Here’s Why Calorie Restriction Makes Us Live Longer

Here’s Why Calorie Restriction Makes Us Live Longer

Much is talked today about calorie restriction,
especially for weight loss. But, according to studies, even people who
are at their ideal weight could benefit from cutting some calories from their daily lives. According to recent research, reducing the
amount of daily calories can bring many benefits to your health, including a lower risk of
developing hypertension, diabetes, and cancer. As reported by the study published in The
Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology magazine, cutting 200 to 300 calories a day can help
reduce around 10% of your body weight, significantly decreasing the fat mass. The study group was divided into two. After an analysis, the researchers noticed
that most participants had a diet based on 2400 calories, while the health guidelines
usually suggest a daily intake of 2000 calories a day. The first group, with 150 people, was oriented
to reduce their calorie intake by 25% and have 3 meals a day. They received nutritional orientation for
6 months, and after this period, controlled their diet by themselves. The second group, with 68 people, acted as
a control group and didn’t receive any orientations. The first group was able to reduce 12% of
their calorie intake. This cut of 200 to 300 calories was enough
to notice an improvement in their cholesterol and blood pressure levels, and in the blood
sugar markers, and general metabolic health. Besides that, they also lost around 10% of
their initial weight, and kept their new weight during the study. Another great benefit noticed by the researchers
indicates that calorie restriction acts positively on C-reactive protein, a substance that reveals
the levels of inflammation, and is associated with heart diseases, cognitive decline, and
cancer. Isn’t it interesting? Besides that, other studies indicate that
people who consume fewer calories have an increased longevity, and it also prevents
and slows the appearance of diseases related to old age. Calorie restriction means reducing the amount
of calories consumed, without causing malnutrition or undernutrition. If you are interested in this, don’t go venturing
yourself with restrictive diets, thinking they are the same as the one tested by scientists. Talk to a dietitian to help you.

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  1. Unless you’re a professional athlete, haver a mitigating health issue, or exercise vigorously at least a couple of hours every day, you should never eat more than 1600 calories/day. That amount of calories is more than sufficient to form the basis for a healthy, nutritionally-balanced diet that would promote longevity and good health.

  2. The body and brain run better on GOOD fats but don’t do nearly as well running on glucose (carbs) which causes inflammation. Eating good fats does not increase you body fat unless you continue to eat a lot of carbs

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