However, our body is still going to tell us when it needs more food. Now let’s end by talking about what you all probably came here for, which is the question: will I keep gaining weight forever? Ah, I worry so much! And the truth is: no, you won’t keep gaining weight forever. That’s the amazing thing about our bodies, is that they tell us when to stop. They tell us when we’re hungry, and when we’re full. I have talked about intuitive eating and intuitive eating workbook, and that’s why I love it so much. It’s because it tells us to listen to our bodies. I actually love watching toddlers and young children eat, because they’re the most intuitive eaters. We don’t know exactly how much they need, but they do. And as soon as they’re, even if they’re loving something eating eating eating, and then they walk away, and mom will be like: ‘hey, are you done with that?’ And they’re not interested anymore, because they’re not hungry, because their body told them that they’re full. That is an intuitive eater, and that’s what we’re all trying to work our way back to. And so no, you will not continue to gain weight forever. Your body will tell you when it’s done repairing itself and it doesn’t need that extra energy, but your body is always going to need energy. It doesn’t mean you go back into your eating disorder. This just means that all that extra food you feel like you had to continue eating and eating, that extreme hunger will come back down into a normal hunger fullness kind of regimen. And you will feel better and you will have more energy. And one of the things that is interesting, is when we usually go into extreme hunger, we will crave carbs, sugars and fats. Why? Because that, those are all easy energy sources to our body. And they’re so easy for it to process through and get that energy going, so that we feel better faster, because it needs easily digestible and useful energy. One of the most difficult parts of recovery for those of us who have been in a restrictive type of eating disorder, is that when we start gaining that weight back, we tend to hold it in our middle, in our body. Not on our limbs, on our torso and that can be really triggering and really hard, but just hang in there with me. Talk to your doctor, talk to your dietician. They will tell you the exact same thing. The truth is, if you think about it. We can survive without our limbs, right? We can’t survive without our torso. That’s where we house all of our important and useful organs, muscles, things that keep us alive. That’s where they all are. Therefore, because our body really doesn’t trust us and also it’s trying its best to like heal all of the damage, it holds weight around our middle for a while. Sometimes six months to a year in order to finish that healing process, learn to trust us again and then it starts dispersing that weight. So know that even if you feel like you’re gaining all your weight in your middle and all over your torso, know that that’s not what’s really going to happen at the end of all of this. That’s just your body’s way of protecting itself from the damage that was done before. And our body has to learn to trust us again too, because we’ve kind of you know, taking advantage of it and hurt it and so it holds that weight there as a way to protect our organs and to keep us alive. So thanks body. Maybe take some time to write a little thank you letter to your body for keeping you alive, and making sure that you made it here today to watch this video. There are so many things in place that we don’t really realize that our body does to keep us warm, keep us safe, keep us going, even when we’re maybe not giving it what it’s asking for. So if you’ve been working on recovery and you find yourself having extreme hunger, waking you up in the middle of the night, making you want to eat again after you’ve had your last snack for the evening, listen to it. It’s not lying to you. It’s not going to make you continually gain weight. What it wants to do is heal you, so that you go back to being the wonderful and amazing and energetic and strong you. So listen and talk to your team if you’re concerned and maybe re-watch this video, if those voices pop up again and tell you: ‘no you’re not sick enough, that’s only for people who are extremely underweight’, because that’s bullshit. Don’t listen to that voice, talk back to it or allow this video to do that for you. And as always, leave your thoughts in the comments. What has it been like for you if you experienced extreme hunger, because I know that there are tons of members of our community who are worried about it and it would be really helpful for each of us to share our stories. And as always, click here to subscribe and make sure you turn on the notifications. It’s a little bell thing, so you don’t miss out on my videos. I put them out twice a week. Two times: Mondays and Thursdays, and I will see you next time. Bye! Subtitles by the Amara.org community

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  1. Hi Kati,
    I love your videos; thanks for all that you do! Xo Can you do a video on how to deal with being mad at your therapist? Like if you have a good relationship with them, but they do/say something that rubs you the wrong way, makes you feel invalidated, etc. Should I bring up this anger to my therapist? I'm scared to tell him that I'm mad about something because I don't want HIM to get mad at me/offended or our relationship to change. I want to stay with this therapist, but some things are upsetting me that I want to talk about, but I'm scared to.

