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  1. hey diets arent all that good
    living healthy is for a lifetime , so if you go into a diet , just for a while , yes you will getthinner , but when you leave it , youll gain your weight back on. so you should try to be in a carefl position not leaving all that you like behind , but just in balance , for a whole new healthy
    lifestyle , instead of a momentaneus glimpse of what you could be if you had one of these lifestyles. PEACE.

  2. Because this is meant for people with excess fat. The exercise they recommended is mainly to burn excess calories without really building muscle just toning the existing muscle. Not adding muscle just burning fat therefore your just losing weight from losing fat and not gaining any from muscles.

  3. cucumbers are a fruit you flaming idiots.

    also, this video totally misses out on a lot of things..like crunching on cucumber at night is totally pointless. you need to give your body some sort of fuel when it sleeps. a mix of protein and fat (no or little carbs) is prefered. i, for one, eat a can of tuna with a few veggies and olive oil.

    if u fatties want to really learn how to lose weight go learn from bodybuilding sites. there are no crap advice like this on forums like that.

  4. @1zacster you dumb sh*t fruits aren't "healthy" its just new age crappy hippy stuff. google what fructose (the sugar found in most fruits) can do to your immune system and body. yeah its pretty much crap, they only say eat fruits because of the vitamins in it. the sugar in it is crappy.

  5. @leanonme1 and wheres the protein in that? you're only getting simple sugars whcih will only make u fatter.

    you guys dont get u need protein in EVERY meal. thats how the people in the biggest loser do it. you replace the fat with muscle because the more muscle you have the more calories you burn throughout the day.

  6. @pboisei no wtf its a matter of calories in and calories out.. if you're eating 4000 calories a day of "healthy" foods you're going to get fatter.

    i can see why people like think videos like this one are informative. you obviously have no clue about nutrition.

  7. let me tell u whats wrong with this video:

    1. breakfast: replace the fruits with complex carbs like oats. it would make u feel fuller and less tired throughout the day
    2. snacks: dont snack on vegetables…thats pointless. snack on sources of proteins, fats, and complex carbs like almonds, walnuts. of course you need to eat just a bit of those.
    3. 1,200 calories a day is going to be v little for most guys out there, so u wont lose weight as quickly.
    4. theres no such thing as "toning" a muscle

  8. tell you the truth we did rarely add corn.

    i lived with two diebetics and ate what they ate for and out a year.
    it was about everyday once a meal we would add cheese ,very lean beef, or chickin.
    i never worked out and still lost lots of weight.

    i was basicly on the atkins whitch puts your body in a state of kitosis.(something diabetic people only have to worry about.)
    (good thing i took my vitimins.

    look it up.

  9. Why are all of your comments so… "hateful"? There are TONS of views on the "right" nutrition to lose weight. And you have no right to claim that your view on it is more right than others. You might just wanted to give additional advice and show an alternative diet, but you could do that without the words "idiots"and "fatties". And also you can't expect everyone to know everything about nutrition. I bet you also don't know every single step about how your body gains energy from food.

  10. @pboisei what foods are low in calories? grains and rice arent low in calories..neither are fruits (depends on the fruit)…

    any kind of simple sugar will spike your insulin levels..not just processed sugars even the sugar found in fruits.

  11. @pboisei it's true there's a difference between the two, but fructose is still fructose and it's bad for you. simple sugars in general are bad for the immune system. there is no need for consuming them, you can do much better with complex carbs.
    im not saying you shouldn't eat fruits, but try to aim for the ones that aren't loaded with sugars like berries.

  12. @selbstinszenierung boohoo. someone whos fat and wants to lose weight should know the basics of nutrition…like eating 1 kilogram of fruits isn't going to make you thin because it's "natural"

    i know everything that happens down to the cellular level, because i've studied this crap. im just being stern because videos like this spread ignorance and misconceptions about diet and exercise like "toning the muscle" and "lots of fruits is always good"

  13. for the exercise part:
    to lose fat you need to gain muscle:
    1) to keep a healthy muscle:fat ratio
    2) to burn more calories during the day (more muscles = more calories burnt)

    you need to do resistance training, even the girls here need to do it. no you won't get HUGE if u lift a dumbbell because that's not how the body works. incorporate the core exercises in your resistance training. do exercises like squats, dips, etc…

    for cardio, you need to more than 1 hour of walking to see fast results

  14. But 1kg of fruits probably will make you healthier. And in a diet it's also about health. Someone who wants to lose weight could also just stop eating and will get thin fast (or the person will die first, depends on how much fat and muscles are available to gain energy), but it's the unhealthiest way. And I don't understand what's wrong if someone who only ate junk food in the past wants to eat more fruits and vegetables. It won't make you thin, but the dietry change in whole will do this job.

  15. @selbstinszenierung No it won't. You'd be getting tons of sugars but no essential fatty acids or proteins? that's not healthy. ALL fructose (naturla or not) is processed in the liver, when you consume too much of it they turn into fats (triglycerides). So if you take the vitamins out, an apple is just as healthy as your high-fructose corn syrup.


    if you don't believe me, google it.

  16. @leanonme1 well i dont know how much you weighed,how much your bodyfat percentage was then, how much weight you lost, and how much your bf % is now. you could have lost more water and muscle than fat.

    i'm trying to show u the healthy way to lose weight, and that is attaining a good muscle:fat ratio. but go ahead and listen to this crap…keep eating fruit.

    the key to losing weight quickly is a low carb, high protein, med fat (sometimes high) diet. a meal with no protein or EFAs is not a meal

  17. i lost nearly 60 pounds.
    i was pretty much nothing but fat.
    there are many wasy to lose weight,some ways better than others.
    i also agree with you about how to eat.


  18. very good diet plan and inspirational.
    the best thing i like from all the knowlege i got from internet in years about fitness and health. eat small portions, as bruce lee did he always used a small plate for his food. (milk, meat, sugar)never eat those. add psyllium huskto ur water n feel full all day, and it also helps stop craving.

  19. I was in the Corps and I was on a diet. There was no fancy pancy flax and vitamins. The diet card was well balanced and discarded. We were told to eat one TBS of peanutbutter and all the fruits and veggies we wanted with oatmeal or whatever gruel they had. We drank fruit juice or water, mostly water. For lunch and dinner it was the same minus pickles, olives and any type of salad dressing. We ate fast and ran hard In short we worked and sweated our fat bodies off.

  20. These food combinations look so gross, like strawberries and eggs. This is NOT the Bright Line eating way, right?!

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