GESTATIONAL DIABETES – Diet Plan By Dietitian Jyoti Chabria

GESTATIONAL DIABETES – Diet Plan By Dietitian Jyoti Chabria

Hi, I am Jyothi Chabria. I would like to talk
about gestational diabetes here which is a very common occurrence that we see in most
patients now a days. Gestational diabetes is nothing but a condition wherein a patient
is diabetic during pregnancy, but once the patient delivers she is not considered a diabetic
anymore. But the precautions that one needs to take in a gestational diabetic case that
they follow almost the similar diet as a diabetic patient, but that lasts only till she delivers
because once she delivers all the sugar parameters come back to normal. The care that the patient
needs to take is almost follow a diet that a diabetic patient should follow as in, we
would recommend them to have low fat skimmed milk, because we do not recommend them not
to have milk because of the calcium. But they can go in for options like low fat milk or
we would also recommend them to have you know, in terms of vegetables they need to avoid
all the tubers as in potato, colocasia and beetroot, radish things like that. But we
would highlight in fact for them things like drumsticks, beans, all your green leafy vegetables
like amaranth, spinach, fenugreek things like that. And we would recommend them to also
avoid fruits like banana, mango, sapota, grapes and custard apple. Patient is also advised
to not to have fruit juice, reason being because to make a juice you need to have at least
3-4 fruits per se. But in a diabetic patient or a gestational diabetic patient only one
fruit is allowed per day. That also depends on the amount of sugar levels that they have.

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  1. thank u doctor ur information about diet for pregnancy dieabite.As I am the one suffering with it. Ur advice gave me new hope. Thank you

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  5. I m 7 month pregnant..and had diabities in 7th month..its 170 so…Can i take apple in morng and orange juice in evening…??

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