Healthy Eating Ep.1 – Awareness & Inflammation #지루성피부염

Healthy Eating Ep.1 – Awareness & Inflammation #지루성피부염

Hi! My name is Sun Chung aka Hungry Gopher. I am the creator and host of Hungry Gopher
cooking show and The Kimchi Master Course. Today, I want to share how to build healthy
eating habits. I know one thing for sure when it comes to
health. Time does NOT wait for you. You either improve your health OR slowly but
surely your health declines. The past three years have been an eye-opening
experience for me. Now, I truly understand the value and power
of what you choose to eat or choose NOT to eat. ​I learned this priceless lesson by changing
my diet and lifestyle to reverse my chronic skin condition, Seborrheic
dermatitis. The results are beyond my belief. After relying on steroid medicine
for 30 years to combat my symptoms, I’ve become medicine FREE since August of 2015. ​The side effects are even better. I’ve lost those stubborn 18Lbs/8Kgs I had
never been able to shed before. Also, my joint and muscle pain have decreased
dramatically. Most amazingly my mood is stable. Honestly, I have become a better partner to
my husband and a better daughter to my mother since I started
this journey. How is this possible? One word. Inflammation. I removed
highly inflammatory foods and supplied my body with the raw nutrients
my body had needed all those years – 30 years to be exact. These changes lowered my inflammation. If you don’t know already. Let me tell you. Inflammation is the underlying cause of most
diseases, if not all of them. The first step to building your healthy eating
habits is awareness. Understanding the value and power of what
you choose to eat and choose NOT to eat has a profound impact on
your body and mind. In the following episodes, I’ll share practical
yet simple tips to teach you how to build healthy eating habits, so that
you can lower inflammation in your body and regain your health to look
good and feel fabulous. Visit to find more inspiration,
practical health tips and easy healthy recipes including simple kimchi
recipes. Remember Guys, Eat Real, Be Real
Thanks for watching…. I’ll see you next time! Are you confused about what to eat? I understand. Conflicting nutritional information
and studies can lead you in the wrong direction. Today’s food climate is complicated
and it is hard to navigate. I’ve spent countless hours researching, implementing
and tracking my progress to regain my health and
become medicine FREE. So you can save your time and money. Buy me a coffee. I’ll teach you my hard-earned knowledge
and experience. Sign up right here to schedule a 20 min consultation
with me for just $3. This offer is limited and will go away soon. So sign up NOW b/f it goes away.

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  1. I am almost positive I either have something similar to your skin condition or am in the beginning stages of it. Thank you for taking the time to make this video. I will listen to your guidance and change my diet in the hopes that my health improves. You're proof that it works!

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