How I Stay in Shape without Working Out: My Diet

How I Stay in Shape without Working Out: My Diet

What’s up beautiful people, it is your homegirl Shameless all up in your kitchen! Last time I was filming in this kitchen, I filmed a roach video. You guys should check it out! But the reason for this video is because of this… scandalous video over here where I’m winding up my waist I’m winding it up! You guys have been requesting this video, I have been stalling forever. And that is because I don’t work out. You b—-! I worked out for 2 weeks before the summer hit, and I stopped… ’cause I have excuses. I stay in shape, number 1, the food that I eat. And this video is gonna address my diet and all that stuff. 2, lifestyle. And 3, genetics. I’m constantly carrying heavy things up this stupid hill that I live on. And it is a serious annoyance-slash-workout for me. I ain’t mad. ‘Cause that’s my workout. For me, I like to do things like, carry heavy bags up my hill, from 23rd street up to Harlem. So even today, I just… I went grocery shopping, and I went to the photo store to buy… A new backdrop. It’s yellow! It’s for this video I’m gonna film, you guys. So I’m carrying this up a hill with 3 grocery bags. And that’s a workout. Up to Harlem, and I take the train. I don’t have a car. So for me that’s how I stay in shape. Little things like that–I do little tips and tricks and stuff like that. And then my genetics. But that’s not to say I can’t gain weight–I have gained weight in the past. And I gained weight in my waist to my face area. So I’m gonna show you the foods that I eat. Let’s take a tour of the fridge now, shall we? Enter the fridge. It’ll be super quick, so you guys don’t worry about the energy. Blueberries, I like to eat that with my morning oatmeal. Strawberries. That’s for my salads. We have my grape tomatoes. I don’t eat too much corn. I eat it here and there because it is very starchy. And one of my favorite greens, which is kale. I love kale in salads. With this sesame ginger dressing, which was put on to me by cousin Jeigh! Holler! The only meats I eat are chicken, eggs, and seafood. So in the morning I’ll either have an omelet or oatmeal. I don’t drink milk. I drink almond milk. And I prefer this over soy milk because soy does have estrogen, which mimics human estrogen, which is a femaale hormone, which is probably not good if you drink it in large quantities. Because I don’t eat dairy, I opt for the coconut milk yogurts. And I did just go shopping at Trader Joe’s. My favorite, coconut water. Oh my gosh! For some snacky, snacky-time, carrots are awesome. I love stir fry, so I use a lot of greens. And is that it? Oh, baby spinach. I like putting that in my omelette. That, red peppers, onions, maybe some mushrooms. I love cucumber in salads, or even my water. Now if we just look to our right. In terms of cooking, I like to cook with soy sauce. I love soy sauce. My favorite salad I like to make the jerk chicken salad. And I use this seasoning by Walkerswood. I marinate my chicken overnight with this stuff. So good. With coconut milk, oh my God. Okay, now for the freezer! Lots and lots of frozen fruits. And this is because Jeigh and I do our morning smoothies. This is really awesome. If you have bananas that are super ripe and you don’t have the time to eat it, all you gotta do is chop it up and put it in the freezer, and use it for your smoothies. This is Jeigh’s. His grilled chicken strips. I don’t eat that. When I don’t have time to cook, I’m always eating like, ready-to-go food. I don’t eat at fast food restaurants. I don’t eat McDonalds or all that stuff. McDonalds, Burger King. This is frozen chicken. I thaw it out when I’m ready to cook. I usually do like a grilled chicken salad. And some snacky snacks. Seaweed. Awesome. Wasabi. So good. I’ve always eaten like, these seaweed snacks. This wasabi was put on to me by Jeigh. I love cashews. I cook with sweet onions. I cook with extra virgin olive oil. And I do have coconut oil, but that’s for Jackie. I drizzle her food with some of that stuff. Moving on! Let’s take a look up in the cupboards. What else do we got going on–oh, I love to marinate my chicken in coconut milk. This is my favorite from Trader Joe’s, this corn chile. This with some tortilla chips. And this is when I will eat cheese. I try not to buy it. But cheese and ice cream… there’s no such thing as a replacement for the milk part. Morning times I have oatmeal, or my omelettes. Again, more snacky stuff. Almonds. I don’t do energy bars too much because I’ll probably eat them all. That’s another thing; if I don’t have it in my house, I won’t eat it. I like to season with allspice for my jerk chickens. And my sliced almonds for salads. I’m using red quinoa as my rice replacement. I usually eat white rice. I don’t like brown rice. But this summer I’m just doing more salads right now. When it gets colder again I’ll go back on my rice tip. Oh, my candy ginger. This is like me and Jeigh. We’re all about this stuff. We’re all about that life. Try some! Here you go. Okay… now my tea cupboard. Yes, when I’m super tired and I need to work, I will drink drip coffee. I have brown sugar. And honey. And raw honey. You know what, I used to use agave, I guess I stopped. I don’t know why. No reason. You could try agave. That stuff’s good. But what else? What’s a really good thing–this stuff. Emergen-C. If I took it everyday I wouldn’t be sick, but I have a cold. For my smoothies, I like to add one scoop of this protein. These are my vitamins, my spirulina. Echinacea. This is great for colds. Put that in your water. Doesn’t taste great, but your body will thank you. That’s Jeigh’s stuff, and–oh, sometimes I do have chia seeds. You soak it in water, or juice, or almond milk. And that’s it! That concludes the tour! I like to eat properly because I hate working out. But I will be working out with you guys. I have personal trainers that are gonna get us in shape. I need to work out. I’ve been avoiding it. I like doing things that I hate, ’cause it’s a challenge. I like a challenge, you know what I mean? You know what I’m saying? But yeah, stay tuned for that stuff. Do you, be you, stay true… boo.