  2. does this information apply to bulimics who binge and purge? will my body actually heal over time, and someday maybe this excessive hunger and wait gain will stop..?

  3. Thanks for this video. I struggle to stick to my meal plan bc I think I'm eating to much but my counselor has said a lot of what you are saying. I'll keep trying. ☺️

  4. no one seems to understand me… Not sure why I should try anymore. i try to speak up for myself and people either get mad or make me feel stupid. then they wonder why I stop trying. just ready to give up… I dont matter…

  5. #FAQ Journal topic suggestion. I found this song "I have this hope" by Tenth Avenue North https://youtu.be/cjetZn5lrBc What is your "I have this hope" for your life?

  6. So I have a question: Can depression and other mental illnesses stem from having a victim mentality? Cause personally I believe it only makes a person more depressed when they are constantly acting like the victim. They want people to feel bad for them and they get comfort from it, so they never improve.

    also why are most therapist liberals? I'm too scared to talk about my political views in therapy because I know my therapist would strongly oppose some of them. My old therapist would always ask me about political issues and I would always act like an ignorant extreme liberal because that's the only way I can be safe.

  7. I wish I would have known that the extreme hunger feeling is a temporary part of recovery and not me losing control back when I was going through it. I'm sure this video will help so many people Kati!

  8. Ahh, this was perfect for me, thank you!
    I was placed on TPN last month for advanced gastroparesis – not an ED, and I went through exactly this but no one could tell me why. This explanation makes so much sense! When I was finally obtaining an appropriate amount of calories for a day I was suddenly ravenous. It made no sense to me – I was hungry for the first time in over two years, obsessively so.

    It was an awful experience, especially being NPO. Thank you for the timely upload!

  9. This is so helpful!! I've already experienced extreme hunger a couple months ago in recovery from anorexia and I really wish I had this video back then! It was hard to allow myself to eat more and I thought it was just 'false hunger' etc and that I didn't really need any more food, and when I tried to talk about it with my team all I got was "just eat when you're hungry" but I also really didn't want to talk about it because I thought it was embarrassing, all I craved was chocolate, cereal and peanut butter 😂 I did manage to follow my hunger because I found that if I ignored it than it only came back worse. I still feel guilty over the whole thing when I think about it but this video has put it all into perspective and I feel so much more okay about it now 😊 Thankyou!! X

  10. Hello Kati! This was another great video. I would like to add that we have to have healthy snacks around for when we feel hungry, to avoid eating anything. Thank you!

  11. This. 😐 I find that I was so used to eating so little that I think normal is too much lol.

    I mean come on Ci, you used to think binging was 3 lays chips 🙄

    I'm so annoyed with myself some days.

  12. Hi Katie I've not watched your videos but things have been a bit rubbish lately sooo I'm back, I've been thinking a lot about the fact that when I was a kid (I don't remember what age it started but at least 5 maybe younger) I always was and am the person my mum comes to when she's struggling (she has aspergers and was on anti-depressants when I was younger also my dad wasn't supportive and they divorced when I was 8) Is it okay/ normal that I feel angry about having had to take on that adult responsibility from a young age even though I know she didn't mean to hurt me? #katiFAQ – is this even still a thing?? (Gosh I've been gone a while)

