Flashback Friday: Green Smoothies – What Does the Science Say?

Flashback Friday: Green Smoothies – What Does the Science Say?

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  1. In conclusion.. Add berries to your smoothies to help balance blood sugar! They are packed full of numerous health benefits as well. He has several videos on blueberries.

  2. My mother had a knee replacement a few months ago and I developed a workable meal plan for her that is currently enabling her to regain her health. While I had promoted a whole food plant-based diet to her for several years, her current meal plan allows the use of some convenience plant-based foods that is helping her to stick to the plan without missing her favorite style of eating. Here is the meal plan that I typed up for her to show to her doctor -> http://www.greensmoothieparty.com/gsp-s-mother-s-menu.html – her doctor has reduced her medications for high blood pressure and diabetes at her last four office visits – Health is Power!

  3. Thanks for the video! Sounds like I need to do blueberry kale smoothies again! They are super good especially if you include chai spice and vanilla! It's awesome to see how the body reacts differently to different methods of preparing food!

  4. Literally consuming my smoothie as we speak: 6 dates, 3 cups mixed frozen berries, 1/2 lb of spinach, 5 cups of water, 1/2 tsp flax oil. Never gets old.

  5. What's up with the graph in the the first example? At 0:54 seconds it shows fasting glucose at only 70 and after eating the apples it goes up to a little over 90. It just seems way too low. Not to mention the apple juice has a lower maximum peak than Apple's itself.
    The second chart later in the video from a different study fasting is 90 and goes up to around 140 after eating which is what I would have expected.

  6. i usually do like half a pear, a bannana, blue berries, spinach or kale, 1/4 of a beet, almond milk and then greek yogurt..i mean that has to be okay i think

  7. Spinach is on the dirty dozen try to buy only organic spinach! If enough of us demand it they won't sell the pesticide loaded variety

  8. Thanks Michael for the reinforcement of this concept. Many years ago, I stopped drinking all juices for this very reason, and secondarily due to the tooth enamel jeopardy that apparently occurs with juice on the teeth.

  9. Dear Doctor Greger – could you please make a video on Hashimoto … and how to fight it …..
    also do you have any idea of how to fight ADD in adults ….
    I done a lot of research myself … and im on my way to becoming a Vegan … have cut the milk … still fighting my butter addiction … and meat has been cut away too ….sugar has for the most part been cut too
    thanks so much for all your hard work …. its such a pleasure

  10. There was also some research by the NHS here in the UK stating that blending fruits makes the natural sugars become 'free sugars' where the fruit sugars basically act like added sugar effectively tuning the smoothie into sugar water:

    'This is because the sugars in fruit and vegetables are released when they're juiced or blended, making them "free sugars".'

    Reference: https://www.nhs.uk/live-well/eat-well/water-drinks-nutrition/

  11. Regardless if you blend fruit and vegetables or you eat it unblended just eat your fruits and vegs guys and gals. I prefer smoothies.

  12. leaves arent food, fruit is, juices are processed, if you really want to be as healthy as possible you would eat only organic fruit and not take any supplements, but unfortunatly thats only for future generations

  13. all i care about is b12, my instincs keep me safe from needing any other information like this, i no that a blender isnt natural.. needing to take a b12 pill is totally jamming up my conscious, you really need to get some scientists to do more research on getting b12 from food.. seriously…

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