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  1. Your pretty damn fine,I would work out just to feel good like that feeling of pleasure after exertion.maybe im thinking of something else.anyway,coconut milk yogurt! I didnt know they made you count calories by the way?

  2. I don't think it's fair for you to be giving advice to people when you obviously have a natural athletic build and a fast metabolism. This lifestyle advice won't work for anyone else but you

  3. please try different brands. coconut water in plastic bottles does not really taste that good as far as I have experienced it. coconut water in glas bottles is much sweeter.

  4. This video inspired me to make some changes not only do I feel better but I've lost 5 in 2 weeks I also cut out dairy and bread thanks

  5. You said the only meats u eat are chicken EGGS and seafood, then you say you like to put it in your salad? Wait, chicken eggs and chicken are the same thing. Lol 😛

  6. Ooh, I like how most of this stuff is anti-inflammatory! I have a mystery autoimmune disease and get joint pain flareups due to inflammation. I'm going to try the ginger and some of the other things you mentioned. Thank you for this!

  7. I'm trying to lose weight and don't really like exceeding can you make a video of some recipes with vegetable and dairy alternatives xx 😉

  8. Holy sh*t! I came across your videos today and I've been watching a couple of them (great vids btw!) and I could've sworn to God that you work out! I was like, damn, that woman has such a great body – she must work out and have a lot of discipline! And now I see that it's all about food, healthy food! Thanks for the reminder 😉 So far, I love your stuff, I love how you are and stay positive! New subbie! 😉 

  9. I'm confused!!! I thought you only ate chicken eggs and fish but then you said jerk chicken…OH! Chicken, eggs…not chicken eggs. lol  I thought you mean as opposed to duck eggs or other fowl.

  10. This is like a video full of unknowledgeable people, why is this on my what to watch fees. "Eating clean" smh no such thing. Ice cream and hamburgers don't make you fat just like fruit and nuts doesn't make you lose weight. Caloric surplus/deficit is the only thing that matters. Trust science people not stupid things you hear On the Internet (like dont eat beef smh -_-)

  11. Ice cream replacement: Instead of using the frozen banana for smoothies, you can blend them and they turn out really creamy and nice and like ice cream 😉

  12. you are so close to eat vegan, have you considere doing like a month or 3 months vegan challenge!? that would be AMAZING!
     i love you and your work! 