  13. im recovering from bulimia bingepurge type. i always see peoplw qho recovers from ED by following a vegan diet and yet doing intense excercise. I still have a secondary amenorhea and deficient Low Vit. D and calcium. before I became an ED i ate fish chicken egg no pork amd beef and tons of veggies and fruits flexitarian. Now that Im starting to eat Vegan I am getting fat and theres this n0on stop eating /overating in every meal. I keep on eating and eating eveey like 2 hrs or less. Because I eat in an imbalanced vegan way like i lack protein in evevry meal and fats. fruits. bread with avocado. nuts. bananas. I want tpo get my back my oeriod so that i can have a child soon with my husband. i am not all0wed to w0rkout that much or the doctors advised t0 stop amd just dp walking and increase calcium and vit D t0 have my period back. and to get that I need to take yogurt egg and fish. do you think i ahoukd follow what others say that they were healed by veganism or should i heal my amenorhea first by eating chicken egg and fish to bear a baby soon or what. thank you so much.

  14. Hi Kati! As of 5 months ago, I recovered from anorexia and I'm currently medicated for OCD. For me those two things tie into each other a lot, but not always. I can't believe I am where I am today. It's amazing. I remember entering recovery and thinking, "I will die before I'm at my set point weight." And now here I am, and I've never felt more alive. However, I do struggle with ED thoughts that randomly arise every now and then. For example, I'll go to eat something and my brain will tell me I shouldn't (not for any logical reason) and so I feel like I must eat whatever it is so I don't let that voice control my life. Seldom does this happen anymore but when it does, I don't really know what to do. If I don't eat, its like my eating disorder wins but if I feel like I must eat then that's not really listening to my hunger cues either. I can decipher between what I want and what my ED wants but sometimes eating disorders are tricky.
    Could you make a video on lapsing versus relapsing?

  15. The healing process was beautifully explained, this is very relevant for me to have watched right now, thank you for making it!!

  16. A) what if your extreme hunger is like 8000 cals a day? Not just eating a little more after your last snack? (Also I am not underweight)
    B) how to know if it's extreme hunger or emotional eating/ just craving…?

  17. I restricted in HS and was quite underweight. When I ended up in the psych ward, I started eating again. A year later, I had a binge eating disorder and become very overweight again over time. I've lost 45 pounds since last year, in a healthy way, but now the restricting ED thoughts are coming back 🙁 I still have weight to lose in order to be at a healthier weight. It's like my mind can't escape the extremes.

  18. Hi Kati.
    I wonder….. If I don't need to gain more weight ( it's on a normal level) – I don't need to eat more than I do (also normal), but still am hungry – what to do ? I have been anorexic and after that I turned into beeing bulimic, because of my exstreme hunger. What to do ? Thanks <3

  19. Your videos help me a lot! I'm stuck with so many questions and it's difficult to find answers because I'm at a healthy weight and recovering!!

  20. Thank you ! I have been dealing with extreme hunger for over 6 months now and I am having trouble completely giving in to it. Every once in a while (probably when I haven't been eating enough) I have 'binges' and to avoid the temptation to restrict or compensate by exercising I type extreme hunger on youtube… there are a lot of useful videos out there, and this one is great 😉
    This morning I ate a whole box of cereal and some leftover paella, and after that I couldn't help but think that I shouldn't eat for the rest of the day and I started looking up hours long hiking trails nearby… as usual it took someone else's reassuring words to make me realize it was my ED talking :')

  21. I know that I gain weight very very very quickly, when I was in hospital I could definitely see a difference between people with severe anorexia and me (I have anorexia binge purge sub type) and they had more calories than me, were at a lower weight and weren't allow to move as much and yet I still gained more weight and faster than all of them. And I had this discussion with some people in hospital and the people with the same disorder as me told me that they also noticed that… And also water retention… gosh, not only you gain a lot of weight in your torso but you also retain water. I was so uncomfortable! And the fact that I was putting on weight rapidly (8 pounds the firts few days and then 4 pounds a week at least and it wasn't slowing down) made me relapse… Seriously it's so freaking hard, I got bigger then I ever was and I was still eating less calories then before my ED and I was very flabby and loose. Anyway, just to say that if you are going through that, you are not alone and I am going through it again so instead of going through it twice because you relapse, try your best and do it once (and sport, it really helps to get a firmer body and with the bloating as well)

  22. I really appreciated when you talked about how we think "oh my body's different, I'm too heavy, this doesn't apply to me" and pointed at the camera and said "I'm talking to you, eating disorder. You're full of shit." That snapped me out of a daze almost. I was thinking those thoughts, and didn't even realize I was making up more excuses to not eat. Thank you Kati !

