How to Get off Keto Diet & Other Restrictive Diets (What Will Happen)

How to Get off Keto Diet & Other Restrictive Diets (What Will Happen)

what up guys welcome back to the fit men cook kitchen so today’s video is a lot of fun we’ve got a transition video now many of you have written me and you’ve had a lot of success regarding the keto diet but now you’re ready to introduce carbs back into your diet and you are super anxious about gaining a bunch of weight so first off I totally understand this fear this was a real fear for me as well especially when you’ve just done so much to lose the weight the fear of going back to your former self is very real I didn’t have this fear when it came to keto but I’ve had this before so two things the first one you’ll be fine remember that if you’ve lost the weight before then you can loose it again it wasn’t just the diet and exercise that helped out it was your discipline as well so you did that in your mind and you won in your mind first and then you won in your body however and secondly transitioning properly from any extreme diet and yes I do classify keto as an extreme diet because it is pretty restrictive both in foods and macronutrients so transitioning from any extreme diet can lead to unnecessary weight gain alright so first off why in the world are you stopping keto you got to first determine what that Y is just in case there could be other factors at play now for instance if you’re going through a really tough time emotionally all that emotion can lead to not so positive choices in another diet as well it’s best to work on those emotional factors before trying to transition into something brand new but I suspect that most of you are us are heading into the fall in winter months and meals are much more carb heavy we’ve got a lot of comfort food there are tons of gatherings you’ve got sporting events and tailgating a super restrictive diet may not be conducive and remember at the end of the day I will continue preaching this until y’all get me on this is that your diet should always complement your lifestyle this is the number one reason I find that people fail in their diets is because they are not having diets that they can sustain because they don’t complement what they do on a day-to-day basis so unless you’re prepared to make necessary sacrifices and potentially forego social gatherings or you have really aggressive fitness goals because you are a competitor or you have a photo shoot like you legit have those things then you’re likely headed to die failure so it’s best to transition from that diet and keep in mind guys you can always go back to the keto diet especially for those that have been fed adapted for quite some time it would likely be much easier for you to get back into that after temporarily breaking ketosis so here are some tips to transition from the keto diet and really just any diet for that matter number one first thing you got to do is make a plan now I’m not saying that you need to have an exact play-by-play of your diet for the next few weeks even though that is pretty helpful but you should have an idea of how you want to start incorporating carbs back into your diet and this could look like many different things it could mean adopting a similar diet for a brief period of time you can consider carb cycling or even trying a paleo ish approach to your diet for carb cycling this means eating more or less carbs on certain days while others are essentially carb free or super low similar to keto but without all the high amounts of fat paleo is another diet that you may want to consider doing it’s similarly low in carbs but it’s a bit more manageable because it’s not as restrictive just have a general idea of how you want to transition don’t just go cold turkey and go back to eating copious amounts of carbs and some of you all may find that helpful to hire a knowledgeable and nutritionist or a dietitian to help out or a personal trainer who legit knows about foods and diets number two you got a phase in those carbs now admittedly for me transitioning from keto was much easier because I was doing something that I didn’t realize that I was doing that would be really helpful later on after getting off of keto I was routinely enjoying a treat meal every seven days the extra carbs gave me a whole lot of energy for training and I even schedule these on the weekends so that I way I can enjoy them with friends and family so getting back into ketosis was not too challenging I got my body into the habit of having some carbs so I wasn’t shocking my system by introducing carbs again now I know that you’re gonna be craving a whole bunch of baked goods instead up for plant-based foods such as legumes and chickpeas and sweet potato some fibrous vegetables and of course fruits yes you can finally eat fruits again prioritizing these real foods first can also mitigate the risk of you getting sick and if you bloated and lethargic but I will say you still got to go easy on some of those plant-based foods such as beans because your body could have a visceral reaction to it and that bloating could be really severe and that gas too so just FYI keeping it real what you’ll also find is that your workouts and probably even your performance at work is going to improve with the result of having a lot more carbs into your diet don’t get too carried away keep it slow and transition slowly and steadily number three take elements of keto and apply it to your new regular diet so for me I really like the feeling of being satiated but not super full and bloated at nighttime I would begin to pair a protein source such as like chicken or fish with an avocado or another healthy fat and then enjoy an abundance of vegetables grilled or raw to make the meal much partyer I would then prioritize all of my carb heavy meals either earlier in the day or right after my workout and that seemed to work perfectly for me again that work for me here’s how you can find out what works for you you start with one meal with carbs reintroduce some carbs I would say anything between thirty and fifty grams and see how you feel and then little by little begin to add more carbs to your diet what I would advise against is I would highly highly highly avoid adding carbs to meals that would otherwise be considered a keto meal so for instance a meal with about 20 grams of protein and 40 50 grams of fat I would not add 40-plus grams of carbs to that meal so instead do this add moderate levels of clean fats to meals to make them much more abundant such as some avocado slices some nuts and seeds and some oils and those can make the meal much more abundant keep you feeling satisfied and also help to mitigate the risk of your sugar spiking or you having a big crash because you’ve added too many carbs to your diet and number four lastly don’t go and start juicing just to lose some weight again because this skill has changed you will likely gain a few pounds oh my god yes you will gain some weight and it’s okay and you’re probably gonna gain weight pretty quickly but don’t freak out it’s probably just some water weight you may not be able to see your definition as much let it get its likely just water because Arabs carry water I think it’s like one gram of carb gives you about 4 grams of water but as soon as you cut carbs again all that definition will will come right back to you all right guys that’s it for today’s video those are my four quick tips for transitioning from the keto diet but also just from any diet in general you want to have a plan phase it in practice some good portion control and don’t freak out and go to another extreme diet just to kind of copy those results just keep it balanced guys just so you know guys there is life after keto there is life after paleo life after whole xxx there’s an abundance of food and cuisines out there and I think that if you practice balance and portion controlling you could actually enjoy it all and have a really fulfilled and full diet comment below with your tips and tricks on how you are able to transition from keto or any other diet we want to pick your brain all right guys thank you for watching until next time I want you to keep it healthy but of course what that’s right never ever boy ooh bye guys

