Here’s A Way To Solve Global Starvation

Here’s A Way To Solve Global Starvation

iraq war costs so you know that david independence that
two point four trillion dollars eventually causes his mother veterans benefits in etcetera etcetera and all the money that we both too do the right where the first place but
as far as cold hard cash we’ve already spent if bush gets this house in ninety
six million he’s asking for which you almost certainly get because blurred democrats in the suburbs a career it’s gonna be six hundred eleven billion
dollars that’s in this field six hundred eleven billion dollars that
we sent on iraq and bossa novas that will swell they
break down what you could have bought with the six hundred eleven million
dollars all those numbers are astounding and
ridiculous you know you could have bought health care for every american
for seventy two years you know you go that’s an exaggeration reasonable you know you can come by ida lee one of
them was you buy free gas for everybody in the country for
eighteen months that was on uh… always doing that we just because just want to or whose just fallen i want to be given to you all for free
for the last eighteen months with the money we spend asset and that was a little while i just
wanted to see by don’t buy here’s the one thing that i was away
from this is amazing because this is probably consumers that shows you what we have political will for and what
we do not have political willful at four fifty four billion dollars a
year ago real world bank we could eliminate starvation and
malnutrition globally by two thousand fifty while thirty billion dollars would
provide a year primaries t-shirt for every have on or and those numbers six hundred eleven
billion dollar cost will work for the fed educated the world’s poor
for seventy years can understand ended up in his these two
big concept to get your mind around three okay just yet that so get in for a
second we could have keyword poverty by two thousand fifty educated all the world’s children for seven years on top instead we chose to start the disastrous war that’s been wiley counterproductive in
the middle of the middle east for because the country that even
attacked mind god men wear our priorities and index politicians and i don’t have
the money they don’t have the money ali i you know what educating the world’s poor that’s a
great idea actually cuz they’ll resolve budgeting letter from
white americans that are more educated working and they
are the more likely they are the parts in the world economy recently almost working together and
send them but we don’t have the money we don’t have the money always have the money for war we never have the money for education or god forbid eighty people doesn’t know what they say because some global starvation with not even all the money not even half of the money we spent interact already let all the way we’re
going to spend going down the road boggles the mind what we could have done instead now here’s my question to you using them next president democrat or republican is good chance of france is a visited cummins havoc on this to
say you-know-what would it take that same amount of money and one hispanic on education throughout the world but i wanna stop starvation and we were
kids that seeming impossible for when i was growing up twenty twenty five years
ago returns that i was kinda doable and it goes to show you were making some
progress and the fact that would be to get close to be at the police spend enough money where no one would be for you that’s an amazing fact and that was even
more amazing is that we don’t do it there were that close and we don’t even
do it fifty four billion dollars passes the supplemental supplemental the bush asked for a dark
walked for just this year fifty four million dollars a
supplemental canceled wednesday the every man-woman jumped into the
world on in america in the world before in the world that now will the next president come in and
say how many do that that’s it all these religious faith religious
people would jesus christ also field
coordinator for is in the ashes of mike huckabee was a
minister’s income brock obama because i was also mexico when they come in and
say you know what poverty the poor fifty four billion dollars everybody desi i know that there are downsize that
policy and i know it’s a hard thing to implement but you know what there was a lot of
downsize the iraq war picture that was exceedingly argument and didn’t work so maybe we should try something else
that might help people but you have a decided to keep the kids aside go and
put them aside my god meant education is the best
return on money sebastian eternal invested in re-educate in the world we will not read the whole world you are
both free and the people that’s how you doing you don’t do it by dropping bombs on
their heads or the next president have those
priorities i’m afraid you the answer is no i really
am canonize individual so we have a leader
that we have the majesty doing i hope one day

62 Replies to “Here’s A Way To Solve Global Starvation

  1. could have funded a military shia coup with promises that theyd share their oil with us. then the neocons and the righteous liberals win. Too bad America makes bombs instead of books.

  2. This is very informative, but please remember, these things will not happen (feed the hungry and educate them) as long as the New World Order has its way.

    Remember, they wish to eliminate about 80% of the world`s population, and things like starvation, wars and disease is only helping them. So, why would they wish to stop that?

  3. Ok – I agree with the guy below, this is a substance type of report – But if the world's countries would all commit to help feed and educate then, this problem would also be gone. Quit concentrating all of the world's poor and starving on the US alone. The money is already there with or without war. Just not distributed to the poor. Teach them how to help themselves/give tools.

  4. Ron Paul has this agenda: to liberate all, spend all the money domestically, and not on empire building and wars.

    Vote Ron Paul to feed the hungry.

