Highlights from the 2020 Dietary Guidelines Hearing

Highlights from the 2020 Dietary Guidelines Hearing

“Highlights from the 2020
Dietary Guidelines Hearing” I was honored to speak before
the 2020 Dietary Guidelines Committee and I wanted
to share some highlights. The produce people were there… “…enjoy more fruits and vegetables
in all forms for healthier, happier lives. Have a plant.” This evidently inspired some
of the audience members to put theory into practice. Of course the meat industry
was also out in full force. The Cattlemen’s Association
complained that… “Americans are getting fewer calories
and less fat from nutrient rich beef…” The meat institute appeared
a bit threatened by plants… “It is inappropriate and
a disservice to the public to consider beans or tofu as equivalent
to meat and poultry products from a nutrition and health
perspective, because they’re not.” I love the audience reaction
there—check it out… “It is inappropriate and
a disservice to the public to consider beans or tofu as equivalent
to meat and poultry products from a nutrition and health
perspective, because they’re not.” The representative of the True Health
Initiative probably said it best… “We do not have a protein deficiency
problem in the United States; we have a vegetable deficiency problem.” There were some inspirational,
impassioned appeals, for example Audrey Sanchez, speaking as a
mother—and executive director of Balanced, a nonprofit organization
that NutritionFacts.org was honored to have played a role
in getting off the ground… “So, now is not the time to
settle for the status quo, or to build a consensus around
minimally “good enough”. It’s certainly not the time to
allow any part of the food industry to influence dietary guidelines. Now is the time for bold,
evidence-based dietary guidelines that put the health of our
children and our families first.” Of course there’s always the low-carb
keto-crazed to keep things interesting… “You know, if laughter
was the best medicine, then the nutritional guidelines are
best practiced because they’re a joke.” Pam Popper jumped to
the committee’s defense… “So there’s a lot of confusion about
diet, some of it’s been sowed here – people advocating high-fat diets; and I personally take offense
to anybody who would come up here and say that the dietary
guidelines are a joke.” With Garth Davis poking fun
at all the carbophobia. “They don’t know whether to go low carb; they don’t know whether to go low fat. They’re petrified of a banana. You could hold up a bank
with a piece of bread, people are so scared of carbs.” Milton Mills called out the
Committee for historically recommending a beverage that most
communities of color can’t even properly digest. “So, I want to encourage you to get the racism out,
get the dairy out. Please do your job. Thank you.” Then, it was my turn… “My name is Dr. Michael Greger
with Nutritionfacts.org. This month, a paper was published in the Journal of the Academy of
Nutrition and Dietetics, they found that essentially there’s been no change in processed meat consumption
over the last 20 years or so, which represents just an
abject failure of all of us in the public health community
to warn people about the very real risks
of processed meat. Bacon, ham, hot dogs,
lunch meat, sausage— these are known human carcinogens. The official 2018 IARC report
couldn’t have been clearer: “Consumption of processed meat
causes cancer of the colorectum.” That’s our second leading cancer
killer of men and women combined. We know these foods cause cancer. I mean, we try not to
smoke around our kids; why, would we send them to
school, with a baloney sandwich? That’s not hyperbole. According to the Surgeon
General, living with a smoker increases the risk of lung cancer 15%. So, the cancer risk of secondhand
smoke is comparable to the 16% or 18% increased
risk of colorectal cancer eating the equivalent of a
single sausage link a day. The 2015 Dietary Guidelines really
appeared to drop the ball, in this issue saying, processed meat
could be “accommodated” as long as sodium, and saturated
fat limits were within limits. But that’s ignoring the
cancer risk, which we’ve known at least back since 2007 when
the first comprehensive analysis was published by the American
Institute for Cancer Research. In fact, one of their top ten
recommendations for cancer prevention— Avoid Processed Meat. Full stop. The American Cancer Society
also encourages people to minimize intake of processed meat. We cannot allow the billion-
dollar meat industry to continue to subvert the science when
so many million lives are at stake. The Global Burden of Disease Study,
largest study of disease risk factors in history—funded by the Bill
and Melinda Gates Foundation— found that the #1 cause of death… in these United States
is the American diet. Since bumping Tobacco to #2,
this committee now has control over our #1 killer. You know, 1964 was the peak
year of smoking in the U.S. before declining basically
every year since. What happened in 1964? The science hadn’t changed—we have
studies going back to the ’30s linking lung cancer with smoking. What changed is the
Surgeon General’s Report. Just this public acknowledgement
by the powers-that-be of this link between smoking and cancer. You, now have this mantle
to make a difference by just informing the
American public about the risk of cancer
with processed meat. Godspeed.” Let me end with my favorite diabetes
educator, Dr. Caroline Trapp, who talked less about foods going in… than foods coming out. “I’ve travelled here today
from Michigan to speak to you about underconsumption of a nutrient
of concern for public health – fiber. My number 1 concern is number 2. Yes, I want to talk to
you about constipation. Given the nutrient density of plant foods,
the only source of dietary fiber, this committee could best improve
the health of Americans in this way. Summarize your 800+ page report to
the USDA/HHS with just one sentence: “All Americans are advised
to consume a fiber rich diet.” Let’s make America GO AGAIN.”

