Healthy Eating Tips : Why Eat Healthy?

Hi, I’m Ken Babal, and I’m here at Erewhon
Natural Foods Market in Los Angeles. And, the title of this clip is, Eat Right for Optimum
Health. And, I want to talk a little bit, first, about why we should be eating right.
Your choice of diet can affect your long term health prospects, more than any other action
you might take. So, in terms of your maximum physical and mental energy, that’s what it’s
all about, eating a proper diet. Now, the body’s a wonderful self repairing machine.
It’s constantly re-newing itself. Every six months you have new red blood cells. Every
five days you’ve got a new stomach lining. So we can make good copies or we can make
bad copies. What we need to do is supply all the nutrients in the right proportions, all
the essential vitamins and minerals that the body needs to create healthy new cells. And
then, the flip side of that, of course, is how well we get rid of the waste products.
But that’s a topic for another clip, which we will get to. So, in this video, we not
only want to talk about quality, but also quantity, and frequency. Quality of your food,
and correct portion sizes, and how often you should be having something to eat. So, let’s

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