  23. hy Katy. firs of all love youre videous!!♡
    i.d like to know youre opinion on this fasting trend. because to me seems to be very much like eating disorders. i have strugled with bulimia in the past and i see all this people recomending fasting on youtube… seems…wierd.
    thx very much

  24. there is something my mom has always been right about its not so much how much you eat but what you eat and that can be so difficult so if you are hungry eat until you are full but eat fruits and veggies you will see that you wont gain weight (at least not enough to be over weight just a good healthy normal weight) and take it slow dont just shove the food in your mouth keep up with how you are feeling and drink water while you eat no matter what the food

    another thing that could help is listen to what your body wants usually it wants certain foods that are healthy even if its some chicken because it needs the protein dont ignore that

    i used to get hungry nonstop and my mom would be like stop eating the fridge and i couldnt help it i would eat so much nonstop because i needed the food it would be like 5 meals in one sitting and then 5 mins later i would need lots of fruit it was bad but i needed the food

    now i usually dont need as much because i am not growing anymore and my exercise is limited

    thx for this ha bisky vid and my mom when she even does something stupid like accidentally over eat she over eats on fruits and veggies not bread or meat

  25. thats how i am have always been and my mom used to scream at me you need to eat something and its like no i dont i am not hungry (i wouldnt eat if i was sick because my body would have just rejected the food) now that my mom is more of an intuitive eater she got sick and was like i dont want food wtf that was a new concept for her

    i even know what my body wants so if its not in the house when i want it i freak out i am going to the farmers markets opening day today and i need strawberries i dont know why i just know that i do and i dont think we have any in the house

    my mom at least never did clean plate rule and just let me not finish my food and my sister would get full super easy and need to eat in 5 mins so she would be picking at her plate for hours and keep going to the fridge and taking some off of the plate and reheating it

    as for me it was it depends on how much and still is i never understood how anybody could over eat

  26. i wonder if figuring out what vitamins they need would also help thats why i have been really wanting chocolate milk again my body needs the vitamin D3 and i have no other way of getting it

    then i just figure out what fruits my body wants and why it doesnt want other fruits anymore it stopped liking bananas awhile ago for the most part and last time i got checked i had high potassium and i am wondering if that has to do with it and i have no idea how to lower it as well

  27. The ED part of my brain doesn't believe you kati but wise mind me does. Ugh why does ED mind always try and take over. I'm ALWAYS hungry in recovery and it scares the shit out of me but I have to check the facts. My dietician says i'm at a healthy weight and that i'm at my "baseline weight" or, the weight my body functions best at. I did gain weight when I started recovery. I was/ am really really hungry. Is it weird that i've been in recovery for about 3 months and I still feel starving?

  28. I've been "in recovery" for 13 years and a lot of that time has been restricting during the day and bingeing at night. And during those binges I am usually reaching for fatty foods like peanut butter and avocado. Calorie dense foods. I struggle with the idea that I am experiencing extreme hunger since it has been so long and I've been at a normal weight for the most part. I think I lack willpower, or I think I have the munchies because of a few drinks. I am trying to eat more recently after learning about extreme hunger, but I have a doctors apt next week and I don't want to weigh more than my last visit. Anyways, thanks for the video, it was comforting.

  29. I don't understand what's going on with my body! I'm not ravenously hungry (am in the early stages of recovery after 4 years) and my body has been bloated, though my weight says otherwise? As in, I actually lost weight when my body indicated the opposite. I now struggle to believe the scales

  30. i'm realizing now that i'd been restricting and harming my body way longer than i realized, and . . . i don't know if this is "extreme hunger" or just the ~freedom~ of finally letting myself exist and recover but if this is what will get my period back, so help me god i'm going to eat.

