How to lose 240 pounds without hunger

How to lose 240 pounds without hunger

Can you lose more than 200 pounds
without even feeling hungry? Today I’m going to talk to a woman
who did just that. I’m Andreas Eenfeldt from
and I’m here with Lynn Ivey. Thank you for being here. Oh Andreas, thank you
so much for having me. I appreciate this opportunity
to share my story with you and with the folks who would be watching
the interview as well. So with met several times before and I know
you have a spectacular story to tell. How did this start? I mean you had
some weight issues before. What was it like? I will just kind of start
with the beginning. I have always struggled with weight. In my 20s it was a lot easier
and into my 30s it was bit easier. In younger years I was a dancer,
so very active… I had the hormones of youth on my side
at that point in time. In the summertime college job I was a dancer
for the Walt Disney Company, so I was in live productions
moving all the time, but I’ll tell you
that I did have an unhealthy… as many people in the entertainment business
or in theater or dance might have, a love-hate relationship with food and it was an exercise, if you will,
in starvation and in trying to keep up
with everything that was going on. So as the years went on and as I got
into my 30s and later into my 40s, hormones changed,
things changed… I was eating a low-fat diet my whole life,
I think since I was 10 years old… I remember going on my first diet and just being hungry all the time. And so when I got into my 40s
the weight came on with a vengeance. And I was at 49
when I finally got to a point, at my highest weight,
which was 374 pounds I was at my ropes
and I did not know what to do. I was doing everything
that my physicians were telling me to do. They were doing the best they knew
to tell me and that was to eat
an 800 to 1200 cal diet a day and exercise. But at 374 pounds that is impossible. And we heard many lectures yesterday
here on the cruise talking about that aspect of just feeling
like something is wrong with us… It’s my character,
I’m not disciplined enough, it’s something wrong with me…
I’m lazy, I must be stupid… Obviously other people don’t have problems…
They can handle this… So it was a frightening place to be to see my weight
almost approaching 400 pounds. My mother at the time…
she passed away five years ago. She had type 2 diabetes and was experiencing
the complications of that… So she passed away from that
and I was terrified. You thought you would have
the same sort of–? I knew I was going down that path too,
if something did not change. And I’ve tried everything at that point. From age 10, my first diet, to age 49, my experiences had been up-and-down. I have been as low as 124 pounds
without starvation. That was a dancer’s weight and not a healthy way to get there up to 374 pounds
trying to eat a low-fat diet, and it was not working
and I was terrified. My mom died from complications
of type 2 diabetes at age 74 and I did not want that to be my story. And so that’s how I ended up– What happened?
Because something happened obviously. I am fortunate to work at Duke
University in Durham North Carolina, which is the place where Dr. Eric Westman
with the Duke Lifestyle Medicine clinic is… He is based there. And actually colleagues of mine
at work were already patients of his and were experiencing
wonderful results. And so I had done everything
up to that point in terms of starvation
and liquid protein diets, hospital-based liquid protein diet,
600 cal a day for three months at a time, lost a ton of weight three times,
very expensive to do that. But when you were brought
back on to food, it was skim milk and wheat cereals and whole wheat toast and margarine
and fruit, nature’s candy. Another way to start it to come up. Absolutely, the perfect business model,
because it kept me coming back as a woman who needed
and wanted to lose the weight. But I was hungry all the time. So the other option for me I guess
was going to be the bariatric surgery and that’s a very popular option at a lot of places around the country
and certainly at Duke. Duke is one of the primary
medical centers in the US. And a lot of people go to that
when they’re at their wits end, without knowing about what you and
Dr. Westman so beautifully teach us about. And that is real food. So I went to Eric, I went to Dr. Westman and I was like, “You are my last chance,
I don’t know what else to do.” And that was November
the 5th of 2009 and two and a half years later I went from 374 pounds
to 139 pounds, no surgery… -That’s incredible.
-No surgery. Yeah, it is… it’s a miracle. No surgery, no pills, no shots
and here I am today. -Were you hungry?
-I was never hungry. Because you said you were always hungry
before, even when you were much heavier. Yeah, for the first time in my life since I’ve started my first diet,
if you will, at 10 years old I have felt nourished
from the inside out. I mean that is such a gift,
so thank you for what you are doing, because spreading that word and
giving people that information… the information giving people
the truth is the greatest gift. So what did Dr. Westman say
when you met him that first time? I love this,
we laugh about it actually now… First I remember when he walked in the door
in my first appointment… Of course he had on his white coat and
he was very calm, very relaxed… We he’s very Zen about all of this,
which is great, because by the time you know
a lot of people get there, we know that there’s something wrong,
there’s something happening and I now know it was metabolic syndrome,
I was broken metabolically, I thought it was my fault… So he comes in and he goes,
“How may I help you today?” Just very calm and lovely
and I just burst into tears. I think I cried through that
whole first appointment, just because I was expecting,
“Here’s another doctor… He is going to tell me I need to eat 800 cal
and exercise an hour a day.” And my joints were killing me,
I was in pain, I could hardly breathe,
I could hardly move. And instead I had this
wonderful presence, this wonderful man come in and say,
“How can I help you?” And when I told him, “I’m afraid”…
I just basically said, “I’m terrified” and told him the story with my mom. And he said, “The first thing you need to know
is this is not your fault.” And I burst into tears again,
because I did not know that. He said, “This, the weight
is not your fault”, and then he started to explain,
“It’s more than calories in, calories out. “It’s the kind of food
that you’re eating. “Low-fat means high carbohydrate,
high sugar and high sugar, high starch, or high starch means high sugar…” I had no idea that the very food
that I was eating for 40 something years was the very thing that was setting me up
for what happened with my mom. I had no clue. So I remember after that first appointment
I literally had to go home, lie down on my couch
and put a cold compress on my head, because it just blew my mind. I’ve never heard this before. So this was quite different from anything
you’ve been told by doctors before? Yes, and so I thought, “This man
is either really onto something, “or he is totally crazy. “But I’m willing to bank
on the crazy right now. “I’m going to try this because there’s
something that resonates with this, “that sounds right and true “and it speaks to the wisdom of the body
and to the way we were made, “and to the fact that so much of what
we’ve been sold and told over the years has been obviously not effective.” And that spurred me
on not only to clean up my diet, or to get on the right path with it
– nutrition… I don’t think of it as a diet anymore,
it’s a lifestyle and as we know, it’s nutrition, it’s feeding the body
from inside out, nourishing. And the hunger completely went away.

