Going Vegan for the Earth, Possible Pardon for Rod Blagojevich & The Daily Show’s New Video Game

Going Vegan for the Earth, Possible Pardon for Rod Blagojevich & The Daily Show’s New Video Game

Let’s begin with climate change. It’s the gradual disaster that will eventually
wipe us out if we don’t take it seriously. Think of it like oatmeal. You know, you wash your bowl
right away, no problem. But if you leave it in the sink, by the time you come home,
you’ll have a new roommate. And if the world does end, there’s one group you cannot
blame, scientists, because they keep warning us
every single day to wash out our bowl. TV REPORTER: Chilling warnings
out in a new report that says, if we want to save
the planet, we need to change
what we put on the table and how we produce food. TV REPORTER: About a quarter
of greenhouse gases in the last decade came from
food, farming and land use. TV REPORTER: Think about it
this way, half a pound of beef causes as much greenhouse gas
to be emitted as driving 55
of these cars for one mile. Some good news, possibly, if we get rid of red meats
in our diet, if move toward
vegan lifestyles, if we change
how we’re using the land, we might be able
to reverse that damage, but the clock is ticking. So either the world ends or we all become vegan. (laughter) I mean, we’ve had a good run. Let’s be honest, huh? We’ve done this Earth thing,
I mean… -Yeah, it’s-it’s good.
-(cheers and applause) We’re done. What more is there to see? And, like, don’t get me wrong, I think we should all
be eating less red meat if it will save the planet,
but, at the same time, if we turn into
a planet full of vegans, that’s not a dream scenario. The hot air emerging from people bragging about
how good they are will heat up the planet
even faster. It’ll just be, like,
seven billion people like, “Hey, guys, the ice caps
are melting “and I only use hemp. Ah. Ah.” Also, it’s mind-blowing to learn that producing
half a pound of beef puts out the same
greenhouse gas as driving 55 cars for a mile. That is insane. I guess the only solution is that we have to drive cows. Yeah? Yeah, think about it. And then we get to eat them when
we get to our destination. Two birds, one stone. Yes. Instead of valet parking, we can have filet parking. Eh? How you like your car?
Medium rare, please. In other news: emojis. A few years ago, they were a cute way
to end your relationship but now we use them
to say so much more. We can use emojis to say
we’re going on vacation, you can tell someone
that you’re busy at work, and, of course,
everyone’s favorite, that you found human remains
in your backyard. Well, now the emojis
are so next level, they can even help you
get into a gang. TV REPORTER: The New York Post
reports gang members are using seemingly
harmless symbols to recruit in order for people
to carry out crimes. These cute little symbols
can take on sinister meaning. The gas pump, for example, is a universal symbol
for “gang.” So if you post this gas pump, that means you’re going
into gang mode. Two thumbs up with the knuckles
facing each other is a sign of the Crips. And their rivals, the Bloods
signal their affiliation with the magician’s top hat. And if they really want
to taunt their rivals, they’ll livestream video from their opponent’s turf
on Snapchat, and that practice is known
as cyber banging. Cyber banging. (laughter) You can see when he said
“cyber banging,” the first thing that came to his
mind wasn’t a top hat emoji. He was like,
“Cyber banging. Uh, banging.” Yeah.
So this is the new world. Gangs are using emojis. The top hat emoji
means “Bloods.” That is crazy, ’cause it means Abraham Lincoln
was in the Bloods. And Mr. Peanut. How deep does this go? Also, just a random question. Why does the gas pump symbolize
“gang mode”? Like, aren’t you in a gang
full time? But what does that mean,
“gang mode”? What is it, like,
part-time gang members? Just like,
“Yeah, man, I picked up “a couple extra shifts
with the Crips this weekend. Got to pay off
this student debt.” Like, what does that mean? I also wonder if gang members
ever get confused, right, when they’re texting
each other. Do they send someone a text
and then the other guy’s like, “You got some beef
that’s heating up and you want me to wipe him
off the planet?” The other guy’s like,
“Nah, man, I’m saying “we need to eat less meat
or global warming “will destroy
the environment, man. “I take this shit seriously. I take it seriously.” (cheers and applause) And finally,
speaking of criminals, former Illinois governor
Rod Blagojevich is back in the news. He was sentenced
to 14 years in prison for trying to sell
a vacant Senate seat. But, fortunately for him,
Donald Trump likes him and is thinking about giving him
a presidential pardon ’cause he said
he was treated unfairly. Yeah. And you know what?
This might explain why Trump is so into
criminal justice reform. All of his friends
are locked up, huh? He’s just like,
“I want them back. I miss them!” And, now,
you might be wondering, how does Donald Trump even know this corrupt politician,
Rod Blagojevich? Well, was he helping him set up
secret Russian meetings? Or did he help Trump
with some tax evasion scheme? No, it turns out they were both
on the same reality show. Want to ask this one question.
Your Harry Potter facts were not accurate.
Who did the research? ♪ ♪ Um, I-I feel like
I knew the product. In fact,
I wrote a lot of the text. It’s Slythering,
and it’s Hufflepuff, and it’s, uh, Ravencloth,
and it’s… So are you responsible? I think…
I-I think we did not win. Rod, you’re fired. Wow. (laughter) You know, I don’t know why, but after everything,
I think the thing that would actually freak me out
the most about Trump is if he was actually an expert
on Harry Potter. That would, like, break my mind. I wouldn’t be able
to accept that if he just came out one day
and he was like, “I say send her back! Expelliarmus!” I’d be like, “No. I-I’m not willing
to accept that.” (cheering and applause) I just wouldn’t. All right,
that’s it for the headlines. But before go
into our main story, all of this week,
everyone has been asking, “What can we do
to try and end gun violence?” And for a lot of politicians,
the solution has been to do something
about video games because they’ve said
that violent video games have the power to influence
people to commit murder. And that got us thinking, if video games
are so persuasive, maybe video games
could even inspire politicians to do something
to end gun violence. That’s why The Daily Show
made a new online game called The Legislator. Made it in one day. License to Bill. -(cheering and applause)
-Right. And… it’s all about… it’s all about trying to get
gun control through Congress, and Mitch McConnell
is the final boss, right? So, uh, lawmakers
and everybody else, go check it out
at DailyShowLegislator.com You can play it
with your friends or, if you’re Ted Cruz,
by yourself. Who knows? Maybe it’ll
even inspire people in Congress to go out there
and actually write some laws.

