How to get rid of Man Boobs? Workout and Diet Tips.

How to get rid of Man Boobs? Workout and Diet Tips.

Hello Friends. Welcome to Fit Tuber. Gynecomastia, also known as the Man Boobs
is a common disorder of endocrine system in which there is non cancerous increase of male
breast tissue. It is thought to be caused by an altered ratio
of estrogen viz. the female sex hormone and androgens, the male sex hormone. Like, when there is increase in estrogens
or decrease in androgens or both. Man boobs are common in new born babies but
it hardly stays for 2-3 weeks. Then, it is also common in older males due
to natural decline in testosterone. But, it is a major problem when it comes to
adolescents. As many as 70% of them getting affected by
it. So in this video, I will share with you 7
tips including the specific exercises that will help you get rid of the man boobs. Gynecomastia is a medical condition. However, in most of the cases there is just
extra fat accumulated in the chest area. This is known as pseudo-gynecomastia. There are high chances that after you lose
fat, you will get rid of man boobs also. So eat a healthy and balanced diet and workout
regularly to lose weight. Well, I can not keep you stranded by just
saying this. So, I had recently written a detailed answer
on “how to lose weight” on a website called Quora. The link to which is down in the description. Alcohol intake produces a suppression of plasma
testosterone. To put it simply, if you are suffering from
man boobs, you should cut down on alcohol intake. I understand that this physical condition
can be really embarrasing. However, it is not dangerous. Please do not feel stressed about it. Stress makes the cortisol level go up and
testosterone level down making the condition even worse. A male should consume around 70 grams of healthy
fats everyday. Healthy fats boost our testosterone levels. Nuts, seeds, fish are some of the great options. Well, I have talked about healthy fats in
detail in my grocery shopping video the link to which is down in the description. Again, lack of sleep can decrease our testosterone
levels. So make sure you take a sound sleep of 7-8
hours daily. Even a single leg workout session can improve
the testosterone levels drastically. So, do not miss your leg workouts especially
when you are dealing with man boobs. Now, let us talk about some of the specific
exercises which will help you get rid of this condition. Well, some of the best exercises in this regard are If you do not have time to workout in the
gym or for some reason you do not want to go to gym, there are some great push up exercises
which will help you lose the chest fat. One of the most effective are close grip push
ups. Then inclined push ups, which serve as the
replacement for inclined dumbbell press. Also, elevated hand push ups to target the
lower chest area. You can do 3 sets of 15 reps for each of these. Make sure, you are doing cardio regularly. Well, I had made a chest workout at home video
in which I had shown 9 different types of push ups. They hit almost every area of the chest. So, I suggest you to follow that workout twice
a week to get rid of this condition. In 75% of the cases, man boobs disappear automatically
within a span of 18-24 months. However, even after following these tips if
you are not able to get rid of them, I would suggest you to consult a doctor. So friends! I hope you found this video helpful. Well, if you did, do give it a thumbs up. Also, please do remember to subscribe to my channel. My name is Vivek, I thank you so much for

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  1. My stomach is flat. But I have those baggy tissues. I run a lot but haven't got rid of them. Should I opt for surgery then?

  2. i am not sure why people from other channels using your pic for baldness cure. like before and after photo.

  3. Jumping jack is the best excersize for chest fat… daily 10 minit….u will get result in a month

  4. What does it mean.. 75% cases it automatically disappear in 18 to 24 months.. Is that mean by doing nothing it disappear or it mns evn after doing all these we have to patient for 2 yrs?

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  7. i like this video. but I recommending you to serarch panlarko simple moobs planner it helps you more. or either you can searchman boobs how to get rid of them . thank you

  8. chest work outs will not reduce size, it will tighten chest muscles and make gynacomastia even more worse

  9. Hi fit tuber, I m a working professional, can you prepare a 30-60 day with loss plan where we variation of diets starting from all day meal plan, office snacks options and one cheat day in a week where we can eat other stuff however in moderation. This would be a really helpfull for people who work in different shift during the day.

  10. I wish that if u can make a video related to weightloss for children of age 14 and more as i m 14 yrs but my weight is 70 kg show some exercises and diet for it.thank u ,waiting for your response.

  11. Hey, I like these types of approaches, thanks. Plus, maybe you haven't seen it, but there's a pretty crazy way to make your skin much whiter in a matter of a week or so. It's about the same ingredients everyone talks about, just a little different. Maybe try googling Kandy Lumizore's website for the details.

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  13. The best exercises for this is decline bench press and dips maybe weighted dips since exercise that you mentioned mostly targets middle and upper chest . Btw rest video was fine .

  14. There is no cure for gynocamestia other than surgery….you will loose weight but it will make things worse because those glands remains as they were.

  15. workout five times a week. 3 days cardio ( at least 30 to 40 mins of HIIT ) and two days full body compound movement weight training…. keep it up from 8 to 10 weeks regularly without eating high fats or high calorie foods…..mam boobs blasted forever

  16. Chest fat can't be reduced by bench press bcz bench press acts on the active tissue which is muscle but chest fat is inactive tissue . Myhealthier advice is to do cardio regularly do squats which need high amount of glucose intake via fats

  17. Thumbs up.
    Can you please do a video on breast enhancement and wether to put hands on products out there like BT36.

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