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  1. I second her comments at the end. It IS a lifestyle and one I have been following since March 2016. I am never hungry either, I have a sense of such freedom from the tyranny of excess carbs, starches and grains, and can eat delicious foods in the form of proteins, fats and low carb veggies that I cook myself. It's wonderful, actually. The 98lb weight loss and reduction from 55% to 27% body fat is wonderful too, as it that fact that I am easily maintaining this loss for over six months now.

  2. 2:57 "It's my character." We've forgotten the most basic lesson from Aristotle about virtue: that character is a function of behavior (not the other way around). We tell overweight people that their attitude about food drives their overeating, when in fact their overeating drives their attitude about food. We have to find a way not to overeat, and LCHF/keto is that way because the change in hormones results in a change in appetite results in a change in behavior.

  3. I do take a little exception with the notion that being overweight isn't a person's fault. It may not be 100% their fault, but we (myself included) do share some responsibility for how we get the way we do. That said, I've come to really see that it's the knowledge of how foods affect us and the roles hormones and stress play, that are key. I had no idea, for example with me, that my adrenal glands were basically burned out because of a lifetime of accumulated, unresolved stress events. So…there I was eating food, on and off dieting, though certainly not flawlessly, and meanwhile my body was just storing it as fat because it's in survival mode. So it didn't matter if I was doing veganism, or Paleo, or whatever else…if I was eating the carbs/sugars (which both veganism and Paleo do) my body was storing it. No one ever once told me that I could get my body to burn fat by reducing the carbs/sugars. Because no one knew, including me, that it was a hormonal problem. That knowledge has literally, I believe, saved my life. I'm 41 now and finally I've found a way of eating that is actually making me feel better and lose weight. No diet I've ever done made me feel good. Thank you for sharing these stories. More of us need this!! <3 (:

  4. what recovery have you done- The Meadows can expose your reason for pain! 100% FACT! all obesity is from a past trauma/experience- MPD is a recovery mechanism- you are welcome! listen to peole that have been their- depook has not, dyer has not, peck has not- , bradshaw was a jesus freak- this guy is good!

  5. Forget about all this silliness. Let me send you my FREE book on how to lose 100 pounds in a week. The book is free, but the shipping is $250.

  6. I dry fast most days for 23hrs and my skin is soft and glowing And I get a good night's sleep and go to the gym in fasted state of about 20hrs. Never felt better.
    No craving and no hunger anymore.

  7. At my most I weighed 409 lbs. I started dieting and never got below 168. By eating a little healthier I didn't rebound all the way but ended up staying around 378-384 lbs. I'm hoping this intermittent fasting with low carb will finally help. Last week I was down to 374 lbs with two days fasting. This week will be a 3 day fast. Mon, Wed, Fri.

  8. There are risks associated with this type of diet. Risks include kidney stones, several vitamin and mineral deficiencies, decreased bone mineral density, and gastrointestinal distress. And while some fats can be healthy, there’s a risk that in following a high-fat diet, you’ll increase your intake of unhealthy trans and saturated fats. These “bad” fats are found in things like red meat, poultry skin, cheese, and butter and can lead to an increased risk of bad cholesterol and heart disease.

  9. Is it true, I read that 77% of patients who have bariatric surgery become diabetics again after 5 yrs.

  10. one of the worst parts of a conventional diet is being told you have a moral failure because you can't lose weight. The best part of a keto diet is learning losing weight is not character, rather than diet composition.

  11. How??? I lost 50 pounds but it was really really hard I'm now at 80 pounds I'm still exercising and dieting it is really hard sometimes but I get through it

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