100 Replies to “Going Vegan for the Earth, Possible Pardon for Rod Blagojevich & The Daily Show’s New Video Game

  1. Dear Trevor,

    when I first saw one of your stand up shows I was like, what a cute, funny and intelligent young man.

    But what most impressed me was, your open mind and the way you see things between the human races. I was like, wow, this is somebody who has no kind of racism in his heart.

    But boy was I wrong, you are still cute, but you are far away from an open and informed mind.

    You are a speciesist. And by being a speciesist you are not as much of a humanist as you believe you are.

    The Daily Show on August 8th showed your true color.

    Do you have an idea what will happen, if the humans from the Western Countries keep on eating animal products the way they are doing right now?

    Don´t you know, that the most effected countries of the climate crisis will be the poor countries who has the least greenhouse gas emission at and around the equator, like countries in Africa (yes, your people), India and so on.

    90 % of the people that lives at or close to the equator live from agriculture. So what do you think will happen to about 400 Mio people, if they run out of food, because it will be too hot for crops to grow? Where will they go?

    60 % of the world grain and 80 % of world soy (most from the Amazon, yes the one that is burning right now) comes from the poorest countries and is fed to livestock. Out of 100 calories that you feed to cattle you only get 3 calories out. And for 1 kg of beef you need 15.000,000 liters of water.

    Do the math yourself or look at “Cowspiracy”.

    And there is so much more that you don´t know or is ignorant about. You are a smart young man and should get informed before you start making jokes about this very serious topic.

