Got Calcium? Dairy Free Vegan Calcium Sources | Dr Michael Greger of

Got Calcium? Dairy Free Vegan Calcium Sources | Dr  Michael Greger of

You don’t drink milk? What about your bones?
You know you need calcium right? Didn’t you watch those commercials? You gotta, y’know,
get your calcium and stuff. Milky white goodness. That’s how you do it. Mmmm. I love you so
much. You gotta savor the…savor the aroma that comes out of it. Calcium? I didn’t
even know ‘em! Yeah! Hi it’s Emily from Bite Size Vegan and welcome
to another vegan nugget. If you grew up in the United States, chances
are your parents at some point told you to drink your milk so you could grow big and
strong and have healthy bones. So when you think about going vegan, naturally the calcium
concern arises. So when I spoke recently with Dr. Michael Greger of,
I was sure to ask about vegan calcium sources. Another nutrient concern that people
have when going vegan is calcium. Because, we are kind of raised and indoctrinated to
believe that we get our calcium from dairy. You know, milk, cheese…and, I’m sure you’re
going to be talking about this because some of the insanity of that, looking at the actual,
what dairy does within our body. But, could you speak some about calcium within a vegan
diet, and also the role that calcium plays within the whole dairy industry? Sure, so, I mean it’s true,
you know dairy is the number one source of calcium in the United States. Calcium…it’s
also the number one source of saturated fat intake. It’s actually not beef but cheese primarily.
Cheese and then chicken actually, more saturated fat, cheese, chicken, donuts, and then basically
pork. The..and so…food is a packaged deal. Right? You know, as much as Burger King says
that you can have it your way, you can’t go, be like….yeah…could I get the protein
and the iron but hold the saturated fat, cholesterol, hormones, antibiotics, blah blah blah, it
just doesn’t work that way, it comes as a packaged deal. So, it’s like, where do
you want to get your calcium from? You get your calcium from dairy and the baggage that
comes along with that calcium, like the saturated butter fat, you know, hormones, etc. Or, you
get your calcium from the source, like dark green leafy vegetables. Where…what’s the
baggage you get there? Oh, then you get the fiber, and the folate, and the potassium,
the proper nutrients, the iron and all these wonderful things that you’re not getting…in
the dairy source. So, you’re getting kind of everything you want without all the stuff
you don’t want. So, that’s really why plant based source of calcium are so much
healthier. Now, the most concerning thing in terms of milk consumption was these series
of studies, actually which will be profiling soon on, they actually
found that those who drank more milk actually had a higher hip fracture rate, so we’ve
known that milk isn’t protective. Whether we’re talking about older women, younger
women, peak bone mass; any of that, milk just has not be shown to protect bone health. But
here for the first time you’re saying, well…actually increases fracture risk as well as shortening
the lifespan and increase risk for cardiovascular disease. I think it’s actually the galactose,
this sugar found in lactose, in milk sugar that’s hurting the bones and increasing
risk for death, and brain problems. And so… that is not where we want to get our calcium,
calcium is important but we should get it from healthy foods, right? And healthy is
probably dark green leafy vegetables and you get some in everything from sesame seeds,
and nuts, and you know, tahini is a good source. Dried fruits, I mean you get a little
bit throughout the day. I even encourage people to get 800, not 800…600mg of calcium a day.
I wouldn’t dip below 600 though, but 600 is…the average vegan gets over 600. But
again if you’re restricting calories for some reason, you’re just not eating a lot,
you’ll want to make sure you have a lot of calcium enriched foods in your diet. I have heard of studies and I think
it’s talked about a little bit in the China study as well. But, where they’ve looked
at the countries that have the lowest dairy consumption also have the lowest rates of
osteoporosis, and of course there’s a lot of other factors that can be in play there.
The idea that animal protein leaches calcium from the bones in order to neutralize the
acid, is there any validity behind that? There’s been decreasing validity
as…the research has come in. The study that really changed it all was the study using
radioactive calcium isotopes. We’ve known, god, for decades, that if you eat a steak,
all of a sudden you pee in all this calcium, and say hey, where’s the calcium coming
from? Calcium is stored in our bones, so we must be peeing our bones down the toilet.
It turns out if you actually radiolabel calcium in a meal, and you eat that steak, you get