  31. Is extreme hunger always physical? Like what if I always feel hungry even if I am not physically? Like do I have to eat anyway or not?… I'm recovering, and fucking confused…

  32. thank you for this motivating video, really nice 🙂 i have one question to you: but when i dont restrict (what i really try to do) im just overeating the whole day, starting in the morning until night eating so much untill i nearly got sick. is that normal and would you advice just eat and eat? I really feel this extreme hunger several times a day (the whole day!) and as i come from a anorexia im just afraid that my body cant handle these many calories? (the first 2 weeks of my recovery a eat moderately, increasing my calories – but this is also kind of restricting!)

  33. I rarely feel hungry or full, I experience the sensation of each only about once a month. And only for a very short period of time, so I have no idea when to eat and how much coz I never feel any different. I can eat quite a lot of food and will only know to stop if I feel sick, and I can not eat for ages and won't know I need food til I'm light headed. But I hardly ever have the usual things that tell you to eat or not eat, it leaves me so confused and I hate it

  34. How can you differentiate between actual extreme hunger and anxiety related to eating a lot from bulimia?

  35. I keep binging because of extreme hunger. Obviously my stomach fills up, but my mind still wants more or isn't satisfied. This leads to thousands of calories in one sitting and it's been happening for three weeks now

  36. So I've been recovering for a little more than a month now and I binged pretty much everyday. A day or two ago I started to control these binges but now I feel like I'm still "binging" because I'm hungry after eating. Is this extreme hunger or false hunger from increased leptin or something

  37. HELP !!! I have anorexia. I have been eating for 6 months. I have a weight in the norm. Is extreme hunger normal?

  38. I restricted heavily for about a year. I restricted so suddenly, and eventually stopped eating, that my stomach started to expand so I thought I gained weight. When I began to eat again I actually lost weight. My body went back to almost normal. I still struggle, but I have so much more motovation since eating again, even the small steps I’ve taken have helped so much. 
    To anyone who is struggling, I’d much rather have my happiness and motovation than lose a few pounds, I can tell you I love it. Tell your asshole eating disorder that you want to be happy again.

  39. I know this is an old video, but it is so helpful for me right now. I'm recovering from a relapse and have eaten so so much the past few days, about every 2 hours and wake up starving 😩 I don't have a therapist, so this video calmed my anxiety down a lot! Thanks so much 💛

  40. Oh gods I needed to hear this my hunger os awake and it's an angry animal. Like I just want to eat and I get anxious about it.

  41. I'm trying to recover from restrict/binge circle. I'm not considered underweight but I know it need it stop! I have heard so much about intuitive eating. But I can't help but idk when I'm hungry and when to start eat.

  42. omg…those were my EXACT thoughts (that i'm not sick or thin enough, that i WILL gain extra weight). thanks for this video. these are my struggles and thoughts. you just gave me peace of mind. thanks!

  43. Man I hate this….your videos always find a way to speak to that voice and lies inside of me that I chose to listen to!!! =)

  44. I am experiencing extreme hunger and it is so frustrating. It just makes me restrict more and more because I feel like I could eat forever.

  45. I ate lunch and then 10 minutes later my stomach started growling like a god damn lion. I just ate ritz crackers and a cheese stick but my stomach is still growling! It’s so annoying my stomach keeps on growling! But I don’t wanna eat anymore because I feel gross eating so much. 😕 should I keep eating? It’s only 3pm and I already had breakfast, lunch and two snacks 😭

  46. Hey Kati, thx a lot for the great video and advise. But I’m still confused with my body signals. When do you know the recovery is completed? I had eating disorder for two yrs by 2013, and then I had a recovery, gaining all the weight back and then lost some. Then I started going to gym and fall in love with weight training since then. that’s been about 6yrs now since my ed. But I still have at least once a month the feeling of severe hunger. i guess it tells me my body is not fully recovered. How can I stop it? Does it have anything to do with me restricting calorie intake becoz I try to trim more body fat to look leaner. (I workout 5days/ week and I love it, using it as a tool to release stress from work too). Look forward to your advice ! Thx you!

