Feed the Rich, Starve the Worker: That’s Bullshit… from Madison

here in london losing originate this expanded rubber-stamped mark shampoo legislation
alright and they don’t unions versus day from honey it’s very
important geocaching the corporate mediation are leaders in
washington before you leave the country bankrupt the only way to save us from it pick up the police benefits in life and national standards harmonizing does it c_-span season policing they want us to believe that we pay our
taxes that they don’t work we’re getting ripped off that art teacher nurses prison guards and bus drivers
eleven hahahaha that there are many birds were replaced yes yes yes defeat their case yesterday we’re told that our country throws guys tax bill to keep them at the lowest they’ve been in over sixty underwater plainfield wisconsin growth
makes no mention of a packet beauty pageant carefully on april nineteenth watson taxes and want to go to the
corporations investments and state taxes at all but the financial crisis in the great
recession caused by the filthy rich in this country have a lot of time round
all it was sort of the sacrifice another watch washington give millionaires a
billionaire’s faxed southeast asia people with their heating bills in close we’re told that would work has been
together don’t you take their concepts when people with skype county okay and their parents blamed him for years they’re being
greedy right now would you tell me was that
america is not growth just like a monument and ridiculous
number of people which c_n_n_ in nearly a hundred and and then super-rich willing to believe
that they hold nothing to the society that they’ve completely sakura not dampening their parents taxes god
bless all of our freedom with robin xanax workers teaches crafts extract held their pension safe working
conditions their wages ten rights to collectively bargain you shared sacrifice and that’s schools needs to

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