a big burst of calcium in your….it turns out the calcium’s radioactive. It’s actually
the calcium in your diet and not your bones that you were peeing out. So, what protein
does is actually increases calcium absorption. So, by eating a steak you would get more calcium
with whatever you were eating with that steak, and your body’s like ‘whoa!, what’s
with all this calcium?’, and just pees out the excess. So, that gave the sense that there
was this, you know…this kind of, calcium recess with this loss of calcium in the urine cause
and they thought it was this kind of buffering thing. That does not seem to be the case.
Again, that doesn’t mean that dairy products aren’t bad for the bones but it just…this
kind of sense that meat was the reason for the high rates of osteoporosis…has not panned
out. There’s this sense ‘oh, I don’t
need to get calcium, I’m vegan, I’m not eating animal protein’. No, we need to get…600mg
of calcium; it’s easy to do. We should all be eating dark green leafy vegetables, so
there’s that one way to do it. Um, you know…you can use to sweeten things with black cherry
molasses, there’s a lot of calcium in it… …calcium solidified tofu. All sorts of things have
lot s of calcium but we should just make sure we get it. With some nutrients you can have toxicity.
I guess it’s important to ask too, with calcium…can you over do it or is that something
the body is just going to process out? It would be very difficult
to overdo. I mean, so if you take two {{??}} supplement forms, and if you take a bunch of calcium
at once, you’re just not going to absorb it. Your body is just going to kick it out
and you just wasted money. But it’s…yeah you don’t think of people taking too much
calcium, I mean you can wind up with kidney stones I guess. But um…it’s not something
you hear about, but people shouldn’t be supplementing with calcium anyway. Anything
mineral, we should get it from whole plant foods. Oh yeah, I meant, I didn’t word that…well,
today I’m looking at my…intake for the day. I put it into Cron-O-Meter just to see
and my calcium for today is 1,580.7mg, which it says is 158% of my RDA. Again it’s the source,
right? If you did that all because you were eating Tums all day, I’d say let’s cut
back on the Tums, right? But if you said ‘I did that because I ate this awesome kale salad
and I’ve been eating figs, and I’ve been…’, you know, then…you go girl. Yeah, it was mandarin oranges, dates,
lot of romaine and broccoli. Wow, that is…that is some awesome
broccoli intake, I’m jealous. {{laughs}} Yeah, it was a huge pot so… I hope you enjoyed hearing from Dr. Greger
on this issue. As he so aptly pointed out, even if dairy and other animal products do
contain desirable nutrients, they come as a package deal with plenty of undesirable
elements. So skip the middle cow and get your calcium from plants- you get all of the nutrients
and none of the saturated fat, antibiotics and pus. Yes. There’s pus in milk. Makes you wonder what the mustache really consists of. Now this video is focusing on health and nutrition,
but I’d be remiss if I didn’t at least mention that outside of the entire health
detriments of dairy, it is also possibly the cruelest of all the animal products industries.
You can learn more about what exactly dairy involves in either one of these videos but suffice
to say, a glass of milk contains far more suffering than a pound of beef. Now to be sure you’re getting your daily
calcium, check out Cronometer, the awesome software that I use to track my own nutrition-
it’s totally free and pretty fantastic. So fantastic in fact that they’re sponsoring
this video. Be sure to use the link in the description to go make your profile so they
know that Bite Size Vegan sent you. Cronometer, it does a body good. The milk people are going to sue me. Now I’d love to hear from you on the calcium
issue- where do you get yours from? Did you, or do you, believe the dairy hype? Let me
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video description below as well for those of you on your phones or tablets. Now go live vegan, get
in your greens, and I’ll see you soon. You gotta get your calcium and stuff. It’s
all up in there. Milky white goodness. This smells really good. It’s almond milk. Very
fragrant. It’s quite lovely actually. I love you. I love you so much. I want you inside
me right now. Alright that might be one of the weirder things I’ve done. Subtitles by the community

100 Replies to “Got Calcium? Dairy Free Vegan Calcium Sources | Dr Michael Greger of

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  6. Dr Gregor says "you get your calcium from green leafy vegtables" Dont you have to eat a massive amount of those though to get enough calcium?
    I ask because I am now trying to be vegan and am having a problem with my teeth. They are getting very thin and partly clear and I think I'm not getting enought calcium.

