High Cholesterol – Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies

High Cholesterol – Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies

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  1. Homeveda…es usted una mujer muy hermosa !!! Muchisimas gracias por los tres remedios, los pondre en practica ahora mismo.

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  3. So much misinformation about cholesterol. Terrible. How about instead of lowering cholesterol in the diet, you lower sugar consumption, which is the TRUE cause of heart disease. Cholesterol is actually good for you! I implore everyone to do their own research instead of giving in to this myth that has been the result of bad science from the 1970's!

  4. Hi, you are doing so much of good work to the people, Thank you so much for the time and valuable advises you are providing to the people…. I will try some of the methods you have said and i will inform the result.. God bless you for your humanity..

  5. I am currently taking cholesterol meds but I would love to go to all natural…question is if I switch how long would these remedies take to lower my cholesterol…Thanks I love all of your videos

  6. Hello, during the instructions for the first remedy are we supposed to drink 500mL three times a day or split it into three servings. Sorry I am a little dense. Thank you!

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  8. Thank you so much I wish there was some remedy to lower triglycerides
    I notice you say drink 500ml of coriander water 3 times a day. Does that mean at the end of the day it add up to 1500ml of coriander water or does it mean splitting the 500ml of water into 3 equal parts ? thank you so much for the video.

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  14. this is really great channel! and she looks so good!

    btw, I am also managing my bad cholesterol using this "cholesterol" mobile app by hanumappa in a proactive way.

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  16. We have some herbal medicines which helps in decreasing cholestrol levels. Call us [email protected] or call us at +91 9815617567 The best thing about this medicine is that it dont have any side effects like statins which are widely used. This medicine increases good cholestrol(HDL) as well, decreases stiffness & corrects liver function as well.

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  18. The causes of high cholesterol is highly debatable.The causes mentioned above is not true in my case. I dont eat much non veg food maybe 1ce a month.and i dont use much butter and fats in my cooking, physically active and fast at least 1ce a week.I recently checked my cholesterol levels and it is at 325. why is that so. Cant we just eat the neem and tulsi leaves?

  19. You need to explain that mericanTs, for the most part, can not get access to potable water.Chlorinated, fluoridated recycled human excrement is NOT potable water. They charge a pretty penny for it and tell you how great it is.

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  23. Hi i hv thyroid issue due to which my cholestrol level is increasing, i have started consuming corainder water thrice a day as per your suggestion. I would like to knw drinking this water everyday is it fine or it will create any complication on liver or kidney kindly advice thanks in advance.

  24. Am so sick of these ignorant idiots talking about cholesterol. 30% of cholesterol DOES NOT come from your diet!!! get your facts right. Dietary cholesterol has a very negligible effect on serum (blood) cholesterol. And high cholesterol DOES NOT cause heart disease!! Which era are you living in . All thatr bullshit you have been fed in the last 50 yrs is is exactly that – BULLSHIT!!!  Be up to date to new scientific research and dont follow the so called "studies" sponsored by pharmaceutical companies that feed you rubbish.

  25. Homeveda has wonderful yoga and other solutions for many conditions. Many people are being helped by Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies. I was also suffering from age related conditions such as rising blood sugars, triglycerides, and cholesterol. Being a nutritionist, I tried combinations of things such watching what I eat, doing yoga and stress management. I could slow down the rising trend but could not reverse it. Then I met my guru, an avatar Sri Nithyananda. I attended his 21 day yoga and meditation camp. He has Nithya kriyas and meditations for different disease conditions. I also did Nirahara Samyama – intake of only liquids for 21 days in a stretch. six months later, not only I was able to reverse the trend, but all three – blood sugars, triglycerides and cholesterol have normalized without any medications. Sri Paramhamsa Nithyananda is again organizing a 21 day camp in Bidadi, Bangalore from December 1st to 21st. The program is called Sadashivoham. Anybody interested in stress free, disease free, blissful and graceful aging, must attend Sadashivoham.

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