    By you making jokes about that topic you are laughing at people who are about to lose everything, because you like the taste of a burger or a steak.

    So if you want to be a humanist and environmentalist , you should go vegan or at least stop making fun of people that care about this world, people who have compassion not only for their own species or their pets but for all species. And before you mock at a sentient being (that poor cow), please do yourself a favor and look at the documentaries “Dominion” and “Earthling”. And do you know who also got mocked in the past like that? Slaves and Jews and today Blacks and Mexicans. If you are interested in that context read the book “Eternal Treblinka”. Probably than you will understand the connection between racism and speciesism.

    To understand speciesism and karnism read, “why we love dogs, eat pigs and wear cows” from Melanie Joy.

    Why don´t you give it a try and eat some vegan meals before being so biased. I mean, you don´t even have to cook for yourself. There are so many outstanding, finger licking vegan restaurants out there. Talk to your colleges “Preacher Lawson” or “Lee Camp” I bet, they can give you some good advices.

    If you like to know about health, look up the documentaries “What the health”, “ Forks over Knives”, “Eating you alive” or “The Game Changer”.

    Please, stay open minded and do some research before joking about 70 Billion land animals (10 x more than humans are on earth) and 2.8 Trillion water animals being killed each year leading to our own destruction.

    Greetings Alicia

    Martin Luther King:

    “Never, never be afraid to do what's right, especially if the well-being of a person or animal is at stake. Society's punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our soul when we look the other way.”

  2. I like your stand up comedy and the Daily Show, but making fun of Climate Change and one of possible solutions isn't helping. Really disappointing

  3. Okay triggered people in the comments, relax… listen, listen. This is comedy central people… COMEDY… why why why do people take things so seriously. He didn't say anything degrading about them, did he? He even said if it's the fact that we stop eating red meat that will save the planet, go ahead. Everyone has their preference tho, some people like being vegan, some people like being omnivores. Let's just live in peace. Oh sweet baby Jesus, are you coming soon?

  4. Trevor has always been a great inspiration for me and this is indeed the first time I feel utterly disappointed of him – making fun of vegans, especially in the context of saving the planet and this uphill battle we are all trying to fight. I don't mind the jokes, but at least he should have ended it on a positive note of encouragement and genuine concern.
    Just as a lot of good people out there who constantly make insensitive jokes about veganism to my face, I am sure it's just another case of ignorance. I don't want to call him ignorant, but smart, funny, and famous people can still be ignorant in the realms of unfamiliarity. I hope Trevor would take some time to learn why he offended so many people and perhaps call up Jon Stewart for some advice.

  5. So many BUTT HURT dumb stupid vegans from eating all those processed imitation meat are so pissed and angry on his joke. Vegans take shit up in their ass for everything

  6. This level of pollution does not come from people not recycling enough or "eating too much meat" it's about the huge environmental passes big corporations get. They are more strict on the consumers buying Roundup than the actual company making it.

  7. 225 g of beef : equivalent green house gases as driving 55 cars , a mile each.
    Says who ? No source cited ..no empirical evidence.. nada
    Fucking retards.

  8. Dissapointed Trevor, I hope you d have given at least some weight to allow for a diet that's at least partly vegetarian

    While it's a comedy platform; a through and through vegan bashing helped no one. Ask the scientists, they concur

  9. That's the first time I have to disagree with Trevor. We should all eat less meat and more vegetables and grains. I'm never going vegan but I rarely eat red meat and I'm glad it helps the planet too.

  10. I don't understand why going in the extrem, we must go vegan and everything ? To save earth we just have to go vegetarian for 1 day a week, one little day in the week, I don't get why it is hard for peoples ????

  11. My vegan peeps, he said he's all up for eating less red meat, just not being vegan. Instead of being huffy about the joke, how about shutting up our fellow vegans who are braggy and judgey about others? That way hopefully less and less people are turned off by the word "Vegan".

  12. What gross elitism/firstworldism. Laugh it up while eating your bacon while poorer countries are hit the hardest by climate change. The Amazon is being destroyed all to make room for animal agriculture. People are going hungry, and we're feeding farm animals instead of people. People (usually POC and Indigenous People) are losing their homes and livelihoods.

