How Ketones Reduce Glucose and Starve Cancer Cells

How Ketones Reduce Glucose and Starve Cancer Cells

Dr. Toni Bark: That’s really the most important part is the insulin keeping insulin levels low. Because
insulin is a growth hormone and insulin is you know these cancer cells require the insulin.
They require the insulin because they require the insulin for the glucose to help bring
it in the cells. So if you can keep your insulin requirements an insulin stimulation very low,
which is easy to do if you’re following a ketogenic diet. Especially a plant-based and
why do I say especially a plant-based I say that– I’m Jewish. I’m gonna answer my own questions
okay just get over it. I say that because animal protein stimulates insulin. You know you know
so that was interesting for me to to learn about. You know because I started into this keto you know doing ketogenic diets with my patients and I just thought carbohydrates
stimulated insulin and high ketone levels ultimately will stimulate insulin to reduce
the ketone so you don’t go into ketoacidosis. But animal protein stimulates insulin even
fish, even eggs. And if you look at their art there are graphs there are graphs of what
how much insulin or how insulin emic or how insulin producing are foods– there’s graphs
and you’ll see that like peanut butter produces a lot less insulin for the same amount of
protein than a tuna steak or a beefsteak. And so animal protein stimulates a lot more insulin
than plant protein. So if we’re trying to keep in– and that’s one reason why plant-based ketogenic
diets especially for cancer is better. Another reason that it’s better is that when you cook
animal protein on fire which is how a lot of people like to cook their animal protein
as opposed to bull–is stewing like in water. If it’s in water it’s a different story but
if it’s grilled and barbecued which is how most people like to cook their meat and fish
you’re creating something called heterocyclic amines. Which are carcinogenic in their own
right but keep the ketone starve cancer cells of adequate glucose if you’re predominantly
fueling yourself and it’s never a hundred percent and that’s involved biochemistry. But
if you’re if you’re predominantly burning fatty acids and ketones you’re gonna starve
your cancer cells of adequate food. That’s a good thing. Ketones happen to be a more efficient
fuel because there’s two less steps to get the ketones into the mitochondria, into
the cell to the mitochondria. There is more ATP production which is the fuel and there’s
less ROS reactive oxygen species. So reactive oxygen species are just a byproduct of burning
oxygen right we have to have oxygen. So there’s always gonna be some ROS. And there’s a delicate
balance between ROS and antioxidants and we produce our own antioxidants right. And
so you know but if you can pr– if you can have a lot of energy and produce half the
amount of reactive oxygen species there’s gonna be less damage to the mitochondria anyway
just by doing that. So it’s very protective and we know from studies with MS and with
with other degenerative neurological diseases that ketones are neuro protective. And it turns
on more attack since you actually require less antioxidants and your coq10 levels are
better your requirement for vitamin C is lowered because those things are required for scavenging
the reactive oxygen species. So I’m not gonna get into all the biochemistry I don’t want
to lose you guys on that there. Really what you just need to know is that there’s a lot
of good things that happen when you start fueling– when you become fat adapted and start
fueling your body and your brain with ketones and fats.
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  1. A proper Ketogenic diet requires animal protein. Some are good in fighting cancers.
    Avoiding animal protein is veganism, not keto.

  2. Does Ketones starving cancer cells means that ketones will kill all cancer cells even if it is a high grade cancer? I do not understand.

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