How to Help an Overweight Teen

How to Help an Overweight Teen

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  1. 1. You can eat carrots for 3 hours straight and you don't get fat.
    2. Not eat cause the human body to go into a mode call Survival mode Forcing the body to acquire less food but once that person eat more then there average all that fat in there body will automatically store.

  2. The advertisement right before this video starts was for Pillsbury croissants….
    But it's actually really hard to get teens to stop being overweight, mostly because it is an outlet for depression and anxiety.

  3. @1337l34113r2 You shouldn't focus on weight, instead focus on the type of food the individual eats and what they should need based on their habitat.

  4. I like the emphasis on health as opposed to weight loss. Being slim doesn't always mean being healthy. But the illustrations(overweight person looking like a Hefty bag full of meat as opposed to the other person looking like a twig) seem to go against this advice, and instead might feed on the insecurities that are already too common in society.

  5. i used to always lift weights….. then i got diabetes….
    not the kind for fat people, the kind that just randomly comes

  6. WHY THE FUCK SHOUD I CARE!!! i am very aware that im am atleast 10 pounds over weight at 16 but who cares i like food,i like cooking it,i like smelling it,and i specialy like eating it, i never eat crap food such as mcdonalds or pizas because i love real food with vegetables and fruit i just eat alot(and by alot i mean i eat triple of what my parents eat) thats who i am and thats who i ike to be, my friends,my family and the hot chicks at school still love me! 🙂

  7. Why would Howcast encourage you to lose weight, but in the recomended videos it says How To Make Red Velvet Cake?

  8. did you know eating less and exercising more will make you also to lose weight ? You just want it happen, you don't need anyone to tell you that if you don't have the will power to do it.

  9. @BelieveDAaat You know what? You dont…at all.
    And one of these days your going to be brutally beaten.
    Atleast one could only hope.

  10. @Iwuzhere321 Those boobs are rock hard and pumped full of with plastic. You can tell because of the Y shape. Try these boobs: ( . )( . )

  11. @TammiLovesm3 I hear you joy man! ive been using the diet suggested at the site WeightLossAction.Info and in only 3weeks, I lost a ton of weight.. can't be more happier than that! sS: )

  12. Step 1: Tell the teen to get out and meet a new friend called the sun.
    Step 2: Repeat step 1 every day.
    Did you know: Xbox causes obedience?

  13. This doesnt work i used to be an overweight teen my parents tried all of this the only thing that works is strictness and some one to push you hard

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