    Shame on any left leaning and progressives for not taking this seriously. Talk the talk about saving the Earth, but when it comes to walking the walk, you make fun of the people trying to make real change.

  13. 😂 Everyone in this comment section feeling disappointed or insulted is hilarious
    its just comedy and if you disagree with it than thats fine
    im sorry i dont want to switch to veganism it truly isnt in my interest whatsoever and I heavily disagree with it
    i might switch to be a pescatarian since its healthier than many other diets but even if I dont it doesnt mean ive given up on the planet
    rn every small act counts and we need to push that mentality that way small acts can turn to bigger ones

  14. What a bunch of butt-hurt vegans ha ha. I was vegetarian for 27 years, but never lost my sense of humor. BTW this is a comedy show… 😎

  15. Ads in the middle of your videos now? You guys broke? Are his ratings nose diving? This show filing for bankruptcy?


  16. Video games equaling violence is bullshit there are studies that prove the exact opposite of that, it’s just cause they’re too scared of the NRA to touch guns

  17. Wow! Never thought you’d disappoint me Trevor. Mocking veganism in favor of the world ending is a low blow not only to vegans, but to the animals who needlessly suffer, & to our planet that’s dying a fast death because selfish humans can’t be inconvenienced unless it involves the Kardashian’s!

  18. You can do it Trevor! Being vegan is easier than you think! It's inevitable.. we need to make changes now and being vegan is the easiest change individuals can make. C'mon, be the force of change, Trevor, we know you're a leader not a follower. Do you know how influential your changes could be for the world? Just think, YOU can save the world!! I dare you to give it a try! If not for the animals, do it for humanity! <3

  19. Wait he now isn't liked because he made fun of entitled invasive vegans!? If thats not your category or you don't do that does it invalidate the general experience of them who behave like that? A lot of people have met more crazy vegans than the normal people who happen to be vegans. This is becoming cultish its like some religions we know of. Really of everything he was making fun of including the darkness of pretty much just giving up on this exhausting world thats the take of people? If you are not that kind of vegan then this does not apply to you lol maybe some people are just feeling guilty coz he is describing them smh

  20. It's astounding that it's all fun and games until a topic that personally involves you is talked about. Trevor is a comedian and has covered innumerable topics and issues around the globe, both with seriousness and respect as well as humor and unflattering critiques. But as soon as he mocks something you hold dear, now it's in bad taste and he should be ashamed… It's sad really, but ultimately unsurprising.
    -an unbiased onlooker

  21. Jesus Christ you're all taking this too seriously, he was just making a joke about not saving the earth and it's not like defending veganism on a YouTube comment section is gonna solve anything.. if you really want to help go out there and do it, don't be a keyboard warrior

  22. being vegan is awesome. it would be even better if you all would just get on board and there were more delicious options when eating out. It is slowly getting better the more people BUY vegan products. vote with your dollar. dont complain about cliamte change while funding it.

  23. How utterly exhausted the western civilization has become that we are now brainwashing people that the planet, depending on if thy obey Al Gore or not, will die. Lunacy. Ding dong world. THE PLANET WILL RECYCLE US AND BE JUST FINE!!! It is sick of the global elite using airplanes and private jets 24/7 and telling YOU you should no longer eat the NUMBER ONE food we developed on as a race. The constant lies!!

  24. F this guy, used to think he was funny. Now I see he doesn't bring anything to the table but jokes. This is the guy who said this when faced with the reality of our meat consumption and cattle genocide

    It's stupid you guys get all up in arms about lions and giraffes in different countries, you'd be upset if people were hunting dogs, but millions of cows die in worse ways everyday, no one's saying anything about that. Don't draw lines, either all animals are important, or none of them are. To me, they're all important and deserve our protection and respect. Not just the ones rich people get to hunt and you don't. Now bury me in the comments

  25. I lost interest in Trevor's growing contempt for genuinely intelligent discourse in favor of winning mainstream approval, long ago. Seeing him s**t on vegans in 2019, is like seeing someone s**t on the concept of online business back in 1996. History won't look kindly on this one, Trevor. If this was any more ignorant, I could see it being aired by Fox.