100 Replies to “Highlights from the 2020 Dietary Guidelines Hearing

  1. We’ve got a new style of video debuting next week. Stay tuned for the October 14 video of the day! -NF Team

  2. Mankind are omnivores. We eat both plants and meat. All energy comes from the sun. It’s absorbed by plants which are eaten by herbivores which are eaten by carnivores . Omnivores eat everything. Meat is higher on the food chain than plants. Processing tends to decrease nutrition- on the other hand before processed foods, when you had to pick your own food and kill your own meat it was possible to starve. I like processed foods. I like dairy.

  3. This is just a way to fuel the war between Vegans and carnivores.
    Can't you just agreed to a common goal, to help people get off processed crap?
    No. You're all fanatical zealots who must force the world to convert to your ideology.
    Good job.
    Okay can you think about all the innocent children harmed by your war?
    No – convert or die.

    Brilliant and look you've both got doctors to help you spread the good word about vegan/carnivore miracles.
    Well nothing can possibly go wrong with that😕😕😕
    Back to war with you.

  4. What vitamin or mineral can you find in vegetables and fruit that you cannot find in meat or dairy?
    It's hilarious you need a committee of people to tell you what to eat. Enjoy your GMO soy.

  5. Never mind worrying about protein deficiency—let’s worry about fiber deficiency. Holy hell. The American diet lacks fiber. People all around the world have to understand we’re not carnivores/omnivores.

  6. Dang, Doc. What a great talk. Very eloquent, factual, and to the point. Beautiful! Thank you for speaking on behalf of all of us!

  7. So the veganindustry wants us to belive that eating hyper processed chemical junk(TOFU) instead of meat is somehow going to make us healthy. When the bioavailability of EAA, FA, fatsoluable vitamins is lacking in these foods or just isn't there at all. Sure there's energy. Thankfully the vegan industry also provide you with a ton of medicine or "Supplements" so that they can charge even more for their "healthy" food. Clearly veganism isn't a health choise. Now we can have a discussion on the ethics behind it all, but claiming veganism is healthy is just a pure lie. Veganism can sometimes be healthy with lots of supplements if you have the genetics for it. But most vegans still end up with poor bonemineralisation, wich i'd guess is most likely due to the lack of bioavailable forms of Vitamin A, D plus all the fiber causing malresorptions in the intestine.

  8. I think the evidence is in the appearance of this Dr. I wouldn't want to take health advice from someone that resembles something from the Walking Dead.

  9. Why everybody consider keto or low carb as the opposite of plant based?!
    The right way to do keto, as I do, is plant based.. Most of the volume comes from veggies., I eat meat and fish in moderation, and have most of my fats also from plants as olive oil, nuts and seeds, and some coconut oil. I do eat dairy but it's ocational. The biggest question is fruits, right? So I'm not really doing keto but low carb, which means that I usually restrict myself to 1-2 fruits a day max

  10. I watched a news report about a recent study showing processes meats having no link to cancer. I watched in disbelief and then realized the meat industry must be really worried if they are starting a propaganda campaign to keep you eating their poison. I would think people would have learned from Big Tobacco…but people still smoke don't they.

  11. We need zero fiber and all the digestible spirulina and other plankton and algae we can fill up on. Where is the mention of the healthiest food for humans?

  12. I am going to buy Dr. Greger's Carbophobia book as well as his How not to Die book to support him and the cause for good health and nutrition and to keep some very good information constantly on hand for myself.

  13. Any study that threatens the 'what ever I learned in school' will get totally turned down. And you are one of those assholes.

  14. I have a huge problem. After being on Keto for 2 years I decided to go over to a plant based diet beginning yesterday. I didn't check my blood sugar levels until today. I'm not diabetic……………………….yet, but I check my blood sugar most days, usually after a meal. My fasting level has always been 80-100. Sometimes there's a morning bounce and I'll go up to 115. After meals I'll go up too 130-140 depending on what I eat then drop back over the next 3 hours. Today I ate oats and 4-5 dates plus some coconut crème. My blood sugar jumped up to 185. Its never been that high ever. It came down to the 130s late this afternoon so I had a plate of seedless grapes for dinner. Checked my blood an hour later and its almost 200! What's going on?