  47. I have a friend who is very underweight and many people think she's anorexic. That's just her body type. I have an eating disorder but I'm a "normal" weight and I always feel like I'm competing with her. Even though I see her eat all the time. I have this habit imagining people watching me 24/7. It depends on the day but many times that person happens to be my therapist. If they "watch" me, I pretend that the friend is not there or the therapist wouldn't notice that friend because I feel ashamed that I have a friend who weighs so much less than me. It makes me so angry!

  48. Idk if I have extreme hunger. I am working on recovery with a therapist but I haven’t started eating more again. I’m still restricting but sometimes when I decided to eat more, I still feel hungry afterwards so I stop eating.

  49. This video is so helpful for me! I'm currently recovering from anorexia (was only ill for about 3 months, but I've lost 13kg since December), and right now I'm sO HUNGRY! I could eat an entire loaf of bread with peanut butter and still feel hungry. At this point, I can't even think about restriction because I'm RAVENOUS. The guilt and anxiety still appears whenever I eat, but the hunger is kind of dialing the guilt down

  50. Does this also go for mental hunger too? Because even after I eat a lot and I feel physically full, I still want to eat more and it’s like it will never stop. Has anyone else experienced this?

  51. OH THIS IS SUCH AN EXTREMELY DIFFICULT THING. The weight gain, the hunger, all of it. I'm going through it currently, and I've gone through it before (this last year was a relapse). I find it especially hard because I have in fact gained more weight than I 'needed' to in the past. What I say to myself when those panic attack-voices emerge (you're too fat! You're gaining weight too fast! This is not how it's supposed to go! Go back to restricting!), is that a. in the past I didn't give my body the time, energy and thought it deserved, b. I was a teenager so maybe I needed extra weight to grow (which makes sense, since I grew 5 more cm after a little over a year of recovery!), c. MY ED DIDN'T GIVE ME SHIT, and it did rob me of a LOT.
    Maybe these reasons apply to you too, maybe they don't, the point is, I've never heard an argument that was rational, kind or reasonable to put off restoring body and mind from an ED. Please stick with it. It will bring you so much. With every pound I gain and every (fear)food I eat I feel HORRIBLE for a while, until it transforms into feeling powerful. I haven't felt that for a year, I couldn't have felt it without the weight and food my body needed.

  52. Why am I a healthy weight, BMI 20.8, and still extremely hungry? I thought my nerves and organs and bones already recovered first thing, why is my body storing fat if it is saying it’s hungry and needs or repair more important things so badly???

  53. After my extreme restrictive eating diet/behaviour (2-3 years in duration) I tried to eat normally. This, however, has been a bumpy road – I noticed I have binged a couple of times because I feel as if I am hungry, thus I continue to eat. From the looks of it… it seems like this may be normal?

  54. im so happy you made this video… im currently going through recovery from really restrictive eating, and I’ve tried finding something to answer all of my questions from “why am i going through extreme hunger”, “why am i only gaining weight in my middle area”, etc…. I’m glad now I know that these effects are normal. it sucks, but its the truth, and thats what gives me motivation to keep trying. (:

  55. currently experiencing extreme hunger in my recovery and it's all brand new to me…rrreeeeally trying to listen to my body and not my ED because I know my body wants to heal so I can get my period back (and my life..) and this helped so much

  56. Is its a bad Idea to stop tracking my food? I find I have a lot more anxiety when I see the calories add up but I don't have professional help right now or a meal plan or anything like that I am completely on my own.

  57. Also I'm super worried about extreme hunger I do not want to gain weight… But at the same time is being chubby even a bad thing? 😔 Im not right know but it sure feels like it after eating three portions of cereal and a fried chicken tender for breakfast.