  5. True, he wants to completely, in all aspects, stay out of other countries. Thus, politically, won´t help and support corrupt foreign powers with money so that the USA can fulfil their own agenda.

    These political interaction has caused civil wars, foreign wars and corrupt governments, and all of this has caused the people to suffer, to loose infrastructure and to starve.

  6. continued from the other comment:

    Thus, hunger needs to be addressed at the higher level first, otherwise, sending in food to another country would be the equivalent of putting a plaster on a broken leg; not any good.

  7. With the system that Ron Paul is suggesting, there will be more money in local communities, and more personal money to spend (no income tax) and this indirectly, will help people to feed themselves, and make it easier for communities to feed their own hungry.

    Currently, individual and community money is being funnelled away centrally and this gets spend on empire building and bureaucracy.

  8. One thing I know for GODDAMN sure is that I'd rather provide for people of the United States FIRST.

    If we weren't at war LIKE RON PAUL VOTED AGAINST THE IRAQ WAR, then we would have the money for education and food for the poor.

    The ONLY difference between what Cenk is saying and what Ron Paul is saying is that Ron Paul is talking about saving the money for domestic purposes and not global purposes. WHICH I AGREE WITH 100%! The more we help ourselves the more we can help others thru trade.

  9. "
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    Why? why did u people vote for Bush?? WHYYYYY??? "

    Belive me no one voted for bush it was setup voting is a lie sad to say

  10. if America would have done that;
    1. most of the people who choose being a terrorist to survive, would quit.
    2. would make a good impression among all people so, next time a s.o.b tries to manipulate people against America, it would be way harder.
    3. Such an event would create a big impact on terrorist organization's propaganda against america.Eventually organization would loose followers.Also, since the new generation would be educated, they cant recruit new ones either.

  11. @ elboertjie

    hahaha, Ron would start feeding the hungry by stopping the foodstamps program

    did you know Ron's a libertarian?

    vote Ron Paul and you get neoliberal economics squared

  12. @siogyumolcs:

    Who needs a foodstamp program when people would have money to spend that they otherwise would have given up for income taxes?

    This is small fry if you think about the bigger picture where the USA government would save hundreds of billions every year by not having any troops outside of the USA, including Germany and Korea.

    Think about the bigger picture and then you will realise that the smaller issues fall away.

  13. @Randomambusher:

    Where would America get the money from to spend on food for other nations? Cut expenses is the answer, and this is exactly what Ron Paul is about.

    Also, how do you intend on taking part of other nations if domestic issues are left untaken care of? How can the USA feed others if they can`t feed themselves?

  14. … thats why we need to vote in the only guy that makes a lick of sense. Ron Paul. Im sorry, and I don't want to come off as a ronpaulspammer, but jeez this guy is the real deal, finally an honest to goodness guy running for president and we need get him the white house.

  15. maybe, Ron would start feeding the hungry by…. making people get frickin' jobs and buy thier own damn food. Just like I do, just like my parents do, just like everyone does.

  16. good, Im glad you get it.
    Again I suggest you try and make the real show part of your daily program.

    I burn it to CD (from mp3) and listen on the way to work (1 hour total trip). The shows are commercial free if you subscribe.

  17. America gives more aid money to needy people all over the world than all other countries combined. More people from more countries come to America to live than any other country. How dare we be #1! Watch pres. Sarkozy's speech from last week, I think you need a reminder why we are so great.

  18. Really? This is good info? He never says how many are starving. If 1 billon out of 6.5 billon are hungry that would be $54.00 per hungry person. How long could you live on $54.00?

  19. US gives LESS aid in % of GDP than most other western countries. I'm not pointing the finger just at another country, because my own, Australia is barely better. Both my country and yours are not living up to their responsibility as global citizens. Cenk's argument is SPOT ON! Education NOT BOMBS!

  20. Don't let the GDP stats fool you. They only count what the gov't sends. There are 10s of thousands of charities in America that give and serve in countries in need around the world. I,m sure Australia does too. Do you recall what happened to the thousands of tons of food donated for the "WE are the World" campaign or food for oil in Iraq?

  21. OOOhh, so nice to hear someone speak the truth. What a tremendous and colossal waste of money and make everyone hate us.

    I agree why not share good-will instead of ill-will.

  22. YouTube editors, feature this. Like, right now. Cute pets and cartoons are great, but this is something people really should be informed about.

  23. that was one side but it can also mean usa thought iraq was gonna use the nuclears weps to attack the world and i guess usa wanted to stop them..but still

  24. Yes. Good Idea. Stop the food stamp program. We give the government a bizillion dollars, they take half and then they buy the food stamps for people.

    Eliminate the middle man!

    Ron Paul!