  7. the other day my 84 year old grandma "informed" me that equal portions of broccoli and milk have the same calcium except the broccoli calcium is more "bioavailable". Go Reader's Digest (because she only reads that…and the bible).

  8. I believe him but I would like to see the study with the facts. Does anyone have the link? I went to his site and can't find anything?

  9. I'd love to know if kids need more then the 600mg of calcium that he recommends. I am able to get 600 mg fairly easily (I can't get 1000mg) but I worry that the kids aren't getting that much because they aren't eating as many dark leafy greens.

  10. hi great videos I love watching your as a new vegan of 4 and a half months and was wondering if you ever thought of doing a video on vegan tooth care an how a vegan diet and help your teeth, just an idea love to see done some day thanks and keep the video coming πŸ™‚

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  12. What about mineral water? 1.5 litres of my local bottled water contains almost 1000mg of calcium and I drink around 2-3 litres per day and as far as I (and my doctor) know the body absorbs it just as well as from other sources of calcium. But oddly enough I hardly ever see people recommending mineral water?! I just don't get it, is there something I'm missing

  13. Even before I went paleo I went milk free. Words to make you scream: pus. I don't care how treated it is. It's still PUS. Like the ooze that comes out of pimples. Nasty. Keep doing awesome work!!

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  16. Vegetable oils (sunflower, canola etc) are very bad for you. Polyunsaturated oils are unstable and indigestible for humans. Oils like coconut oil and olive oil are the way to go. Even butter is okay for you apart from the pus and dairy factor.
    Just thought I would put this out here because the world needs to know.

  17. i get calcium from all tipes of foods avalable like a normal human…not just plants

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  19. Thank you for all your great videos!I do have a comment; kids need a lot of calcium, I think more than grownups. My kids won't touch any green leafy vegetables nor broccoli etc, so I'm left with little choices here, mostly soy milk enriched with calcium, and that is not enough… It really is impossible make kids eat what they don't want πŸ˜• What are your thoughts?

  20. Every day I have a bowl of Vector Cereal and 250 mls. of almond milk, which provides me with 60% of my calcium RDA in one meal. I also used to supplement this with tums, which was problematic because I also use them for heart burn, which I get often. This video has shown me how using supplements could be doing me more harm then good, so thanks for the information.

  21. I'm taking a nutrition class at my college and the professor is absolutely brainwashed that there is no way to get calcium other than with dairy. she gets mad when I defend veganism and doesn't credit enriched plant milks as a good source of nutrients. she also discredits soy as a complete protein.. she literally has said to me in the middle of a lecture "now roxie- I know you're a vegan- (I hate when people say "A VEGAN".. like.
    I'm not in a cult.. I'm just vegan… not "one of them")- so you I know you are aware that soy is a complete protein- but if you don't answer meats and dairy on the test, you will get that question wrong."

  22. Why wasn't D-vitamin mentioned in this video at all? It is a fact that calcium only absorbs in to your body if it gets d-vitamin also. The main source of d-vitamin is fish and eggs, meat and sunlight. I'm sure that some can get enough d-vitamin just being outside in the sun, but for example where I live the winter is really dark and long so as a vegan the only option is to that fish or take supplements. Lucily here in Finland our d-vitamin is added to milk so calcium absorbs really well drinking that. And also that 600 mg of calcium is really the bear minimum of calcium you need. World wide that ranges from 600mg to 1200 mg. You might get that 600 mg of calcium from vegetables only (but you'd have to eat a lot!) but in the end it might not do any difference because you didn't get the d-vitamin πŸ™