  26. It seems that a lot of people on here don't understand satire. The joke was juxtaposing serious information with an irrational reaction to it, in order to highlight how irrational that reaction is in light of the seriousness of the previous information. Was it a particularly good or innovative joke? No. But it's pretty obvious it was not about encouraging people to go against the scientists' recommendations. Veganism is part of mainstream pop culture now, satirists should be able to joke about.

  27. To all the vegan: I respect your choice. I like meat and I can reduce the consumption but not remove it from my diet at all. We need balance, supermarket throw away ton of food, vegan or not, because the supply chain produce much more of what the market need. Also if the production cost it's lucrative but bad for the soil it must be limited and regulated, the desert of Soy in the Amazon can be an example.
    The solution can be to limit the production of products, reduce the numbers; wouldn't hurt to reduce also: cellphones, cars, tv, computers, tesla, and so on. We don't need that much food, or stuff.

  28. Cant believe people would preffer driving over flying but cant eat a veggie burger
    Bacon tho
    Well go breathe bacon you poor dumbass, too bad ill suffocate too

    . -everybody cheers
    . -sillence and bacon tho

    Going vegan is the most efficient and effective way to contribute to having a future, but bacon fucking tho

  30. Yeah… I’m at a loss for words. Thought you were cool man. Disappointing to see someone of your stature making fun of a minority group trying to better the world. But ok.

  31. The vegans are a very easily upset bunch. They're giving Trevor shit for doing his job (making jokes). Maybe they're always a little bit hangry since they cant eat any food with substance😂.

  32. I think not eating red meat isn’t hard because we have fish meat and it’s healthier and no side effects.
    I know there is simply not enough fish in the sea, but eating fish 2 times a week is already good for you.

  33. The left wants the right to have a sense of humor while I don't see vegans laughing at the rare jokes Trevor is telling.

    I'm sure he meant it ONLY as a joke. Of course we should try to reduce meat consumption etc …

  34. Crop farming is worse than livestock farming. Rice production produces methane and tilling soil emits carbon. But there's good news. Regenerative farming reverses and even sinks carbon back into the soil and the method is effective with both livestock and crop farming.

  35. Yeah yeah but let me hop on my private jet real quick, across the world 🌎 🌍 because I want a gold flake covered donut.

  36. So, all the vegans commenting on this post saying things like "people are selfish for not changing their dietary lifestyle" aren't accounting for people who physically and medically can't, due to allergies to various meat and protein replacements, or a difficulty processing plant matter. Y'all are also ignoring that a lot of more accessible and functional alternatives exist, and individual citizens have less of a carbon foot print than mega corporations who refuse to make the switch to green energy

  37. Except that veganism isn't necessarly better for the environnement than a regular diet, aside from other troubling facts like the lack of vitamin B12 and some amino acids.
    What would really be a good way to help the environnement would be to eat things fresh, produced localy and with a real agricultural ethic, regulations on fishing and less consumptions of meats, especially those produced in the industry.
    Very sorry to say, but veganism is a diet that could only appear in a western culture, needing supplements and vitamins you are suppose to find in food, and there is nothing "natural" behind it, the idea that eating meat is just worse than eating only vegetables, puts things in a very black and white scenario, and just switch the problem in another direction but doesn't stop it.

  38. If you have diabetes (35 Million of people in US) or are pre-diabetic, (About 100 Million people in US) transition to vegetarian diet is a good choice. Your sugar level will drop. For sure.

  39. https://youtu.be/vpTHi7O66pI

    Please check out Alan Savory's holistic farming that utilize farm animals to sequester carbon and reverse desertification. Going vegetarian isn't going to work. The math won't work.

  40. gang members are not full time gangsters for the most part. they are regular working men that have affiliated with an organization for protection and helping others with protection. "law enforcement" has failed more miserably than I can describe yet.

