Fibromyalgia vs. Vegetarian & Raw Vegan Diets

Fibromyalgia vs. Vegetarian & Raw Vegan Diets

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  1. I have been experimenting with magnesium and magnesium oil (chloride). It has helped a lot. Morning stiffness CURED by drinking water with baking soda, magnesium,potasium bicarbinate, himalyan salt. Also The b vitamins with omega 3 plus flax,chia,hemp seeds. I went all vegan 2 years ago and realised I must add 1/2 to 1 tsp sat every day (electrolites) and must have IODINE. I am also GRAIN free now . No more pain pills, I can jog again. Yeah I am 51 yrs old.

  2. Why is it so difficult to find the TRUTH about health and nutrition in the U.S. ? I would like to create a platform where people can share info that works. And stop the oppresion and conflicts from special interests, and misinformation. Any Ideas?

  3. Cherry picking again… what doc neglected to mention is this "The majority of patients were overweight to some extent at the beginning of the study and shifting to a vegan food caused a significant reduction in body mass index ". The subjects were initially overweight. They lost significant weight on a calorie restricted diet and their symptoms improved (surprise). Again, the 'omnivore' diet group was not controlled… might as well have been on mcdonalds, fried foods, sodas and candy.

  4. You can start by creating a free blog to share your experiences, and let users comment and share theirs with you. WordPress has a free online blog service you can use.

  5. I stopped eating meat and the body pain diminished, still there is arthritis pain, but no all over body aches. Energy levels improved; after being diagnosed with chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, possible MS, chronic depression, etc.

    Many many thanks for you Dr. Gregor.

  6. Great Idea . What to call it. Hmmm…The great human experiment, catasrophe, cover up, delima and phenomena? The Era of too much information yet the truth is hidden in plain sight? How about a section where everybody can list what really has worked for them. And Quackery cures that really work. Like Vitamin C and colloidal silver, Wheat grass. Fruit is a real detoxifier

  7. Stop ALL grains, refined food, animal. mega dose VitC up to 10 grams ( linus Pauling). I went up to 3 grams. Magnesium theonate or malate. plus Carnosine, Carnitine and Choline.Read the book by Hulda Clark the Cure For All Disease.Get parasite Free. and kill all excess bacteria and use ultimate flora 15 billion probiotic. Also check out Bob Beck Protocol. Use a Sauna Daily. All of this will Cure you I promise

  8. Please remember two things… first, not everyone is the same, people can respond differently to similar diets. Second, nutrition alone is not enough… not unless you get your physical activity/exercise and emotional/psychological factors in good shape also.

  9. Well, we all have the same organs. When I hear that response, I come back with: we all have different nutrient deficiencies, different misdiagnosis, bacteria,parasites,microbes and pathogens in us. So, it is a process. First establish a baseline and it is like a process of elimination to get your homocistien levels, endocrine system,and every cell to start functioning and communicating in harmony. If you never eat beans, then start eating beans, then you are lacking the digestive enzymes

  10. whats so bad about grains? i still don´t get it. i mean something like oat flakes seem to be an optimal food for humans.

  11. Well, not really. The optimal foods are the ones that have the highest amout of nutrients and bioavailability. Read Eat to live by Joel Furhman. Check out grainfreeliving. Grains collect mold inside them. that is why they stripped everything from wheat. You should read Cereal killers and Celiac Disease. Plus bread is a refined "food" that is full of salt,fat,sugar and no nutrients. It is like putting deisel fuel in a car that runs on gas. fuit and veggies are optimal food for humans

  12. You can only lose weight when you get less calories than you burn. The subjects in the study lost significant weight so there you have it. The omnivorous group of people in the study, did not lose weight, and they "continued their omnivorous diet". Since their diet got them overweight in the first place, it's safe to assume it includes excess calories, lots of junk food, probably fried and processed foods, trans fats etc… i.e. the typical western diet.

