HOW I LOSE 15 KILO without WORKOUT!! ( HOW TO: ลดน้ำหนัก 15 กิโล!! โดยไม่ออกกำลังกาย! )

HOW I LOSE 15 KILO without WORKOUT!! ( HOW TO: ลดน้ำหนัก 15 กิโล!! โดยไม่ออกกำลังกาย! )

I could lose weight about 12 kg!!! From only diet control Before the last day of gaining weight so ugly omg! Past 30 days, 30 days done for diet control! I am a chubby girl since I was young chubby chubby and chubby Now, It’s the time for weigh I’m so shocked and lost right now my soul was in the air, can you see it I’m so happy!!!!! Hi, I’m Piea from Dalyn Diet I have a rally huge project to tell you guys very huge one, sacrificed my self to gaining weight and then lose it again by only on Diet Control! As I want you guys to know that Diet is very significant and can help you lose weight and change your size Let me tell you, Since I can remember a thing, I’m always a fat kid never, ever had a good shape or a fit size My student life, university life, i’m always a chubby girl like very chubby chubby and chubby About last year, I studied about diet control and then, I can lose weight about 12 kg!! only by diet control no workout at all about 10 months It’s really worth to do this I took photo myself every month to see the changes it’s getting better and better time my time But, I really serious about it, like I’m really into it I eat “lean diet” which means no OIL and anything contain Fats for 10 months I have less cheat meals like 1-2 times a months And the rest, I cooked food myself every meal Let’s see how it work! This is my body before the challenge (gaining weight) When I gain weight, I eat everything! like everything in front of me fat, fried, grilled, sweet, heavy carbs! everything!!!! eat eat eat eat. eat eat till die My body after gaining weight so uglyyyyy so big when compare to my body at the first day It’s the time for weight I’m so stressful, I ate a lot bubble tea every day let see my weight! OMGGGGGG!!!!! 47.4 kg I’m so shocked and lost somehow yeah, it’s ok maybe my soul was in the air now I gained about 4 kg for this project 4 kg in a month! It’s really hard to lose this 4 kg Let’s try I believe in Diet control can help OH, 1 2 3 baby shark dudu let see my whole body let measure my body my waist is 26 inch my lower tummy is 30.5 inch my butt is 34.5 inch yeah my fat Im gonna get back to my diet program DIET control!! for 30 days NO workout! let seee I wish to be 44 kg as before 44 kg baby come back to meeee pleasee This is my first day for control my diet my diet program is Eating Lean Protein is the big part, Carbs is in the middle but low fat my food pack for the day this is my last meal for diet for these 30 days Tomorrow, I’m gonna know about the change what’s it gonna be Yeah, done for 1 months from the first day with very big tummy It’s better right now but yet still have some fat as I don’t workout let’s measure my body after eating lean for a month my weight is 44.3 kg I’m so glad and happy !! I lose 3 kgs in a month lets measure my size feeling better now haha my waist is 24 inch my problem is lower tummy and now it’s 29 inch my butt is 33.5 inch I’m very satisfied with myself in these 30 days my body somehow lose about 4-6 inch See, I believe in Diet Control and eating lean it’s very important point to lose weight and change your body size If you want to lose weight but do not have time to workout you can control your diet by eating lean I already proof it for you guyss Let’s me talk about Diet Control Eating Lean is my choice to lose weight Protein is the must
Carb is need but low fat I separate my diet in 4 meals my breakfast is eating clean dessert that I baked myself with Protein milk My lunch is Protein equal to Carbs with lots of veggies any kind of food and meat you prefer but NO fat I use water in stead of oil to cook my food my dinner is steak and salad, this meal I try to avoid carbs My snack is yoghurt and fruits smoothie homemade ice-cream nuts about 10-12 pieces unsweeted almond milk or 0% fat milk and everyday I drink organic tea with fiber konjac Matcha and others It helps me boost energy and burn more calories together with fiber konjac help me feel full so I don’t hungry that much in a day Again, Good Diet Control can help you lose weight and change your body size I wish you guys can do it ! try fight with your self once you can see my food on IG: You guys can do it for sure!! Many ask me about why I don’t workout at first why I choose to do Diet Control at first In my view, I think, I’m a lazy person, and I have a lots of fat in my body I don’t like workout, I can say that I hate it So I choose to only control my diet and I do some research that If we lose weight to the peak point, it will stop I choose to control the diet first, until it comes to the peak point then, i’m going to workout! hahah hopefully, it can help me lose more weight I think it by myself and I think it work somehow because I lose 15kg with no stop point! It turns down every month So I think this is work for me However!! Our body is not gonna fit and firm as people who workout together our body is not look that healthy when compare to ppl who workout this is a bad point of only diet control but if you can accept this point, it’s ok But, it is better to workout together you should do cardio and weight training look at your body type If you are skinny fat, you should go for weight training less cardio, more weight If you are more fat, you should go for cardio more than weight balance it well So you should know your self which kind of workout you should do Daily routine and surrounding are also important for lose weight For myself, I’m kind of office girl little help my brother looking at his Gelato business just check the factory and others problems and help check my family business looking at snack warehouse and Im a online trainer help people to lose weight and design their diet program so most of time, I sit around and chatting with them haha Office syndrome is a good word for me most of routine is like that and my weekend I always go to Siam Laser Game at Siam I went to workout there I went to Laser game often since I lose weight, I don’t like work out but this kind of game catching me So much fun and exhausted I’m gonna kill the whole team I want to win the game Laser tag is my life LOL It’s a kind of cardio Done for this project!!!! I really proud of myself doing this However, I want to tell you guy that It is better to workout together, as my body it’s not that fit It’s not firm, and look unhealthy when compare to workout and diet control together my last clip I do 60 day abs challenge It’s look more beautiful and lean firm and fit but now… LOL yet sill love it anyway So, for next months I will go back to workout and bring my body back again!!!! please help and cheer me up! I ‘ll show you the result love you guys please support me thanks you

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  3. U can do it😊👍👍👍❤❤ หนูก็จะพยายามเหมือนกันค่ะ คลิปนี้ทำให้หนูมีกำลังใจมากขึ้นเลยย

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  57. พี้หนักร้อยกว่าหนูอีกอะหนูอยู่ม.1หนังตั้ง50-52อะomgอ้วนขิบหายเลยกรู

  58. หนูก็ลดน้ำหนักค่ะ แต่ไม่ได้ลดแบบนี้ค่ะ หนูไม่กินข้าวเช้า กินแค่ข้าวกลางวันกินแบบปกติเลยค่ะ แต่ตอนเย็นกินข้าวครึ่งทัพพีค่ะ ตอนแรกเอว34ค่ะ
    ทำไป.สักพักเหลือเอว30ค่ะแล้วก็กำลังทำไปเลื่อยๆค่ะตอนนี้ก็ยังไม่รู้ว่าเอวเท่าไหร่แล้วเพราะไม่ได้วัดนานและค่ะ แต่ล่าสุดเป็นเอว30

  59. คือหนูน่ะค่ะตอนอยู่ร.ร.เก่า32ร.ร.ใหม่48ตอนนี้อ้วนอ้วนมากกกเลยค่ะ

  60. ถ้าคุณ เลิกคุมอาหาร มันจะกลับมาอ้วนกว่าเดิม หมอถึงให้คุมอาหารพร้อมออกกำลัง แต่ถ้าคุณสามารถ คุมได้ตลอดก็ไม่เป็นไร

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