  58. currently going through extreme hunger and i just wanna sob. my eating is constantly screaming and it's so hard because at the same time, my body's screaming for food.

  59. My hunger never went away. My extreme hunger started before I went into recovery and it’s still here ten years later after recovery. It’s led me to attempt suicide several times. It’s debilitating.

  60. Hey Kati
    So I'm recovering from my eating disorder right now, and that's hard to do when I live with my mother who definitely has disordered eating habits. She wanted me to start eating again and then when I did and I gained some weight she encouraged me to restrict. What do I do

  61. I want to believe the body will stop at a certain point but what about those people on My 600-lb. Life? And many of them haven't been stopped there but are actively still gaining. Anybody have any input on this?

  62. you say to “talk to your team” but every eating disorder “professional” i’ve encountered or worked with in treatment denies that extreme hunger is real and just tells me im developing binge eating which makes me relapse

  63. In one week of letting myself eat from extreme hunger, im already back where i was before anorexia, but im still pretty hungry

  64. Already knew about the bloating around torso part. But that it lasts like 6months to a whole god damn 1 year.🙃

    My god how am i ever gonna be able to recover..

  65. Thank you for sharing this. I've always been underweight, hungry, and starving even when I eat. And when I did eat, I'd hear voices of condemnations telling me it was wrong for me to eat otherwise I'll go to hell. In my mind, I always thought how wrong can that be? Now I can see I'm not the only one going through this, and that gives me hope to be free from extreme hunger/starvation.

  66. Thank you a million times for this video! I've been struggling with my own eating disorder for many years and slowly getting back to a better place. In the past two years I've witnessed a very young lovely girl spiraling deep into anorexia 🙁 but recently she has shown signs of improvement, which is wonderful – I've seen the effect you described about gaining the first weight in the middle section and face and I've been wanting to be ready to encourage her with useful information if she's struggling and wants to talk 🙂 this has helped so much <3

  67. Watching while I’m eating 🥰 tried to convince myself i didn’t have extreme hunger and that i didn’t have to eat again today, but i told that voice to F off and got food anyway 😌😌😌 thank you Kati

  68. I keep bingeing on ice cream. I feel soooooo aweful and so many guilts strike after that! I want everything to stop!

  69. lately i’ve just had relentless physical hunger.. like i’ll eat a meal high in protein and feel full for about two minutes before feeling like i ate absolutely nothing ?? and like i know it’s physical and not mental hunger cuz i can feel it in my stomach and it is empty and rumbling even though i just ate an entire meal… anyone relate lol

  70. But what if before I went anorexic I was on the heavier side and used to overeat? Am I not going back to old habits then?

  71. Hehehe so that muffin last night at 2am was for good reason?! 😝 No problem!! Honestly though; the belly bloat is real! Thanks for this video 😊🙏

  72. I have a question: I have been restricting really hard, but only for 6 months… Now I'm in recovery and I feel extremely hungry. Even tho my restriction was during a "short" period, is the extreme hunger normal?

  73. Thank you Kati! I really appreciate you! I have been bulimic for 4 years, before that I was anorexic. I want to be normal, but I am indeed having EXTREME hunger. I mean like 10000 cals extreme. And I’m normal weight. So scary! This is normal?

  74. I am going through it right now. I was inpatient for 6 months and started a normal life again the last 3Weeks. In the treatmentcenter i had to gain weight. When I came home I lost some weight again. But now I decided to eat normal again. But since this week I’ve got extreme hunger. I am kind of confused right now. I never had that this way before. 🙈

  75. I have both extreme hunger and mental hunger very strong these weeks. I’m recovering and have to gain a bit still. I’m extremely scared of gaining, but I know I will feel fitter. I am just very scared that even after weigh restoration I will continue to have extreme hunger and I will become big. Because the hunger can be so overwhelming sometimes, it feels like that will never stop.

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