  15. Thank you Dr. Gregor, for standing up there and fighting for the American People’s RIGHT to know the risks about what foods we are lead to believe are healthy or not. I hope more people are inspired by you and your evidence based work ❤️

  16. Fyi… volunteer at food ministries for the poor and at food banks and you will have a measure as to how much out of stock merchandize is donated or thrown out..Even the poor don't trust the freshness of processed meats like hots dogs and lunch meets from popular brands. And fyi..my guess is the Amazon jungle is burning down to plant SOY BEANS there is no other way to offer people or pupulations worldwide plant based PROTEIN EXCEPT by processing more doy beans which in order for that not to hurt the human body in the long term consumption is to fermented as in TOFU. in the long road to sustainability roaming cows are probably a better option for the environment.

  17. Forget the guidelines, eat whole foods, healthy fats & oils, plenty of vegis. No more processed foods and no more sugar! Whether you eat meat or not, organic, only 100% grassfed is the way to go. The intelligent people of the world will decide their own fate and will support the food industries producing these whole, healthy foods. Don’t wonder when more & more crappy processed foods will be left sitting on the shelves. The word is spreading and the good news too about sick people healing themselves ONLY WITH HEALTHY EATING! Not with less food or low fat. And not with meds! Just the right foods and the healthy fats. The science is on our side my friends. Too bad our so called „leaders“ are dragging their feet in joining this healthy way of life.

  18. First of all they should remove "protein" from the "plate" as protein is not a food – and the "cow milk" glass of course…

  19. Just bought your first book. I can’t thank you enough for your hard work. You are the kind of person that gives me hope in humanity. Can’t wait for your next book to come out. This coming from a family of 4 vegans!

  20. I kinda don't want the plant based information to spread because I want myself to be healthy and others to be weak and sick lol. There is so much competition as it is, can you imagine how much more cut throat things will be when most people are fit and healthy?

  21. Change the guidelines.
    More fat in our diet
    Government has no right in our food.
    Low Carb Healthy Fat
    Drop all wheat grains sugar and pasteurized dairy. The guidelines
    Have made us fat and ugly.
    Recommend fasting every week to drop type 2 diabetes

  22. “Dietary guidelines, killing Americans since the late ‘70’s”, should be your tag line. The clinical and nutritional experts have been, and continue to be, feckless problem solvers. Vegans and vegetarians die of cancer at the exact same rates as evil meat eaters.
    Go rob a bank with a pork chop.

  23. Thank you Dr. Greger for all that you do! Let's hope that they listened to your speech as well as the other great plant based doctors.

  24. Doctor,

    I can only tell you that having changed my diet to low carb my A1C has dropped and so has my triglycerides. You spoke about the dangers of processed meats. That’s great. Tell me your thoughts about the consumption of pasture raised beef.

    I think there is a real danger of well-intentioned individuals talking past each other on nutrition issues. My low carb includes eating 10 cups of vegetables per day. But I also eat, meat and fish. Perhaps not one diet fits all.

    I do appreciate doctors like you taking such a passionate interest in nutrition. The public needs you to be the leaders in educating them about just how much their health outcomes are controlled by their choices.

  25. I go everyday. One big long one. Mostly plants but I do eat a little meat. No cheese. The other day I was in our company cafeteria and I order a veggie burrito. The cook must think eggs and cheese are veggies. I realized that he thought that it's impossible to have a meal without animal products. It's so ingrained in the American people that it feels impossible for them to eat without animals.

  26. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes almost a year ago. I’ve researched so many diets and still have NO clue which is best for me. My doctors just throw more meds at me. It’s like they don’t want me to actually be healthy.

  27. Science and facts, WOW 
    Who would have thought that unbiased facts are more important than corporate advertising.
    Seems like businesses have no ethics today.  
    Greed has over taken common sense and common good in the business world.

  28. Same girl with face palm at one minute was totally in awe of you when you spoke. Her face !!! #eagerBeaver hahaha love it!!! Vegan love from Spain x

  29. Not just Americans !…. All of us over here in Europe too and all over the world. Let's make the world GO again!!! #fibre

  30. I don't think anyone will ever take the dietary guidelines advice ever again. This committee has been a joke. Is my current diet the right diet? I don't know, but I know they definitely don't know.

  31. The problem is that individual people have outsourced their diet content to others. If you want to be well, take personal responsibility for it. How'd many died from transfats?
    I don't care what this board has ever said, or will ever say. And thank goodness – nutrition guidelines have likely been the prime cause of death for more Americans than any other root cause.
    Is anyone talking about the physiological damage done to the cupro-enzyme systems (including cytochrome c oxidase, the enzyme that chops oxygen, and turns it into water as the enzyme releases ADP to make Mg-ATP) by copper chelating glyphosate (even in stomach acid) and copper absorption blocking high fructose corn syrup? No mention?

  32. Well done my man this was so well created, presented etc you have taken your videos to a new all time level gj

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