  13. I am not saying eating junk food and losing weight would do just as well for Fibromyalgia. I think that a "healthy omnivorous diet + physical activity + normal body weight group" would be interesting to investigate in such a study. This study does not investigate this scenario.

  14. Grains contain phytates that bind to vitamins and minerals and block some of their absorption. That is why comparing white rice to brown rice is not so different when looking at nutrient absorption.
    Eating whole grains can potentially make a deficient diet even worse.
    I wouldn't say grains are bad but pre-soaking them can help with this issue. (allergies aside).

  15. 30 Bananas a day gives you 44g of protein which is basically 50, and then you add in greens which are higher in protein and getting 50g is pretty easy. If someone is active then they would obviously consume more calories so they would get more protein and it wouldn't be a problem.

  16. I eat meat, dairy, grains, and lots of vegetables. For my needs and goals I need about 150-160g/protein per day.

  17. 2yrs fibromyalgia treated by Dr's. Stopped Dr's & did 60 days raw vegan (no more fibromyalgia) 60 days cooked vegan, 60 days raw&cooked vegan with a few vegetarian items each week, 60 days of previous plus monthly omniverous meals, no return of symptoms.

  18. You never mentioned this is in comparison to a Standard American Diet. The improvements could have been caused by many other things than antioxidant status or meat consumption. Correlation does not prove causation.

  19. I generally eat 3000-3500 calories a day from fruits and greens and generally get like 4-6L of water a day. No constipation but I do take multiple trips to the bathroom a day. I don't see how your protein needs are never met, as just because you've never tried eating 30 bananas in a day, doesn't mean it doesn't work.

  20. its kind of funny. over here in germany i don´t even have to think about something like that. if corporations plant a field of gmo´s to test them people go there and destroy it 😀
    think its time to adopt this behaviour worldwide 😉

  21. you can´t get protein deficient from eating whole fruits/foods . basically forget protein. make sure you don´t eat to much of it. 100g of fiber is OK. nothing special. constipation?! no, the other way around 😉

  22. thanks for the info. but "Eating whole grains can potentially make a deficient diet even worse" isn´t really a strong argument i think.

  23. Reinhold JG, et al. Decreased Absorption of Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc and Phosphorus by Humans due to Increased Fiber and Phosphorus Consumption as Wheat Bread. Journal of Nutrition, 1976; 106: 493-503.
    Crit Rev Food Sci Nutr. 1991;;30(1):1-22. Effects of dietary fiber and phytic acid on mineral availability.
    Torre M
    Phytic acid added to white-wheat bread inhibits fractional apparent magnesium absorption in humans1–3
    Torsten Bohn

  24. 😀 so u telling me you have an deficiency in an macro nutrient science dosn´t even have an name for?! tell me more please. what symptoms do u observe on ur body?
    if u meet ur calorie needs u get enough protein. otherwise u just don´t eat enough 😉
    get out of this broscience bs 😉

  25. "You can get sick from a vegan diet" and you will definitely get sick from consuming animal proteins. Heterocyclic amines, Neu5Gc, IGF1, do you not watch Dr Gregers videos? The B12 hype is a myth, the requirements for B12 are based on the needs of a smoker and drinker eating a cooked food diet

  26. i´m asking u for your supposed symptoms. my muscles are all right 😉 u are lifting weights and your muscles don´t grow, or what? eat sufficient or put on more weights or both :O simple as that. or get steroids 😉
    if u want to get not enough protein you really need to know exactly what u are doing and u really must want it. starvation or wise chosen highly processed food.
    no athletes?! really? or do i have to google it?
    lose your fear about this protein bs. u are fine. maybe Psychosomatic ;P

  27. so no symptoms? no? no point in repeating uself, i know what u have written;)
    dosn´t change the fact that obviously the human body can grow muscle from a diet of fruit and vegetables, because as i said there is no such thing as an "protein deficiency" only an "overall energy/nutrition deficiency".
    i may google that for u: en . wikipedia . org/wiki/Protein-energy_malnutrition

