Healthy Cookware – Guide to Choosing the Safest, Healthiest Cookware

Healthy Cookware – Guide to Choosing the Safest, Healthiest Cookware

Hey guys! This is Heather from
So I’ in the kitchen today but I’m not doing a recipe, what I wanna talk to you about
is healthy cookware because its a very important thing to think about in cooking and you guys
ask me about it all the time so its about time that I share my thoughts about healthy
cookware. So first of all, I wanna just mention a couple
of things that I try to avoid. Number one would be aluminium, it’s a very cheap material
for making pots and pans and it can leach part of the aluminium into the food that you
are cooking. So try not to buy aluminium pots and pans. Number two would be those non stick coatings,
the black tough one type of coatings. It’s been link with all kinds of health issues
especially when they get scratch. Now there are some safer non stick coatings and I’ll
talk about that in a minute. Alright, first of all the pots that I use
all the time on my videos is these glass pots and these are really old pots that my mom
passed on to me. She was, she got a one of those electric stove tops one and glass you
cannot use on those stove tops because it will break. Now glass is awesome for holding heat, it
heats up slowly but once it’s hot it really hold the heat nicely so I love using these
for cooking grains because it gives them a nice slow steady cooking temperature and you
can see through them so when you’re cooking grains you can watch the water get absorbed
and you don’t have to check and see whether it’s been mix in there or not. You can just see from the outside. So lots
of things I like about these pots, they don’t stick very much and they clean up really nicely.
The only downside to the glass pots is they do break. And I’ve broken the lid on this
smallest pot of mine and someone was kind enough to send me a link on where I can buy
a replacement on eBay and that seems to be the only place you can find these pots now
is on eBay. And I also came across a website once that
talk about them spontaneously breaking when they’re on the stove and lots of people
had serious accidents with them so I’m not sure how common that actually is but it is
something to think about if you have kids around you maybe don’t want to go with the
glass pots. For me if I get seriously injured with my
pot, it’s just me so I’m taking the risk myself I suppose. Alright, the other option
that I like is stainless steel. So this is a stainless steel pot that I have and handily
enough one of my glass pots is exactly the same size and I broke the lid as well so I
use this lid on a glass pot too. Stainless steel is great, you can have some
that have the thick bottom and that’s best because then the heat doesn’t go directly
on the food that’s in here. It carries the heat and tempers with it a little bit. So
stainless steel is another great option, it cleans out as well and it doesn’t break. So that’s great and then for pans what I
use is cast iron. Now I have not been using pans a lot lately because I haven’t been
cooking with oil in a long time but this is the pan that I would use and what happens
is it builds up its natural non stick coating. You rub it with oil and I use a oil sprayer,
if I could find it. So that’s a little pump sprayer and then
anytime I use this I clean it out and then dry it, get it a little bit hot and then spray
it with this and that oil creates a natural non stick coating on a cast iron pan and this
brand Lodge is one of the most common that you can find on a cast iron and I’ve got
a set where this is the lid of a deep pot so I have two pans that I can use here. And now with cast iron it does leach iron
into water and sometime food when you’re cooking it and that’s not always a bad thing
because lot of people have iron deficiency but it’s maybe not the best quality of iron.
It’s not where you want to get your iron from and also of your cooking with water not
a good idea because it will leach in the water and turn it black and not so nice. The other option similar to cast iron is carbon
steel which I have a wok made of carbon steel its away somewhere I don’t know even where
it is but carbon steel has the same kind of natural non stick coating and you do need
to treat it every time you cook with it. Just spray a little bit of oil and away you go. So those are my option for healthy cookware
and not stick coatings that are okay are the natural ones from the cast iron and carbon
steel and there’s also a new type of ceramic non stick coating that seems to be okay. And
there’s also stoneware that you can use for baking, that’s a great option as well. So that’s it for healthy cookware for today
and I’ll see you next time.

27 Replies to “Healthy Cookware – Guide to Choosing the Safest, Healthiest Cookware

  1. Love all my Le Crueset which is made in France and is enamel cast iron. Which means it has enamel outer/inner baked on. And they have something like a one hundred year guarantee. And a well seasoned cast iron item should not turn water grey/black. Also want to note that 'hot pan cold oil food wont stick' is a phrase I remember.

  2. I think it's very important when buying stainless steel to buy the correct grades. 18/10 should be the highest grade and at grade 18/0 you should be very cautious to care for it properly (the grades are etched into the pots, usually on the bottom). Also, my grandmother used glass pots throughout my childhood and they never broke. Cast iron is very safe and the iron that leaches into the food is minimal (especially if the pot is old), it has been shown to keep blood sufficient of iron levels.

  3. One more superior pot for healthy cooking is the slow cooker or crock-pot (with stoneware inner pot, which is nontoxic). Slow cooking better retains nutrients, increases digestibility and flavour, more so than most cooking methods. It is the best way to cook beans and other foods that tend to be tough to break down.

  4. Hi Heather, thanks for the video. Just wondering about the stainless steel pots. Are they safe to have an encapsulated aluminium bottom if the food doesnt touch any aluminium? Like the bottom part of the pan is aluminium, but the part where you put the food into is all stainless steel?

  5. I need help finding a safe muffin pan, is "natural aluminum" safe?, if I have a aluminum muffin pan and use liners is it safer?

  6. Thanks for an honest review on the advantages / disadvantages on the various types of pots & pans you use. Seems to be nothing but paid reviews and infomercials on YouTube

  7. i've been cooking with ceramic cookware lately and love it. I still have stainless steel pressure cookers but I don't use them much. SS is ok as long as it doesn't have a copper botton.

  8. Also, cast iron is not good for men. The reason is because it's iron and we guys do not need to overload our systems with iron. It's ok for women but not for men.

  9. Can you provide advice for bakeware?  I would like to replace my aluminum jelly roll pans, cookie sheets, pizza pans with a non-warping, heavy duty stainless steel material bakeware. I have not been able to locate any items that actually have good reviews. I have only found small oval bakeware by All-Clad. Please advise.

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