31 Replies to “How to Get off Keto Diet & Other Restrictive Diets (What Will Happen)

  1. Jeff Cavalier (Athlean-X) literally said this same thing about dieting yesterday. That no diet is good if it's hard to stay in it for the long haul. I enjoy both of these gentleman. Both well versed and knowledgeable. They're not always out to make a quick buck. But instead to educate the listener. 👍👍👍

  2. just one thing…count macros and micros and no dieting is necessary if you understand your nutrition and know how important macros and micros are.

  3. When I saw the title I was like Kev 🤔 but I thought this was great. I don’t plan on quitting Keto because I don’t want to go back to being diabetic and taking medicine. Great info!

    I completely agree about whatever you do having to fit your lifestyle. Otherwise it won’t work.

  4. Trying to focus on the video but your skin is so butter! 😩😩😩 please do a skin care video. Your skin just glows.

  5. You are the best advocate for fit people! People tend to think that muscles = stupid and boy they should meet you and mentalities would change quick!

  6. Great video… can you please tell us what your cheat meal look like. Was it what ever you wanted to eat or a healthy meal that just included carbs

  7. I have been in ketosis for more Or less 6 months, after i reached my weight goal i transitioned back with the fruit first and now time to time I eat heavy carbs as pasta and rice.. I havent gained anything..

  8. Cool video. I found this product online I tried it for a few months and it works so far. So if any of you guys would like to use it please use this link

  9. I have a question if you don't mind. I watched your 8 week Keto transformation from 2016. You stated that you ate approx 1gr of protein per lb of lean body weight. Can you please tell me what what your high fat intake macro was at that time?? I'd really appreciate it…Thanks JB

  10. Thank you for sharing! You spoke on some key points that I needed to hear. 1. That my eating should fit my life. 2. One of my main concerns with getting off of Keto was feeling satiated without over stuffing. The tip on adding healthy fats to regular meals will definitely help. 3. I believe transitioning off of Keto will be way🙌🏾 better than the transition into it 🤢🥴🙄. All in all, this video was very helpful. I miss fruits 💜🍎🍊🍒🥝😄

  11. BROO AFTER THIS VID I SUBSCRIBED! I’ve been having this question and no one has really addressed this and I was so worried cause I want to look at my best physique for summer and I’m currently in college so all this food around me panda, subway, and chick fil a make me so tempting. Now I feel better that I will eat carbs because that’s how it was for me back then small amounts of carbs more protein and some fats. So now these 8 weeks of full on Keto won’t be that bad! THANK YOUU!

  12. I think I’m stopping keto because it’s just annoying with intermittent fasting to get all my macros in.I don’t really like eating a lot of fats because I was never into eating all that fatty foods and all that much protein.Some days I just wasn’t hungry and not in mood to eat grass fed butter and meat.I think I’m gonna just keep the carbs down under 20 which is still no problem for me and just eat smaller portions and healthy food.i been on keto a little over a month and lost 16 pounds but Part of me quitting is havnt lost a pound in almost a week.

  13. Hmm… this has never, ever happened to me before and i've watched A LOT of YouTube channels….

    I think I might have fallen in love with you just now lol 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤪

  14. Im 2 weeks in ketosis and have dropped 8 lbs of water weight. I can't wait to get off the keto diet because I miss my fruit and carbs for energy. I think Im going to slowly start adding fruit and brown rice. Im looking forward to post Keto life. One thing this diet has taught me is that sugar is in everything!

  15. I was 390 and I am now 260, I want to leave keto because I want to build some mucle and get some tone. My plan was to get to 210 and being 50 pounds away, I always wonders if I should add protein and carbs to my diet.

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