  28. watch?v=-VxtUkhOsdQ -> 8:45
    man … carb the fuck up!
    don´t be a burden for uself and people around u.
    "Can you grow muscle? no."->"anything will make you grow muscle"->""protein deficient", in order to grow muscle"
    how does muscle grow occur with low protein vegan diet?! the same way it occurs in other diets?! :O

  29. ok. so u want massive amounts of protein in ur diet. i think it´s not practical if u want 180g/d of it from vegetables/fruits although i thing u meet ur demand for a week or so with it and will fuck up ur kidneys. maybe with seeds and sprouts.
    "journal of sports nutrition"->can u provide a source, please.
    also are u sure u only need 3-4Mcal/d and maybe not more like 4-6Mcal/d?

  30. What about dairy? I am willing to bet that if you go on a low fat vegan diet your arthritis would improve greatly. Check out some videos by Dr. John McDougal about MS and arthritis.

  31. Check out Dr. Douglas Graham's book Grain Damage. He is a raw(fruitarian) vegan which may not be something you choose to do, but there is some good info about grains in the book that I think are worth noting.

  32. A vegetarian diet can help alleviate world hunger. Over 10 pounds of plant protein are used to produce one pound of beef protein. If these grains were fed to humans instead of animals, more food would be available for the 925 million people in chronic hunger worldwide. Research from Cornell University found that the grain used to feed US livestock alone could feed 800 million people.

  33. Dr Gregor. Thanks for a thought-provoking video. I created a blog poll where fibro fighters can vote if they think a vegetarian diet did work, or would work. for them.

  34. As far as I know, I have Fibro, and these things have helped me… There's even a PubMed study on the success of rawfood veganism on RA, it's been proven positive and helpful… I'm of the opinion that if it's a placebo effect…, I'm all for it! Better than no effect! (Lol,… I am veg and it's helped keep me from screaming in pain, thus far… Not yet raw, but considering it…

  35. I can say that this absolutely works. After having no symptoms for many weeks I cheated. In the early morning of the next day my calf locked and had major pain in the above butt areas. Also, returning was the feeling of being hit by a bat. Mind clarity was a bit diminished and I was exhausted from being woke up out of my sleep. I have nothing to gain with this statement. But, If you have fibromyalgia, go Vegan. Give it 3 months. You will see well being before it. Here is to the chance of a happy normal life. Best WIshes

  36. It is true to my personal finding also that shifting to a live plant food diet relieves my morning stiffness a lot for me this later summer! Thank you for this report so I can even realize this fact! The anxiety is the same at the end of the day but I can't  feel discouraged  with this site… ever!

  37. FM-I believe you can cure it by going on a process free, whole organic foods life style.  I am living proof of years free and healthy! I had been vegetarian on and off for years, then went vegan and now I say I am an organic.  I also had other illness and it's all gone.  Years ago was on tons of meds and lot's of doctors to no meds and now I teach about organic, animal free, processed free living.  There is a solution and  it's just as this video implies. Learn about turmeric and other spice benefits as well.

  38. I've had fibromyalgia for many years, but it's gotten worse over the past two years. I have three other friends with fibro, and we all eat varying things. I find that my vegetarian friend has more pain than I do (omnivore) and same with another friend who has had weight loss surgery. I find that being active helps best with pain, like gentle stretching, swimming, and limiting caffeine. When i feel emotionally well, my pain is lessened, and I feel like if I were to continue trying to work on my mood and my exercise, that my fibro symptoms will lessen.

  39. Hey guys, correct all the way. Love the comments, real inspirational. my partner was diagnosed with fms in march 2014 and after months of watching the doctors destroy her I tuned to investigating medicine in food. Lily is now free from drugs and works almost full time from home as a conference producer for an international company, the same job she had before she was diagnosed. I can say that we owe our lives to Dr Greger.
    Thanks doc. If your ever in London UK we be honored to have you stay with us. life has never been so good.

