FRIEZA vs PERRY! ZIM and PHINEAS and FERB! UCF: The Hungry Games Episode 5

Begging your pardon Lord Frieza, but there
appears to be a problem with the worm hole… It seems to be, uh… Getting LARGER. is that
a problem? This COULD be a PROBLEM. Robin’s journal…..
Since losing Beast Boy I have remained hidden in the shadows. Watching… Waiting… Trying
to determine allies from enemies and who’s pulling the strings. Who brought us all into
this arena and WHY? I WILL find the ones responsible for all of this, and they WILL answer for
their crimes. Robin? It has been your turn on the Words
With Friends for quite some time now. I am selecting the option to nudge you… Nudge!
Nudge! No time for games, Star. I’ve got to avenge
Beast Boy! Robin, OUT! “Avenge Beast Boy”? What do you – Robin? It
appears you have dropped your communicatorRobin? ROBIN!!!
(gasp!!) GIR! What have they DONE to you? We FIXED him! Mind you, we had to make due
with whatever spare parts we could scrounge together, but we managed to make him better.
Stronger. Faster. SMARTER? Yeah… There wasn’t much we could do there. What does the fox say? eee-ee-eeee! But he DOES have a built-in waffle maker now. Yes! Yes he does. Along with an array of tactical
projectile and energy weapons. AM FIRIN MAH LASER! HOOOAAAAAAAA! hee hee
hee! EXcellent! Huhuhahahaaa! GIR! I want you to
use all of your new toys… Yaaay! New toys! Yes, yes. New toys. And eliminate all of our
competition! I’m sorry, master. But I can’t do that. WHAAT? You dare disobey MEEE?
I COMMAND YOU TO DESTROY THEM! You command WHO to do WHAT now? We also built in a few failsafe protocols.
You know… Just in case. Well that’s just super. I guess we’ll all
be working together as one big HAPPY FAMILY. Yayyyy!
I love you, master! Huhuhhhh…. They’re all working TOGETHER now. This will
NOT DO. You know, This Rageinator is one of my best
inventions yet!! It’s amazing nothing has gone wrong to thwart my plans! Hey, Doofenshmirtz! There’s some duck in a
hat at the door for ya. He’s got a message about thwarting your plans, something like
that. I dunno it’s all kind of a GRGRGR sound, he’s kinda’ hard to understand. PERRY THE PLATYPUS! I HAD to open my big mouth!
ICE KING STOP HIM! Aww, Bippity boppity BOO! No, no, no! NOT The Rageinator! Awww! Oh, great, Perry the platypus, Now it’s just
a random MEME-inator! Take THAT! ha hAAA! How do you like THAT, Perry the no
me gustapus? DOOFENSHMIRTZ! What is going on here?!
YOU MAD, Bro? Quit playing with that DUCK and get back to
stabilizing that wormhole! If HE escapes, it will ruin EVERYTHING!
No worries, Frieza, this is nothing I can’t – Oh, crap. AW, SERIOUSLY? – ScREW yew guys, I’m a gon’
home! THIS has gone on LONG ENOUGH! It’s time I take matters into my OWN hands. OH MY GOD, YOU KILLED PERRY! you bastard!

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