  13. Thank you this is good. I don't like to work out that much, I like to go on long walks, 3-5 miles or fast walking, where I just walk at a very fast pace for an hour and try to hit as many hills as I can. My diet is mostly clean eating like you but I have an issue with sweets. I cannot seem to go more than a few days without feeling like I NEED something sweet… then if I wait to long I over indulge and it sucks. This video was good tho.

  14. OMG..your fridge looks JUST LIKE MINE..CRA..I lLOVE Trader Joes, shit we eat the same damn food…hmmmm…I have I wish I had your thighs though..LOL

  15. I love how the coconut milk makes the chicken sooo tender! I also love the taste of a small cup of coconut milk. Yum 😉

  16. You've inspired me so much! I'm inly 15 but because of you. I have began; taking care of my natural 3c hair, eating better and exercising more. I've been dancing since I was 7 but now I'm even better because you've made me take care of me and my body.

  17. Workouts don't always have to be in the gym. As long as you have a routine and an activity which engages the muscles, it can be a workout. Walking uphill is definitely good exercise. It's also amazing how you've managed to stick to your diet!

  18. Try a Low fat vegan lifestyle ! You wont regret it ! and yes there are substitutions for Dairy cheese and ice cream that taste just as great !

  19. Awesome, and she also proves that most people's problem is in their diets. Diet really is 90% of being lean and looking good. There just aren't enough hours in the day to make up for a crap diet by running on the treadmill or lifting weights… believe me, because I used to try to burn off a thousand calories a day on the treadmill. It took me almost 3 hours… If you're eating over 4000 calories a day as sadly many Americans do, the gym most likely isn't going to save you. I learned this the hard way. Take this lady's advice, because she knows what she's talking about. I'm actually thinner now with less time in the gym because I cut my calorie consumption literally in half by eliminating most grains, fast food, and adding lots of vegetables to my diet. Diet is key.

  20. That awkward moment when your kitchen basically looks like this and your diet is the same but you're still 300 pounds >__>

  21. Soy does not mimic estrogen. It is a myth. It is actually phytoestrogen and is plant estrogen. Works totally different. Also, if no soy, what do you think soy sauce is made of?

  22. Soy, almond, and coconut milk ice cream does exist and they are super awesome! There are also a lot of substitute cheeses from brands such as field roast and daiya!

  23. Nah, I wouldn't say that's bad at all.  I still eat some grains myself (like you, I only eat whole grain stuff – no white bread), but you got to remember that most Americans eat tons of bread and pasta – there are literally the main component of many people's diet.  Anything – even cake and ice cream – is okay in moderation, imho, BUT I still think that the majority of a person's diet should come from vegetables and lean meats (or meat substitutes/protein bars if a person is a vegetarian).  I use grains like bread and rice sparingly – maybe 1-2 servers/day at most.  I basically put them in the same category as desserts – you can eat them but just not too much of them.  They are actually a good thing to eat if you are planning on long intense exercise (e.g. 'carb loading' before you train for a 10K or something), but to eat a bunch of bread and then just sit around is not something folks should do if they want to stay/get thin.

  24. I'm on the 2nd month of Shaun T's Insanity 60 day workout. It is insane! You should give it a try. 😉 You'll probably love it.

  25. I eat i medium of 600-800 calories a day could i afford to go a few days skipping my workouts without gaining weight?

  26. carbs and greek yogurt are literally the only difference between her diet and mine.
    I'm just too lazy to make salads most days. Guess I'll have to suck it up!

  27. True. Healthy food and the perfect portion that you eat is what keeps you skinny. Packaged food has a lot of sodium. You must cook the real meat. I saw the black Goya beans. They are healthy and perfect with any dish. I love your personality.

  28. hello citizen of Harlem lol.. where did u get the spirulina, I've been trying to find it for ever, and I love the walkers wood jerk seasoning too!

  29. Now I've your body generate income wanted it, I were able to lose lots of weight. I lost 20 pounds having a super effective diet. This diet is here now

  30. This video is guilt tripping me right over the fact that i just had a packet of hulla hoops lool, I need to definitely start buying more healthy foods and eating at home more!!

  31. Lol. I think I also need to cut foods I eat every single day, like rice and milk. Then I'll get rid of all the visceral fat.

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