  41. Meat causing climate change? No, no, no!

    CAFO meat (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations) is doing it, and making people sick from eating it. This is the stuff that mostly fills the grocery stores.

    Beef raised on grass, and humanely treated actually contributes to climate health, as well as meat-consumers' health.

  42. Really disappointed that Trevor mocked a very serious solution to the climate crisis. You have so much persuasion power Trevor, and you've let us down to get a laugh out of the masses

  43. As a Polish American, I'm not a big fan of Veganism, but I have greatly reduced my intake of meat. Now I survive mostly on beans, lentils, and polenta with some onions, cabbage, and zucchini thrown in there with a good amount of chili peppers. I mostly live out of a crockpot. My health has improved a bit, and my monthly food bill is much more manageable. I don't need a big slab of meat to enjoy a meal, just a little to be able to sleep at night(insomnia).

  44. Remember there is a wide variety of people listening, each with their own blind spots and biases. Too many non-vegans can't listen unless vegans are mocked. If that's the way to get the message to some of the more stubborn people, it's worth it. Trevor is not losing his edge, he just can't be perfect all the time.

  45. Dear my fellow vegans,

    I’m sure Trevor takes climate change seriously. We can make jokes about serious topics, and I get that his jokes were ones we’ve heard a billion times before, but they’re still just fucking JOKES.

  46. Happy vegetarian here – future goals include feeding myself via food forest. Sustainable living is all i can do as an individual so….. maybe the reality we face here on the front lines isn’t as funny as you think

  47. Let's make lame jokes about the only people who are actually doing something to solve the climate crisis. #disappointed

  48. Small potatoes, the animals carbon footprint is minuscule. According to recent studies stupid people are the biggest contributors to climate change. We need to do more than to just stop raising animals, we need to start eating people with IQs under 130. We can quickly reverse all climate change with this strategy. It's a hard talk to get started but the projections are undeniable. Nature used to have ways to weed out the stupid people but is protecting them is what got us here. For every stupud person we consume instead of animals we make hige strides to net negative. Why would we settle for net neutral when we are so close to the world ending.

  49. those little yellow buses have the same big engine of a normal bus. We have to put a bunch of them on the road greatly increasing carbon emissions and oil consumption. They need their own classrooms, special equipment that causes us to use more natural resources, they pollute more because they are incapable of comprehending why it is wrong. Everywhere they go has to have foam padding on the corners of everything, the manufacturering of that foam is a huge contributor to pollution and gaseous emissions much worse for the atmosphere than carbon monoxide or methane.

  50. We could also stop our empire's military from guzzling oil as it terrorizes and destabilizes regions of the world…just a thought. But yeah, us cutting out meat and staws will…like…do a little something too I guess.

  51. Guess Trevor Noahs a boomer after all “/ laughing at veganism while simultaneously acknowledging its the only way to save the planet. Big sad.

  52. Trevor Noah, I am a big fan of your show but sorry, I didn't expect you to sound like a right wing fashist global warming denialist. Quite surprised.

  53. In Delhi, the pollution levels are dangerous because of neighbouring states burning chaff on their fields. So you shouldnt eat anything at all then. An almond takes 85 litres of water to grow a single almond. So what these vegans have for these. Dont eat anything at all… These ppl Always on the wrong side of rationalism.

  54. Climate change and animal suffering is something to joke about??? Has Trevor joined the conservative climate change denying, vegan bashing bigots now???
    Mocking people who don't want anyone to be hurt and want to save the planet? That's a new kind of low that I would not have expected from Trevor Noah.

  55. How about driving a car 55 miles? I mean, that's a weird comparison.
    2:50 since when? Sounds more like an american symbol for gangs.

    Candy crush told me kill! It;s the game! It's the ga-ha-ha-haaaaame.. D;

  56. Wait, this was supposed to be funny? I guess I missed all the jokes since climate change is an issue that can be solved by going vegan. The facts are there, so no one can say otherwise.

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