  23. It's ridiculous that we are sold the idea that to get calcium we have to drink milk and have dairy. There are millions (probably in the billions) of people that are lactose intolerant (including myself) or allergic to dairy and the ability to digest dairy only developed relatively recently in human history. Although sadly we don't consume many wild species of greens any more that contain much more calcium than even kale and it is harder to find higher calcium containing greens in shops (e.g. turnip greens). Your definetly right that it is so much healthier to get your calcium from vegan sources – greens, certain pulses, seeds, fortified foods/drinks, oranges, dried fruit etc, tofu. When I first went to the doctor about my lactose intolerance, I was sent to a nutritionist who told me to eat hard cheeses (which I can stomach small amount of because it has less lactose but won't eat)! Now I just eat all the foods above.

  24. "How are calcium supplements different from calcium fortified Soy/Almond milks? I checked a few popular brands and they use the same form of calcium (Calcium Carbonate)If I drink 1 cup of Silk brand Soy milk, I get 475mg of Calcium in the form of Calcium Carbonate. If I take a supplement, I get 500mg (the smallest amount I could find per pill) again in the form of calcium carbonate. Based on this comparison, shouldn’t we just avoid fortified plant based milks as well?" – User aragaw

  25. Milk is a comfort food for me. Warm milk with cinnamon and maple syrup. drool
    I have been drinking a lot of fortified almond milk as I transition into veganism. Warmed with cinnamon, maple syrup, and love πŸ™‚
    I also get calcium from primarily vegetables and seeds.

  26. excelente video!! sigue asΓ­ !!! y por favor no olvides en tener subtΓ­tulos en espaΓ±ol πŸ™‚
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  27. I'm really struggling to understand Dr. Greger's accent. Can somebody please break down all the calcium-rich foods he's enlisted?

  28. I've just found your channel! I loved this video! It was so informative. I hope that non-vegans watch this and realise that milk isn't all it's cracked up to be!

  29. Hi, i am vegan and since I found you yesterday, I started to use the cronometer… I am from Europe and some foods are missing. But well, it is a great tool. Already as non vegan I was taking a multivitamin supplement, so now I continue taking it, I think that I am not taking all the minerals including Calcium from the foods… I guess that it is not good to take the supplement since it doesn't replace healthy food but somehow I am not able to reach the levels with food. I am a bit overwhelmed.

  30. I heard that the only reason there is increased risk of hip fracture in cultures that eat a lot of dairy is only because those cultures have lots of snow and ice and are more likely to slip and fal. And this analysis has negated the research you are siting in this program.

  31. 2 tablespoons of tahini made form whole sesame seeds has 256 mgs of calcium. Be sure it is not made from hulled seeds. The brand I use is Pepperwood from Amazon. It is amazing. I eat it on toast, dip with raw veggies, eat if off the spoon, drizzle on cooked veggies, make salad dressing and so much more. I also take 1 tablespoon of black strap molasses for 200 mgs calcium. That is already 456 mgs of calcium. Bok Choy and collard greens have the highest calcium content of the veggies, even more than broccoli or kale.

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    I follow dr caldwell esselstyns recommendstion to have 6 big handfuls of cooked kale per day….for heart health…and it gives me my calcium fir the day….i usually throw in another big serving of swiss chard or broccoli too..fir the vitamin e

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  42. For the sake of scientific honesty, shouldn't this video be taken down? It has been disproved that cultures that eat dairy have more hip fractures because of dairy. They have more hip fractures because they are in cold climates with snow and ice. There is also research that indicates that vegans have lower bone mass than omnivores and that protein is protective of bone mass. I heard the Vegan RD Ginny Messina speak in 2018 and I think she said vegans had more bone mass problems than omnivores, but I can't find that info. See Jack Norris Ginny Messia article: Dietitian Perspectives on Protein, Calcium and Vegan Bone Health. (For the record, my diet is overwhelmingly plant-based and I have low bone mass, so I pay attention to vegan's advice on this topic.)

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