Fallout 4 S.T.A.R.V.E. (Trailer)

Fallout 4 S.T.A.R.V.E. (Trailer)

Supplies are out, parents are most likely dead and Shaun keep crying Standish Log one My name is Bruce Standish, son of Ken and Tanya Standish. Last time i’ve seen them was around six months ago They went on a supply run, and they didn’t came back (Sigh) No one can survive the wastes for that long without proper equipment, Dad told me so himself I (Sigh)…I know, they’re dead I just don’t want to accept it I…I don’t want to think about it (Shaun Cries) Please be quiet Shaun, I know you’re hungry, but bad people… ….Monsters, they might hear us! (Sigh) Technically, i could survive on my own, after all Dad has thought me well But with the baby? There’s just no way I could go outside by myself I might get caught in a storm and require temporary shelter And it’s defenitly not safe to travel during the night, ghouls go crazy once the sun sets Chances are I’ll get hold up for a couple days, who knows what might happen! I can’t leave the baby alone for that long And bringing the baby with me?
With this kind of radiation? He’d probably evaporate in the blink of an eye, not to mention all the other hazards… Super Mutant raids, Gunner Vertibirds, Deathclaws stalking, Synthetic Robots with Laser Swords! (Laugh) Washington DC. Ain’t got nothing on us As long as we stay here we’re safe, until the inevitable happens and we both starve to death… Anyway, Bruce and Shaun signing off Starving, Little brother got kidnapped, i’m fucked! Standish Log two Four days ago my 20th birthday of all days, two people came and fucking kidnapped Shaun! They appeared out of thin air Teleportation blast knocked me off my feet and temporarily disabled my pip-boy! One of them held a big revolver pointed right at my temple! The other one was wearing a hazard suit and took Shaun from his crib They came and… They took my baby brother! Those fucking assholes! They took my brother! I’ve been raising him as he was my own child for the past six months And those assholes think they can just blast into our home and take away Shaun without it having any consequences? (Laugh) Whoever they might be, whatever fancy tech they might have, i’m gonna find those fuckers, and then I’m gonna fucking blow ’em all to fuc Nothing to lose. It makes a man dangerous, I guess Standish log three Might have pressed the stop button by accident on yesterday’s recording (Sigh) Kinda lost it… Anyway, grabbing the spare gas mask, filters and whatever leftover supplies we might have I’m heading towards the Brotherhood of Steel. They’re my best shot of finding my family I’ll find you Shaun. I’ll find all of you… our home…. Our home is no longer safe.
I don’t think I’ll ever turn here… If anyone finds this tape and can offer any kind of help… Well, I hope you know where to find me. This is Bruce Standish (Sigh) Signing off…

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  1. Haha dude wtf, this is awesome! 😀 You put a deal of work into this. I respect and appreciate it. Subbed.

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