  40. 16 years ago My wife was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and unable to work, she was mostly bed ridden with aches pains no energy etc, she seen six different doctors who all told her the same thing, "you have to learn to live with it", take pain medication etc. She hates taking pills so she researched things for herself. She juiced for 8 days to detox then ate only organic fruit and vegetables. Within weeks she was exercising 1 hr a day and looking for work, she found full time work and was up every morning exercising 1 hr before work and started being active around the house again. The difference was amazing. What really annoyed me is if she listened to the "expert doctors" she would still be living a miserable pain filled life, it also made me think of the thousands of people suffering needlessly.

  41. I have had full blown fibro symptoms for over 8 yrs now and went vegan in June of last year and the first thing I noticed was the stiffness and joint pain significantly reduced in the beginning… I was literally walking like an 80 yr old person and I am 42. It still takes me time to warm up when I get up but when I do now, I am WAY more fluid. The only other positive thing I have noticed is that I get migraines on a less frequent basis now. My own conclusion was that dairy was the main culprit for the stiffness and i'm not sure about the migraines.. I never really ate meat at all anyway before but cheese was my addiction. I have also lost 30 lbs which helps some and that is with no exercise at all. My body doesn't recover well from exercise so I don't anymore but I am still loosing about a pound a week eating a HCLF vegan diet.. I have also removed the high cholesterol I had and pre-diabetes…

  42. I suffer from Fibro and CFS. I've been Vegan since January. Had CFS for 3 years. Had Fibro just before January of this year. Being vegan hasn't helped. I still have both. But I'm glad it's helping others, because at the end of the day it's worth optimising your diet so your body can fight the crap it's going through.

  43. I have fibromyalgia and went vegan 1 year ago, after few month of relief, I am Back In limbos of pain, extreme pain… I am vegan, and that's the greatest thing, but don't fool us, it doesn't cure this disease nor reliefs the symptoms…… and i regret it…..

  44. Is Veganism alone, a cure fro Fibromyalgia ? Probably not ..However combined with proper Exercise , Sunshine, proper intake of Minerals , proper Sleep and intermittent fasting….Probably so.

  45. I believe that the magnesium content on plant based diets is a factor to be considered, there's positive association between magnesium intake and reduction of fibromyalgia symptoms in numerous studies. The problem is the size of the population observed. The role of magnesium in regulating the disrupted nerve stimuli that is believed to be the "cause" of fibromyalgia should definetely be more studied.

  46. I’m a Fibromyalgia suffer, and since I switch my diet to vegan it improved significantly pain. Fibromyalgia is related to stress , the body is in flight fight mode 24 hours and the stress hormones affects muscle, sleeping patterns, joints, digestion and so on.
    The reason why doctors say there’s no cure for fibromyalgia is because they can’t find a way of switch off the hypothalamus the responsible for the stress hormones. Fibromyalgia can be controlled with holistic healing or alternatives. How to release stress? By making changes on lifestyle, practising meditation, taking suplementos, fascial massage and yoga. The best book that everyone who suffers from Fibromyalgia should read is is “Fibromyalgia Manual For Yourself And Doctors” by Ginebra Liptan .
    On this marvellous book explain detailed everything that you need to know about Fibromyalgia, that most doctors don’t know. Highly recommended.

  47. Perhaps the benefit could be attributed to the lower Advanced Glycation Endproducts (AGEs) content of the beneficial diets. AGE intake beyond 5000 to 8000 kU of AGEs is linked to setting of cascades of inflammatory reactions in the body that may increase pain. For more information, Dr. Helen Vlasdara and Dietitian Sandra Woodruff explain the effects of AGEs and the content of AGEs in 500 tested foods in their book titled The AGE-Less Way. Meat is relatively high in AGEs even prior cooking but very high when dried methods of cooking are used. Aged dry cheeses are also elevated in AGEs for example.

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