  25. yes third worlders need to help themselves out but while there's third world debt, these countries haven't got a chance. It's the same with the millenium dome in England, we could have used that money to mark the millenium by doing something humanitarian and put it towards eradicating third world debt or something – instead we built a big tent.

  26. Our foreign policy costs us 1 trillion dollars a year. Vote Ron Paul, and save half a trillion a year. Fix Social Security, stop the inflation tax, and we'll have money for the social programs we've become dependent on.

    Ron Paul 08!

    At the very least check out Kucinich..the only democrat who wants troops out of Iraq now, and wont send em to Iran.

  27. With $54 bil. we could feed 3.25 bil. people for 15 days. That would be 1.314 tril. a year from U.S. tax payers. 131 mil. people filed taxes in 2002 so that would be roughly $10k each. The ave. income in 2005 was 35k a year. Will you give .35 cents of every dol. you make?

  28. $54 bil. divided between 6.5 bil. people is $8.31 per person to last until 2015 or 2555 days, one would only be able to spend 0.0032524461839530332681017612524462 cents a day or approx 1 penny every 3 days. Math is fun.

  29. Actually the $54bil would feed the POOR who cannot afford food for 1 year, not every single person. The money would not be used to send a can of beans to an accountant or plumber in Japan, Europe or Australia, it would be used to ensure that all the people who don't have food get food.

    The figures are from the World Bank, which is certainly not a leftist organisation and I imagine they would have at least minimum level of competence, given their importance.

  30. Americans are already paying that much in taxes. He is just saying the way america has been spending it's tax money could of been better. It is the richiest country in the world by far, so why does it have to continue to tax so heavily on it's people? And if they plan to stay the course, atleast spend the money more wisely.

  31. It takes someone who hasn't been at the top to take this cause on. Someone who has seen the poverty, wars and horror that life has to offer. Only someone who can see pass themselves will take on this gobal cause. That is why i firmly believe Dennis Kucinich should be the next president. I used to be a ron paul fan, but i disagree with his policy of completely minding your own business. The rich should help the poor. That is the justice of the world.

  32. the world is not mature enough for this type of commitment. We are still very primitive (most people still believe in the bible – just to show you). Give it 500 more years and the would might be unified, but then again, will we still exist in 500 years?

  33. We're fighting against people that didn't attack us. Why are we doing that? We're not attacking North Korea. They're ten times worse.

  34. why do we accept a world-system where money is apparently 'limited', when it's actually 'created' out of thin air to serve the 'select few'

    why do we accept money to be 'power' – when money is actually debt

    why is half the world Starving, when there's enough Resources for Everyone at this very moment

    why are we trying to 'save' a collapsing system of abuse – when 'money' is man-made & has the value that is given to it by agreement

    where is Self-Responsibility for Life!

  35. see for yourself: everything in the mind exist as polarities. If you make peace and love in the mind, you also make war and hate. Why else would you want to make peace and love if not you admit that there exist war and hate. By making peace and love in the mind you confirm this and thus you manifest them as well.
    Suggested to be in and as breath instead of the mind.

  36. boycott elections to invalidate current political systems and build new one with no greedy kids playing inside it.

  37. your a coward hiding behing peace and love. If you truly stand for peace and love then you should be angry for all the hate, abuse, and inaction you stand for. REAL love, RREEAALL peace has nothing to do with your mind. and its not called peace and love. Your love is a selfish love a vengeful love.
    I stand for all life here, no matter what. Regardless of love, in fact forget love. You are dependent on love and thus unstable, untrustworthy, unreliable.
    Love is your game, your HIGH.

  38. Please can a person (a high rank soldier if its possible) from USA please enlightenme on something without replying with 100 sentences deviated from the question?
    How does military production work?
    How is dictated by the law and how much money is spent in develloping prototypes and how many are build before being publically exposed?
    What I mean by this is: Whats the porcentage of the money invested in Irak already gone before the war started?

  39. they should spend this money of education, farming, and industry in poverty stricken countries, so that they may become self reliant on the industry(creating jobs), purchase food from other countries, can feed themselves through farming, and get rid of hte evil people, killing each other for their dumbass religious beliefs, such as witch doctors in africa, selling body parts, or taiwanese fundamentalists, beheading people for having pre marital sex.

  40. the education is the thing I strongly support, for so long as the human population keeps growing, we can't fix anything quick enough to keep up, and all the available data shows that any place where people are well educated, the population stays flat or goes down, a stable world population would mean that we actually have time to try and improve the lives of everyone on earth, instead of racing against problems that are growing exponentially.

  41. Wow. This just about sums up the problem with human beings. We have the power to do something great, yet we choose not to. I hope that Cenk is right and that one day, we can actually do the right thing.

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