Howdy folks how is it going welcome to my
virgin kitchen it is Barry here, now one of my most favourite recipes in the whole world
is moussaka now unfortunately it is not the most healthiest recipe but we will get away
with it today by making a vegetarian moussaka that is crammed full of vegetables and tastes
sensational you must give this a go, whether you are a veggie or not lets do it.
For this recipe we are using some sliced up courgettes, a sliced aubergine, sliced new
potatoes (I kept the skin on but that is optional and up to you, sliced peppers, some borlottie
beans which I have drained off and some kidney beans that have been drained off some chopped
tomatoes, some fresh basil, parmesan, a beaten egg and some low fat yoghurt.
Start off by adding the aubergine and courgette into a pan of nearly boiling water you want
to cook them through for around 4 minutes just so they soften up and then scoop them
out leaving the water in there then plonk them into a nice big mixing bowl add your
potatoes back into that pan bring that up to the boil and cook for a good 8 to 10 minutes
until they soften up and again whack your potatoes into the bowl over a medium flame
on your hob blister the peppers using a griddle pan, you want to keep them moving for around
5 minutes until they start to pop char up and soften fully and that is just amazing
as it is on its own whack them in your bowl too.
Now I do not know if you have noticed but we are effectively making a vegetarian mothership
right there and for me I never used to like vegetarian food but you can really make some
amazing dishes so even if you are not a vegetarian you should really try this out � amazing
stuff. So into our giant bowl add in the chopped
tomatoes, both sets of beans, a nice little sprinkling of cinnamon and pepper as much
as you like, add in the freshly chopped basil and mix it very briefly, follow up with the
olive oil and season some more if you wish. You want to get it nice and mixed through
like a vegetarian bowl of multi-coloured loving. In another mixing bowl combine your yoghurt,
beaten egg and grate on the parmesan cheese, plus add some extra cinnamon if you wish to
enhance that flavour more and give it a nice good stir together now grab a baking dish
and pour the vegetables in there nice and evenly scattered around using a spoon follow
up by adding the yoghurt cheese mixture on top, try and get it nice and covered it will
work its way in once it has warmed up and it is time to whack it into the oven bake
it in the oven uncovered for around 35 minutes until the top is nice and browned take it
out and it is looking absolutely stonking. I served mine on a plate, a wedge of it with
some salad and some of the juices from the pan on top absolutely stonking.
Oh my goodness guys I have nearly finished my portion right there it is amazing because
I still have enough for 3 or 4 people at the very least so Mrs Barry and the kids will
be tucking into that it is flavour packed in there the blistered peppers are leading
the charge but you have the courgettes and the aubergines all working together with the
beans, tomatoes and peppers one thing you did see on there that I did not mention was
a little sprinkling of cheese before the sauce that is optional but it really does help work
it all around and it will taste just as good, in fact probably better re-heated if you have
a go at this recipe send me a picture @myvirginkitchen just like Katie Burnham and Steve Poole did
they tried out the chicken pesto bake and sent me a picture of their attempts and that
my friends is stonkingly good I made a little cheeky sandwich with it too.
Dave sent me this picture of him dressed as Garth from Waynes World after I dressed as
him in the last video Mrs barry also dressed up too recently which was cool.
Questions from last video: I do not understand why you do not like cheese:
I do not know there is cheese in this, when cheese is warmed up I absolutely love it on
a pizza in a casserole in a lasagne blah blah but cold I do not know I am not the only one
I cannot do cold cheese as it is. Homemade tootsie rolls recipe on pinterest,
would you make them for Halloween?: Guys if you want to see me make homemade tootsie rolls
let me know down below or any Halloween suggestions let me know.
Can you do a collaboration with yogscast?: I am working on that it is going to take quite
a while because obviously they are so huge, but there is another very well known youtuber
called Ashens hopefully some of you guys have heard of him, I will be doing a collaboration
video with him very very soon. So look out for that, but that is it then guys if you
enjoyed this video do not forget to give it a thumbs up share subscribe and comment give
this recipe a go and I will see you again next time. Bye!

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